• Does anyone beside me feel that Monroe (and Rosalie) should be getting paid as consultants for the Portland PD?  They've provided so much help to Nick and company and Renard is aware of their contributions.  The couple have spent so much TIME working on all the main characters's problems in the series it's a wonder their private businesses continue to flourish.  Think it's time they get paid.  Surely, Renard can come up with a reason to put them on the payroll.

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    • Yeah, now you mention it they probably should.

      I mean they both do more than enough, I guess the problem is once its official, it opens it up to the other members of the department, and Renard's superiors, who would naturally wonder what their doing.

      As a lot of Nick, Hank and Renard's activities are off the record, it could be problematic justifying it.

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    • As you said it would exspose them and then they would no longer be a secret, people would ask questions and that could lead to them being in danger. Maybe Nick and company could just give them a present, not necessarilymoney.

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    • I've thought this for some time, that Monroe & Rosalee should get paid.

      They saved the day during the Zombie outbreak.
      They've done all sorts of things that have helped Nick, Hank, Wu and Renard.
      So yeah, they should get paid for "services rendered".

      Putting them on the payroll would be hard to explain...but police departments can pay 'Outside Experts' for their services, they do it all the time.

      It would require a little creative writing, but Renard is good at that.
      Wu is good at that too...remember how he came up with the "it was a bomb" excuse in the 'Trial By Fire' episode?

      They could pay Monroe as a "Tracker" and "Historical Expert".
      They could pay Rosalee as an "Expert in Alternative Medicine", or something like that.

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    • Well didnt know that. Great idea which would work. :)

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    • People that have it together and do good work are always in demand so they would be busy with many things since both of them are good at what they do.

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    • A Grimmster
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