• Monroee repairs clocks, I assumed he did it from his house. But we never saw a customer come to his house. It makes since that he would have a store. But like Juliette never going to the pet hospital, he has never been shown going to the shop.  I wonder if the clock shop will become a new recurring set. 

    Are they setting up to shift from the spice shop to the clock shop as the central place, because they are preparing for Rosalee to go through her trials and tribulations. This will be the fist time that the story is going to revolve around Rosalee and her problems. 

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    • Weve seen Monroe gets orders and he picks up and delivers.

      And we have seen Juiliette at the vet a few times

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    • We've seen Monroe's workshop, which I believe is in his house, but I agree with PolarBearMan: he most likely either has clocks shipped to him (Rosalee mentioned to her family that Monroe gets orders from around the world) and he ships them back (that must be nervewracking for Monroe to do... entrust those precious clocks to parcel services), or when they're local, he goes onsite and either makes the repairs there, or he transports the clocks back to his workshop if he can't make the fix onsite.

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    • Old thread, I know, but Monroe works from home in his workshop at the front of the house, except when he goes to the worksite for large projects (like clock towers).  Like the Addams Family, he always seems to be home!  [Except when meeting Nick & co. to consult somewhere, running errands like the bank, farmers market, etc. and helping Nick save the day over & over again!] There was a deleted scene early on, I forget which episode, where he's doing a watch appraisal in his home shop for a lady who's unsure about selling the antique, and he tells her he knows a potential buyer if she decides to sell.  She runs into Nick on Monroe's porch as she's leaving which Monroe comments was awkward.  

      In future, they'll need some very secure child-gates blocking off his workshop room to keep the triplets away from all those zillions of easy-to-swallow tiny clock parts!!!

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    • I wonder how millions of kids grew up before the days of child proofing a house. 

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    • Syscrash53 wrote:
      I wonder how millions of kids grew up before the days of child proofing a house. 

      Yes!  Generations of us managed to survive, though with some tragedies -- and despite the old wive's warnings, not everything you run with will "put your eye out" either!  I suspect most of the swallowed clock parts would just appear hours later in a diaper....but the triplets messing around in the home workshop would make it very difficult for Monroe to keep his business running!

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    • My vet bills for my cat eating off the floor of my husband's metal and wood workshop were high. The metal string passes through the system but can do internal damage. 


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    • A Grimmster
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