• First Seans recurring wounds. He was thinking about the gun shots the wounds appear. They do not seem to be fatel. The wounds do not even seem to be physical. When he was shot the wounds knocked him out instantly. If the wounds where the actual wounds. Wouldn't Sean have passed out. At the least wouln't he have been in extreame pain. 

    Second Juliettes talk with Henreatta. In the snyopsis it says "meeting with Henrietta (guest star Garcelle Beauvais) brings about more disturbing news than she was expecting". Plus Henreatta is really excited to meet Juliette. We know nothing of Juliettes background. Could there be hexenbiest blood in her family. Could their be a connection to Adalind, if this I thin kthe adjative would have been frightning or disturbing. Could Henreatta have plans for Juliette.  So far the writer have not given the impression the being a hexenbiest is actually a bad thing. So far they have been playing on the drama caused by lack of communication. Like The dream about Rosalee was so over the top of reallity. It would seem the Nick's respone will be the oppisite of what Juliette dreamed. The more logical speculation is Henreatta news will be Nicks blood will not work to remove being a hexenbiest. Because the writers have left it open as to Juliettes transformation being good or bad. I think it is going to be tied to a destiny storyline. So far only Hank and Juliette are the only two we know nothing about their familly. There have been a few times when information that her grandmother told her has been directly related to wesen.  Her being a hexenbiest would be a good intro and explaination for why Juliette and Nick eventually are tasked to raise Diana. 

    Third It is shown in the synopsis that Adalind will learn diplomacy, which make me wonder how they will work in a fight between Juliette and Adalind. Plus the more we learn about Juliette and hexenbiest a physical fight seems less likely. Considering the first question is why not try and blow each others brains out. PLus we saw between Sean and Adalind a fight does not last very long. 

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