• (This has been reposted from a cached version since it vanished with the transition to the forum. I normally don't repost my own stuff, but the idea here is to have a place we can come back to refresh our memories.)

    That's right, NBCUniversal, we did know they were coming! After all, how else would you retain viewers over so many months?

    Just so we don't forget, here they are:

    • Nick just got zombified. Not only that, he's been sealed in a coffin with a forged ID that matches him to a man named Schirick, and he's headed for Europe by air.
    • Game over for Frau Pech; Stefania Vaduva Popescu wins. And she's still alive to take advantage of Adalind.
    • Stefania's power-restoring solution for Adalind is one step closer.
    • Zombies (and a voodoo priest who might not even be mortal) are loose in Portland, and only a Blutbad, a Fuchsbau, and two Kehrseiten know what they're up against.
    • Baron Samedi's business with Eric appears to be finished. Will this relationship sour now that there is no common enemy?
    • Wu's been bitten by a zombie. Will he be alright?
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    • I'm pretty sure Wu is fine. It doesn't seem like getting bitten by a zombie has any effects any different than getting bitten by a normal person.

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    • My thought as well. ;) As best I can tell, they're following the more traditional zombie legend rather than the contemporary adaptation.

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    • Assuming that "Meltdown" happens after Wu's scenes with Nick in "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm", which given that the end of "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm" is at night, and when he was bitten it was his first zombie encounter, I think Wu has recovered.

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    • A Grimmster
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