Opening Quote: "Under such conditions, whatever is evil in men's natures comes to the front." – Theodore Roosevelt

Scene: At Carnival Metamorphosia, the crowd watches inside the main tent as Hedig, the ringmaster, shows off his final act: Maximilian the Wolfman.

Hedig: Now, every so often, something appears that is so horrible, so vicious, it cannot be tamed, for this beast is the demented turmoil of man himself...
[People in the crowd scream]
Hedig: Hidden from view until it is too late. Do not be fooled by the way he looks now. Show us, beast. [He cracks his whip] Show us who you really are. Show us! [He cracks his whip again] Stay back. Stay back! [He "shoots" Max while he is woged as a Blutbad] He's dead. Ladies and gentlemen, let this be a warning to you all. There are monsters living amongst us. Beware. Beware.
[The crowd cheers]
Dolores: That was so amazing!
Monica: How do they do it?
[Later, Genvieve goes to see Max in his tent]
Genvieve: Max? You okay?
Max: Yeah, yeah, soon enough. [He takes a drink of alcohol]
Genvieve: We promised each other we'd know when it was time to walk away.
Max: We need the money, don't we?
Genvieve: Not if it means this. [She tries to take the drink from Max but he pulls away] Max.
Max: Leave me alone.
[Max leaves his tent. He takes another drink and throws the bottle away. He then suddenly briefly loses control of his Blutbad side, his left hand woging. He regains control of himself just as Monica and Dolores see him]
Monica: Oh, my God!
Both: [They gasp] Oh, my God!
Dolores: That's him.
Monica: That's the guy.
Dolores: Should we?
Monica: Yes!
Dolores: Yes! [She gets out of the car and laughs] You're that guy we saw!
Monica: You were awesome!
Max: I gotta go.
Dolores: No.
Monica: Please let us buy you a drink.
Max: [He chuckles] I don't think so.
Dolores: Oh, come on! One drink. I'm Dolores, this is Monica.
Monica: We don't bite.
Dolores: Unless, of course, you want us to. [She giggles] Come on. Ooh, tripped.
[Hedig watches as Max gets into the car with Monica and Delores]

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee have Nick and Juliette over for dinner.

Rosalee: We want to find someplace quiet and secluded.
Juliette: Where, in the woods?
Rosalee: It's sort of a tradition.
Monroe: On both sides.
Rosalee: My parents were married in the Cascades.
Nick: In the mountains?
Rosalee: Yeah, from what I hear, it wasn't too bad of a hike.
Monroe: My parents got married next to a waterfall. My dad likes to joke he couldn't hear the vows.
Rosalee: Anyway, we're thinking somewhere up on Mount Hood.
Monroe: Don't worry, somewhere we can drive.
Juliette: That sounds better and so romantic. And by the way, if you need any help at all, please don't hesitate to ask us.
Monroe: Well, that... actually kind of brings us to the ulterior motive for tonight. I want to thank you for changing my life, because if it hadn't been for you, I never would have met Rosalee, and for that, I am truly grateful.
Rosalee: Me too.
Monroe: So... will you pay for the wedding?
[Everyone laughs]
Rosalee: Monroe. Monroe.
Monroe: Sorry, just... I was kidding. Um, but seriously, I want you to be my best man. No pressure, you don't have to answer right away.
Nick: [He laughs] Really, for sure?
Monroe: [He sighs] Well, dude, you brought us together. I mean, you are kind of the responsible party here.
Nick: Then I'd be honored.
Rosalee: Hold on, we're not done. I have to have my sister as the matron of honor, but you can be the maid of honor since you've never been married.
Juliette: Of course. That means so much to me. That's so special, thank you. I love a good wedding.
Nick: To the bride and groom.
[They all cheer]

Scene: Max drinks with Monica and Dolores at their house.

Monica: Come on, you guys.
Dolores: You'll get your turn.
Monica: I want him to show us how he does it.
Dolores: Just wait till the song's over.
Monica: [She turns the music off] It's over. Come on, Max, show us how you do it.
Max: You don't want to know.
Monica: Yeah, we do.
Dolores: It's all just fake. He can't do it. He doesn't have his mask.
Monica: He doesn't use a mask. He somehow does it with his face. Don't you, Max?
[Max scoffs]
Monica: Come on, baby, show us your magic.
Max: No, I'm... [He tries to walk away, but the girls pull him back]
Monica: Is it a mask? Where do you hide it? Oh, maybe down here.
Max: Stop.
Dolores: Come on, scare us.
Monica: [She slaps Max] Come on, make us scream.
[Max starts grunting]
Dolores: He's doing it. He's doing it!
[Max woges and growls, causing the girls to scream]

Scene: Nick has a nightmare of death at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding because he is a Grimm.

Juliette: Wake up. Nick, wake up. You're having a nightmare.
Nick: [He wakes up] Yeah, no kidding.
Juliette: You want to tell me about it?
Nick: Oh! It was Monroe and Rosalee's wedding.
Juliette: It was that bad?
Nick: Well, no, not at first. It was a beautiful ceremony, until one of the little kids woged and saw me and started screaming, and then the parents woged, and they saw me and attacked, and I had to kill them. Yeah, and it was pretty much downhill from there. Last thing I remember, I beheaded Monroe's grandma...
Juliette: [She covers her mouth] Oh.
Nick: Before you woke me up.
Juliette: Well, thank God it was just a dream.
Nick: But what if it's not? What if this is a premonition? I mean, all of this could really happen. If I'm Monroe's best man, I'm gonna be standing right up there. People are gonna be looking right at me. I don't think I can do it. Somebody could die.
Juliette: Well, that would definitely put a damper on the wedding.
Nick: What should I do?
Juliette: I think you just have to be honest with him and tell him that you would love to be his best man, but... it's obviously just not worth the risk.
[Nick sighs]

Scene: Viktor and a few Verrat agents search for Meisner, Adalind, and her daughter in the Swiss Alps.

[Adalind and Meisner watch from the top of a hill]
Adalind: The man in back is Viktor.
Meisner: The prince?
[Adalind nods]
Meisner: He wants in on the kill. Didn't expect him to get his hands dirty.
[The baby cries out]
Adalind: Oh, she's hungry.
Meisner: You can feed her later. Let's get moving.

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the scene of Monica and Dolores' bodies.

Hank: Ha ha! Good to have you back, Wu.
Wu: Good to be back. I think.
Nick: We missed you.
Hank: Homicide just ain't the same without you.
Wu: Then I guess I'm in the right place. We got two to start your day.
[They go inside the house]
Wu: Their neighbor Bob Gumer found them about an hour ago as he walked past with his dog. Noticed their door was wide open, didn't really pay attention until his dog ran in. Upon seeing the victims, Mr. Gumer lost his lunch over in that corner, then called 911.
Hank: Any forced entry?
Wu: Not that we could find. Rest of the house is intact. That's Dolores Kulikowsky. That's Monica Duncan. Roommates for about two years, according to Mr. Gumer.
Nick: What about the car in the driveway?
Wu: Registered owner is Dolores. It's locked, so we haven't opened it up yet.
Nick: Open it up.
Wu: Yeah. [He goes outside]
Nick: I got some photos.
Hank: Pretty brutal.
Nick: I got a ticket stub here, dated yesterday.
Hank: From where?
Nick: Carnival Metamorphosia.
Hank: Never heard of it.
Nick: Says it's in Sellwood River Park.
Hank: Just one ticket?
Nick: I'm checking the other jacket.
Hank: [He finds a ticket in Dolores' pocket] Nick. At least we know where they were yesterday.

Scene: Nick and Hank go check out the carnival.

Sid: Tickets, tickets, let me see those tickets. No tickets, no fun. Tickets, tickets, let me see those tickets. No tickets, no fun. No show like it, it's the only one. Tickets, tickets, let me see your tickets. No tickets, no fun. Let me see your tickets. No tickets...
[Nick and Hank walk past Sid]
Sid: Hey, let me see those tickets, boys. [He sees their badges] That'll work. Go right on in.
Hank: Do you remember seeing them yesterday? [He shows Sid the pictures the girls took in a photo booth]
Sid: Got any idea how many people come through here every day?
Nick: Who's in charge here?
Sid: That'd be Mr. Hedig. He's in the last tent at the end of the midway. Can't miss him... the guy with the whip and the gun. But the show's about to start. He won't be able to talk.
[Nick and Hank go into the tent and see Hedig's show]
Hedig: A warning, my friends. What you're about to see will live in your fear for years, for this is no nightmare, and truth truly is stranger than fiction. [He cracks his whip] Behold Damien, the last of the dragons on God's green earth. His ferocious nature proves that we are lucky that they did not devour us all. [He cracks his whip]
[Damien woges into a Dämonfeuer and "breathes" fire before turning around and retracting as the crowd claps and cheers]
Hedig: Witness Ivan, vile Ivan, who crushes skulls and breaks bones with his bare hands. [He cracks his whip]
[Ivan woges into a Siegbarste and crushes a couple of skulls before retracting as the crowd cheers and claps more]
Nick: Are you seeing this?
Hank: Oh, yeah.
Hedig: The beautiful Genvieve, who proves that beauty is but skin deep and that a beast resides within us all. [He cracks his whip]
[Genvieve woges into a Fuchsbau and growls]
Hank: Is this some kind of Wesen carnival?
Nick: Looks like.
[Genvieve retracts and the crowd is amazed]
Hank: Can they do this? Like, in front of people?
Nick: I don't think they're supposed to. No one's taking this as real. They all think it's a trick.
Hedig: Now, every so often, something appears that is so horrible, so vicious, it cannot be tamed. For this beast is the demented turmoil of man himself, hidden from view until it is too late.
[A cage is uncovered, revealing Max inside]
Hedig: Do not be fooled by the way he looks now. Show us. Show us what you are. [He cracks his whip and Max groans] Show us. [He cracks his whip] I command you to show us! [He cracks his whip]
[Max woges]
Hedig: Back. Stay back.
[People in the crowd scream]
Hedig: Back.
[Max breaks out of the cage as the crowd gasps. He starts advancing towards the crowd]
Hedig: [He "shoots" Max and checks his pulse] He's dead. Let this be a warning to you, ladies and gentlemen, that there are monsters amongst us in the world. Beware. Beware.
[The crowd gives Hedig and his performers a standing ovation]

Scene: Adalind and Meisner come across the vehicles that Viktor and the Verrat agents arrived in.

Adalind: Isn't this where Sebastien left us?
Meisner: Yes. I was hoping it's the last place they look. [He takes out a gun]
Adalind: Wait, what are you gonna do?
Meisner: We need a car. Stay here. [He searches the vehicles and finds Sebastien in the back of one. He checks Sebastien's pulse as Sebastien opens his eyes] I will get you to a doctor.
Sebastien: No, no, you must go.
Verrat Agent: [In German] Don't move! Put the gun down!
[Meisner puts his gun down]
Verrat Agent: [Suddenly, Adalind uses her powers to telekinetically make the man point his gun at himself despite his best effort to fight it] Nein. Nein. Nein! [Adalind makes him kill himself]
[Adalind retracts. Adalind gets into the car with Sebastien, and Meisner shoots out the engine of the other vehicle and takes the ammo from the dead Verrat agent]
Adalind: Viktor did this to you?
Sebastien: Yes.
Adalind: For helping me?
[Sebastien sighs and opens his door]
Adalind: What are you doing?
Sebastien: Making up for what I've done. [He gets out of the car]
Meisner: Stay in the car. We're leaving.
Sebastien: I'm not. They will have heard the shots. Give me his gun. [Meisner hands him the gun] Go.
[Meisner gets into the car with Adalind]
Adalind: We're just gonna leave him?
Meisner: He's doing what he has to do. [He drives away]

Scene: Max talks with Genvieve and Hedig after the show.

Max: Listen. Hey, this is a great idea. You just should have let me go with it, you should have let me go into the crowd. I could've just...
Genvieve: Max, please.
Max: Get right in their face—
Hedig: Enough! This is my show. No one tells me what to do. Does anyone have a problem with that? [He looks at Ivan and Damien] You? You? [He sees Nick and Hank come into the tent] We have company. I'm sorry, no one's allowed back here.
Hank: I'm Detective Griffin. This is Detective Burkhardt.
Nick: You Hedig?
Hedig: The one and only. Is there a problem?
Nick: We're investigating the death of two women who were here last night.
Hank: [He shows Hedig the girls' pictures] You recognize 'em?
Hedig: Mm, don't remember them, no. Sorry.
[Hank shows Max and Genvieve the pictures and Max woges his eyes, which Nick notices]
Hedig: Look, we'd love to help, but we perform in front of a lot of people every evening. You can't expect us to remember two faces out of a crowd.
Hank: That's a nice trick you guys do onstage. Want to tell me how you do it?
Hedig: Magic.
Nick: Really?
Hedig: Gentlemen, it's how we earn a living. Illusion's important. Without it, we'd be left with what? Reality. And as you know, reality can often be not very pretty. And I assure you, whatever magic we do in the show did not kill those women.
Hank: We're gonna need a list of all your employees.
Hedig: Of course, yes, yes. My records are in my trailer. Would you like to follow me? [He, Nick, and Hank leave]
Genvieve: Max, did...
[Max scoffs and walks away, and Genvieve sighs]

Scene: Nick and Hank speak with Hedig in his trailer.

Nick: How long you been doing this?
Hedig: Ever since I was a kid. I ran away from home when I was 13, even though it wasn't much of a home to run away from. I worked for the man who started this, Major William John Beeman. He was a real performer. I bought it from him ten years ago.
Hank: Ever have problems with your employees?
Hedig: Of course, it's the nature of our business. [He hands Hank the list of employees] Here's the list of all the people that work here. Now, just because some of my people have been in trouble in the past, it doesn't mean to say they're in trouble now.
Nick: You know, those masks you use, they seem so real.
Hedig: Mm. It's all part of the illusion.
Nick: You make them?
Hedig: No, they're made in China. It's a tradition that goes back 4,000 years of mask making. These people are real craftsmen.
Hank: Uh, thank you for your time. If we need anything else?
Hedig: Please. We are here through Sunday.
[Nick and Hank leave the trailer as Genvieve watches, before going into Max's tent]
Genvieve: Please tell me you don't know what happened to those girls.
Max: I don't remember. It's just... [He reaches for his drink]
Genvieve: Answer me.
Max: All I remember is drinking with them, that's all.
Genvieve: That's not all. They're dead.
Max: I don't remember. I don't remember.
Genvieve: Hedig is working you too hard. He does not care about any of us.
Max: Oh, Genny. What did I do? I'm so sorry.
Genvieve: Max, I love you. We can't do this anymore. You are already—
Max: Already what? What am I, Genny? What?
Genvieve: Let me help you. You're not going on that stage again. We're leaving.
Max: Where would we go? I'm-I'm not going anywhere. [He tries to grab his drink again]
Genvieve: [She grabs the bottle before Max can] No! No more! [She throws the bottle on the ground, shattering it]
[Max woges]
Genvieve: Max. No, it's me. [Max grabs her] It's me! Max! [Max hits her across the face, knocking her to the ground, and she lands on the shards of glass] Oh, God. Max.
Hedig: [He and Sid walk into the tent] What the hell is going on in here?
[Max retracts and starts sobbing once he realizes what he did, and tries to leave, but Hedig and Sid stop him]
Hedig: No, no! Max, you will control yourself!
[Ivan and Damien come into the tent]
Genvieve: Don't hurt him! Oh, God.
Sid: Hedig, she's hurt. Easy. [He goes to help Genvieve]
Genvieve: He didn't mean it! He didn't know what he was doing.
Hedig: You idiot, you'll be the ruin of us all.
[Max sobs]
Sid: Well, what do we do now? She can't go onstage like this.
Hedig: Then get me someone who can!

Scene: Viktor and the Verrat agents return to the car.

Viktor: They took the other car. They've got Sebastien.
Verrat Agent: [He opens the back door of the car] No, sir, he's here.
Viktor: Here?
[Sebastien starts shooting and kills all of the Verrat agents, but he runs out of bullets before he can shoot Viktor. Viktor slowly approaches the open back door of the car, and, as he stands facing Sebastien, Sebastien futilely tries to shoot Viktor as the gun clicks several times]
Viktor: Where did they go?
Sebastien: I don't know.
Viktor: This time, I believe you. [He raises his gun and shoots and kills Sebastien]

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to Monroe and Rosalee about the carnival.

Monroe: A Wesen carnival? Wow.
Nick: In Sellwood Park.
Hank: Ever been to one?
Monroe: No. It's not something the community is particularly proud of, but they still exist.
Rosalee: They aren't as common as they used to be, but it goes all the way back to Rome, from Circus Maximus to P.T. Barnum.
Monroe: Long history of Wesen exploitation. Forcing Wesen from all over the world to woge for the cheap thrill of a paying audience.
Rosalee: Which is offensive on so many levels.
Nick: Well, the Council doesn't have a problem with that?
Rosalee: The performers present it as one big magic trick, so it technically doesn't go against the Code of Swabia, but in situations like this, it's recommended that local Wesen perform a sort of intervention.
Nick: Why?
Rosalee: The real danger isn't the exploitation of Wesen. It's the Umkippen.
Hank: Oom-what?
Monroe: Umkippen. Essentially... [He sighs] if we force ourselves to woge over and over again, the Wesen side can, like, take over. Leaving us at the mercy of our primal urges, which is a little problematic for civilized society.
Rosalee: If someone in this show is suffering from the Umkippen, they are a ticking time bomb.
Hank: And they could've killed the two victims.
Monroe: Absolutely.
Rosalee: Why do you think it was one of these performers?
Hank: They got pretty tight-lipped when we started asking.
Nick: The Blutbad seemed a little more worked up than the others. Now, if someone did have this Umkippen, would you be able tell?
Monroe: Eventually, yeah. Look, when there's not a shred of humanity left, it's pretty obvious.
Rosalee: And in the meantime, it's a pretty intense struggle.
Hank: Could there be a pattern of violent behavior?
Rosalee: Yes.
Nick: We gotta get to the precinct and do some background checks. Thank you.
Monroe: You got it.
[Nick and Hank leave]
Rosalee: We should check that place out.
Monroe: What? No, I-why? I hate carnivals, they give me the creeps.
Rosalee: But we would be able to tell if someone is suffering from the Umkippen. If they are, they need our help.
Monroe: Even if they've killed somebody?
Rosalee: Then we tell Nick.
Monroe: Well, okay, why don't we just bring Nick with us, at least?
Rosalee: Uh, because he's a Grimm. It would only make things worse.
Monroe: [He sighs] Fine.

Scene: Nick and Hank tell Renard about unsolved murders in small towns where the carnival was at the time.

Renard: How many?
Hank: Four murders, three years, all small towns, all unsolved.
Nick: Checked the carnival's show dates. Each murder took place when the carnival was in the area.
Renard: Hmm. How far back did you track it?
Nick: We're working on it. We're gonna get a subpoena to get the earlier records.
Hank: If they even keep them.
Nick: The problem is, the employees don't last very long. Some of them, couple years, others, a few weeks.
Hank: And they've all been arrested, everything from disorderly conduct to assault.
Nick: [He points to Max's file] Except this guy, he's been there for all four murders, and he's Blutbaden.
Renard: Max Robbins. A couple of DUIs doesn't make him a murderer. Where was he before he joined the carnival?
Hank: Don't know yet, still waiting for the IRS to give up his tax returns.
Nick: The carnival packs it up in two days.
Nick: If we don't charge somebody, they're gone.
Renard: If we charge someone without sufficient evidence to hold them, they may disappear for good, so you've got two days to make sure you find something solid.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee check out the carnival.

Monroe: Where do you want to start?
Rosalee: We need to talk with one of the performers. If one of them has a problem, the others will know.
Monroe: Assuming they'll talk to us.
Rosalee: We just need to show them that we're on their side.
Monroe: Okay. [He and Rosalee walk up to Ivan while he is lifting weights]
Rosalee: Excuse me. I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Ivan: You are not supposed to be back here.
Rosalee: We're here to help.
Ivan: Why?
Rosalee: Because we're simpatico. [She woges]
Monroe: Are they treating you okay? Do you feel, you know, exploited or—
Sid: [He walks up] Hey!
[Rosalee retracts]
Ivan: No simpatico. [He walks away]
Sid: What do you think you're doing back here?
Rosalee: Uh...
Sid: Auditions are in the tent. Hurry up, let's go. We don't have a lot of time.
Monroe: Whoa, wait a minute.
Sid: Look, I don't have a minute, okay? You wait out front. She gets the part, you get a free pass. Turn around. Let's go, come on. Let's go. [He and Rosalee walk away]
[Sid brings Rosalee to a stage with the lights turned off]
Rosalee: Hello?
[A light comes on]
Hedig: Show us what you got, bright eyes.
Rosalee: I'm sorry, I-I don't know what you want.
Hedig: Woge for me, or get out. Do we have all day? No, we don't. There's a show to do, so let's see it.
[Rosalee woges]
Hedig: Great. Turn around. Go ahead.
[Rosalee starts turning]
Hedig: Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.
[Rosalee retracts]
Hedig: [He claps] Brilliant. [He walks up to Rosalee] You are hired, and you're working tonight.
Rosalee: What am I supposed to do?
Hedig: What you just did. Don't sweat it, Genvieve will fill you in on the rest. Sid, take her to the tent. [He hugs Rosalee] Welcome to show business. I'm gonna make you a star.
Sid: Come on, sweetheart. Come on.
[Hedig chuckles as Rosalee goes with Sid. Max stares at Hedig from behind a curtain with his eyes woged]

Scene: Meisner and Adalind talk about what Adalind did to the Verrat agent.

Meisner: You made the Verrat turn the gun on himself.
Adalind: I was trying to make him drop it. I'm still a little rusty.
Meisner: Thanks.
Adalind: You're welcome.
Meisner: [His phone rings and he answers] Yes?
Renard: How close are you to Zurich?
Meisner: About half an hour.
Renard: Tavitian found someone to transport Adalind and the baby.
Meisner: Do we know who?
Renard: No. But if Tavitian set it up, they can handle it.
Meisner: Where are they taking them?
Renard: I don't know. I'm gonna send you coordinates to an airstrip north of Zurich. Get there as soon as you can. The plane won't wait. And... tell her to be careful.
Meisner: [He hangs up] Sean found somebody to take you and the baby out.
Adalind: You aren't coming with us?
Meisner: No. My fight is here.

Scene: Sid takes Rosalee to Genvieve.

Sid: Here's your new bunkmate.
Genvieve: What?
Sid: Hedig wants you to get her ready for the show. Make it quick. [He leaves]
[Genvieve sighs]
Rosalee: Hi. I'm Rosalee.
Genvieve: Good for you. Costume's hanging right there. Get ready.
Rosalee: What am I supposed to do?
Genvieve: You're a Fuchsbau, right?
Rosalee: Yeah.
Genvieve: Ever been onstage?
Rosalee: [She chuckles] Not since I was eight.
Genvieve: What were you doing?
Rosalee: Sound of Music.
Genvieve: Huh. That'll help.
Rosalee: What happened to your leg?
Genvieve: Um, I fell on some broken glass, which is why you're here. Get ready.
Rosalee: [She walks over to the costume] This is it?
Genvieve: Look, you seem like a nice girl, and I'm sure joining a carnival looks like a lot of fun, but let me just tell you right now, you do not want to be here.
Rosalee: Is that because of the Umkippen?
Genvieve: What do you know about that?
Rosalee: I know that it can be dangerous.
Genvieve: Then walk away while you still can. This is no life for a Wesen.
Rosalee: Has it affected you?
Genvieve: You ask a lot of questions.
Rosalee: I don't mean to pry, it's just that if we don't look out for each other, then—
Genvieve: It's affected all of us.
Rosalee: Why don't you quit?
Genvieve: I can't.
Rosalee: Maybe I can help you.
Genvieve: It's not me.
Rosalee: Then who?
Genvieve: My boyfriend, Max.
Rosalee: He's in the show?
Genvieve: He's the star of the show, Hedig's biggest attraction.
Rosalee: [She sighs] You must love him a lot.
Genvieve: Hedig pushes him too hard. I'm scared for him. I'm scared for me.
Rosalee: Okay, where's Max now?
Genvieve: Quit asking questions. Get dressed. If Sid comes back here and you're not ready, he's going to tear into me. Go.
[Rosalee grabs the costume and goes to get changed, but Monroe comes in]
Monroe: [Whispering] What the hell are you doing? Get outta here!
Rosalee: [Whispering] No, I can't leave, Monroe, it is so much worse than we thought.
Monroe: [Whispering] What?
Rosalee: [Whispering] It's Max.
Monroe: [Whispering] Who's Max?
Rosalee: [Whispering] From the show. He's the one suffering from the Umkippen.
Monroe: [Whispering] Oh, my God, why is it always the Blutbad? That is not cool. That is even more reason to get out of here. You are not safe.
Sid: Where is she?
Rosalee: [To Monroe] Go, go, go, go.
Sid: Is she dressed? It's showtime. [He opens the curtain to where Rosalee is changing] No time to be shy, honey. Get in that costume. You're on in ten.

Scene: Hank finds more unsolved murders in towns where the carnival was at the time.

Hank: Something doesn't make sense.
Nick: What do you got?
Hank: Three more unsolved homicides, going back ten years, all towns the carnival has gone through, only Max hasn't been with the carnival for ten years.
Nick: Well, none of them have.
Hank: Except...
Nick: Hedig.

Scene: Monroe watches as Sid takes Rosalee backstage.

Max: Where is Genvieve? Because I'm not gonna do this. I'm not going on without... where's-where's Genvieve?
Hedig: She's hurt, remember?
Max: [To Rosalee] So you think that you can take her—
Hedig: [He steps between Max and Rosalee. He then woges into a Löwen] Don't push me! [He retracts] You don't go anywhere near the new girl. You hear me? Get in the cage. Get in the cage! [He closes the cage after Max gets in] And take a good look at these bars, 'cause that's where you'd be if it wasn't for me cleaning up your messes.
Max: You can't treat me this way.
Hedig: I own you. I can treat you any way I want. If I hadn't stopped those girls... or any of the others... from calling the cops, what do you think would've happened?
Max: You killed those girls.
Hedig: Well, that doesn't matter. What matters is who the cops think killed them, and right now, all fingers point at you. It's all a show, and it's been going on a lot longer than you, so shut up and do your job! Places, everyone.
Rosalee: [To Sid] He can't go on. He's sick.
Sid: We all are, sweetie. Come on.
Hedig: Everyone, have a great show.

Scene: Monroe calls Nick.

Monroe: Come on, pick up.
Nick: [He answers] Monroe.
Monroe: Hey, Nick. Remember that carnival we talked about? Yeah, well, Rosalee and I thought we'd, you know, check it out for ourselves, and I think we might have gotten in a little over our heads here.
Nick: You're at the carnival?
Monroe: Yes, and the Umkippen issue is worse than we thought.
Nick: You need to get the hell out of there.
Monroe: I know, but see, that's where the "in over our heads" part comes in, 'cause, uh... [He sighs] Rosalee kind of got herself put into the show.
Nick: What?
Monroe: But we found out who's got the Umkippen, and you were right, it's the Blutbad, Max.
Nick: We're almost there.
Monroe: Good, 'cause—
[A whip cracks]
Monroe: I gotta go. [He hangs up and goes inside the tent]
Hedig: A warning, my friends. What you're about to see will live in your fear for years, for this is no nightmare, and truth truly is stranger than fiction.
Monroe: [He sees Rosalee] Oh, my God.
Hedig: Behold Damien, the last dragon of God's green earth, whose ferocious nature proves that we are lucky they did not devour us all. [He cracks his whip]
[Damien turns his back to the audience and woges before turning back around, and the audience gasps and applauds]
Hedig: Witness the vile Ivan.
[Nick and Hank arrive at the carnival]
Hedig: The beautiful Rosalee, who proves that beauty is but skin deep and that a beast resides within us all. [He cracks his whip] Rosalee... show us.
[Max woges inside his cage]
Hedig: Rosalee.
[Max snarls]
Hedig: Max, this is not your cue.
[Max knocks the cover off his cage]
Hedig: But every so often, something appears that is so vicious, so terrible, it cannot be tamed. For this beast... this beast...
[Max breaks out of his cage]
Hedig: Back! Get back! [He shoots his gun, but Max is unaffected]
Man: Get out!
[People in the crowd scream, and Max starts throwing the other performers off the stage]
Monroe: I don't think that's part of the show.
Hedig: Max, stop!
Genvieve: Max! Oh, my God, no!
Hedig: Max, stop!
[Max knocks Hedig to the ground as the audience screams. Max starts advancing towards Rosalee, but Monroe woges and tackles Max]
Rosalee: Monroe!
[Monroe and Max fight as Nick and Hank try to get through the audience as they run, screaming out of the tent]
Nick: Move!
Hedig: [He woges] Grimm! [He runs away]
[Nick and Hank go after Hedig]
Rosalee: Monroe, stop! Now, stop! Stop, he's sick.
[Monroe and Max retract]
Rosalee: We have to help him.
Max: Oh, my God. What happened? What did I do?
Rosalee: It's okay. You're gonna be okay.
[Max whimpers] Rosalee: You're gonna be okay.
[Hedig runs into a "house of mirrors"]
Damien: Hedig.
Ivan: Hedig.
Genvieve: Hedig.
Hedig: [He looks around] The cop, he's a Grimm. He'll kill us all. You need to get me out.
Genvieve: You pushed Max too hard.
Damien: And you were going to let him take the fall for something you did.
Ivan: And we can't let you get away with that.
Hedig: I did it for you. I did it for all of you. You'd be gutter trash without me. I gave you... I gave you a life. I gave you purpose. I gave you a family.
[Everyone woges and Damien burns Hedig alive]

Scene: Renard looks at a photo of Hedig's burned body.

Renard: It may not be justice in the eyes of the law. I don't think that would matter to the people he killed. Close it. [He hands Hank the case file] Nothing we can prove here.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee talk with Genvieve as the carnival gets taken down.

Genvieve: I called the place you recommended. They've got a bed waiting for Max.
Monroe: How's he doing?
Genvieve: We're gonna make sure he gets the help he needs.
Rosalee: It's gonna take some time.
Genvieve: If we don't take care of each other, who will? [She and Rosalee hug] Thank you.
[Ivan and Damien pull up in a truck with Max in a cage in the back. Genvieve then gets into the truck and they drive away]

Scene: Monroe gets ready for bed.

Monroe: Rosalee?
Rosalee: In the bathroom. I'm getting dressed.
Monroe: Getting dressed for what? I thought we were going to bed.
Rosalee: [She comes out of the bathroom in her carnival outfit and woges] Not yet.
[Monroe laughs as Rosalee walks up to him. He then howls]

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