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Theresa Rubel
613-Theresa "Trubel" Rubel
Actor: Jacqueline Toboni
Gender: Female
Type: Grimm
Service of: Hadrian's Wall
Relationships: Nick Burkhardt, third cousin
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt, third cousin once removed
Dead Kelly Burkhardt, second cousin once removed
Dead Marie Kessler, second cousin once removed
Dead George, second cousin once removed
Dead Walter Kessler, first cousin twice removed
Dead Hilda, great-great-grandmother
Juliette Silverton, former friend
Rosalee Calvert, friend
Monroe, friend
Hank Griffin, friend
Drew Wu, friend
Bud Wurstner, friend
Josh Porter, friend
Adalind Schade, friend
Dead Martin Meisner, friend
Eve, friend
Status: Living

Theresa "Trubel" Rubel (born April 29, 1993) is a Grimm and member of Hadrian's Wall who first appeared in "Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen". Before meeting Nick, she had never benefited from a guide to explain the implications of her Grimm status to her. She has battle scars on her back and side.


Foster Homes and on the RunEdit

Theresa "Trubel" Rubel was born April 29, 1993 and spent most of her childhood in foster homes. She saw her first Wesen in one of the foster homes she grew up in. A man that fixed things around the house asked her to help him in the garage one day. In the garage he grabbed her, and she saw his face woge. He pushed her onto the floor. She was so scared that she grabbed a screwdriver to defend herself with. She didn't kill the man, but he got off her quickly. That day was also the first time she was called a Grimm. ("The Inheritance") Later, a Siegbarste killed her foster parents. Since she only saw the creature in its woged state, she thought it was a monster and fled for her life. This began her long journey of traveling across the United States. While in Chicago, she was picked up by a Wendigo who offered her dinner. Shortly afterward, she realized what he was and that she was the main course, so she killed him. ("My Fair Wesen")

Spring 2014: Season 3Edit

Meeting Nick and His FriendsEdit

After traveling across the country, on the run from the "monsters" she'd seen for many years, Trubel arrived in Portland in the spring of 2014. She was attacked by two men as she walked down a quiet road at night. After she saw that they were Wesen, she killed them both and took their wallets before she rented a hotel room. The next day she stole a pair of boots from a store and was confronted by a Skalengeck gangbanger who wanted the boots. Trubel tried to avoid any fighting, the girl's threatening behavior forced her to pull a knife, and the girl then woged. After a fight, Trubel ended up fatally wounding the gangbanger. Trubel returned to her hotel room to get cleaned up, gathered her things, and left. Not far from the hotel, she was spotted by Nick, Hank, and Monroe, who were looking for her after coming from the scene of the gangbanger's body. Nick and Hank intended to arrest her, but she fought back and caused Monroe to woge. Trubel tried to kill him, but she was handcuffed after a brief struggle, and Monroe informed the detectives that she was a Grimm. Trubel was taken to the precinct after she refused to talk to Nick when he questioned her. Nick later brought Trubel her book of drawings of the Wesen she'd seen to her cell and let her out to take her to the trailer, where he showed her the Grimm diaries.

Nick took Trubel to his and Juliette's house after the trailer, where Trubel and Juliette were introduced to each other. ("Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen") Nick informed Juliette that Trubel would probably have to stay with them for a little while so she could lay low and that she just found out that she was a Grimm. Trubel tried to leave that night after she had nightmares about her recent Wesen encounters, but Nick was on the front porch and told her that he could help her because he knew the world she was living in. ("Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen") Trubel later went to talk to Nick and told him she wasn't used to being the hunter and that she needed to know more if he was still willing to help. ("My Fair Wesen")

Nick and Hank brought Trubel to Monroe and Rosalee's home so Monroe and Rosalee could show Trubel that not all Wesen were bad. During her visit, Monroe and Rosalee explained the "stages" of woge. They woged for her and told her how Wesen could tell that she's a Grimm. ("My Fair Wesen")

First Wesen CaseEdit

Trubel got involved with one of Nick and Hank's cases because she was with them when they were called to the scene of Cammy's body, where Trubel was introduced to Wu as a criminology student. After figuring out that Cammy was likely killed by a Lebensauger, Trubel was brought to a halfway house where Cammy was last known to be staying at. She stayed in the car while Nick and Hank went inside and she watched as Jeane talked to Megan, who Trubel saw woge. After Nick and Hank talked to Megan, they returned to the car, but Trubel wasn't satisfied and confronted Megan herself and got information about Cammy meeting Donna O'Hara at O'Bryant Square, where Nick, Hank, and Trubel later went to watch for Donna after deciding she would look for a replacement for Cammy.

After spotting who they thought could be Donna, Trubel walked up to her acting like she was looking for spare change, and Donna invited Trubel to leave with her. Trubel was brought to a warehouse where she was introduced to Ken and told about what the job of the girls who stayed there was. Trubel got cleaned up and tried on a dress and shoes, and after she changed out of the dress, she tried to leave, but Ken wouldn't let her. He took Trubel to a back room where Trubel punched him and learned that he was a Lebensauger. She ran out of the room and found out Donna was a Lebensauger as well and fought both of them. Trubel killed Donna, and Ken was killed by Nick as he and Hank arrived to the warehouse. ("My Fair Wesen")

Another GrimmEdit

Josh Porter arrived at Nick and Juliette's house while they were at work, so Trubel answered the door. He told her he was looking for Nick to bring him to see his father, Rolek Porter. Trubel noticed a Grimm diary page he was holding of a Hundjäger and recognized the drawing. Knowing that Josh didn't know that he was dealing with the Verrat, she had him take her to see Rolek instead of Nick. When the two arrived at the abandoned building Josh and his father had been using to hide in, she was shown Rolek's collection of Grimm artifacts. When Rolek collapsed, she helped Josh take him to the hospital, and Rolek told her to tell Nick that he had a key. She took Nick to Rolek after he arrived at the hospital. After Rolek died, Trubel followed Nick outside as he went to help Hank deal with Verrat agents in the parking lot who were looking for Rolek's trunk of Grimm items. After defeating the agents, they took Rolek's trunk to Nick and Juliette's house to find the key, which they took to the spice shop to put with Nick's other key. ("The Inheritance")

An FBI Agent Loses His HeadEdit

Nick and Trubel moved the trailer to the middle of the forest after Nick told her too many people knew where the trailer was, so he bought a piece of land. After arriving in the forest, Nick and Trubel went through some of the new things that Rolek gave Nick. Later, when Adalind, disguised as Juliette, was leaving the house, she ran into Trubel coming out of the kitchen. Trubel became curious with the way she was acting and followed her when she left. She watched as Adalind got into a taxi. As the taxi pulled away, Trubel was surprised to suddenly see a blonde woman in the back of the taxi instead of Juliette.

After Nick and Juliette left for Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, Captain Renard arrived with an antidote for Nick. He told Trubel that he was Nick's captain and that he needed to speak to him because it was very important. Trubel gave him directions to where the wedding was after he informed her that Adalind did something bad to Nick. As Renard went to leave, he was shot 3 times, causing him to fall back into the house. Weston Steward entered the house and saw Trubel, so she ran upstairs as he shot at her and chased her. She tried hiding in her room until Weston broke in the door. He put his gun away and woged, surprised to see that Trubel was a Grimm. Trubel knocked him out of her room and cut off his head with her machete. She called 911 for Renard and rushed to the wedding site with the antidote for Nick.

Trubel arrived at the wedding and ran inside, yelling for Nick. Everyone looked at her, and it didn't take long for her to be identified as a Grimm. She told Nick he needed to drink what was in the bottle, but she was grabbed by many Wesen, causing her to drop the bottle, breaking it. Nick and Hank helped get Trubel out of the room and they, along with Juliette, Monroe, and Rosalee, went to another room where Trubel told them what happened at the house. After Nick realized he was no longer a Grimm, everyone but Monroe and Rosalee left. ("Blond Ambition")

Spring 2014-Spring 2015: Season 4Edit

Investigated by the FBIEdit

On the way to Nick and Juliette's house from Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, Trubel told everyone more about Renard being shot and that she decapitated the Hundjäger who shot him. She also told them that she didn't know what was in the bottle that Renard brought for Nick. Trubel got worried when she saw all the police cars outside the house, but Nick told her she killed the man in self-defense, so she should tell the police the truth. Wu and Franco came out of the house, and Nick told them that Trubel was the one who killed the shooter. Detectives Meacham and Pogue briefly questioned Trubel before the FBI arrived to the scene.

Special Agent Chavez and Special Agent Rosten spoke with Trubel and then had her go inside the house to walk them through what happened. Trubel went over step-by-step what happened, and the agents asked Trubel to go to the precinct to make a formal statement, where Meacham and Pogue questioned her while Chavez and Rosten watched from outside the room. They decided what she said matched what she said at the house, so Trubel was allowed to leave without charges being filed against her. ("Thanks for the Memories")

Getting KidnappedEdit

Trubel started borrowing Juliette's bike to get around, and Juliette told her to be careful because she was the only Grimm in town now. ("Thanks for the Memories") Not long after she started riding the bike, Trubel was kidnapped by Chavez and a couple men ("Octopus Head") and taken to an abandoned warehouse. Chavez removed the bag that was over Trubel's head but kept her hands tied behind her back. Chavez woged into a Steinadler to confirm Trubel was a Grimm. Chavez asked her why Nick took her in and if he knew she was a Grimm, but Trubel remained silent. Chavez told her that there were people that found what she was and what she could do very important and that they would be very interested in her services. She also said that there was a select group all working together, all with the same goal. Chavez then had a man untie Trubel, and she told Trubel to think about it and that she'd be in touch. ("The Last Fight")

Later on, Trubel told Nick about being kidnapped by Chavez and what Chavez told her. She apologized for not telling him sooner because she was afraid the group Chavez talked about would hurt him and Juliette. Nick and Trubel both agreed that if Chavez ever tried to contact Trubel again, she would let Nick know. ("Dyin' on a Prayer")

One (Grimm) is the Loneliest NumberEdit

With Nick no longer a Grimm, he reluctantly had Trubel help him and Hank on their cases when they needed a Grimm's help. Her first job was to confirm if a suspect, Lawrence Anderson, was a Gedächtnis Esser, and once she did, she was tasked with following the man while keeping in constant touch with Nick and Hank. ("Thanks for the Memories") Trubel followed Anderson to the Multnomah Hotel and shadowed him until he went up to his room. She met with Nick and Hank outside the hotel, where she told them Anderson's room number, and Hank told her to keep watching Anderson and to let him and Nick know if he moved. Trubel went back inside and listened outside Anderson's door as he talked on the phone. Trubel hid in the laundry room when she heard Anderson approaching the door, and she followed him to a bus stop and got on the bus with him when it came. Trubel called Nick to update him, but Hank answered Nick's phone. Trubel told him that Anderson dyed his hair and put on glasses while in his room, and when Anderson got off the bus, Trubel told Hank the street.

As Trubel followed Anderson, Nick called her, and she told him he was going after someone else. Nick asked where she was and told her to stay. Instead, Trubel continued following Anderson after briefly losing track of him. He arrived at Kent Vickers' house, and Trubel walked around the property and peeked inside and saw Vickers' passed out on the floor. Anderson came up to her and hit her in the head with a piece of firewood, knocking her out. Trubel woke up inside Vickers' house as Anderson slapped her awake, asking her why she was following him, but she stayed quiet. Anderson woged and Trubel squeezed her eyes shut, but Anderson walked over to Vickers to consume his memories. With her hands tied behind her back, Trubel ran over and attacked Anderson to get him off of Vickers. She had a brief fight with Anderson, but he threw her through a glass coffee table, knocking her out again. Anderson then started stealing Trubel's memories until Nick and Hank arrived in time and arrested Anderson, who became badly traumatized from seeing Trubel's past. ("Octopus Head")

She continued to help Nick and Hank when they needed confirmation that a local boxer, Clay Pittman, was Wesen. Nick told her they wanted her to spend time at the gym working out and not to fight or make anyone mad. At the gym, Trubel started talking with Clay and learned that Clay didn't actually like boxing. Stan Kingston walked up and told Trubel to get lost. She told him no because she paid her fee and was planning on doing a few bouts to make some money. Stan then called for Hurricane to challenge Trubel to a match. Trubel tried to avoid the fight, but Stan told her she had to go if she didn't get in the ring. Trubel then got geared up as Nick and Hank arrived to the gym. Hurricane woged into a Nuckelavee at the beginning of the fight, so Trubel did her best to avoid eye contact. Hurricane had the upper hand early and knocked Trubel to the ground. Trubel then got up and started fighting dirty until she defeated the Nuckelavee. Stan then went up to Trubel and told her he liked dirty fighters and that she had a lot of potential. He then told her that Abe would start training her full time the next day. A little while later, Trubel saw Stan and Abe arguing in Clay's locker room. She saw Stan woge into a Schinderdiv and Abe into a Heftigauroch. She then quickly reported what she saw to Nick and Hank, but she told them she didn't know what kind of Wesen the men were, so they headed to the trailer where they identified both Wesen types.

Later, Trubel came up from behind Stan after Nick and Hank confronted him. Stan was woged and noticed Trubel was a Grimm and attacked. Trubel, Nick, and Hank all fought Stan, but they had trouble. Trubel soon jumped on Stan's back and grabbed one of his tusks. She pulled to the side and accidentally snapped Stan's neck, killing him. She then went inside to find Clay to tell him he didn't have to fight. Clay's mom was in Clay's locker room, and Trubel told them that Stan was dead. Clay's mom woged into a Heftigauroch and noticed Trubel was a Grimm. Clay also woged into a Heftigauroch. He grabbed a piece of a broken chair and his mom told him to kill Trubel before she killed them, but instead, Clay pushed his mom to the ground and was about to hit her, but Trubel and Nick convinced him not to. Instead, he began hitting his arm with the chair piece until it broke. ("The Last Fight")

Later on, Nick and Hank brought Trubel to the hospital to help them figure out if Sara Fisher was Wesen. While Nick and Hank talked to Sara, Trubel went just outside Sara's room with her son, David, to keep an eye on Sara to see if she woged. Trubel talked with David, who told her that his stepdad was who hurt his wrist. He also told her that whenever his stepdad was mad, a monster came out. Trubel told David that she saw monsters when she was a kid too. They spoke a little more until Nick and Hank finished talking with Sara. Trubel told them what David said, and she wondered what killed the stepdad if he was Wesen. They later went to the trailer to look through Grimm diaries to try to figure out what kind of Wesen used clay, but they had no luck. Hank suggested that it wasn't a Wesen, but something like Volcanalis or La Llorona. Trubel was surprised to learn that there were more beings in the world other than just Wesen.

Trubel later went to Sara's house after David asked if she could come over. Trubel played with David's toys with him until Nick called to let her know that he, Hank, and Ben Fisher were on their way to try to stop the Golem. After they arrived, Hank told Sara he wanted to talk with her, so everyone else went outside. Trubel watched as Nick and Ben worked their plan to get the Golem to arrive by making David think he was in trouble. The Golem arrived, and Trubel soon took a shot at fighting it but accidentally shoved David first. The Golem began to engulf her until David went up to it to tell it to let Trubel go. The Golem then let Trubel go and sunk back into the ground. Later that night, Trubel told Juliette about the Golem and how it wasn't a Wesen. There was a knock at the door and Nick went to answer. Trubel and Juliette went to see who was at the door and saw that Monroe, Rosalee, and Elizabeth Lascelles were there to let them know that they found a way to help Nick regain his Grimm powers. ("Dyin' on a Prayer")

Investigating a Newfound Threat and Leaving PortlandEdit

Bud came over to Nick and Juliette's house one day, introduced himself to Trubel, and lied in front of Nick that he needed her help dealing with a Wesen who was bullying his kid at school. Once Nick left for work though, Bud told Trubel that he really came over to tell her that Nick was in danger and that because he had told one of his friends about Nick losing his Grimm powers, word had spread to Bud's friend Joe, who told this to Shaw, a dangerous Klaustreich. Bud believed that Shaw was planning to kill Nick, so Trubel and Bud tracked down Joe first in order to find Shaw. When they visited him at his car shop, Trubel easily intimidated him into admitting that Shaw had forced him into telling him about Nick, and once he gave them his address, Trubel and Bud visited Shaw at his house. Their conversation didn't last too long before Shaw tried to attack Trubel, but she turned the tables on Shaw, who realized she was a Grimm when he woged, and reinforced her warning for him to stay away from Nick and his friends by cutting his neck with her machete. ("Cry Luison")

Although Nick was able to regain his powers soon thereafter, ("Highway of Tears") Trubel decided to further investigate Shaw and ended up finding that he was involved with more than just threatening Nick; she found a mask representing the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen in someone's pocket who was visiting Shaw, which is when she decided to tell Nick about what Bud had told her. She, Bud, and Josh, who had briefly returned to Portland, all did some surveillance on Shaw's house as Bud identified several people who were at the house, some of whom were wearing the same type of mask that Trubel found. Bud told Nick that he believed these people had something to do with the ongoing threats towards Monroe and Rosalee because of them being married, and Trubel, Bud, and Josh worked to put together a list of how the men knew each other. This list later became vital in tracking down the person who was connected to Shaw, the Wesenrein, and a guest at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding: Officer Jessie Acker. ("Tribunal") After the list was completed, Trubel left with Josh to Philadelphia to try to help him get his life back in order, though not before saying goodbye to, and tearfully thanking Nick for having given her a real life. ("The Grimm Who Stole Christmas")

Shooting a FriendEdit

Trubel returned to Portland from Philadelphia after Monroe and Rosalee contacted her. ("You Don't Know Jack") She tried to track down Nick after finding the trailer burned and noticing something was going on at his house. She decapitated a Hundjäger who was following her from the house and finally tracked Nick down at the spice shop. They, along with Hank, went to Nick's house, where they found Nick's mom's head in a box, the sight of which made Nick collapse against a wall in shock. ("Headache") Trubel told Hank about the Hundjäger she killed, and they both realized they couldn't stay at the house because there were likely more around, so Trubel tried to tell Nick it was a trap, but he was too upset to listen to her. Hank saw Verrat agents converging on the house, so he helped Trubel pull Nick to his feet so they could escape. With Nick's emotions turning from grief to anger, she led him and Hank to where she killed the Hundjäger. After Wu arrived, she put the man's head into the trunk of Wu's car.

Trubel went with Nick and Hank to Bud's house so they could ask Adalind where the Royals were staying, and while Nick and Hank dealt with them, Trubel and Bud went to pick up Monroe and Rosalee to make sure they were safe. On the way, Trubel got a call from Chavez, but she played it off like she was talking to Nick since Bud was with her. Trubel and Bud brought Monroe and Rosalee back to Bud's house, where Trubel was told that Juliette was now a Hexenbiest.

After Nick and Hank tracked down where the Royals and Juliette were staying, they, along with Trubel and Monroe, went to the spice shop to gear up. Nick told Trubel to kill Juliette if she found her, and they went to infiltrate the compound she was at. Wu joined the group at the site where they parked their car because he wanted to help. Trubel stealthily helped kill Verrat agents outside the compound, and they then saw a helicopter arrive. Nick told the group Juliette wasn't getting on the helicopter and ran to the compound, so everyone else followed. Rispoli tried to shoot Monroe, but Trubel got his attention and Hank killed him.

Everyone briefly went back to Bud's house after they were unable to stop the helicopter from leaving. Trubel arrived at Nick's house soon after Nick did, and she found Juliette about to kill Nick, so she shot Juliette twice with the Doppelarmbrust, injuring her. At that moment, Chavez and many other masked men/agents arrived outside the house. ("Cry Havoc")

Spring 2015-Spring 2016: Season 5Edit

Taken Away and Secrets RevealedEdit

Right after shooting Juliette, agents from Hadrian's Wall rushed into the house and took her while she watched them drug Nick. ("The Grimm Identity") She was taken to an unknown location and kept in a cell. ("Lost Boys") Despite being very beat up, she was able to drive a motorcycle to Nick and Adalind's new loft where she crashed it. Nick came outside to investigate, and she stumbled over to him and collapsed into his arms. ("Maiden Quest") Concerned about her condition, Nick immediately took her to the hospital, introducing her as an undercover police officer to avoid attracting unwanted attention. ("The Rat King")

After sleeping for 25 hours, she revealed to Nick and Adalind that she was taken away along with Juliette's body and then sent away on missions. She told them that she had been working for Hadrian's Wall since they caught up to her in Philadelphia when she had taken Josh home. ("The Grimm Who Stole Christmas") She explained that they had been sending her around the world on missions and that there were sections of Hadrian's Wall all over the world. When Adalind asked if she was being paid, Trubel told them that she got paid in cash. Nick asked her about the motorcycle and Trubel told him that it was hers. She then showed Nick the special features that her motorcycle was equipped with. Later, she talked with Adalind and confessed that she went back for Juliette the night she shot her, ("Cry Havoc") and Adalind told her she should probably tell Nick at some point. ("Wesen Nacht")

When Nick encountered “Juliette” after being ambushed by Black Claw, Trubel told him that Chavez wanted to use Juliette as a weapon for Hadrian's Wall. Nick told her he wanted to see Juliette, so Trubel confronted Meisner at the HW headquarters, angry, and wanting to see "Juliette." The two briefly fought, before Meisner put her in a painful armlock, telling her they did what they had to. She returned to Nick’s loft the following morning, saying that he would be able to see "Juliette" that day. Once Nick returned from meeting her, he told Adalind and Trubel that he hadn't met Juliette; rather, he had met Eve. When Adalind asked who Eve was, Nick replied he had no idea. ("Eve of Destruction")

The Escalating War Against Black ClawEdit

Spring 2016-Present: Season 6Edit

Dealing with FalloutEdit

After fleeing in the tunnels underneath the loft from the Black Claw agents, Trubel nearly came a few inches away from killing Nick with her machete, relieved both not to have done so and to see that Nick was unharmed, aside from the remnants of apparent gunshot wounds. Not only did Trubel have to inform HW of what had happened in Portland, but HW's biggest weapon in Eve was also going through some fallout of her own after having been healed by the stick. Trubel noticed that Eve was "feeling stuff" along with clearly having difficulties woging into her Hexenbiest form. After nearly succumbing to the death grip of a dead Black Claw agent, Trubel surmised that Eve had somehow had her soul cleansed when she was healed by the stick. Trubel and Eve later returned to the loft, where Eve had Trubel get her the cloth the stick had been wrapped in, and Eve soon discovered she could see several glowing symbols on the cloth that Trubel could not. ("Fugitive")

Eve and Trubel both agreed that more information needed to be known about the stick and where it's power came from, particularly after the stick helped them get out of what seemed to be a helpless situation; when they were surrounded by a SERT team inside Bud's repair shop and the SERT Team Leader took the stick from Nick, it released a shock wave that knocked him out along with the rest of the SERT unit, allowing them to escape. It took some convincing, but Nick finally let Eve take the cloth, where it was then taken to the spice shop for further analysis. With some unexpected help from Diana, whom Trubel finally met in person for the first time, there were many more symbols and drawings discovered on the cloth, but before Trubel could stay around any longer, she received a call from Hadrian's Wall, informing her that they wanted "just Grimms" and that she had to leave in a few hours. Trubel tried to convince Nick to come with her, saying that even if he got Renard to drop the charges against him, things would still be bad with him running things, but Nick told her he needed to stay to keep things under control, so Trubel left without him, though not before telling Nick, "You better be alive when I get back." ("Trust Me Knot")

Return to PortlandEdit

With Hadrian's Wall having destroyed every last remaining cell of Black Claw, Trubel returned to Portland, though she did so because she had a feeling that something terrible was happening in Portland. When she could not find the stick in the hiding place Nick previously had shown her in the tunnels, ("Bad Night") she went to the spice shop. There, she found Monroe, Rosalee, and Eve, who were tremendously relieved to see her. They filled Trubel in about everything that had been going on with a devil-like being, Zerstörer, who was after Diana to make her his Shaphat], or "child bride." She was also told that Nick had the stick on him, which he had used to enter the Mirror Dimension. Learning that Zerstörer was now in Portland, Monroe, Rosalee, Eve, and Trubel all honed in on the Zerstörer's staff. Several references throughout history were found with the staff granting its users great power, though Eve was bothered by how it appeared to have many cracks in it. This led to the group realizing that the staff was likely broken up into many pieces and that Nick's stick was the last remaining piece to completing the Zerstörer's staff. Trubel and the others realized that Zerstörer must not gain possession of the stick Nick had, and they got Nick to come to the spice shop to tell him all of this. Nick was relieved to see Trubel, and Trubel informed him that Black Claw had been destroyed. Nick then got a call from Hank, who informed him that the Zerstörer was still in the area of the Hawthorne Bridge. Nick left to go to the precinct, and Trubel left with him to go to the Hawthorne Bridge. Nick told her to just call him if she saw Zerstörer. While she was scoping out the area, Trubel came across two police officers that Zerstörer had just killed, seeing Zerstörer briefly before he turned around a corner. Trubel then notified Nick, who told Trubel to stay away from him; Trubel told Nick she was following Zerstörer and that he appeared to be headed towards the precinct. ("Zerstörer Shrugged")


Years of being treated as delusional and crazy has left Trubel with a lot of angst and frustration that she is still dealing with even after having been told the truth about her being a Grimm by Nick. Likewise, years of being alone and on the run have led her to become intelligent and independent. Furthermore, this has also helped her develop tremendous survival instincts and forced her at an early age to learn how to defend herself in a fight. Years of Wesen attacking her for no apparent reason had led her to attack them on sight before she understood the Wesen world, and for a long time, she had identified herself as being the hunted rather than the hunter. This may be why she has a more timid side to her, exemplified by how she is still traumatized by her encounter with a Siegbarste at a young age. Trubel's childhood and upbringing caused her to be so independent, in fact, that it caused her to be very much guarded and untrusting of others. Due to her hard lifestyle while on the run, she is also somewhat lacking in standard civility or subtlety, as she eats with her hands and prefers direct or blunt approaches in order to gain information. She is also very observant and deductive.

Her introduction to the world of Grimms and Wesen was somewhat overwhelming to her, but she slowly got used to it over time. While she is independent and not prone to taking the advice of others, she knows that she has a lot to learn and is willing to listen as she is now tired of running. She has displayed a side of herself since being taken under the wing of another Grimm, showing an eagerness to prove her worth. After being taken in, she has also gradually allowed herself to trust other people for the first time in a very long time, though she was wary of accepting their hospitality and kindness for too long, very much still wanting to be independent. A good example of this was when Juliette offered to take her out to buy clothes, but Trubel was reluctant to do so because she did not want to get accustomed to having support. ("The Inheritance") She carries around a knight chess piece because she likes the way it moves differently than any other piece. ("Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen") ("The Inheritance")

Even after establishing her new ties to Hadrian's Wall, she continued to be trusted by the rest of Nick's group even when they expressed their uncertainty about Hadrian's Wall, to the point that Nick told Trubel about the healing stick he and Monroe had discovered in Germany. ("Into the Schwarzwald") Trubel also remained fiercely loyal to Nick, willing to step away from her HW duties to help out Nick any way possible.

Grimm AbilitiesEdit

As a Grimm, Trubel possesses a variety of powers.

  • Superhuman Perception - Trubel can see things normal people can not; she can see Wesen for what they truly are when they woge, while they appear to be normal to ordinary humans.
  • Superhuman Strength - Trubel's strength is enhanced, making it greater than a woman of her age and size should be capable of. She has great physical strength, allowing her to go up against multiple powerful Wesen; she even was once almost able to hold her own against a Gedächtnis Esser with her hands tied behind her back. She is a very dangerous adversary, as she most often kills any Wesen she fights. She was strong enough to throw a much bigger Klaustreich like a rag doll and also snap a Schinderdiv's neck. She is, however, not quite as strong as Nick, as he was able to overpower her. ("Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen") ("Octopus Head") ("The Last Fight") ("Cry Luison")
  • Superhuman Durability/Stamina/Endurance - Trubel possesses enhanced durability, able to take and shrug off blows from Wesen as strong as a Nuckelavee. ("The Last Fight"). Her stamina is likewise greatly enhanced, allowing her to walk out of heavy fights with little sign of fatigue or pain. ("Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen") ("The Inheritance") ("The Last Fight")
  • Indomitable Will - As a Grimm, Trubel possesses incredible will power, allowing her (and all other Grimms) to resist the strong effects of the Coins of Zakynthos, something no other man or Wesen are able to do. ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau")
  • Combat Skills - Trubel is an expert fighter, having practiced since childhood. Her weapon of choice is her machete, but she is also skilled at using other weapons of Grimm history, such as the Kanabo and Doppelarmbrust. ("Cry Havoc") She has undoubtedly learned and improved her fighting skills from her past experiences, as evidenced by numerous scars on her back and shoulders. ("Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen") She has also proven to be quite stealthy, able to sneak up on an enemy and land the first strike before she could be detected. ("Headache") ("The Taming of the Wu") ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Blood of a Grimm - Being a Grimm, Trubel can use her blood as an offensive weapon, as it will kill the Wesen part of a Hexenbiest (and potentially other Wesen), thus turning them human and robbing them of their powers. ("Love Sick") However, if the Hexenbiest regains their powers, it can not be used a second time, as they will be immune due to already having a Grimm's blood in them. ("Bad Luck") Trubel's bloodline also allows her to specifically sense when a fellow Grimm of the same related bloodline is in serious trouble or in need of help. This was evident when Trubel returned to Portland to help Nick, as she "had a feeling something bad was gonna happen." ("The End")


  • Nick Burkhardt - After Nick brought her to the trailer, she started to think of him as a friend and somewhat like a mentor as he taught her what he knew about the Grimm world. Being Grimms helped forge a close bond between the two when they first met, and when Nick lost his powers and needed Trubel's help just like how Trubel needed his guidance before then, it helped the two to become even closer. Nick has expressed that he likes having Trubel around, and as their friendship has strengthened over time, they now have an almost sibling-like relationship. Trubel helped provide some support for Nick that he very much needed as well when she was with him during the moment he discovered his mother's decapitated head in a box.
  • Juliette Silverton - Juliette was an almost classic approach-avoidance conflict as far as Trubel was concerned, showing her much craved, but deeply distrusted affection and warmth when they first met. Juliette initially served as a role model for a femininity and normality that Trubel feared she could never know. However, when Trubel returned to Portland, she learned that Juliette had become a Hexenbiest and was thoroughly shocked at this change and what Juliette had done. When Juliette tried to kill Nick, she was forced to kill her former friend, as her last words to the latter were "goodbye, Juliette." Trubel did not display any emotion when she killed Juliette and only averted her eyes when Nick started to grieve.
  • Josh Porter - Trubel first met Josh when he was sent by his father to find Nick. Trubel instead went with Josh after she saw that he had a drawing of a Hundjäger, and she learned that Josh's father was a Grimm and that he had one of the seven keys. When Josh returned to Portland and stayed with Nick and Juliette for a little while, Trubel helped teach Josh a little bit more about the Wesen world, as he was eager to learn more. Trubel decided that it was best for Josh not to be alone when returning back home, so she went with Josh back to Philadelphia to deal with the mess left by the Verrat who were looking for his father's key.
  • Hank Griffin - Although their first meeting did not start out on the best foot, Hank supported Nick teaching Trubel about the Wesen world and being a mentor for her. Trubel asked Hank what type of cop he was when he took off her handcuffs just before she was to enter the trailer for the first time, and Hank could merely only respond that he wish he had a good answer for that question. Although she found out that Hank was human and not a Grimm, she observed how he helped Nick out with many Wesen-related criminal cases. As a close friend of Nick's, she and Hank quickly became friends as well and developed a trust with one another, especially since Hank helped maintain her cover early on as a criminology student on a ride-along. He helped teach Trubel how to behave and what to say in front of humans who didn't know about Wesen.
  • Monroe - Monroe, along with Rosalee, was like a "gateway Wesen" for Trubel, helping to show her that not all Wesen were bad and out to kill her. Though there were some tensions between the two initially, particularly since Trubel tried to kill Monroe when she first saw him woge, he gradually earned Trubel's trust as he taught her about Wesen. As a friend of Nick's, he served as a great way of showing Trubel that Grimms and Wesen could have that type of relationship. She was not friendly enough with him to be invited to his wedding when that came about, but when she frantically crashed the wedding in an attempt to help Nick, she was extremely apologetic towards Monroe about having "ruined" the wedding. Monroe forgave her and told her he understood she had no other choice. With Trubel being the only Grimm in Portland for some time, Monroe had to rely a bit more on her instead of Nick, and it helped the two to develop a closer friendship, particularly since Nick was also letting Trubel stay with him and Juliette.
  • Rosalee Calvert - Rosalee, along with Monroe, helped Trubel understand that not all Wesen were evil and that, in fact, they could even get along with Grimms. She was the first Wesen to truly show her compassion and kindness, and she hugged Trubel when they first met. Rosalee sympathized greatly with Trubel's situation and the fact that she was just finding out she was a Grimm, and she continued to be supportive towards her, later telling her that she was handling everything very well. Trubel and Rosalee, similarly as has happened with Hank and Monroe, have been brought together even closer as friends in their shared support for Nick after what happened to his mom and his relationship with Juliette.
  • Bud Wurstner - Bud came to Trubel seeking her help in dealing with a threat against Nick. As Trubel had started to accept that not all Wesen were bad, she and Bud worked together to help track down Shaw Steinkellner even though Bud's non-violent methods somewhat clashed with Trubel's more direct, rough approach. They developed a friendship with one another as they continued to work together to help protect Nick, and Bud was yet another example for Trubel of how Grimms and Wesen could indeed get along with another. Upon Trubel's return to Portland, Bud was very happy to see her, especially with everything that had been going on. However, Trubel was coy with Bud about Josh when he asked about him, and she hid from Bud the fact that she was speaking to Chavez on the phone when she got a call from her.
  • Adalind Schade - After the events of Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, Trubel quickly learned that Adalind was a dangerous Hexenbiest who was not to be trusted. Their first encounter was actually when Adalind was disguised as Juliette from the Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester potion, but even in that brief meeting, Trubel suspected something was not right. Adalind did not know who Trubel truly was until Trubel returned to Portland, at which point Trubel surprisingly learned that Adalind was pregnant with her and Nick's child and that she was now being protected from Juliette, who had turned into a Hexenbiest. She showed sympathy for Nick when Trubel informed her about how he had found his mother's head, and as a result of her relationship with Nick, as well as her and Trubel's shared standing against the Royals, they became allies with each other too and eventually friends.
  • Drew Wu - Wu was not mistrustful of Trubel when he was first introduced to her as a criminology student on a ride-along by Nick and Hank, but when he found out that she was staying with Nick and saw the Grimm diaries she had in her room, he became extremely suspicious of her, going as far as looking into her history and eventually figuring out that she was a suspect in a homicide case. Wu continued to look for answers about her until he reached his own breaking point regarding Wesen, at which point Nick and Hank were forced to tell him the truth about Trubel and the Wesen world. Once Wu understood what Trubel was and why she had been staying with Nick, he was no longer concerned about her. Upon Trubel's return to Portland, he joined Trubel, Nick, Hank, and Monroe in infiltrating the rented Royal compound to try to find Juliette.


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  • Her email address is
  • According to her police file:
    • She was born in New York City.
    • Her height is 5'8".
    • Her weight is 132 lbs.
    • Her birthday is April 29, 1993.
    • Her social security number is 943-19-3051.
  • "Trubel" is not only a play on her name, but it is also a German word meaning "confusion," "excitement," or "turmoil."
  • Trubel's aliases include Lauren Cole, Rebecca Ryan, and Gianna Novara. ("The Rat King") Jacqueline Toboni has a sister named Gianna.

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