• You asked if the source I used for the Luison page was reliable.

    Also I read some more and it seems we might get the Purewelt Orden. Greenwalt teased a KKK-like group targeting Monroe and Rosalee for their mixed marriage.

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    • Sweet, good enough for me. TVGuide's never been wrong in my experience. Thanks.

      I hope they keep it as the Purewelt Orden and not make a new KKK-like group. I really like when the continuity is consistent.

      So, new(ish) info from that: Renard's mom will help get Grimmy back, new schizophrenia Wesen, Heftigauroch & Schinderdiv, and Luison & Kallikantzaroi. Great.

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    • Did you also see where they said that the Schinderdiv is a warthog-like wesen? Somebody needs to edit Schinderdiv and add that info.

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    • Yeah, I'll check it. If someone hasn't already I'll do it.

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    • Roacher27 wrote:
      Yeah, I'll check it. If someone hasn't already I'll do it.

      Thanks. I would have done it, but the new editing system is a little complicated for me since I'm so used to editing on the older one.

      I had a really hard time making the Luison and Kallikantzaroi pages.

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    • Go to preferences and you can change it so that you immediately see the "Old" style or the Source. I prefer source since most articles have Defaultsort on them anyways.

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    • A Grimmster
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