• The entry on the Opening Quotes indicates that the Quote has to do with the story the episode is based on. That is not entirely true any more. For example, the entry says:

    "Every episode quote so far other than the one used in "One Angry Fuchsbau" is taken from the source of the story the episode is based on."

    Yet there are other episodes where the quote is not exactly from the source of the story. The OQ for episode 4-19 is not from the story Iron Hans. Although the episode does deal with huntsmen, the quote is from Jack London's the Call of the Wild. The episode would seem to have feature of both Iron Hans - a story that some see as a parable about a boy's maturing into an adult - and The Call of the Wild, a story about a civilized/domesticated dog whose life circumstances require him to adapt and become wild in order to survive. In Iron Hans one and then anothr hunstman go missing. Here, Monroe and the camp owner impress upon the boys the need to resist the "call of the wild."

    So, wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the Opening Quote is taken from a story or source that is related to the episode.

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    • There's also episode 4-18 "Mishipeshu" which is not based on any prior source, but is instead an orginal piece of writing. [See the Wikia article on Mishipeshu].

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    • "... [T]here is a featured quote that often references the story, legend, etc that the episode, webisode, or novel is based on. Sometimes the quote source plays a heavy role, while other times it plays a small role in the story of the episodes."

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    • A Grimmster
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