Opening Quote: "When something itches my dear sir, the natural tendency is to scratch." – The Seven Year Itch

Scene: William Stillman, woged as an Ataktos Fuse, rises from beneath the ground.

[Stillman pulls himself out of the ground and retracts. He starts looking around at the people walking nearby, noticing Jeremy Tauberg talking on his phone]
Tauberg: Ugh, we're gonna do this again. No, this isn't good for either of us. Helen, could you listen?
Man: [To his dog] Good boy.

Scene: Eve wakes up in the tunnels.

[Eve looks around at all the drawings on the walls. She looks at her hand and still sees one of the symbols from the cloth on her palm. She also notices her hands are cut up. Her lantern then goes out]

Scene: Nick wakes up after having a nightmare from the night he was shot.

[Nick looks at Adalind, who remains asleep. He then gets out of bed and checks on Kelly, who is also asleep. Nick goes and gets a drink of water. He then walks to the door to the tunnel entrance. He opens the door and hears heavy breathing in the tunnel. He also hears footsteps approaching and turns around as Adalind walks up, scaring Nick]
Adalind: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Nick: It's okay. I just- I don't know, I, um- I thought I heard something. It's probably nothing. [He closes the tunnel door]
Adalind: Must be strange being back here after everything that happened.
Nick: It's a lot better than when I came back and found you and Kelly gone.
Adalind: You know I never would have—
Nick: I know. Let's go back to bed.

Scene: Stillman follows Jeremy Tauberg as he continues talking on the phone.

Tauberg: I'm trying to tell you you made the right choice. No, I'm sorry, I can't do that. [He turns around and sees Stillman] Ah! I-Helen, there's a weird guy. Let me call you back. [He hangs up]
[Stillman falls to the ground]
Tauberg: Are you okay?
Stillman: Hungry. [Weakly] Need something to eat.
Tauberg: Look, I don't have any food. Uh, I'm gonna call 911 for you. 'Cause you look really bad. [He dials 911]
Operator: 911, what's your emergency?
Tauberg: Hi, look, I'm in Stillman Park right now and there's this guy on the ground and he's filthy. Um, I have no idea who he is, but you need to send somebody here because I think he's, like, starving to death.
Operator: Are you near him?
Tauberg: Yes, I'm right by him. [He looks to where Stillman was] Uh, yeah, yeah, he's not here. Um, I'm sorry. I'm not sure what happened.
[Suddenly, Stillman sticks one of his sharp, elongated fingers through the back of Tauberg's neck, killing him]

Scene: Renard tucks Diana in bed.

[Before he leaves Diana's room, Renard finds her dolls of him and Adalind in a box. He takes both dolls out of the box and sets them down together. He then finds the needle that Diana used on the Bonaparte doll to make Renard stab Bonaparte. He takes the needle with him and goes to his room]
Renard: [He sighs] You gonna follow me everywhere?
Meisner: I like your new place, Sean. But I'm not following you. I'm haunting you. There is a difference.
Renard: Well, it's annoying in either case.
Meisner: You know, it's been a long time since I've seen her.
Renard: Seen who?
Meisner: Diana. I was there when she was born. It's quite an experience. I'm not really used to bringing life into the world.
Renard: Is that what this is about? You want some thanks for being there when I couldn't be? Well, thank you, really. Thank you for being there. I really appreciate everything that you've done for Diana and me.
Meisner: It's too bad you didn't think of that before, you know, that betrayal thing. [He laughs]
Renard: Now is this gonna be a regular treat with you? You're gonna keep showing up here and making me feel sorry? Because I don't do sorry very well.
Meisner: Do I look shocked?
Renard: Look, we had some good times together and I really appreciate everything that you've done for-for all of us. For Diana, for Adalind, and me. Did I leave anybody out? Because I would really like to be done with this, once and for all.
Meisner: I'm not sure I can commit to a half-assed haunting, Sean. I mean, you wouldn't respect me if I were to take a cheap thank you and drifted off into whatever awaits me. I think we have some real issues to work through.
Renard: I'm tired. I just wanna get some sleep. I'd love it if you got the hell out of my room.
Meisner: Well, there's the problem. Am I in your room or am I just in your mind? Now that's awesome. Am I even here? [He sits down]
Renard: Okay, fine. You take the bedroom. [He goes downstairs and pours himself a drink]
Meisner: Now we're getting somewhere. I've heard the only way to battle your demons is to take a trip to their hell.
[Renard hears gunshots and woges. He turns around and sees multiple dead Meisner bodies on the floor. Renard is a little freaked out and retracts]

Scene: Stillman finishes washing himself in a lake.

[Stillman gets out of the water and picks up the clothes he stole off of Tauberg]

Scene: Rosalee has an ultrasound done with Monroe by her side.

OBGYN: We have one strong heartbeat, that's for sure.
Rosalee: How's it look?
Monroe: It's healthy?
OBGYN: Yes, exactly as it should at this point in the pregnancy.
Monroe: Just the one?
OBGYN: One's not enough?
Monroe: No, no. One's great. It's just, we thought—
Rosalee: We thought maybe there was more.
Monroe: Yeah.
[Hearts beating]
Rosalee: What's wrong?
OBGYN: I think- Well, there is a second heartbeat.
Rosalee: Really?
OBGYN: Yeah, I guess you know your body pretty well. Congratulations. You're gonna have—
Monroe: [To Rosalee] Twins. It's just twins.
OBGYN: Well, maybe not. Well, this is a surprise. There is a third heartbeat.
Rosalee: Three?
OBGYN: Mm-hmm.
[Rosalee sighs]
Monroe: I love you and we can do this.

Scene: Nick talks with Hank about the night he got shot.

Nick: I'm pretty sure I was dead.
Hank: Well, you were there. You should know.
Nick: I was shot.
Hank: Look, I know you think you were shot, but maybe it was something else.
Nick: I felt the bullets, Hank. I-I went down. I knew I was dying. I could feel it. [He sighs] And then I wasn't. I mean, you saw what happened with Eve.
Hank: I can't explain anything that's been going on.
Nick: I keep thinking I need to be carrying that stick.
Hank: Are you?
Nick: No. But it's like... you get used to carrying your weapon, and when you don't have it, you feel like you're missing a piece of yourself.
Hank: I know, but we have a license for that.
Nick: I try to stop thinking about it, but it's not working out so well.
Hank: Where is it?
Nick: [He looks behind him and Hank] I put it back in the tunnel.
Hank: Don't you think you should put it someplace a little further out?
Nick: No, I wanna understand what happened. I wanna know where it came from. I wanna know why the men who found it buried it and I wanna know what's written on that cloth that's wrapped around it.
Hank: Sometimes we can want too much. And what if we found out and wish we hadn't? Maybe that's why it's buried.
Nick: Then why didn't they just destroy it?
Hank: Maybe they tried and they couldn't. We are dealing with stuff that may not have an explanation we can understand. [His phone rings] It's Wu. [He answers] Where are we supposed to be? [To Nick] Stillman Square Park. [To Wu] We're 15 away. [He hangs up] I do not like dead bodies on an empty stomach.

Scene: Diana goes downstairs to leave with Adalind.

Diana: Okay, I'm ready.
Adalind: Is Daddy coming down?
Diana: I don't know. He's in the bedroom. I think he was having bad dreams last night.
Adalind: Oh. Well, that's too bad.
Renard: [He comes downstairs] Hey. How long you been here?
Adalind: About 15 minutes.
Renard: Oh, I'm sorry. I overslept.
Adalind: Did everything go okay last night?
Renard: Oh, yeah. No, we had a great time, didn't we?
Diana: Uh-huh.
Adalind: Okay, well, we'll call you later.
Renard: Okay.
Adalind: I like the new place.
Renard: Thanks.
Diana: Me too.
Renard: [He looks at the floor where he saw the Meisner bodies] Hey, Adalind?
Adalind: Yeah?
Renard: Have you ever dealt with a-
Adalind: What?
Renard: Never mind. Hey, call me later.
Adalind: Okay. [She and Diana leave]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet talk with Wu about Tauberg's naked body.

Nick: So I'm guessing no ID.
Wu: I think what you see is what you get. We did a search for clothes, but besides a kid's dirty t-shirt, a pile of rags and a catcher's mitt-which I suppose could have covered his essentials- This is it. We also didn't find a wallet or keys or a cell phone.
Hank: Who found him?
Wu: Jogger found him around 6:45. Thought he was asleep on the first lap, at mile three, he stopped for a closer look and had a mild freak out when he realized this guy was done.
Nick: Where's this pile of rags?
Wu: Over here. [He leads Nick and Hank to the rags] Stuffed under some bushes, but I think they've been here for quite a while. Smell good, too. You want me to get them out?
Hank: No, leave it for CSU just in case.
Nick: And run the vic's prints. Check to see if there were any reports of a naked man in a park some time last night.
Wu: Uh, this is Portland. I might have to narrow that down. [He walks away]
Hank: So he either came to the park fully clothed and was robbed of everything he had, or he came to the park with no clothes and was killed for no personal gain.
Nick: Might have just been some sadistic sexual encounter gone bad.
Hank: Really?
Nick: No. It's Wesen. [He and Hank go over to Wu by the body]
Wu: [He gets a thumbprint] He may not have a future, but he's got just enough of a past. Jeremy Tauberg. Arrested for disorderly conduct last year and a DUI three years ago. Local address in the South West.
Nick: Let's take it from that address.
[A woman screams nearby, so Nick and Hank run to see what's happening. They find a mother trying to help get her kid out of a hole]
Mother: Please help me, he fell in.
[Nick and Hank each grab one of the kid's arms to try to pull him out]
Mother: I can't get him out. He was just playing in the dirt.
[The kid whimpers]
Nick: His foot's stuck on something.
Hank: It's gotta be a root.
[Nick and Hank are finally able to pull the kid up]
Mother: Oh, my God.
[Nick and Hank pull the kid out, but attached to his leg is a skeletal hand and forearm]
Mother: [She screams as she sees the rest of the skeletal remains in the hole] Oh, my God!
[The kid cries]

Scene: CSU checks out the newly discovered body remains.

Hank: Definitely been down there a while.
Bindra: With that many roots, I'd say at least a couple years. Evidence of clothing, pretty rotted. I'll know more when I get the post-mortem interval. [She walks away]
Hank: Pieces of that clothing on the corpse look a lot like the one stuffed in the bushes.
Nick: That's exactly what I was thinking. So a body gets buried underground, it starts to rot, it gets smaller. Leaving a hole where the body was, right?
Hank: Yeah.
Nick: Kid starts playing, ground collapses, kid falls in the hole.
Hank: I'm following.
Nick: Doesn't this hole seem a little big for one body?
Hank: Oh, could be a big body.
Nick: Yeah, but the mother said the kid was playing in the dirt. I don't see any dirt in this park. It's all grass.
Hank: All right, so if everything is grass, how did the dirt get dug up before the kid fell in? Somebody did some digging before the kid started playing. But why would somebody start digging right where a body was buried, unless they knew the body was buried right here?
Nick: So it's either a complete coincidence or the killer was the digger.
Hank: Hey, we believe in a lot of things but not coincidence.
Nick: You see any signs of a pick or a shovel?
Hank: I do not. But I do see some dirt from the hole scattered in the direction of our other body. There was more than one body in that hole.
Nick: And one of the bodies got out.
Hank: Wearing some nasty-ass clothes.
Nick: Which is why Mr. Tauberg is lying naked and dead in the park.
Hank: I'm so glad this world makes sense.

Scene: Stillman eats at a diner.

Waitress: More coffee?
Stillman: Yeah. And more steak.
Waitress: [She chuckles and pours coffee] Seriously?
Stillman: And this time make it rare.
Waitress: When was the last time you ate?
Stillman: Been a while. That's the thing. You can never tell. They always look bigger than they are. But this last one... she didn't last anywhere near as long as I thought she would. She was pretty. That's why. I was distracted by her face. [He laughs] Won't make that mistake again. Oh. And why don't you bring me a couple Bloody Marys? 'Cause I feel like it is gonna be a beautiful day.

Scene: Renard sits in his office, thinking about seeing all the Meisner bodies.

[Renard makes a call]
Steiger: [Answering] Steiger.
Renard: It's Renard.
Steiger: Been a long time, Sean.
Renard: Yeah, I know. Look, I need to see you.
Steiger: When?
Renard: Tonight.
Steiger: I can't wait. [He hangs up]

Scene: Hank tells Nick about what Tauberg was up to before he died.

Hank: Tauberg, wearing a sport coat with no tie, had drinks at Flannigan's with a few friends after work. Walked home about 11:00. Co-workers said he always walked through the park 'cause he lived on the other side.
Nick: His address is on Sycamore. A few blocks on the other side.
Hank: So was Tauberg a target because he was convenient or because of his clothes?
Nick: Tauberg was 6'1, 170.
Hank: That narrows it down a little.
Wu: [He walks up] Got a hit on Tauberg's credit card. Used this morning at Sunnyside Diner. It's about a mile from the park. You wanna check it out? Or you want me to-
[Nick and Hank leave]

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to the waitress at the diner.

Hank: Can you describe him?
Waitress: Uh, normal looking, I guess. Brown hair. Maybe six foot tall. Not heavy. Just, you know, regular. Except for what he said. That was not regular.
Nick: What did he say?
Waitress: I don't remember his exact words, but something like whatever he ate was bigger than he thought it was. But then he said that "she" wasn't as big as he thought "she" was. And something about her having a pretty face and he was distracted by that. I don't know, I mean, the way it sounded was like he had just chowed down on some babe. It just weirded me out a little.
[Nick's phone rings]
Hank: Do you think you can give a description to a police sketch artist?
Waitress: Sure. What'd he do, anyway?
Hank: He's a person of interest in a murder investigation.
[The waitress walks away]
Nick: [He answers his phone] Burkhardt. Yeah. We can be there in 20 minutes. Uh, wait. Is the vic female? Thank you. [He hangs up] M.E. is ready. The vic was female.
Hank: Had a feeling.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Bindra about the woman whose skeletal remains were discovered in the hole.

Bindra: Victim was mid-30s. Despite skin covering much of the corpse, there was very little decompositional fluid. An unembalmed adult normally takes anywhere from eight to twelve years to skeletonize. After seven, there should be far less skin present than there is here.
Nick: Any idea how long she was buried?
Bindra: Uh, longer than five years. Maybe more. We'll know more when we get the bugs back. But some of her skin was somehow preserved and hardened into a waxy shell. I took subcutaneous samples and found traces of an enzyme I've never seen before.
Nick: Similar to anything?
Bindra: Digestive. But that's not all. See this cut? That was made either before she died or right after. And there wasn't a trace of organ tissue left inside.
Hank: Her organs were removed.
Bindra: Yeah, but there were no cut marks on the bones, which you'd get if someone was using a knife. However, there are marks on the bones that are indicative of teeth. [She shows Nick and Hank an image on a monitor] Notice the indentations. Pretty much all over the place.
Hank: Looks like someone gnawed on it.
Bindra: They're all like that. Every bone in her body.

Scene: Adalind makes lunch while Diana draws.

Diana: Mommy.
Adalind: What?
Diana: Do you know Meisner?
Adalind: How do you know that name?
Diana: Daddy said his name a lot of times last night.
Adalind: Why?
Diana: I don't know. Sometimes he said it really loud like he was mad at him. Do you know him?
Adalind: Meisner? Uh, yeah. Or I did know him. He died, honey.
Diana: Oh, that's sad. What happened to him?
Adalind: He got into a very bad fight with some very bad men.
Diana: Was Daddy one of them?
Adalind: [She sighs and brings lunch over to Diana] Are you ready for lunch?
Diana: I know Meisner.
Adalind: Mm, well, you met him once a really long time ago. But you were so small. I don't think you'd remember that.
Diana: I do remember. He was in a helicopter with me.
Adalind: Oh, right. That. What do you remember about him?
Diana: He was nice.
Adalind: Yeah. He was nice.
Diana: He wanted the King to fly.
[Flashback of Meisner throwing the King out of the helicopter in "Cry Havoc"]
Diana: I don't think he did. I wanna see Meisner again.
Adalind: Uh, well, that will be a little difficult, 'cause like I said, he died.
Diana: I know. But I'd like to see him anyway. Oh. And Eve is here.
Adalind: What? Where?
Diana: In the wall. She doesn't feel good. She was drawing, too.
Adalind: [She open the tunnel door] Honey, I'm gonna go down there. If Kelly makes any noises, you just let me know, okay?
Diana: Okay.
Adalind: [She finds Eve on the ground at the bottom of the ladder] Eve? Oh, my God! Eve! Can you hear me? Okay. What are you doing down here? I gotta get you out of here. You gotta get up. You gotta stand up. [She helps Eve stand up] All right. You're gonna have to go first. Come on.
[Eve grunts as she grabs the ladder]
Adalind: Okay, I'm right behind you. [She helps the best she can to get Eve up the ladder until they reach the top] You got it? Ohh. Okay.
[Eve loses her balance right after climbing into the loft]
Adalind: Okay, okay, okay. I got you. Right over here. I got you. [She walks Eve over to Diana's bed. To Diana] Will you get me a glass of water?
[Diana goes to get the water]
Adalind: Okay, just lay back, lay back. Okay.
Diana: [She brings the water over] Is she gonna live in my bed now?
Adalind: No, sweetie, She's just resting.
Diana: Is she gonna die?
Adalind: I hope not. But I think she's got a fever. I'm gonna go get her a washcloth, okay?
[After Adalind walks away, Diana looks at Eve and goes into the tunnels]
Adalind: [She walks back over with the washcloth] Diana? Diana? [She scoffs and climbs into the tunnel opening]
[Diana woges her eyes and lights up Eve's drawings on the walls and the top of the tunnel]
Adalind: Diana? Diana? [She gets to the bottom of the ladder] Oh, I really don't think it's a good idea for you to be... down here. [She sees the drawings and looks at Diana]

Scene: Nick and Hank look through the Grimm diaries.

Nick: Yeah, I think I got something.
Hank: Eh, pretty close.
[The spice shop door opens upstairs]
Monroe: Nick, that better be you down there.
Nick: Yeah, it's me and Hank.
[Monroe and Rosalee walk downstairs]
Nick: We thought you would be here.
Rosalee: We had a prenatal exam.
Hank: Everything okay?
Monroe: Okay, okay, and okay.
Nick: What? Three?
Rosalee: Apparently, yes.
Nick: Well, congratulations! [He shakes Monroe's hand]
Monroe: Thanks.
Hank: Really happy for you guys. [He also shakes Monroe's hand]
Nick: Oh, boy.
Rosalee: What are you guys looking for?
Nick: [He shows Rosalee the entry in the book] This.
Rosalee: Ataktos Fuse.
Monroe: Look at you, reading Greek.
[Rosalee shrugs]
Nick: I think there's a translation here.
Monroe: In Latin.
Rosalee: [She takes out her laptop] Oh, let's find out what it means.
Monroe: So what, does your victim look like that?
Nick: One of them.
Monroe: Uh-oh. There more than one?
Hank: Yeah, we think he's responsible for two very different crimes. We just haven't been able to connect them.
Rosalee: Ataktos Fuse, or Bestia Festiva, loosely translated means "party animal."
Hank: Party animal? Really?
Rosalee: Yeah, that's what it says.
Monroe: Yeah, right here. "Ab ista Bestia Festiva Dionysus principium ducit."
Rosalee: Which translates to... "Your party animal was the inspiration for Dionysus."
Monroe: Good old Dionysus. God of wine and orgies.
Rosalee: Wait, this can't be right. It says the Ataktos Fuse is immortal.
Monroe: Well, that's obviously a metaphor.
Rosalee: No, it says it resurrects from the earth for one day every seven years.
Nick: Seven years.
Hank: Sounds like he's in the ballpark for another victim.
Nick: And he only comes above ground for 24 hours?
Rosalee: According to this.
Monroe: If I was up for one day every seven years, I'd be a party animal.
Rosalee: Although in those 24 hours, it needs to find a food source to take underground and feed on.
Hank: And by food source, you mean...
Rosalee: Somebody big enough to sustain them underground.
Monroe: So this guy might be looking for his next plus-size stockpile.
Hank: [His phone vibrates] Wu just sent a facial composite of the guy from the diner. [He shows Nick]
Nick: So that's our Ataktos Fuse. [He shows Monroe and Rosalee]
Monroe: Wait a minute. [He takes Hank's phone from Nick] I've seen this face before. I think I know this guy.
Rosalee: How could you know him if he's only above ground for one day every seven years?
Monroe: No, it was more recent than that.
Hank: Then it can't be the same guy.
Monroe: No, I'm telling you, it's the same guy. I've seen this face somewhere. Will you send me this sketch? [He gives Hank's phone back to Hank]
Nick: [His phone rings] We have less than 24 hours to figure that out because if we don't find him tonight, he's gone another seven years. [He answers] Hey, Adalind. Everything okay?
Adalind: Eve's here. She's been living in the tunnels.
Nick: What?
Adalind: And she's in pretty bad shape. I didn't know she was here. Diana sensed her. Can you come home?
Nick: Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can.
Adalind: Thanks.
Nick: [He hangs up] Eve has been living in the tunnels.
Rosalee: For how long?
Nick: I don't know. Adalind just found out. I gotta get home and deal with this.
Hank: I'll drop you off and I'll head back to the precinct. [He and Nick leave]

Scene: A bartender brings a drink to Mandy.

Mandy: Oh. Did I order that?
Bartender: From the gentleman down the bar.
[Mandy looks and sees Stillman. She then chuckles]
Donald: You know that guy?
Mandy: I don't think so.
[Donald starts to get up]
Mandy: Hey, what are you gonna do?
Donald: Find out where my drink is. [He walks over to Stillman] I don't know what you think you're doing, but I'm going outside for a smoke, where if you have the nerve to show your ass, I'm gonna kick it from here to Houston. Otherwise, you better be gone. You got me?
Stillman: Loud and clear. [He smiles]
[Donald goes outside]
Stillman: Uh, bartender. If you please.
[The bartender puts a glass in front of Stillman. Stillman then takes his new drink outside as Donald lights a cigarette]
Stillman: Hi. Brought you a drink.
Donald: What are you trying to do now, pick me up?
Stillman: No, I just felt sorry for you since I'm picking up your girl and we'll be having a real good time and you're not.
Donald: [He tosses his cigarette away] Don't say I didn't warn you.
[Stillman woges and stabs Donald in the throat, killing him]
Stillman: [He retracts and sighs] Cheers. [He goes back inside to Mandy] Hey.
Mandy: [She laughs] Thank you for the drink, but I think you should probably get out of here. I don't think he was too happy about you buying me a drink.
Stillman: Are you?
Mandy: Yeah. I did just meet him. [She laughs]
Stillman: [He leans in closer to Mandy] Then it shouldn't be too hard to forget him. Bartender. Round of drinks for everyone who thinks it's a great night to be alive!
[Everyone cheers]
Stillman: Let's turn this music up, too. Get the party started, huh? [He hands Mandy another drink]
[Everyone cheers again and the music is turned up, so everyone starts dancing]
Stillman: Okay, let's do this.
Mandy: Okay. [She starts dancing with Stillman]
Stillman: What do you say you and me take a walk?
Mandy: Sure. [She and Stillman leave the bar] You are so much fun.
Stillman: Gotta live for the moment.

Scene: Adalind talks with Eve about being in the tunnel while Eve eats.

Adalind: Did you carve all that stuff in the tunnel?
Eve: I'm not sure. I think so. I should have told you guys I was down there.
Adalind: How long were you down there?
Eve: Since Monroe and Rosalee's. I don't even know how long that's been. I wanted to leave, and then every time I tried, my body just couldn't move.
Adalind: Diana knew you were down there. [She goes to get Diana's drawings. She sighs] She knew you were drawing. She was drawing the same thing.
Eve: A lot of them are the same.
Adalind: I think it's time I told you I'm sorry for what I did to you.
[The elevator door opens]
Adalind: I told Nick you were here.
Nick: How are you feeling?
Eve: Like I really shouldn't be here.
Adalind: I don't think you're in any condition to go anywhere else right now.
Nick: [He picks up Diana's drawings] Who drew these?
Adalind: Diana.
Eve: I saw them, too.
Nick: Where?
Adalind: In the tunnel.
[Nick and Eve go down to the tunnels]
Nick: You did this?
Eve: Yeah, I remember. My hands were all cut up. They're not anymore.
Nick: Where's all this coming from?
Eve: I don't know. I think it's connected to what healed us.
Adalind: [From up in the loft] Nick?
Nick: Yeah?
Adalind: Hank's on the phone. They've got another body.

Scene: Mandy and Stillman continue on their walk.

Mandy: It is really pretty here.
Stillman: It's beautiful.
Mandy: How long have you lived here?
Stillman: In Portland? A long time. You know, years ago, all of this land was owned by a very distinguished young gentleman who recognized the need to preserve nature for future generations.
Mandy: It's too bad we can't thank him. I wonder what Portland was like back then.
Stillman: Well, you would have been in the minority, for one thing. In 1850, this was a frontier town. There were five men to every woman.
Mandy: [She chuckles] I'd be happy with one good one.
[Stillman holds Mandy's hand and they keep walking]

Scene: Monroe tries to figure out why the composite sketch of Stillman looks so familiar.

Monroe: [He sighs] This is gonna make me crazy.
Rosalee: Maybe it's somebody you used to hunt with.
Monroe: What? No.
Rosalee: How about one of Bud's friends?
Monroe: I think we kinda know all of Bud's friends.
Rosalee: What if it was a customer?
Monroe: Yours or mine?
Rosalee: Either.
Monroe: Maybe. I don't know. Ahh!
Rosalee: Maybe his hair was different last time you saw him.
Monroe: Right! Hair. [He grabs a pencil and draws more hair on the sketch] Mm, wrong. [He erases the hair]
Rosalee: Well, try glasses or a beard.
Monroe: Yeah, glasses. [He draws glasses. He gasps] No! Beard. [He draws a beard] Oh, my God. I don't know this guy. [He starts typing on the laptop]
Rosalee: What? You don't? After all this?
Monroe: No, I mean, I don't know him personally. He's the guy from the park.
Rosalee: Monroe, do you know him or not?
Monroe: Yes! We both do! We've seen him a hundred times!
Rosalee: Who is it?
Monroe: William Stillman. [He pulls up a picture of the stature in the park]
Rosalee: The statue?
Monroe: He was one of Portland's earliest settlers. The park is named after him. Stillman Park.
Rosalee: Oh, my God. That's where the bodies were found.
Monroe: And the book said it was an immortal Wesen.
Rosalee: You're saying it's actually William Stillman.
Monroe: [He compares the sketch with the statue] You tell me.
Rosalee: Oh, we gotta call Nick.
Monroe: Call him.

Scene: Nick and Hank investigate Donald Simpson's body outside the bar.

Hank: Same type of puncture wound.
Nick: But Donald Simpson here has his clothes. So why kill him?
Wu: [He walks up] Bartender said the victim was with a woman at the bar. But she left with another guy who bought her a drink.
[Nick's phone rings]
Wu: ID'd him off the composite. It's our guy.
Nick: Monroe's FaceTiming me. Monroe.
Monroe: Nick, we know who it is. That's why I'm FaceTiming you. We have to show you. It's William Stillman.
Nick: No, Monroe, that's the park.
Monroe: No, it's William Stillman. The guy. I drew the beard on him. It's the same guy! That's how I knew I had seen him. The book said he was immortal, right? And if he really comes up out of the ground only once every seven years, and he comes up out of the park- His park. I mean, come on. No wonder he donated the land.
Nick: That's where he's taking the girl.
Rosalee: What girl?
Nick: The one he's gonna kill.

Scene: Renard arrives at Steiger's pawn shop.

[Renard knocks and Steiger hits a buzzer to unlock the door. Renard then goes in]
Steiger: Things haven't been going so well for you.
Renard: They haven't.
Steiger: I voted for you. Why'd you quit?
Renard: [He sighs] It wasn't me.
Steiger: Looked like you.
[Renard just looks at Steiger]
Steiger: [He laughs] You're telling me someone used a Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester on you?
Renard: That's not why I'm here. I- I need your help.
Steiger: Well, I didn't think you came in to buy a guitar. What's the problem?
Renard: I'm being haunted.
Steiger: Mm. Anybody you know?
Renard: Yeah.
Steiger: Were you responsible for the death?
Renard: In a way.
Steiger: You wanna narrow that down a little?
Renard: Look, I killed him to put him out of his misery. And this is the thanks I get. I just wanna know if it's real or if I'm losing my mind.
Steiger: All right, all right, all right. [He sighs] This isn't gonna be simple. What'd you bring me in order to find out?
Renard: This was my father's. And his father's before him. [He takes the ring on his right hand off and hands it to Steiger]
Steiger: [He sighs and looks at the ring] Hmm. You want this bad.
Renard: Yeah.
Steiger: How bad? [He looks at the ring on Renard's wedding finger]
[Renard takes the ring off and gives it to Steiger]
Steiger: All right. Let's go find out if this ghost is real. This way. [He pulls open some curtains revealing an Aspirateur d'Esprits. He then pushes it out into the room]
Renard: Aspirateur d'Esprits. A spirit vacuum.
Steiger: [He nods] If any spirits are attached to you, this will pull them out.
Renard: [He sighs] What am I supposed to do?
Steiger: Take off your clothes and get in.
Renard: Seriously?
Steiger: You wanna find out if your haunting is real, don't you? If it's all in your head, nothing will happen.
[Renard starts taking off his clothes]

Scene: Stillman and Mandy walk through Stillman Park.

[Stillman breaths deeply]
Mandy: What are you doing?
Stillman: I'm just taking it all in. Smell that air. Listen to those crickets. Look at those stars. Do you feel it? Do you feel it all? That's life. So many people just miss... living. They don't appreciate what they've got.
Mandy: Wow. I mean, you're right. [She looks up at the sky] We move too fast, don't we?
Stillman: I wanna kiss you.
Mandy: Really?
Stillman: Sometimes it's okay to move fast.
Mandy: Are you all right?
Stillman: I'm just so happy to be alive. [He and Mandy kiss] You know, I think we're gonna be spending a lot of time together.
Mandy: I hope so. [She chuckles] I hear those crickets.
[Stillman woges]
Mandy: They sound so happy.
[Stillman hits Mandy in the back of the head, knocking her out. The scene shifts to Nick, Hank, and Wu arriving at the park]
Nick: Let's start where the body was buried.
[Nick, Hank, and Wu come across Stillman as he quickly tries digging a hole. Stillman then starts fighting with all three of them. Stillman has no problems fighting and Wu tries punching Stillman, but Stillman's carapace is very hard, so it hurts Wu's hand and Stillman is unfazed. Stillman punches Wu in the face, knocking him to the ground. Nick then jump kicks Stillman and Nick, Hank, and Wu take their guns out. Suddenly from behind Stillman, Mandy, woged as a Taweret, bites Stillman's head off. She spits Stillman's head out and it retracts. She then also retracts]
Mandy: You're the Grimm.
Nick: Yeah. [He puts his gun away] Thanks.
[Hank and Wu also put their guns away]
Mandy: What's a girl gotta do to find the right guy in this town?

Scene: Steiger prepares to turn on the Aspirateur d'Esprits with Renard inside.

Steiger: Ready?
Renard: Get it over with.
[Steiger gives Renard a thumbs up and turns the machine on]
Renard: Ah. Ahh!
Steiger: Shouldn't be too long now.
[Renard screams as a spirit comes out of him and floats around his head. Steiger then gets electrocuted and falls to the ground. Renard screams in pain again and sees Meisner where Steiger was, getting off the ground]
Renard: Ahh, ahh!
[Meisner then turns the machine on higher]
Renard: Ahh! Ah! Ah! No! No! Ah! No! [He screams]
[The machine's glass suddenly explodes and shatters]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu look at Stillman's statue in the park.

Hank: So Portland's celebrated pioneer was a 200-year-old cicada Wesen.
Nick: Makes you wonder. How many bodies are buried in this park.
Wu: Or not.
[They all walk away]

Scene: Renard wakes up with his clothes on, and on the floor of the pawn shop, only it's completely empty and there's a "For Lease" sign outside.

[Renard looks at his hands and realizes both of his rings are actually not on his fingers. Renard quickly turns around and sees Meisner]
Meisner: A mind is a terrible thing to lose.


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