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The Journey Begins is the tutorial mission in Grimm: Dark Legacy that each new character must complete before proceeding to Iberia.


To my descendants:

Should any one of you encounter "blood-driven Wesen", for the lack of a better term, you will find answers in my tale. These pages are too important to be lost!

To my shame, my latest adventure left me dry with no food and no weapon. If I wanted to survive on my own and find the origin of the mad Wesen, I needed provisions and at least a weapon to defend myself. Fortunately, I was able to gather some material to build one...


  • Buy Branch Blueprint Blueprint (1)
  • Gather Wood from Saplings (6)
  • Craft your first weapon (1)
  • Equip Branch at the forge
  • Kill the hare (1)
  • Skin the Hare to harvest a Morsel (1)
  • Roast the Morsel (1)
  • Eat food
  • Exit village


  • Branch Blueprint (awarded for "buying" it)


  • The hare is not recorded in your diary until you kill another hare in a later mission.
Missions of Dark Legacy


The Journey Begins


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Leisure Hunt
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