• Now that the season 4 finale has aired, how would you rank all of the finales vs. each other? I've loved all 4, but "Cry Havoc" became my new favorite. I think my order would be:

    1. "Cry Havoc"
    2. "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"
    3. "Blond Ambition"
    4. "Woman in Black"
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    • "Cry Havoc" has turned into my all time favourite episode for the entire show, so it would definitely be number one. This is difficult, but my order would be this: 1. Cry Havoc

      2. Blond Ambition

      3. Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

      4. Woman in Black

      Each finale seems to get better, although Blond Ambition was really the only one that made me nearly loose my mind, with the amount of cliffhangers it had, so it might tie Cry Havoc for number one.

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    • Blond Ambition you knew Nick would become a Grimm again

      Goodnight You knew would over come being a zombie. 

      Woman in Back and Cry Havoc. There was not indication where the show was going. 

      Of the endings Blond Ambition would be the best. The amount of plaining. The number of people Adalind had to manipulate.  Then to pull it off  even with Trubel as the unknown wild card. You have to admit Adalind deserved credit for that one.  

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    • Personally, I think that 'Cry Havoc' is the most action-packed finale of the since I love the action scenes, I will have to put it as my number one.

      1. Cry Havoc

      2. Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

      3. Woman In Black

      4. Blond Ambition

      My personal criteria is simple...the more action/less soap opera drama, the more I like it.

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    • 1. Cry Havoc by a long stretch. Unpredictable, exciting, and really a serie changer.

      2. Blond Ambition. You cannot deny that Adalind schemed this one out perfectly, the timing, the planning, the structure. She did everything good in this episode, and the ending was thought of as well. 

      3. Goodnight, Sweet Grimm. Eventhough I knew that Nick would become normal again after being hit by the Cracher-Mortel, the episode itself was pretty cool to watch.

      4. Woman in Black. Out of all the 4 season finales, I think this is the least exciting one, but that can be possibly blamed for, because it was the first season, and there wasn't really any action-oriented stuff other than Nick fighting Wesen. ( Remember we didn't have Hexen-Juliette, Adalind scheming to take Nick's Powers, or a Cracher-Mortel cooking up an army of zombies ). 

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    • Blond Ambition didn't have a lot of action, but I didn't mind, I like slow episodes. It was that everything happened, one after the other,mlike dominos falling. Renard gets shot, then Trubel decapitates Weston Steward, then Wu sees a Grimm diary, then Grimm looses his powers, then Adalind leaves for Vienna. It was once Renard got shot that all of that just came tumbling down. And the resolution was also great, because it has season long consequences. Nick getting powers back lead to Juliette being a Hexenbiest leading to her death.

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    • It didn't have a lot of action, but it made up for it with all of the things that happened leading to a ton of cliffhangers

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    • they were all same, i never enjoy finale episodes. but i think blond ambition was more intresting than others.

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    • A Grimmster
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