Opening Quote: "No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness." – A Vindication of the Rights of Men

Scene: Nick, Eve, Monroe, and Rosalee continue their quest to learn more about what event the calendar marks.

Rosalee: If the Pleiades cluster is here, Taurus is here, and Orion is here...
Eve: Then whenever this event is coming, it has to be pretty close to the March equinox.
Nick: So we know something's coming. We just don't know what... or when.
Eve: We better figure it out sooner rather than later.
Rosalee: And if that something is good or bad.
Eve: We haven't exactly had a lot of good coming our way.
Nick: So probably a plague rain of frogs, locusts... IRS audit...
Monroe: Or something even weirder. Take a look at this classic mythological rendering of the astrological constellations we've been mapping from the cloth. Commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII, it was painted on the ceiling of the Sala Bologna by Giovanni Antonio Vanosino da Varese in 1575.
Nick: Yeah, and?
Monroe: And, I know there's no way to know this for a fact but based on what he painted, I think Giovanni might have been a Grimm.
Nick: It looks pretty Grimm.
Monroe: What if what they assumed were mythological pagan creatures were actually artistic representations of Wesen from the universe or multiverse or wherever?
Nick: So Leo would be Löwen. Ursa would be Jägerbar. Taurus—
Monroe: Taureus-Armenta.
Rosalee: Are you suggesting that Wesen come from other planets?
Monroe: No, but I'm suggesting Giovanni might be suggesting it.
Nick: Well, we can't make that leap, at least not yet.
Eve: And it still doesn't tell us when this impending event is gonna happen.
Nick: And we're not gonna figure it out tonight, guys. I got to head home.
Monroe: Yeah, I'm getting a little worn around the edges myself.
Nick: You coming?
Eve: I can't.
Nick: Why?
Eve: It's not great, me staying with you and Adalind. I really appreciate what you both have done for me, but... you guys need your space, and so do I. And Diana needs her bed back.
Nick: Where are you gonna stay?
Eve: Don't worry about it.
Rosalee: You can stay with us.
Eve: No, you guys need your own space, too.
Monroe: Yeah, but where are you gonna go?
Eve: Well, I was actually thinking there's still a ton of research to be done, so maybe I could stay here in the spice shop for a while.
Rosalee: It's not the most comfortable, but there is a cot and a bathroom.
Eve: Just until we figure this out.
Monroe: We certainly wouldn't have to worry about anyone breaking in if you're here.
Rosalee: Welcome home.
Eve: Thanks.
Nick: All right. I'll see you tomorrow.
[Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee leave]

Scene: Dr. Deirdre Hampton works in her lab.

[Dr. Victor Shelley walks into the lab]
Dr. Hampton: You need to leave.
Dr. Shelley: I know what went wrong.
Dr. Hampton: I'm not interested.
Dr. Shelley: We can fix it.
Dr. Hampton: Didn't you hear me?
Dr. Shelley: I need your help.
Dr. Hampton: No!
Dr. Shelley: Please. Please, Deirdre, I'm begging you!
Dr. Hampton: Get out.
Dr. Shelley: I cannot do this alone.
Dr. Hampton: I don't want any part of it.
Dr. Shelley: You're already part of it.
Dr. Hampton: I'm calling security. [She walks over to a phone]
Dr. Shelley: No. No, no, please, Deirdre-we're so close!
Dr. Hampton: [She calls security] Hi, this is Dr. Hampton down in the science department. Could you...
[Dr. Shelley leaves]
Dr. Hampton: ...never mind, thank you. [She hangs up. She then calls Dr. Sanji Raju on her cell phone]
Dr. Raju: [He answers] Deirdre.
Dr. Hampton: Shelley was here again! I don't know what to do.
Dr. Raju: Take it easy. Where are you?
Dr. Hampton: At the lab. He's not giving up.
Dr. Raju: There's nothing he can do to us.
Dr. Hampton: He can ruin us!
Dr. Raju: Not without ruining himself.
Dr. Hampton: We should never have gotten involved with this.
Dr. Raju: Look, we made a terrible mistake. We have to live with it. But he can't do this without us. Eventually, he's gonna give up.
Dr. Hampton: I hope you're right.
Dr. Raju: Just go home. [He hangs up]
[Dr. Hampton turns off the lights and as she opens the lab door to leave, she is attacked and killed]

Scene: Eve closes all the books she has open and grabs a mirror upstairs.

Eve: [She looks at herself in the mirror. Quietly] Who were you? Who are you now? [She lowers the mirror]
[The skull-like figure that Eve and Nick saw at the loft in the mirror portal appears in the mirror. Eve smashes the mirror, shattering the glass and breaking the handle. She grabs a broom, but the glass reassembles. Eve walks over to the mirror and gets on her knees and looks into it. Suddenly an arm reaches out and grabs Eve around her throat, choking her. She tries to get free and her face starts to ripple. She eventually woges and bites the arm. She is then hit in the face, knocking her back into shelves, which she hits her head on, knocking her out, as the arm retreats back into the mirror]

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee arrive at the spice shop the next morning.

Rosalee: Eve?
Monroe: Might be in the basement still.
Rosalee: Will you go check? [She goes into the back room] Oh, my God. Monroe!
Monroe: What?
Rosalee: Call 911.

Scene: Wu gives Nick and Hank the info they need as he leads them to Dr. Hampton's body.

Nick: Let's have it.
Wu: Dr. Deirdre Hampton, professor of biochemistry and regenerative medicine was working late at the lab last night when something went terribly wrong. The terribly wrong part is in here. Doesn't appear anything was taken. Her purse is by the door, probably where she dropped it, unopened. Her car is still in the parking lot.
Hank: Random act of violence?
Nick: Looks more personal than that.
Wu: Yeah, like someone wanted to beat the lab to death with her.
Hank: Who found the body?
Wu: Cleaning crew, about 3:00 a.m.
Nick: Any witnesses?
Wu: Nobody's come forward.
Nick: Let's check her phone. Needs a thumbprint. [He puts Dr. Hampton's thumb on the phone] Last call was to a Sanji Raju at 11:42 p.m. Call was 28 seconds long.
Wu: Running Sanji Raju.
Hank: Security cameras?
Wu: They do have security cameras, all focused on the parking lot. They're putting it together. Okay, got a connect on her last caller, Dr. Sanji Raju, also on the university staff.
Hank: Gonna need address and phone.
Wu: Yeah, texting it to you now.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Yeah, Monroe.
Monroe: Nick, Eve must've fallen down and hit her head last night, or maybe sometime this morning, I don't know. We just found her when we opened up the shop.
Nick: Is she all right?
Monroe: She's still unconscious. The paramedics are treating her. They say they're gonna take her to Overton. We were thinking we would—
Nick: I'll meet you there. [He hangs up] Juliette's hurt. I have to go to the hospital.
Hank: Okay, let me know how she is. Don't worry. We got this.
[Nick leaves]
Wu: Did he just say Juliette?
Hank: Yeah, he did. I'm gonna need your help on this.
Wu: Oh, I thought you'd never ask.
Hank: All right, let CSU have it.

Scene: Renard looks at the symbols Diana drew before starting a video chat with Dasha Karpushin.

Dasha: [In Russian] Allo? Sean Renard... This should be interesting.
Renard: [In Russian] How are you doing, Dasha?
Dasha: [In Russian] How are things in Irkutsk, Siberia? What do you want?
Renard: [In Russian] I have something I need you to take a look at. [He holds up what Diana drew]
Dasha: [In Russian] What is it?
Renard: [In Russian] I don't know, that's why I want you to look at it.
Dasha: [In Russian] Where did you get this?
Renard: [In Russian] My daughter drew it.
Dasha: [In Russian] You have a daughter? Things have changed, haven't they, Sean?
Renard: [In Russian] Yes, they have.
Dasha: [In Russian] Why would your daughter draw something like this?
Renard: [In Russian] She said she saw it.
Dasha: [In Russian] Where could she see this?
Renard: [In Russian] In a tunnel. That's all I know. Can you figure out of this means anything?
Dasha: [In Russian] I will tell you right now, it does mean something. What, that will be more difficult. I will call you when I know something. What is your daughter's name?
Renard: Diana.
Dasha: [In Russian] Send me the drawing. Do you know who the mother is?
Renard: [In Russian] Goodbye, Dasha. [He closes his laptop]

Scene: Nick talks with Monroe and Rosalee at the hospital.

Rosalee: We found her on the floor in the back room. She'd cut her head, and there was a lot of blood.
Nick: Did she say anything to you before you left last night? I mean, was she feeling okay?
Rosalee: She was feeling fine-was still at it when we left.
Monroe: Yeah, she didn't want to quit.
Rosalee: The only weird thing... was the mirror.
Nick: What mirror?
Rosalee: The hand mirror we used to show you when you changed into Renard. It was on the floor next to her, covered in blood. She obviously fell in it, but I don't know why it would be on the floor unless she was looking at herself.
Monroe: Well, she must've picked it up. But I don't see Eve as the kind of person to spend a lot of time, you know, mirroring.
Nick: Something happened at my place. Eve was in the bathroom; I was in the kitchen. And I heard something-it was like wind or electricity, and then Eve screamed, and I ran in there, and she was looking at the mirror, only it wasn't a mirror. It was like this black, skull-like face staring right at her.
Rosalee: Oh, boy.
Nick: And then it turned to me, and it looked right at me.
Monroe: And you're just telling us this now?
Nick: Well, it was the day we were going to the Gorge, and we didn't want to ruin your party.
Rosalee: Do you have any idea what it is or what the face means?
Nick: Only that Eve said it looked like what was happening when she was in the Death Grip.
Monroe: Well maybe she saw it again in the mirror last night.
Nick: Yeah.
Rosalee: Okay, you stay here. I want to get back to the shop and take another look at that mirror. [She and Monroe leave]

Scene: Hank and Wu meet with Dr. Sanji Raju.

[Dr. Raju opens the door for Hank and Wu]
Hank: Dr. Sanji Raju?
Dr. Raju: You are the, uh, detective I spoke with?
Hank: Yes, I'm Detective Griffin. This is Sergeant Wu.
Dr. Raju: Please come in. Have a seat. [He sighs heavily] It's all so terrible. I can't believe something like this could happen.
Hank: You worked with Dr. Deirdre Hampton at the university.
Dr. Raju: Oh, yes. Yes, she was, uh... an amazing woman. Just-just an incredible scientist. And for something like this to happen to her... Sorry, I know you need to ask me questions.
Hank: When was the last time you talked to Dr. Hampton?
Dr. Raju: Last night, on the phone.
Hank: Do you remember what time that was?
Dr. Raju: Uh, it was, uh, late. After 11:00, I think.
Wu: What'd you talk about?
Dr. Raju: Ah, she had a question about research we were doing on morphogenic processes, specifically dealing with phenotypic plasticity traits in multicellular organisms related to the repair and the maintenance of regenerate... It's rather complicated.
Hank: That's it? Just shop talk?
Dr. Raju: Yes-she was working late, and, uh, maybe a bit frustrated, but, uh, that's ah... that's just the nature of research.
Hank: No reason to believe she was worried about her safety?
Dr. Raju: No. No, she would've said something.
Hank: Where were you last night when you talked to her?
Dr. Raju: Ah, I was here at home.
Hank: And you stayed home after the call?
Dr. Raju: I hope you don't think that I had anything to do with her death. I was here all night. I made other phone calls after. I mean, you can track my cell phone to find out where I was, but please, don't-don't waste your time.
Hank: We have to ask.
Dr. Raju: Yes, I understand. Yeah. Anything else?
[Hank and Wu leave]
Hank: Sounded legit.
Wu: Yup. It did. Think he's physically capable of doing what was done to Hampton?
Hank: Probably not, unless he's Wesen. But something is a little funky.
Wu: Yeah, what Raju said they talked about.
Hank: Yeah, phenotypic plasticity traits in multicellular organisms doesn't sound simple.
Wu: But their conversation lasted less than 30 seconds.
Hank: So how do two scientists have a conversation about all of that that lasts less than 30 seconds? Doesn't leave much time for hello or goodbye.

Scene: Nick sits in a chair by Eve's side.

Scene: Hank and Wu look up info on Dr. Hampton and Dr. Raju.

Wu: So Raju has no record. Neither does Hampton. One traffic violation between 'em, and that was three years ago.
Hank: Well, they're not exactly anonymous. Looks like Hampton was into some cutting-edge stem cell research. That morphogenic process Raju was talking about that deals with phenotypic plasticity traits is about the regeneration of tissue. It's in this article on the Meriwether University-based research team of Hampton, Raju, and two others, Dr. Victor Shelley and Dr. Julian Levy. There was no record of Hampton calling either of them last night.
Wu: Okay, well, no luck on the security footage, but... I did get a hit on some fingerprints. And I think-no wait, I'm sure- you're gonna love this.
Hank: And by love, you mean...
Wu: Oh, to have an appreciation of or for the two sets of prints found at the crime scene, both, and I repeat for emphasis, both in the system.
Hank: So we have two positive identities with criminal records at the crime scene?
Wu: Oh, yes, we do: a Robert Johansson and a Martin Dominguez.
Hank: Well, I do love that.
Wu: Yes, but save your love for this: they're both dead. About six months ago. And before you ask if this is some clerical error, it is not. I checked and double-checked. Their bodies were both delivered to the Hills & Mazy cemetery, all paperwork signed, sealed, and in order.
Hank: Well, that could lead one to believe that someone cut off the arms of Robert Johansson and Martin Dominguez and beat Dr. Hampton to death with them, leaving their fingerprints at the crime scene. However... I have a feeling that's wrong.
Wu: Ooh, and for good reason. According to the death certificates, they were both cremated.
Hank: And how does a cremated hand leave a fingerprint?
Wu: I know! Stumped me too! But don't you love it nonetheless?
Hank: I think we're going to the Hills & Mazy Cemetery.
Wu: I was thinking the same thing. Let me make a copy of this.

Scene: Patrick Shelley walks down the street and sees a missing persons poster about him.

Patrick: No... No. Not me. [His arm woges] Not me! [He rips the poster down] Monster! [He runs away]

Scene: Hank and Wu go to the Hills & Mazy Cemetery.

Hank: You ever thought about what you want done?
Wu: With what?
Hank: You. Being cremated or buried.
Wu: Not really, you?
Hank: Oh, yeah. Last thing I ever want is to wind up in the ground. I get claustrophobic just thinking about it. Cremate me, spread my ashes over the Willamette River, and let me float free to the edges of wherever.
Wu: You know there are a lot of cows and horses that drink from the river.
Hank: So?
Wu: So what happens if some cow drinks from the Willamette and gets you, too, then craps you out in a field? Then some farmer comes along and tills that field. Next thing you know, you're buried beneath the cold, dark ground.
Hank: Don't mess with a man's afterlife. [He and Wu go into the administration building]
[Muffled voices]
Melville: The reception area... And we can't have stuff lying around there. It's got to be dusted, it's got to be cleaned up, and the grounds are a mess.
[Hank knocks on the funeral director's office door]
Melville: I'm in a meeting!
[Hank and Wu go in]
Melville: So get this together, and get it fast, because we got- Who are you?
Hank: Detective Griffin. Sergeant Wu. Mr. Melville?
Melville: Yes? What's this about?
Hank: Who are they?
Melville: They work here! And we were in the middle of a meeting—
Hank: Step out, please.
[The men leave]
Melville: This is outrageous.
Hank: Yes, it is.
Melville: What is the problem?
Hank: Arms.
Melville: Excuse me?
Wu: Specifically the arms belong to Robert Johansson and Martin Dominguez. [He puts mugshots of the men on Melville's desk]
Hank: Records indicate they were cremated here, which if I remember correctly is supposed to include all body parts. Maybe you can tell us how their fingerprints ended up at a crime scene this morning?
Melville: There must be some mistake.
Hank: There was. That's why we're here. Why don't you tell us how the fingerprints of your cremated men ended up at a murder?
Melville: B-because, uh, I, I...
Wu: You didn't cremate them, did you?
Melville: No, I didn't. But this isn't River View. We're for your less fortunate.
Hank: And by less fortunate, you mean...
Melville: Gentlemen, our real bread and butter are your criminals with no next of kin, which the state pays for. Nobody cares about them.
Hank: What did you do with Mr. Johansson and Mr. Dominguez?
Melville: I might... have... sold... their bodies.
Hank: Who bought them?
Melville: I don't know. Never told me his name. He always paid in cash, and I would load them into his van.
Hank: Always? How many bodies did you sell?
Melville: Half a dozen. Give or take.
Wu: Can you describe the man you sold them to?
Melville: Not really. It was dark. He always stayed in his van- handed me cash in an envelope out the window. To tell you the truth, I didn't want to look at the guy. That's all I know, I swear.
Hank: Next time he calls you... [He gives Melville his card] Call us.
Melville: You're not going to, uh, arrest me?
Hank: Not as long as you help us.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee return to the spice shop.

Monroe: So how long have you had this mirror?
Rosalee: Forever. It was my mom's. I remember my dad brought it here to the shop for me to play with when my mom was in the hospital. I was going through my princess phase, so I needed a mirror. I think it's been here ever since.
Monroe: So it obviously doesn't have a history of strange behavior.
Rosalee: Not that I'm aware of.
Monroe: Then I think we can safely assume that, you know, whatever happened to Eve was an Eve-inspired event.
Rosalee: Nick said she was looking into the mirror at his place when he walked in and saw what she was looking at, right? The skull guy.
Monroe: Right. So it's logical that she's the connection.
Rosalee: Maybe the blood on the mirror prevented something worse from happening.
Monroe: Probably a good idea not to clean it off, then.
[Rosalee reaches to pick up the mirror]
Monroe: No, no, nyah! Let me handle it.
Rosalee: I just-I don't want to destroy it until we know what happened.
Monroe: [He picks the mirror up] Well, that's fine. Let's just put it somewhere where nobody can look at it till we know what the hell is going on with it.
Rosalee: [She grabs a key from the top of a shelf] Let's put it in here. We can lock it. [She unlocks a drawer]
[Monroe puts the mirror in the drawer and Rosalee locks it]

Scene: Dr. Raju and Dr. Julian Levy work on shredding files.

Dr. Levy: Why would Shelley go to see Deirdre? What would he want from her now?
Dr. Raju: He won't stop. Hasn't Shelley been hounding you for help?
Dr. Levy: I never return his calls. Want nothing to do with him. Wish we'd never helped him in the first place. What about Deirdre's files? She's got a copy of the video.
Dr. Raju: Yeah, I got all that here. As soon as we're done destroying my files, we'll do hers. What about your video?
Dr. Levy: Mine's at home.
Dr. Raju: Get rid of it!
Dr. Levy: As soon as I get home. Shelley's got a copy. We have to get rid of that, too.
Dr. Raju: He's not gonna want to do it.
Dr. Levy: We don't give him a choice.
Dr. Raju: You think that Shelley could've killed her?
Dr. Levy: In his condition? No. He lied to us. He was too weak to kill it.
Dr. Raju: We should have done it ourselves- not left it to him.
[Dr. Levy scoffs and leaves. Dr. Raju prepares to shred Dr. Hampton's files as Patrick walks up to the university]
Dr. Raju: [He comes across a thumb drive] Yes. [He continues shredding files]
[Patrick enters the room]
Dr. Raju: [He turns around] Oh, my God. [Patrick grabs him as his arms woge] No! No! No! No! No! [He is killed]

Scene: Hank and Wu go talk to Dr. Victor Shelley at his house.

[Hank knocks]
Dr. Shelley: Who is it?
Hank: Portland police.
Dr. Shelley: [He opens the door] Sorry, it takes me a little longer. I'm not as fast as I used to be.
Hank: Dr. Victor Shelley?
Dr. Shelley: Yes. Obviously, you're here about Dr. Hampton. Do come in.
[Hank and Wu go in]
Dr. Shelley: Uh, get the door behind you, please.
Hank: When was the last time you talked to her?
Dr. Shelley: Uh, last night. Um, I went to see her at the lab around 11:00.
Wu: Seems a little late for a visit.
Dr. Shelley: I needed her help on a project, and I couldn't sleep, so, well, I went to see her.
Hank: Was she working on the project with you?
Dr. Shelley: No, not on this one. We-we have worked on projects before.
Wu: What was the project?
Dr. Shelley: Uh... [He laughs] No offense, but I-I really don't think you would understand.
Wu: Well, we don't have to understand. Just, uh, a little something for our report would be good.
Dr. Shelley: Identifying some of the differences in T cell-compatible antigens-ABOi versus ABO, as it relates to-to tissue, organ transplants. Is that enough?
Wu: That's enough for now.
Hank: Was Dr. Hampton able to help you?
Dr. Shelley: No, actually. She was too wrapped up in her own research, so I didn't stay.
Wu: Do you know of anyone who's ever threatened Dr. Hampton?
Dr. Shelley: No.
Hank: And where did you go after you left the university?
Dr. Shelley: I came home. Are you here to arrest me, or... [He laughs] This is feeling like it's turning into an interrogation or something.
Hank: We have to establish where you were before and after her death, seeing as how you were the last person to see her alive... besides whoever killed her. [He and Wu leave] Somebody bought six dead bodies. Two fingerprints from those bodies showed up at Dr. Hampton's lab the night she was murdered.
Wu: Well, then the guy who bought the bodies has to be connected to the murder in some way.
Hank: Well, my guess, he's connected directly to the victim. We need to bring Melville in. One or more of these doctors is not telling us the whole truth.

Scene: Harold Melville is brought to the precinct and shown pictures of the four doctors.

Melville: Go back! [Looking at the photo of Dr. Levy] I'm not entirely certain. I think that could be him. He wasn't dressed like that. It sure looks like him.
Wu: How much did he pay you?
Melville: Well... six grand. $1,000 for each body. But I did report it on my income tax. It was a business deal.
Hank: Don't ever do this again.
Melville: No. Never. I swear.
Hank: You can go.
Melville: Thank you. I think I learned a really valuable lesson here today. [He leaves]
Hank: Time to talk to our body-snatcher.
Wu: You know those Black Claw bodies we dumped in the river?
Hank: The ones Nick killed?
Wu: Yeah. They were all Wesen, and a lot of them wound up buried in that guy's cemetery.
Hank: How do you know that?
Wu: I did the paperwork. If Johansson and Dominguez were Wesen—
Hank: Levy was buying Wesen body parts.
Wu: Which I'm guessing Levy didn't know.

Scene: Hank and Wu talk with Dr. Levy in an interrogation room.

Hank: You know why you're here?
Dr. Levy: A friend of mine was murdered. Do you have a suspect?
Hank: We actually have two suspects.
Dr. Levy: Well, that's good, right?
Hank: And not so good, because apparently, you know them-or knew them.
Dr. Levy: I don't understand.
Hank: It involves the purchase of dead bodies from the Hills & Mazy Cemetery.
Dr. Levy: Wh-what does that have to do with the suspects?
Hank: Well, they are our suspects. Maybe you can explain how their fingerprints ended up at the same crime scene where your colleague was murdered last night, seeing as how they've been dead for six months.
Wu: Our very reliable source says you purchased those suspects from the Hills & Mazy Cemetery.
Hank: [He puts the mugshots of Johansson and Dominguez in front of Dr. Levy] If you have anything to confess, now... would be the time.
Dr. Levy: [He exhales softly] You'd never believe me.
Hank: Try me.
Dr. Levy: Sometimes... science requires that you ask forgiveness rather than permission.
Hank: Not quite how the law works.
Dr. Levy: I saw something. I don't know what it was, but we all saw it, and I can't explain it. It makes no sense.
Hank: That's what we do here- make sense out of stuff nobody can explain.
Dr. Levy: If there were no car accident—
Hank: The one Shelley was in?
Dr. Levy: It's how he lost the use of his legs. And then his son was killed.
Hank: What were you and your friends doing with those bodies? Were they Wesen?
Dr. Levy: Were they what?
Wu: Wesen.
Dr. Levy: I don't know what that means.
Wu: [He and Hank leave the room] He had no idea what Wesen were.
Hank: Nah, but maybe they saw one. Happened to you and me.
Wu: Yeah, but what did they see? Dead guys don't woge. Do they?
Hank: Not that I know of. I think these doctors are involved in some experiment that's not on the regular menu.
Wu: Okay, so what do we do with him? We can hold him on a misdemeanor.
Hank: That won't get us what we need. Cut him loose. We have to get one of those doctors to talk about what they were doing with those bodies.
Wu: Yeah.
Hank: Hold on. What about the accident? He said Shelley's son was killed. Maybe that plays into this.
Wu: On it.

Scene: Nick sits by Eve's side at the hospital, thinking about various moments related to their relationship since he became a Grimm.

[Flashback of Aunt Marie telling Nick he needs to leave Juliette to protect her in "Pilot". Flashback of Nick trying to tell Juliette about him being in "Woman in Black". Flashback of Kelly telling Nick not to leave the people he loves in "Bad Teeth". Flashback of Nick finding his mom's head in a box in "Headache". Flashback of Nick and Juliette fighting, followed by Trubel seemingly killing Juliette in "Cry Havoc"]

Scene: Hank finds a medical journal article featuring an interview with Dr. Raju while Wu finds info on the car accident involving Dr. Shelley and his son.

Hank: Wu. Got an article here in a medical journal, six months ago an interview with Dr. Sanji Raju where he predicts within the next decade, every part of the human body will be able to be transplanted. But no mention of dead body parts.
Wu: Okay, well, I found something on the car accident. It says Shelley was driving. T-boned by a drunk driver. Driver was unhurt. Shelley was badly injured, and his 26-year-old son who was in the passenger seat was killed.
[The phone rings]
Hank: [He answers] Griffin. Yeah. Where? On our way. [He hangs up] Dr. Raju's body was found in his office at the university.

Scene: Hank and Wu look at Dr. Raju's body in his office.

Wu: Looks like he was pretty busy shredding. Hampton's documents are here. It's empty. Suppose he was shredding her documents?
Hank: Well, she wasn't.
Wu: Wonder what he was so anxious to cover up.
Hank: [He finds the thumb drive on the floor] Better have a look at this.

Scene: Rosalee wakes up in the middle of the night after her water breaks.

Rosalee: Monroe, wake up. Wake up!
Monroe: Huh! What, what is it? What's wrong?
Rosalee: My water just broke.
Monroe: Your water? That's impossible. You're only-
[Rosalee uncovers her stomach, revealing a good sized baby bump]
Monroe: When did that...
Rosalee: Yeah.
Monroe: Okay, what's happening?
Rosalee: What's happening is, I'm giving birth.
Monroe: But it's too soon! This isn't normal!
Rosalee: Well, in case you forgot, neither are we.
Monroe: We have to get you to the hospital!
Rosalee: No-no time for that. Mm-mm. Oh, my God! It's happening! You need to do something!
Monroe: Okay, okay! Just take it easy. We can deal with this. We can deal with this. [He goes to the foot of the bed]
Rosalee: Oh!
Monroe: Come here! [He pulls Rosalee down the bed]
Rosalee: Wow! Ooh!
Monroe: Whoa! Whoa! No, I see something. It's coming. It's coming. Okay, just-
Rosalee: Oof, ooh, that hurts!
[Monroe pants]
Rosalee: Stop it, calm down, Monroe! Calm down!
Monroe: Right. You're right. Parasympathetic breathing.
[Rosalee breathes deeply]
Monroe: Okay.
Rosalee: Oooh!
Monroe: Okay, okay.
Rosalee: Ohhhh! Ooooh! Ohhhh! Ooooh!
[A baby cries]
Monroe: [He laughs] Oh, it's a girl. [He laughs] Oh, you did it, honey. You did so good.
Rosalee: I'm not done. I'm not done.
Monroe: Oh, God, right. There's more.
Rosalee: We're having triplets, remember?
Monroe: Okay, so- [He looks] oh, yeah, more. Okay.
Rosalee: Here it comes. Ooh! Ooh!
Monroe: Okay!
[Rosalee screams]
Monroe: Here it comes, here it comes! Okay, that's two!
[A baby cries]
Monroe: Oh, look at him. A little boy.
Rosalee: Okay, okay.
Monroe: One more. Here we go. You got this.
[Both breathe heavily]
Monroe: Oh, yeah! Ha, ha! Oh, look! It's our three, honey.
Rosalee: It's our three.
Monroe: That's our three.
Rosalee: I'm not done. Not done.
Monroe: Not done?
Rosalee: More coming.
Monroe: Oh. [He looks] Oh, yeah, more. There is more.
Rosalee: Ooh! Ooh!
Monroe: Ooh, okay, there's four. So that's...
Rosalee: Ooh, oh-
Monroe: Whoa, okay, and there's-that's five-
Rosalee: Oh, so many! Oh!
Monroe: Okay, no, you can't do this. You got to-okay-stop, you got to stop! Not stopping? There's more! Okay, you had six! Stop! Rosalee, stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I can't do this! Rosalee, stop! You have to stop! Rosalee, you have to stop!
Rosalee: Wake up!
[Monroe gasps awake realizing it was all a dream]
Rosalee: You were yelling in your sleep. Are you okay?
Monroe: Yeah yeah. I'm fine.
Rosalee: Okay. [She turns the light off]
[Monroe lays in bed shaken by his dream]

Scene: Hank and Wu check out the thumb drive.

Hank: Anything on it?
Wu: Video file. Pretty big. [He plays the video]
Dr. Hampton: Okay, camera's rolling. Battery's good.
Dr. Raju: Monitors are set.
Dr. Levy: This is it.
Hank: It looks like Shelley's son.
Wu: Uh, yeah, sort of. With two different legs. I think we found what they were up to with the body parts.
Dr. Levy: I'm good. Raju?
Dr. Raju: Yeah. I'm ready here. Deirdre, you good?
Dr. Hampton: Yeah, I'm good here. Victor, it's time.
Dr. Shelley: Here we go. Charging. Clear. Shocking!
[The monitor beeps and then flatlines]
Dr. Raju: Hit him again.
Dr. Shelley: Charging. Clear. Shocking!
[The monitor beeps a little bit longer and then flatlines again]
Dr. Raju: It's not gonna work.
Dr. Shelley: It's gonna work! Charging. Clear. Shocking!
[Dr. Shelley's son screams as he regains consciousness, and he begins to convulse as his arms and legs woge]
Dr. Levy: Oh, my God, look at his arms.
Dr. Hampton: And his legs!
Dr. Shelley: This is amazing.
[Dr. Shelley is kicked away]
Dr. Hampton: What's happening?
Dr. Levy: Oh my-what- [He is attacked]
Dr. Hampton: Stop it! Stop it!
Dr. Shelley: Careful, careful, just-
Dr. Raju: Deirdre, look-look out!
[Dr. Shelley's son approaches Dr. Hampton, but Dr. Raju quickly sedates him]
Dr. Shelley: Careful, just... Don't hurt him! Don't hurt him! Easy, easy, easy.
[Dr. Shelley's son falls to the ground, and his arms and legs retract]
Dr. Levy: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Dr. Hampton: Oh, my God. Some kind of animal.
Dr. Levy: You saw that?
Dr. Hampton: It wasn't human.
Dr. Shelley: He's breathing.
Dr. Hampton: What?
Patrick: Dad? Dad!
Dr. Hampton: What have we done?
Dr. Raju: We have to kill it.
Dr. Shelley: No.
Dr. Raju: Turn it off. Turn that off!
Dr. Levy: Oh, no, no, no. [He grabs the camera] This is a bleeding-edge breakthrough right here.
Dr. Raju: What are you doing, Julian?
Dr. Shelley: He's alive! He's alive!
Dr. Hampton: No, we created a monster.
Dr. Shelley: No! It's my son!
Dr. Levy: No, it's not your son.
Dr. Hampton: Whatever that is, it is not your son.
Dr. Shelley: No, you do not hurt him!
Dr. Hampton: It's not a him! It's got to be destroyed.
Dr. Raju: Victor, listen. Listen to me. You saw what it did! We can't let it live!
Dr. Hampton: Something was wrong.
Dr. Levy: She's right, we got to get rid of this thing now, Victor.
Dr. Hampton: You have to kill it.
Dr. Shelley: I will-I will! Leave me alone!
Dr. Raju: Julian, that's enough.
[The video ends]
Wu: [He exhales] This thing's taking revenge.
Hank: We need to warn the other two.

Scene: Renard talks with Dasha regarding the symbols.

Dasha: [In Russian] Are you alone?
Renard: [In Russian] Yes.
Dasha: [In Russian] What you gave me is unlike anything I've ever seen...
Renard: [In Russian] Do you know what it is?
Dasha: [In Russian] I know what some of it might be. And it scares me. I can't tell if it's good or bad. Probably bad. Or worse.
Renard: [In Russian] What is it?
Dasha: [In Russian] An ancient prophecy... possibly... which predicts... something coming.
Renard: [In Russian] From where?
Dasha: [In Russian] Somewhere we don't know. You said your daughter made these images.
Renard: [In Russian] Yes.
Dasha: [In Russian] Then she should be connected to this... In a way we can't imagine.
Renard: [In Russian] To what's coming?
Dasha: [In Russian] Yes. Sean. Watch her her very carefully.
[Renard ends the video chat]

Scene: A woman notices Dr. Shelley's son walking down the street and calls Dr. Shelley after seeing the missing persons poster.

Dr. Shelley: [Answering his phone] Hello?
Woman: I'm looking at your flyer about the missing man.
Dr. Shelley: Yes?
Woman: Well, I just saw him.
Dr. Shelley: Where?
Woman: North Lombard, half a block west of Fisk. He didn't look very good.
Dr. Shelley: He's very sick. I'm on my way. Thank you. Thank you so much. [He hangs up and grabs a gun]
Dr. Levy: [He drives up and goes to talk to Dr. Shelley] We need to talk. The police know about the bodies.
Dr. Shelley: I don't care. I got to go.
Dr. Levy: You're not going anywhere. You didn't do what we told you to do.
Dr. Shelley: Get out!
Dr. Levy: You didn't kill it!
Dr. Shelley: No!
Dr. Levy: Why? Why did you let it live?
Dr. Shelley: I thought I gave it enough. It should have been enough! But what we saw- it came back. And I could not stop it.
Dr. Levy: And now it's killing us because of what we did! Where's the video?
Dr. Shelley: I destroyed the video that night! You think I'd ever want to watch that again?
[The door opens]
Hank: Glad you're both here. So... this is where you raised the dead.
Dr. Levy: What are you talking about?
Wu: We saw the video, so you can refrain from astonishment.
Dr. Shelley: What do you want?
Hank: Raju is dead.
Dr. Levy: W-what? I was just with him.
Dr. Shelley: Raju?
Hank: He was beaten to death, same as Hampton.
Dr. Shelley: Oh, my God.
Wu: Hope it was worth it.
Dr. Levy: It wasn't.
Hank: Your creation is out of control. Thought it might be a good idea to warn you.
Dr. Levy: This was Shelley's insane attempt to bring his son back. We were stupid to help him. We never thought it would actually work.
Wu: Might be the trouble with playing God.
Hank: You both are responsible for the death of two people.
Dr. Levy: I didn't kill anyone! He promised to kill it that night. You want to arrest somebody? Arrest him! [He tries to leave]
Wu: Ho! [He stops Dr. Levy] Where do you think you're going?
Dr. Levy: Away. You saw what that thing was. You think you can arrest it? I'm leaving until you guys can kill what he couldn't.
[Wu looks at Hank and Hank signals to go ahead and let Dr. Levy leave, so Wu does]
Dr. Shelley: This was my son. You watch your son die and tell me I'm wrong.
Hank: You were wrong. And if you don't believe me take a look at what he did to Hampton and Raju.
Dr. Shelley: I just couldn't do it. I could not kill my son again.
Dr. Levy: [He screams] Get away from me!
[Hank and Wu run outside as Patrick attacks Dr. Levy. Patrick punches Dr. Levy, knocking him to the ground. Wu tries to stop Patrick, but he is shoved to the ground. Hank then tries to stop Patrick, but he is pushed to the ground as well. Patrick turns his attention back to Dr. Levy, picking him up]
Dr. Levy: No, no!
[Before Patrick can hurt Dr. Levy, Dr. Shelley shoots his son. Patrick's arms then retract]
Dr. Shelley: I'm so sorry... son.
Patrick: Me...too...
[Dr. Shelley shoots his son again, and Patrick falls to the ground dead. Dr. Shelley then puts the gun to his head]
Hank: [He knocks the gun away] No! Not a chance. Somebody's gonna explain this, and it's not gonna be me.

Scene: Eve wakes up as Nick sleeps in the chair.

Eve: Nick?
Nick: [He wakes up and exhales] How do you feel?
Eve: Okay, I think. How long have you been here?
Nick: Since this morning. Do you remember what happened?
Eve: I was in the spice shop, I remember that.
Nick: Rosalee and Monroe found you unconscious this morning. You were on the floor in the back room.
Eve: Yeah. There was a mirror. I looked into it.
Nick: What did you see?
Eve: Me, at first. And then the face.
Nick: The same one that you and I saw?
Eve: Yeah, so I broke the mirror. Then I went to clean it all up, and all the pieces started coming back together. And then... it grabbed me.
Nick: It came through the mirror?
Eve: I think I woged. I did, and then I bit its arm. I don't really remember any more. [She sits up] Nick, I don't want to stay here. I have this feeling that... something is starting.
Nick: I do, too.
Eve: But whatever it is... I don't think we have a lot of time left... before it gets here.


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