Opening Quote: "The Queen was terrified and offered the little man all the riches of the kingdom, if only he would leave the newborn child alone." – Rumpelstiltskin

Scene: At Renard's condo, Renard continues holding his daughter for the first time while he and Adalind talk about the recent events and what they're going to do next.

[Adalind's daughter coos in Renard's arms]
Adalind: [Looking through Renard's fridge] I'm starving. I haven't eaten since this morning. To tell you the truth, I haven't eaten well in about a month... unless you count rabbit on a stick.
Renard: How was the birth? Was it difficult?
Adalind: You mean besides the "I thought I was gonna explode and die" part? What do you think?
Renard: I wish I could have been there.
Adalind: Stop reminiscing about what you didn't do. You need to start thinking about what you're gonna do now.
[The baby coos as Renard hands her to Adalind]
Renard: Well, as long as you're here, I suggest you stay away from the windows. The fewer people who know you're here, the better.
Adalind: [To the crying baby] Oh... shh, shh, shh.
Renard: How'd you get here, anyway?
Adalind: In a plane.
Renard: No, I don't mean Portland. I mean here, my place.
Adalind: In a truck.
Renard: Where did you get a truck?
Adalind: Nick's mom stole it when we landed. That's how she got me to Nick's place.
Renard: Well, it's a good thing she didn't know who you are.
Adalind: If she did, I think I'd be dead. We had a couple of nice moments on the plane, but she's a Grimm and I'm a Hexenbiest. You know how that usually goes.
[Intercom buzzes]
Renard: [He answers the intercom] Yeah.
Building Guard: Sir, Nick Burkhardt is here to see you.
Adalind: [To Renard] He didn't come alone.
Renard: Anyone with him?
Building Guard: No, sir.
Renard: Send him up.
Adalind: Are you kidding me? You're letting him up here?
Renard: He knows you're here. Where else would you be?
Adalind: Well, make sure he's alone.
Renard: I will.
Adalind: If he tries to take my baby—
Renard: Our baby.
Adalind: If he tries to take our baby... kill him.
[Renard loads his gun]

Scene: At Kronenberg Castle, Viktor looks at pictures of the dead Verrat from the forest while he sits in his office.

[Knock on the door]
Viktor: Come in.
[Rispoli enters]
Viktor: Six dead Verrat, no Adalind, and no Royal child. I hope there's no more bad news.
Rispoli: Sir, we just received confirmation. The plane landed on the Oregon coast about 5 1/2 hours ago.
Viktor: Then Adalind Schade has gone home... where she assumes she'll be safe. Who do we have in Portland?
[The scene shifts to FBI Agent Weston Steward in Portland in his office]
Suited Woman: We need to review all the depositions.
Weston: I want to go over everybody's testimony before they get up on that stand. We spent way too much time and money to blow this case on a technicality.
[Cell phone rings]
Weston: I need to take this. Excuse me.
[The suited woman leaves the office]
Weston: Rispoli?
Rispoli: Is this a good line?
Weston: Yes, but it's not a good time right now.
Rispoli: Your problem. We've sent you two photos. Have you received them?
Weston: One second. [He pulls up the images on his phone]
Rispoli: The woman is Adalind Schade. The other is—
Weston: I know. Captain Sean Renard, Portland Police Department.
Rispoli: We believe she's on her way to see him. She has a baby with her.
Weston: What do you want me to do?
Rispoli: Confirm that she's there and they're together.
Weston: Look, it can be a little tricky running surveillance on a police captain.
Viktor: Then be a little tricky, Mr. Steward.
Weston: Yes, sir. And what if they are there?
Viktor: We want that child... unharmed.
Weston: What about the others?
Viktor: Do what you have to.
Weston: How much time do I have?
Rispoli: None. This has to be done... now.
Viktor: We're on our way.
[Everyone hangs up. Weston grabs his gun from his desk and leaves]

Scene: In Renard's condo building, Nick comes out of the elevator with his gun out while Renard waits outside his condo with his gun behind his back.

[Nick puts his gun away when he gets out of the elevator and walks towards Renard's condo]
Renard: [To Nick as he comes down the hall] So I hear your mother's in town.
Nick: That's the rumor.
Renard: I was under the impression she was dead.
Nick: I was under that impression for quite a while myself.
Renard: I'm glad you came alone... not that I don't trust your mother.
[Inside Renard's condo, Adalind walks up to the door and listens]
Nick: Let me just say... I didn't know about any of this until a couple of hours ago.
Renard: I know how you feel about Adalind, Nick. But you try and take this child... and it won't go well.
Nick: We gonna do this out here?
[Renard puts his gun away, and they both go inside]

Scene: Outside of the condo building, Weston arrives while Kelly watches. Weston looks around and walks up to people in another car to say something before going inside the building.

[Weston shows his FBI badge to the building guard]
Building Guard: Is there a problem?
Weston: Yeah. Uh, I need to know if you've seen this woman enter the building within the past couple of hours. [He shows Adalind's picture to the guard]
[Kelly walks up and stands behind Weston]
Weston: She's a witness in a federal case.
Building Guard: [To Kelly] I'll be right with you.
[Kelly nods her head]
Weston: She may have been carrying a child with her.
Building Guard: I'm pretty sure that's her.
Weston: Would it be possible for me to check the security footage? I just need to make sure she's here.
Building Guard: Yes, sir. Just step around the desk.
Weston: Thank you. [He then steps around the desk]

Scene: Inside Renard's condo, Renard, Nick, and Adalind talk about the past and what needs to happen next to protect the baby.

Adalind: What do you want Nick?
Nick: Personal feelings aside, I'm not here to hurt you or take your baby. But my mom risked her life to get you here. And if she hadn't—
Adalind: I know what she did. What would she have done if she knew who I was?
Nick: Or more to the point, who you are again.
Adalind: [She smiles] It's good to be back, Nick. [She woges]
Nick: [To Renard] You find that attractive? Really?
Renard: All right, okay, we're getting off topic here.
Adalind: [She retracts] I'm not leaving here. So why don't you and your mom go on home and have a nice little Grimm reunion?
Nick: If the Verrat knows where the plane picked you up, they're going to figure out where you went. You know the Verrat-they work for the Royal families, just like you used to. [To Renard] And you don't think they're gonna know about you relationship with her? How is it she happened to be in Vienna in the first place and to get the job with GQR Industries, owned by the Royal families? [To Adalind] The best chance you and your baby have right now is for us to work together. Now, I don't like it any more than you do. But it's not like we have a lot of choice here. And let me just say-it's not me and my mom you have to be afraid of. And you are gonna need our help. When you're ready, we'll talk. [He leaves the condo]
Adalind: Don't you have something to say?
Renard: What did you tell my brother when you went to work for him? [Adalind nervously looks at him]
[The scene shifts to outside the condo building as Weston Steward leaves. He walks up to the same car he did before he went inside]
Weston: She's up there with the kid... 1605.
[Two men exit the car and go around the back of the building. Weston heads back to his car. Before he can get in, Kelly sneaks up and slams his head on his car, knocking him out. A couple minutes later, Nick exits the building]
Kelly: [From behind a pillar] Nick. We got a problem.
Nick: What? [Kelly shows Nick Weston's FBI badge] Mom, last time we crossed paths with the FBI, two agents died.
Kelly: I didn't do that.
Nick: I'm not saying you did. I'm just saying... where is he?
Kelly: Over here. [She leads Nick to Weston's car]
Nick: [Looking at Weston knocked out in the driver's seat] You did this?
Kelly: He isn't dead. But this isn't the problem. He knows Adalind's upstairs with your captain, and so do the two guys he just sent around the back.
Nick: FBI?
Kelly: I doubt it. But we better get upstairs before they do. You take the front.
[As Nick and Kelly get moving, the two men set an explosive off, breaking the backdoor lock. They head into the building, and the scene shifts back into Renard's condo]
Adalind: You told me I had to choose a side. I chose you. Now what happens?
Renard: I'll do everything in my power to protect you and our child.
Adalind: [She walks closer to Renard] What does that mean?
Renard: It means that... [He puts his hands on Adalind's arms] stay with me.
Adalind: So we're back together?
Renard: I guess so.
Adalind: You don't seem too happy about it.
Renard: Well, you did sleep with my brother.
Adalind: And you slept with my mother.
Renard: I suppose we belong together?
[The baby fusses]
Adalind: I'm scared.
Renard: I know.
[Renard's phone rings]
Renard: It's Nick.
Adalind: Now what?
[Renard answers the phone]
Nick: There's two men coming into your building. They know Adalind is there. Get out now.

Scene: Outside of Renard's condo, Renard, Adalind, and the baby are trying to escape the building before the two men arrive. When they get to the elevator, Nick walks out, causing Nick and Renard to quickly point their guns at each other before they recognize each other.

[The elevator bell dings]
Renard: What are you doing here?
Nick: [He puts his hand up to quiet Renard and he listens. He hears footsteps running up the stairs] The stairs.
Renard: Down! [He pulls Adalind and the baby down]
[A Hundjäger charges at Nick. Nick grabs the Hundjäger and uses him as a shield as the other man starts shooting. Nick shoots back at the man, who runs back towards the stairs, but Kelly comes running up and hits him a few times, causing him to woge into a Hundjäger. Kelly forces him to shoot himself and then quickly throws him over the rail. Kelly opens the stairwell door, gun drawn]
Nick: [To Renard who points his gun at Kelly] No! No! No, this is my mom.
[Kelly and Renard lower their guns]
Kelly: We have to get out of here. [Looking at the dead Hundjäger] That was hardly subtle.
[The Hundjäger retracts]
Renard: [Looking at the man's hand] That's Verrat.
Nick: Yeah. Where's your car?
Renard: Downstairs, parking garage.
Nick: Get it, meet us out front, and follow me. [He and Kelly go down the stairs]
Renard: [He pushes the elevator button] You okay?
Adalind: Uh-huh.
Renard: Come on. [He, Adalind, and the baby get into the elevator]

Scene: At Monroe's home, Monroe and Rosalee are relaxing and making out in bed when Nick calls.

[The phone rings and Monroe grunts]
Rosalee: [While Monroe is biting her lower lip] Should I get that?
Monroe: No, I got it.
Rosalee: Oh.
Monroe: [He sighs and answers the phone] Hey, Nick. Now, I know you're not calling this late because you don't have a problem.
Nick: Yeah, you're right. Big one. Are you with Rosalee?
Monroe: Uh, yes.
Nick: You might wanna put this on speaker.
[Monroe puts the phone on speaker]
Rosalee: Hi, Nick.
Nick: Hi. You remember Adalind?
Monroe: You mean the Adalind who put Juliette in a coma, Adalind?
Nick: Yeah, that's the one.
Rosalee: What's she done now?
Nick: Well, she's had a baby. And she's back in Portland. And now we're trying to save her life.
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: Excuse me?
Nick: Yeah, my mom brought her back. She's with me now.
Monroe: Adalind is with you now?
Nick: No, my mom.
Rosalee: Your mom's back?
Monroe: Wait a minute. Didn't your mom kill her mom?
Nick: Yes, but Adalind does not know that.
Kelly: For the record, she fell on a shard of glass.
Monroe: Oh, you're-you're right there.
Rosalee: Oh, hi. Long time no—
Kelly: Look, we need a safe place for Adalind and the baby to stay. Not for long, just a couple of days.
Rosalee: Where's the baby's father?
Monroe: Yeah.
Nick: That would be the captain.
Monroe and Rosalee: Your captain?
Nick: Yeah. And he's coming too.
Monroe: Hold on. Let me just see if I've got a handle on this. Your mom, your captain, Adalind and her baby and you are all coming here to stay?
Nick: No, just Adalind and the baby. Look I wouldn't ask if I knew a better way to do this. I'll tell you the rest when I get there.
Monroe: There's more?
Nick: A little bit.

Scene: Weston is still unconscious in his car until he is woken up by sirens. He watches multiple cops go inside the condo building and drives away.

Scene: Everyone arrives at Monroe's house.

Renard: Would someone please tell me what the hell just happened?
Nick: This just happened. [He hands Renard Weston's FBI badge]
Renard: What's this?
Kelly: He was in your building asking about Adalind and the baby. The guard said she was there, and that's when he sent in the two Hundjäger.
Renard: An FBI agent working with the Verrat. That's not good.
Nick: Let's get inside.
Adalind: I'm not going anywhere until I know where I'm going.
Nick: We're trying to keep you and your baby alive.
Adalind: I just wanna know where I am.
Kelly: That's the point. If you don't know where you are, they won't know where to look for you.
[The baby squeals, and Kelly's locket floats out of her pocket and into the baby's hands. Everyone looks around at each other before going inside]
Nick: Hey.
Monroe: Hi.
Nick: I really appreciate you doing this.
Renard: Me too.
Nick: Well, you remember my mother?
Rosalee: Of course.
Monroe: Hi.
[Kelly walks away]
Nick: And, Adalind, this is Monroe and Rosalee.
Rosalee: [Looking at the baby] Wow. She's beautiful. Come on in. Let's get you settled.
[Renard and Adalind follow Rosalee]
Monroe: So why are you doing this?
Nick: The Royals are after that child. And they'll kill to get it. And the baby has some kind of power.
Monroe: Yeah, Hexenbiest kind of powers.
Nick: Yeah, but maybe more than that. And from what I've seen... It's pretty impressive.
Monroe: Well, thank you very much for bringing her and the chosen one over here.
Nick: You just need to keep her here until I can figure out what to do.
Monroe: Nick, you gotta tell me, is this safe?
Nick: It's pretty safe.
[Kelly comes in through the back door]
Kelly: It's not perfect, but it'll do.
Renard: You know, under different circumstances, we might have killed each other.
Kelly: You tried to kill my sister.
Renard: She was a Grimm. And she had a key. Now, if I had known then what I know now, might have approached things a little differently.
Kelly: But you got the key.
Renard: I did.
Kelly: Nick says you gave it back.
Renard: Nick is a lot more valuable to me than that key. You work with the Resistance. And so do I. I need to know that you value my child as much as I do.
Kelly: You're asking, would I sacrifice my life to protect her?
Renard: You might have to.
Kelly: We both might.
[Monroe and Rosalee walk up]
Rosalee: Oh. Sorry. Just gonna make some tea. Want any?
Kelly: No. [She walks away]
Monroe: So, how's it feel to be a dad?
Renard: Not exactly the circumstances I'd imagined.
Monroe: Right.
Renard: Look, I appreciate what you both are doing. I know it's not easy.
Rosalee: Not so easy being a newborn, either.
Nick: [He walks up] We need to get moving. They're gonna wonder what happened to their FBI agent.
Monroe: Whoa. What? FBI agent? [Looking at Nick and Renard] Yeah, never mind.
[The tea kettle starts whistling. A click is heard, and the whistling stops. The scene shifts to Kelly, Adalind, and her baby in the living room]
Adalind: Do you want your necklace back?
Kelly: Uh, no. No, no. Let her keep it.
Nick: [Walking into the living room] We're leaving.
Adalind: All of you?
Renard: [Walking into the living room] Yeah. [He squats down in front of Adalind] It's better if you stay with them alone. There's no other way.
[Nick, Kelly, and Renard leave]
Monroe: I'll get you a-a blanket. And some pillows.
Adalind: [To Rosalee] I don't want to be alone.
Rosalee: [She sits next to Adalind] You won't be.
[The scene shifts to outside the house]
Nick: All right. We need to deal with our FBI friend.
Renard: [Looking at the badge] Yeah, agent Steward.
Kelly: You'll be able to find out where he lives, right?
Renard: Yeah, we can do that.
Kelly: The biggest mistake Adalind made was coming to you. As long as you have your child, you'll be vulnerable. The rest of your life. And so will she.

Scene: Weston is at home and he pours a drink.

[Weston takes a drink and starts walking around the house]
Weston: What am I gonna tell them? [He exhales] They are gonna kill me.
Kelly: [From behind Weston] The Royals?
[Weston woges into a Hundjäger and starts walking towards Kelly]
Nick: They probably will.
Renard: Could you really blame them? [He punches Weston in the face, knocking him out] I couldn't. [After putting Weston into a chair, he wakes him up] Weston, wake up. Wake up, Weston. Now why don't you tell me how the Royals got a federal agent to work for them.
Weston: Why? Am I supposed to be scared?
Renard: Really. You wanna play that game?
Weston: You see the white light?
Renard: What white light?
Weston: You're a dead man. And you don't even know it.
[Renard punches Weston in the face]
Weston: Ahh.
Renard: Don't threaten me. Not after trying to kill me. That's just bad manners. [He punches him in the face again, and Weston snarls as his face ripples in a partial woge]
Renard: Now, do you see white lights or just color? Last number to have called you was from Vienna. Who was that from? I can just call it for you. [He calls the number] I'm sure they'd love to hear from me on your phone.
Weston: Turn it off.
Renard: [He ends the call] Who was it? Let's get this over with. [He woges and grabs Weston by the throat]
Weston: [Hoarsely] Verrat.
Kelly: Who in the Verrat?
Weston: Risp-Rispoli.
Renard: And where's Rispoli now?
Nick: You're gonna wanna answer that question.
Kelly: Just kill him.
Weston: [He groans] On his way here.
Renard: [He retracts] Alone?
Weston: I don't think so.
Renard: Is Viktor with him?
Weston: Yes. All they want is the baby. Just give it up... And your problems go away.
Renard: I'm not giving anything up. And your problems have just begun.
Nick: Here's how it's gonna work. You're gonna be arrested for the attempted assassination of a police captain. We can tie you to the two men who were killed.
Renard: Not to mention, you're on the payroll of the Royals. FBI forensics will pull financial records and make that connection, and that's prison time. Or, more likely, death by Royals.
Weston: What do you want from me?
Kelly: You're going to deliver a message.
Weston: What do you want me to tell them?
Renard: Where the baby is.
[Nick hands Weston a piece of paper with an address]
Weston: You're gonna give them the baby?
Renard: Just deliver the message. [He tosses Weston back his phone]
[Nick, Kelly, and Renard leave, and the scene shifts to outside]
Nick: This better work.
Renard: It'll work. He's more afraid of them than he is of us.
Kelly: Let's hope so.
Renard: Yeah. Keep in touch. [He walks away]
Nick: Now it's time to tell Hank that Adalind's back.
Kelly: Hank knows Adalind?
Nick: Yeah. She tried to kill him. [The ignition of Renard's car turns over] Twice. [He calls Hank]
Kelly: And you think he'll still help?
Nick: I think once he understands it's about her baby... [Hank answers] Hank!

Scene: Hank goes over to Nick and Juliette's house to talk about Adalind.

Hank: She has a baby? You're kidding me.
Juliette: Nope.
Hank: When did this happen? I mean, when did she give birth? I mean, how old is the baby?
Juliette: It's not yours.
Hank: Thank God. I mean, thank God. That's not a woman you wanna have a baby with. Who's the idiot father?
Nick: The captain.
Kelly: Popular, this Adalind.
Juliette: That's one way to look at it.
Nick: Three Hundjägers tried to kill the captain and Adalind tonight to get the baby. One of them's an FBI agent working for the Royals.
Kelly: We don't have a lot of time.
Hank: Okay. Okay, what do you need me to do?

Scene: In the middle of the night, the baby cries, keeping Monroe and Rosalee awake.

Rosalee: Monroe, are you awake?
Monroe: Are you kidding? I never was asleep in the first place. I'm too nervous we'd be killed in our sleep to... sleep.
[The scene shifts to Adalind in the living room trying to get her baby to stop crying]
Adalind: [She whispers] It's okay.
[Monroe and Rosalee come out to the living room]
Adalind: I'm sorry. She just won't stop crying. I've tried everything.
[Rosalee comes up to Adalind]
Rosalee: She's got a little fever.
Monroe: Yeah, with the way you've been living, you know, I'm not surprised.
Adalind: You think she's sick?
Rosalee: I'm sure it's nothing too serious.
[The baby begins to cry louder, and the clocks around the house start to go wild]
Monroe: Uh oh. This can't be good.
[Outside the house a person in black walks up]
Adalind: What's wrong with her?
Rosalee: I don't know. [To the baby] It's okay. Shh...
[Suddenly the baby stops crying, and the clocks return to normal]
Monroe: What just happened?
[Kelly walks into the living room, and the baby coos]
Monroe: How did-how did you get in here?
Kelly: You're kidding, right?

Scene: Viktor and Rispoli arrive in Portland, and Weston meets them by their plane in a limo while Hank sits in a car nearby to take pictures.

Rispoli: [In German] How did it go?
Weston: [In German] Badly.
Viktor: Where is the child?
[Hank takes pictures of the meeting as Weston hands Rispoli the piece of paper he got from Nick]
Rispoli: You're sure the child is here?
Weston: I'm sure that's what they want you to think.
Viktor: Who's "they"?
Weston: Renard, the Grimm, some woman. But I'm not sure who she is. Listen, when this is all over, you wouldn't mind if I took care of Renard, would ya?
Viktor: I don't mind at all.

Scene: Nick and Juliette are at home looking for a car to buy.

Juliette: What about this one? That's one owner.
Nick: [Looking at Juliette's suggestion] 130,000 miles. We need something 50k or less. Here's one. 2008. 46,000 miles.
Juliette: 4x4?
Nick: Yep.
Juliette: Okay, I'm on it.
Nick: [He gets a call from Hank] Hank.
Hank: Plane landed a few minutes ago. Three guys got off the plane. Your FBI guy was waiting for them.
Nick: Where are they now?
Hank: Just driving past me.
Nick: All right. Meet me at the precinct.
Hank: Got it.
[The scene switches to Viktor, Rispoli, and Weston in the limo]
Rispoli: So this is where the baby is?
Weston: Yeah.
Viktor: You've been here, I assume.
Weston: It's an old warehouse.
Rispoli: And?
Weston: And? It's a good place to get ambushed.
Viktor: Why are they trusting you to do this?
Weston: If I don't, I'm to be charged with the attempted assassination of Captain Renard. And they can link me to the two Verrat who were killed.
Viktor: Well, you're in a bit of a tough spot, aren't you?
Weston: I hope not. I've been loyal to the Crown.
Viktor: We won't forget. So... I suggest we go right to the source.

Scene: At the precinct, Wu goes to Renard's office to tell him that Viktor is there to see him.

[Wu knocks on Renard's office door]
Renard: Yeah.
Wu: Sir, you've got a visitor downstairs.
Renard: Does this visitor have a name?
Wu: Uh, quite a name. His Royal Crown Prince Viktor Chlodwig zu Schellendorf von Konigsburg. I may have inadvertently dropped a "burg" or a "dorf" or two but—
Renard: Show him in.
Wu: Yeah.
[Renard's pen clatters and Wu leaves to go get Viktor. The scene shifts to Nick and Hank at their desks looking over the pictures Hank took]
Nick: That's our fed.
Hank: Which one's the Prince?
Nick: I'm not sure I know what a prince looks like.
Hank: [He laughs and then sees Wu bringing Viktor to Renard's office] I think I have a pretty good idea. [He points to Viktor]
[Viktor goes into Renard's office]
Renard: Welcome to Portland.
Viktor: Thanks for having me.
Renard: I assumed you would call.
Viktor: I was going to, but then I thought, what if somebody, say a relative, decided to ambush me in a deserted warehouse? It did happen to one of our cousins, as you may recall. [Flashback of Renard shooting Anton Krug in "Love Sick"] To date, no one has been brought to justice for that crime. Much like cousin Eric's death.
[Renard stays quiet]
Viktor: Hexenbiest got your tongue?
Renard: You're not getting my child.
Viktor: The child will be given a very good home. Raised as royalty, as it should be. The child belongs with the Family. Particularly this child. If you do not deliver the child within the next two hours, I will give the order for your death, the death of Adalind, and the death of your mother. I know where she lives. The question is, are you willing to put the child first? Or are you going to live on the run for the rest of your life, which I promise you will not be very long? [He leaves Renard's office as Nick and Hank watch]
Hank: You think it worked?
Nick: I have no idea. [He goes into Renard's office]
Nick: You gonna be able to do this?
Renard: [He breathes deeply] Yeah. Make the arrest.
[The scene shifts to outside as Viktor talks with Rispoli and Weston]
Rispoli: How did it go?
Viktor: He has very few options. None, to be exact. Something still bothers me.
Rispoli: What?
Viktor: This woman who's with the Grimm and Renard. Where did she come from? Who is she? Why was she there?
Weston: She didn't say much.
Viktor: What did she say?
Weston: That they should kill me.
Viktor: More aggressive than the men. That's interesting.
[They all get back into the limo]

Scene: Police cars pull up in front of Monroe's house while he and Rosalee make breakfast.

Rosalee: How many eggs do you want?
Adalind: Eggs? Wow. It's been so long since I had—
[Kelly rushes to a window]
Monroe: What? Did I miss something? Or...
[Kelly gasps and runs away from the window as officers burst in]
Officer Mays: [To Kelly] Police! Hands behind your head! Turn around!
[Police radio chatter]
Kelly: [She does what the officer said] I didn't do anything.
Officer Mays: Kelly Burkhardt, you're under arrest for the murder of Catherine Schade. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
[Adalind watches in shock as Kelly is arrested for murdering her mother]

Scene: Renard talks with Adalind on the phone about Kelly getting arrested.

Renard: It's gonna be all right.
Adalind: I don't understand. How did she do it? I thought Nick killed my mom.
Renard: There's new evidence.
Adalind: Isn't she helping us?
Renard: I can't get in the way of a police investigation. Now I need you to come down here and to make a statement.
Adalind: Come there? Now? Is that even safe with what's going on?
Renard: It's a police precinct. Nothing's going to happen to you here. Just need you to make a statement about where you were when your mother died.
Adalind: I wasn't even in the country.
Renard: Then just tell them what you remember.
Adalind: Okay, well, I'm not leaving the baby.
Renard: Then bring her with you. I'll send a patrol car to pick you up.
[Adalind hangs up the phone]

Scene: Adalind arrives at Renard's office.

Renard: How is she?
Adalind: She had kind of a rough night. She seems to be okay now.
Renard: Well, you can leave her with me. The officer will take you to the interview room.
Adalind: How long is this gonna take?
Renard: 10, 15 minutes.
Adalind: And what about Nick? Isn't he pretty mad about his mom being arrested?
Renard: I'll handle Nick.
Adalind: Let's just get this over with. [She hands the baby to Renard] I thought of a name.
Renard: What?
Adalind: Diana.
Renard: Goddess of the hunt and the moon. I like it.
[Diana coos]
Adalind: I'm glad. [She goes to the interview room where Kelly is waiting] What are you doing here? I thought I was gonna make a statement.
Kelly: I wanted to talk to you. If nothing else, I owe you an explanation.
Adalind: You killed my mother. What other explanation is there?
Kelly: I went there looking for you. Because of what you did to Juliette. Your mother didn't want to tell me anything.
Adalind: So you made her.
Kelly: My choice was to let Juliette die.
[The scene shifts to Renard carrying Diana out of the precinct before shifting back to the interview room]
Adalind: Your son took my powers. I was angry.
Kelly: But you got them back.
Adalind: I did.
Kelly: That couldn't have been fun. Who died in the process?
Adalind: Why are we having this conversation?
Kelly: I had to give up my son because of who I was.
[Nick and Hank watch from outside the room]
Kelly: If I hadn't done that, he might have been killed.
Adalind: It's your problem, not mine. I mean, if you're looking for some sort of forgiveness, I don't have any.
Kelly: I'm not asking for forgiveness. I want you to understand. Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most.
Adalind: No. [She realizes what is going on and quickly leaves the room]
[The scene shifts outside as Renard hands Diana to Viktor, and Viktor gets into the limo. The scene shifts back into the precinct as Adalind looks for Renard]
Adalind: [To Wu] Where is he?
Wu: Uh, who are you looking for?
Adalind: Your captain.
Wu: Well, he was walking out a couple minutes ago. You want me to try and grab him for—
Adalind: [She runs into the hallway, where she finds Renard] Where is she?
Renard: We need to talk.
Adalind: No. Where is she?
Renard: We can't do this out here.
Adalind: Where's my daughter!?
Renard: I had no choice.
Adalind: Oh, my God.
Renard: They would have killed you.
Adalind: Oh, my God.
Renard: And then he would have killed me, and he would have taken her anyway.
Adalind: Oh, my God. You gave her to Viktor?
Renard: It was the only way to protect her.
Adalind: [She runs outside looking for Diana and Viktor] No! No! No! No! No! No! [Once she realizes they're gone, she woges and screams, causing nearby glass to shatter and car alarms to go off before falling to her knees and crying]

Scene: Viktor and Rispoli are in the limo with Diana heading to the airport to go back to Vienna.

Rispoli: [Answering his phone] Yes. We're almost there. Good.
[Diana looks at Viktor with her purple eyes]
Rispoli: We're cleared for immediate departure.
[Viktor reaches towards Diana's locket, but it snaps shut. Suddenly the lid on a cup of coffee pops off and the coffee levitates to the window by Viktor, forming a skull before disappearing. They soon arrive at the airport, but Nick, Kelly, Hank, Monroe, and Renard are waiting for them dressed in all black, disguised as Resistance members]
Monroe: [In German] Out out of the vehicle! Out of the vehicle! Down on the ground! Get out of the car! Down on the ground! Move! Move!
[Rispoli tries to pull out a gun, but he is knocked to the ground and Viktor exits the limo]
Monroe: [In German] Give us the baby!
[Viktor looks around]
Monroe: [In German] Give us the baby!
Viktor: You have no idea who you're dealing with.
Monroe: [In German] Do you think the Resistance cares?
[Viktor hands over Diana, and Nick, Kelly, Hank, Monroe, and Renard drive away in the limo and take off their masks]
Nick: We did it.
Kelly: She's still asleep.
Nick: Let's hope she stays that way for awhile.
Monroe: How was my German?
Hank: I believed it.
Monroe: But you don't-you don't speak German.
Kelly: [To Renard] It has to be done.
Renard: I hope you're right.

Scene: Kelly is driving away from Portland with Diana in the car with her.

[Diana levitates one of her toys]
Kelly: [She scoffs] I'm gonna have to teach you not to do that in public.
[Diana coos, and Kelly laughs]


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