Opening Quote: "'No,' said the King. 'I had rather die than place you in such a great danger as you must meet with in your journey." – The Water of Life

Scene: Nick and Juliette have Monroe and Rosalee over for dinner.

Juliette: Papa Haydn's all set with the cake, by the way.
Rosalee: And you have the playlist for the reception?
Juliette: Yep, that's done. And the place cards are ready. They just need to be picked up.
Rosalee: Oh. I'll do that.
Juliette: No, I got it.
Monroe: Wow. You're doing all that?
Juliette: Full-service maid of honor.
Rosalee: There'd be no wedding without Juliette.
Monroe: Wait a minute, what about the groom? Don't you need me?
Rosalee: Oh, for certain things.
Juliette: Guys have it easy. All Nick has to do is-is not lose the ring and make a speech.
Nick: What ring? What speech? Yeah, yeah, I got the ring.
Monroe: And what about the toast?
Nick: It's getting there.
Juliette: It better be there by Saturday.
Nick: Saturday. This Saturday? Nobody gets me. Trubel, dinner!
Juliette: Yeah, no, we get you. Trubel, come on! We're hungry! We wanna eat!
Nick: I'll get her.
Juliette: No, you sit. I've got it. [She goes to get Trubel]
Rosalee: Hey, how's Trubel handling all this, by the way?
Nick: She seems to be handling it well. I'm just glad I didn't find out when I was that young.
Monroe: What about Juliette? How's she handling it?
Nick: Well, I think most women would have left me by now.
Monroe: How much do you actually know about Trubel?
Nick: Not a lot. I've been trying not to push. I just know she's had years of people telling her that she's crazy.
Trubel: [She and Juliette walk up] Sorry. Was everybody waiting for me?
Nick: We thought we would all eat together.
Trubel: Oh. I gotta get used to this too. [She sits down]
Rosalee: You like spaghetti?
Trubel: No. I love spaghetti.
Juliette: Good. Then let's eat.
Rosalee: Can I say something, Trubel?
Trubel: Uh-huh.
Rosalee: I know I don't really know much about you. But I'd like to say that I think you're doing a pretty good job handling this, considering how incredibly difficult this must have been.
Trubel: Well, I really didn't expect to live this long.
[Everyone eats as Josh Porter stands outside the house. Trubel soon finishes eating what's on her plate]
Juliette: Do you want more?
Trubel: Sure.
Juliette: No, stay. I got it. [She goes to the kitchen]
Rosalee: You remember the first time you saw a Wesen?
Trubel: Yeah, I remember. It was in one of the foster homes I grew up in.
Rosalee: I was 13 when I found out I was a Fuchsbau.
Trubel: You didn't know?
Monroe: You don't really know when you're a kid. Kind of hits you later. But at least we had family to tell us what was going on.
Rosalee: You really didn't have anyone to help you through this?
Trubel: Mm-mm.
Nick: When did you find out?
Trubel: Um...
[Juliette comes back into the room]
Trubel: There was this guy that used to fix things around the house. He was always really nice to me, till, uh... one day he asked me to help him in the garage. And he grabbed me. I saw his face change. And, um... he pushed me down on the floor. But I was so scared by what I saw, that I just grabbed the first thing I could, which was a-a screwdriver. And really all I wanted to do was just push him away from me, but, um... he didn't die or anything. He just... he did get off me really fast, though. [She chuckles] And that was the first time I heard anybody say "Grimm." I-I told everybody what I saw. And that was the first time they locked me up. Said I was lying. And then when I said I wasn't, they said I had to be crazy so... yeah, I got pretty used to being crazy. Until I met all you guys. I realized I wasn't alone. [To Juliette] Can I have that now?
Juliette: Yeah, sorry. [She gives Trubel her plate]
[The phone rings]
Juliette: I got it. [She answers] Hello?
Josh: Hello? Um, is Nick Burkhardt there?
Juliette: Yeah, can I tell him who's calling?
Josh: He won't know me, but I need to talk to him.
Juliette: [To Nick] He says you won't know him, but he needs to talk to you. [She gives Nick the phone]
Nick: This is Nick Burkhardt. Who is this?
Josh: I'm sorry to bother you. I just need to know if you're the police detective.
Nick: If there's a problem, I need to know who you are.
Josh: Yeah, there's a problem. I'm not sure it's yours. Look, you sound like you're busy. I'll call you back. [He hangs up]
Monroe: What, he didn't want to give you his name?
Nick: I get calls like that sometimes. They get cold feet. It's probably nothing.
[Outside, Josh drives away]

Scene: Josh arrives at the hotel that he and his dad are staying at.

[Weston Steward watches as Josh gets into an elevator. A man on the phone gets into the elevator before the door closes]
Man: Yeah? Oh. I know, I know. Okay. Yeah. I love you too. [He hangs up] I see we're on the same floor. Did building maintenance come by your room today?
Josh: I don't think so. [He and the man get off the elevator]
Man: They spent three hours fixing the cable in mine. Hopefully you don't have that same problem. Have a good one.
[Josh goes into his room]
Rolek: Did you find him?
Josh: Yes, dad.
Rolek: And what did he say?
Josh: I just wanted to find out if it was him.
Rolek: You didn't tell him that I needed to speak to him?
Josh: He was at home, dad. It looked like he had guests.
Rolek: I have told you how important this is.
Josh: You've been telling me that for two weeks. I get it, dad. I get it, really.
Rolek: No, you don't.
Josh: Well, I brought you here. I just don't think that I should be interrupting someone we've never met.
[There's a knock at the door]
Man: Sorry to bother ya. Maintenance.
Rolek: No, don't open it.
Josh: Dad. You're being paranoid. They're fixing the cable. [He opens the door and the man from the elevator tackles him]
[The man woges into a Hundjäger, and Rolek stabs him with a sword. The man turns around to face Rolek, but he falls to the ground dead]
Josh: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. What just happened?
Rolek: He was trying to kill you.
Josh: He was in the elevator with me!
Rolek: Then you were being followed.
Josh: Dad, stop! You just killed a man. We we have to call the police.
Rolek: No! No! They won't underst- [He starts coughing]
Josh: Understand what?
Rolek: He's a Hundjäger.
Josh: Enough of this insanity! I don't wanna hear any more of your sick fantasies. Look what you did!
Rolek: No.
Josh: You need help.
Rolek: No, check his palm. He-he-if he's Verrat, there's a tattoo.
Josh: I'm not gonna touch him.
Rolek: Oh, God. [He check's the man's palm] Look! Look at this, Josh.
Josh: That doesn't prove anything. It's a tattoo.
Rolek: It proves that he's Verrat.
Josh: Verrat what, dad? You've been talking about this for two weeks! I still don't get it!
Rolek: It means that there will be more coming! We have to get out of here.
Josh: Dad.
Rolek: The man just tried to kill you. Did-did I dream that? He said he was with maintenance! Does he look like maintenance? [He pulls the sword out of the man] Yah! [He puts the sword into a trunk] Are you gonna help me or not? We have to leave here now.
[Josh goes to help his dad with the trunk]

Scene: Adalind is washing her hands at the hotel suite when Renard arrives.

Adalind: Who is it?
Renard: It's me. What happened to your hand?
Adalind: I cut it.
Renard: I can see that. You and housekeeping get into a disagreement?
Adalind: I broke a glass. I'm tired of being cooped up in this hotel room.
Renard: Yeah, well, we can't go back to my place. It's not safe.
Adalind: Well, I can't stay here forever.
Renard: I told you. I'm working with the Resistance to—
Adalind: Screw the Resistance. They're the reason I'm in this mess.
Renard: Look, if you don't wanna stay here, I'm not gonna keep you here. I'm doing the best I can, so if you wanna leave, I'm not stopping you.
Adalind: I'm sorry. I just wish I knew what was going on. You know, it's hard not knowing where Viktor's even keeping her or who he has taking care of her or... Even if she's okay.
Renard: [Looking at Adalind's hand] That's a pretty bad cut.
Adalind: I'll be fine.
Renard: You know, I could be asking you about the specifics of all this. How it happened, when it happened, what kind of glass it was. But I don't see any reason not to take you at your word.
Adalind: I was upset, okay. I was alone. But now that you're back, I'm feeling much better.
Renard: If I didn't know you better, I'd be in love with you. [He and Adalind kiss]

Scene: Weston Steward goes into Josh and Rolek's hotel room.

[Weston checks the pulse of the man. He then woges and runs out of the room]

Scene: Josh and Rolek look for a place to stay.

Josh: Where are we supposed to be going?
Rolek: To find a place.
Josh: To do what?
Rolek: To stay until I can see Nick Burkhardt.
Josh: This is crazy, what we're doing!
Rolek: Okay, so it's crazy. I'm the one who's dying here. If this is how I wanna spend what time I've got left, why do you care? There, pull in behind that building. Pull off.
Josh: Dad.
Rolek: No, pull off! Go around the back.
[After Josh pulls over, he and Rolek break into an abandoned building]
Josh: All right. I guess breaking and entering is not that big a deal once you've killed a guy.
Rolek: Okay, we can stay here tonight. But we can't leave the stuff in the car. Go get it.
Josh: Dad, we can't just keep doing this. We gotta call the police.
Rolek: Not until I see Nick Burkhardt. Get some blankets out of the trunk.
Josh: Okay, dad. [He goes to the car and opens the trunk] What the hell, dad? If this is the way you wanna go out... okay.

Scene: Juliette talks with Trubel as Trubel reads one of the diaries.

Juliette: My bike's on the front porch. You can borrow it if you want.
Trubel: Thanks.
Juliette: When you're ready to take a break, go ahead. [Looking at Trubel's black knight] Do you like to play chess?
Trubel: Uh, not really.
Juliette: I'm just curious. Why do you carry that around with you?
Trubel: I like the way it moves. You know, different than any other piece.
Juliette: Well, what about the queen? She can move any way she wants.
Trubel: Oh, I like the queen. She saved my life once.
Juliette: How?
Trubel: Uh, I jammed her into a Coyotl's-is that how you pronounce it?
Juliette: Mm-hmm.
Trubel: Anyway, I jammed her into a Coyotl's neck when he attacked. We were playing chess at the Milford State Mental Hospital. They were not happy with me for that.
Juliette: Hey, how about when I get off work today, I take you shopping for new clothes? My treat.
Trubel: No, I don't think that's a good idea.
Juliette: Why?
Trubel: Because I don't wanna get used to all this.
Juliette: Okay. Let's go shopping anyway. Be ready by 4:00.

Scene: Renard sleeps in bed while Adalind calls Juliette's work.

[Renard wakes up as he hears Adalind talking in another room]
Adalind: My cat is very sick, and I'd like to see Juliette. You know, Dr. Silverton? What time does she get in today?
Woman: She should be in any minute.
Adalind: [She hears Renard coming] And, uh, coffee for two. Thank you. [She hangs up] I just ordered some breakfast. Thought you might be hungry after last night. [She takes her robe off and goes back to the bedroom]

Scene: Josh brings the last of his and Rolek's food into the building.

Josh: Well, this is all we have left. We need to go get some more food.
Rolek: That's enough for now. You need to go get Nick Burkhardt and bring him here.
Josh: Why would he come with me? He doesn't know me. He doesn't know you. You know, I can't tell him about the Verrat-whatever it is you call them.
Rolek: He's a Grimm. He'll understand.
Josh: Well, I wish I did.
Rolek: Open the trunk, and get me the book on top.
Josh: Dad.
Rolek: Just get it!
Josh: [He grabs the book and gives it to his dad] I don't see why this is gonna help.
Rolek: [He tears out a page of a Hundjäger Grimm diary entry] Show him this. If he's who I think he is, he'll come.
Josh: And if he doesn't? Will you go to the hospital then?
Rolek: Just show it to him.
Josh: Okay. [He leaves]
Rolek: [He grunts in pain] Oh, God.

Scene: Rosalee helps a customer at the spice shop.

[The phone rings]
Customer: No, I don't think this is the one.
Rosalee: This is really the best thing for indigestion.
Customer: No, but my son said—
[The phone rings]
Rosalee: I know your son recommended the aloe cure, but this is so much—
Customer: No, but please—
Rosalee: Sorry, I have to answer this.
Customer: Oh, but...
Rosalee: [The phone rings again and she answers] Spice & Tea, how may I help you?
[A delivery man brings a box into the shop]
Rosalee: No, it's got to be delivered on the 25th. The wedding is on the 25th. If it's delivered on the 26th, no one will be there.
Delivery Man: Need your signature.
Rosalee: [Rosalee signs] Hello, are you hearing me? I said deliver on the 25th. The 27th doesn't help me either.
[Monroe comes out from the back room]
Delivery Man: You signed the wrong line.
Monroe: The lodge didn't get the deposit I sent.
Customer: Are you sure about this?
Rosalee: No! No! I'm not sure about anything anymore! [She goes to the back room]
Monroe: I'm sorry. Just give me a minute. [He goes to the back room] Hey, hey, hey, hey. Don't worry about the deposit thing. I'll get them another check.
Rosalee: Monroe, what are we doing?
Monroe: Getting married?
Rosalee: I woke up this morning with... just a knot in my stomach. I don't see this going well.
Monroe: The marriage?
Rosalee: No, the wedding. I know we both had this idea of the big tent, bringing everyone together to celebrate: your family, my family, a Grimm. But I think we're crazy. I mean, why are we doing this?
Monroe: Because we love each other?
Rosalee: I'm sorry. [She hugs Monroe] I'm sorry. It's just all gotten so overwhelming.
Monroe: Honey. It's a wedding. It's supposed to be overwhelming, to keep you from doing this more than once.
Rosalee: I just... I have this feeling something awful is going to happen.
Monroe: [He hugs Rosalee] That's the spirit.

Scene: Renard tells Wu to keep an eye on Adalind.

Wu: Yeah, of course, sir. I remember Ms. Schade.
Renard: She's staying at the Hotel Deluxe. I want you to keep some eyes on her for the next few days.
Wu: Okay, how much surveillance do you want?
Renard: For now, I just wanna know if and when she leaves the hotel.
Wu: I can do that. [He leaves]
[The scene shifts to Nick and Hank talking at their desks]
Hank: How do you wanna handle this thing with Trubel?
Nick: What thing with Trubel?
Hank: Witness statement. Two girls stated there was a third girl with them when our two victims attacked and were killed. [Flashback of Trubel fighting Donna and then checking on Vanessa and Jenny in "My Fair Wesen"] They said they only knew her first name. Said it was Theresa. Do we think we might have a problem here?
Nick: They don't know her as Trubel. They only know her as Theresa. They don't know her last name. And they don't have any fingerprints back-identifying her.
Hank: So we're thinking we covered her tracks pretty good.
Nick: I'm thinking she covered her tracks pretty good. That's why nobody's ever pinned her for much of anything.
Hank: That's what I was thinking too. This case is closed.
Renard: [He walks up] Can I see you guys for a minute?
[Nick and Hank go with Renard]

Scene: Josh arrives at Nick and Juliette's house and knocks.

Trubel: [Looking out the window] Yep?
Josh: I-I'm sorry. I don't mean to bother you. I'm looking for Nick Burkhardt.
Trubel: He's not here.
Josh: Do you know where he is? I really need to talk to him.
Trubel: Who are you?
Josh: My name's Josh. It's about my dad. He made me drive him here all the way from Pennsylvania. He gave me this drawing to show Nick.
Trubel: Let me see it.
Josh: [He shows Trubel the page from the book] Look, I'm sorry. This is a waste of time. I'll just tell him that I tried, you know, so...
Trubel: [She opens the door] Hey. [She grabs the page from Josh] Did your dad draw that?
Josh: I don't know who drew it. He's had it forever.
Trubel: It's a Hundjäger.
Josh: You know what that is?
Trubel: Yeah, do you?
Josh: No.
Trubel: Does your dad?
Josh: He thinks he knows what it is.
Trubel: Stay here, I'll call Nick. [She closes the door]

Scene: Renard informs Nick and Hank about the man killed in Josh and Rolek's hotel room.

Renard: We had a murder last night. Holtby and Bauer caught it. But this came to my attention. [He shows Nick and Hank a picture of the tattoo on the man's hand]
Nick: Looks like Verrat.
Renard: Only different. That's Verrat Ahnenerbe. Special section "D", tasked with finding anything involving rare objects, the occult, and the supernatural.
Nick: So what are they doing in that hotel room?
Renard: The room was registered to Rolek Porter. He's been traveling with his son Josh. Home address is listed in Pennsylvania. We have an APB out on the car: a '92 Volvo Station Wagon.
Hank: Porter have a record?
Renard: None that we could find. At least none under that name. Fingerprints have turned up nothing.
Nick: So why do we have a dead special section's Verrat agent in his hotel room?
Renard: Well, there's more. Now these are stills taken from the surveillance footage outside the hotel. [He shows a picture of Josh and Rolek leaving the hotel] According to the hotel, that's Rolek Porter, and that's his son Josh.
Hank: What's in the trunk? The Holy Grail?
Renard: Probably the reason the Verrat agent was in that room. I wanna find Rolek and his son before Holtby and Bauer do. I don't want them in the system until we know what's in that trunk.
Nick: Well, there's got to be more than one Verrat. They never send just one.
Renard: No, they don't. This was taken four minutes after they left the hotel. [He sets down a picture of Weston Steward in the hotel] Look familiar?
Nick: Weston Steward.
Hank: So our rogue FBI agent is still in Portland.
Renard: Yeah. I'd like to find him too.
[Nick's phone vibrates on his desk as Trubel calls. The scene shifts to Nick and Juliette's house]
Trubel: [She goes outside] Nick's not answering.
Josh: Well, thanks for trying. Look, I'm sorry. I gotta get back to my father.
Trubel: You said your dad saw one of these.
Josh: Yeah, he's seen a lot of things.
Trubel: Does he have more drawings like this?
Josh: Yeah. A whole trunk full. Look, I gotta go.
Trubel: You don't have a clue, do you?
Josh: What?
Trubel: Does your dad know Nick's a Grimm?
Josh: Yeah, he said something like that, but... You know what that is?
Trubel: I'm going with you.
Josh: Hold on, why should I take you?
Trubel: Because right now you're dealing with a Hundjäger, and you don't know it. And I'm the only one that can help you. [She closes the door]
Josh: Who are you?
Trubel: Just call me Trubel. Let's go. Come on, let's go. [She and Josh leave]

Scene: Wu calls Renard as Adalind leaves the hotel.

Wu: Captain, Ms. Schade just got into a Radio Cab.
Renard: Is she alone?
Wu: Yes, sir. Want me to stay with her?
Renard: No. No, I want you to call Radio Cab. Find out where they're taking her.
Wu: Will do.

Scene: Trubel and Josh arrive at the abandoned building.

Josh: My dad's losing his mind, you know. I don't know what you think you're gonna do for him. Just... Tell him you know Nick Burkhardt and that he's not interested in any of this.
Trubel: Where's your dad?
Josh: Inside.
Trubel: [She pins Josh against the building] Are you Wesen?
Josh: What?
Trubel: If you're Wesen and you try anything, I swear to God I'll kill you.
Josh: I don't know what the hell you're talking about! Let me go!
Rolek: [He comes out of the building] Who's this?
[Trubel lets go of Josh]
Josh: Dad!
Rolek: Where's Nick Burkhardt?
Trubel: [She shows Rolek the Hundjäger page] Have you seen this? It's a Hundjäger.
Rolek: I know what it is. How do you know what it is?
Trubel: I've seen the books. You know about the books?
Rolek: I know a lot about them. How do you know about them?
Trubel: Nick showed them to me.
Rolek: You know Nick Burkhardt?
Trubel: Yeah, I know him. I'm staying at his house.
Rolek: Are you his daughter?
Trubel: No. You wanna talk to Nick because he's a Grimm? So am I. [Looking at Josh] And he's not.
Rolek: No. Come on. [He takes Trubel inside]
Josh: Oh, my God.
Rolek: [He opens his trunk] This has been in my family for a very, very long time. My son doesn't even know what any of this means. I'm dying. I have got to get this to Nick. Otherwise my son will destroy everything in there. He thinks that I'm-I'm crazy. [He falls to his knees]
Josh: Dad. Okay, I'm taking you to the hospital.
Rolek: No.
Josh: Now. Help me get him to the car.
Rolek: Don't-don't leave the trunk.
Josh: I won't.
[Trubel closes the trunk]

Scene: Adalind knocks on Nick and Juliette's door.

Adalind: Hello? Is anybody home? Nick? [She takes out her skeleton key and woges. She uses the key to unlock the door and retracts as she goes in. She grabs one of Juliette's negligees] This will work. [She goes to the bathroom and takes some of Juliette's hair out of Juliette's brush and puts it into a bag. She goes downstairs and Renard grabs her, causing her to woge for a few seconds before retracting]
Renard: What the hell are you doing?
Adalind: I came to talk to Juliette.
Renard: About what?
Adalind: I don't have to tell you anything.
Renard: No, no you don't. [He grabs Adalind's purse and pulls out the negligee] I've never seen this before.
Adalind: No, why would you? You never give me a chance to wear anything.
Renard: [He pulls out the bag of Juliette's hair] This is not your color. Now you better tell me what you're doing.
Adalind: I'm doing what I have to. [She telekinetically makes a vase shatter against Renard's head, knocking him out. She puts everything back into her purse and leaves]

Scene: Trubel, Josh, and Rolek arrive at the hospital.

Josh: Stay here. I'm going to get help. [He goes inside]
Rolek: Look, if I die, you have to get the trunk to Nick. You have to tell him I have a key.
Josh: [He opens Rolek's door and helps him out of the car] Here we go.
Doctor: I'll take him from here.
[Rolek is taken into the hospital]
Josh: Hey, can you park the car? [He goes inside as Trubel goes to park the car]
Nurse: [To Josh] Sir, you can't go beyond this point.
Josh: [His phone rings and he answers] Hello?
Weston: Is this Josh Porter?
Josh: Yeah, who's this?
Weston: My name is Detective Donavon. I'm with the Portland Police Department. We know what happened in the hotel room that was registered to your father, Rolek. We have a witness that he was attacked and acted in self-defense.
Josh: Wait, there was a witness?
Weston: That's correct. [He gets into a car with Verrat agents] We're gonna need you to turn yourselves in. Otherwise we'll issue an arrest warrant for the both of you.
Josh: No, I-I'm sorry, we can't do that. My father's in the hospital. He's very sick.
Weston: Well, that's okay, we can come to you. What hospital are you in?
Josh: St. Joseph's.
Weston: All right, listen to me. Just stay put. Don't worry about a thing. We'll work this all out as soon as I get there.

Scene: Renard wakes up.

Renard: [He feels his head and picks up a piece of the broken vase. He then woges] Adalind.

Scene: Trubel picks up the phone at the hospital to call Nick.

[The scene shifts to the precinct where Nick and Hank are looking at surveillance footage from the hotel]
Hank: Whatever's in that trunk has gotta be pretty important.
Nick: Yeah. They killed a guy in their hotel room and didn't want to leave it behind. [His phone rings and he answers] Burkhardt.
Trubel: Nick, it's me. I'm at St. Joseph's Hospital.
Nick: Why? What's wrong? Are you okay?
Trubel: That call you got the other night? The guy showed up with a drawing of a Hundjäger. His name is Josh. Not the Hundjäger, the guy that showed up. I couldn't get ahold of you. So he took me to his dad who's sick. We had to take him to the hospital. And get this: He's a Grimm.
Nick: Josh?
Trubel: No, his dad. Yeah, he's got a trunk full of weapons and Grimm books. And his son thinks he's crazy, so he has nobody to talk to-it's kind of like me-except he knows who he is. And this big trunk has been in the family for a really long time. And now that he's dying, he wants you to have it.
Nick: Okay, hold on. This guy's a Grimm. Are you sure?
Trubel: Oh, yeah. It's kinda weird, isn't it? All three of us in the same place at the same time? Except he was looking for you. Yeah, he really wants to see you. He drove all the way from Pennsylvania. Oh, and he wanted me to tell you he has a key?
Nick: A key? What kind of key?
Trubel: I don't know. He just wanted to make sure I told you. Like it was really important, like... Like you were supposed to know.
Nick: Wait a minute. What's this guy's name?
Trubel: Rolek.
Nick: Rolek Porter?
Trubel: I don't know his last name.
Nick: And the son's name is Josh?
Trubel: Yeah.
Nick: Are they driving a Volvo?
Trubel: How'd you know that?
Nick: Where's the car?
Trubel: It's in the emergency parking lot.
Nick: Stay with the car. We'll meet you there in ten minutes.
Nurse: [To Trubel] Excuse me. You can't use this phone.
Trubel: [She hangs up] I'm all done, thanks.
Nick: Hank, you're not gonna believe this!
Hank: Trubel's with Rolek Porter and his son? How the hell did that happen?
Nick: I'll tell you on the way.
[Nick and Hank meet Trubel in the hospital parking lot]
Hank: Make, model, and plates match.
Nick: Is that the trunk?
Trubel: Yeah.
Nick: Where is he?
Trubel: I can take you.
Nick: The Verrat knows he's got that trunk. He's already killed one of them. They're gonna be looking for that.
Hank: I'll stay with the car.
[Nick and Trubel go to Rolek's room]
Trubel: Hey, this is the guy that your dad wanted to meet.
Nick: I'm, uh, Nick Burkhardt.
Josh: He came all the way to see you. I think it's too late.
Nick: Could I talk to him?
Josh: Yeah. You can try. Dad?
Rolek: [Weakly] Huh?
Josh: Nick Burkhardt's here.
Nick: I know you came a long way to see me, and I'm sorry it took so long. But I'm here now.
Rolek: I have to give you something.
Nick: Well, I know where the trunk is.
Rolek: That's good. But no... There's-there's something else. Something that was given to me by my father. And his father. I couldn't do what they did. What you do. Josh had nothing to do with the man in the hotel room. I killed him.
Nick: He was Verrat.
Rolek: You-you saw the tattoo?
Josh: You know about all this?
Nick: Yeah, I do.
Rolek: You can't arrest him.
Josh: Dad, it's okay. The police know it was self-defense. They told me.
Nick: Who told you?
Josh: Detective Donavon. He called me, he said they were on their way here. You didn't know that?
Nick: Are you sure it wasn't Detective Holtby or Bauer?
Josh: No, it was Detective Donavon.
Rolek: I have to give you the key. I promised my father I would protect it and I would pass it on. But Josh isn't one of us. I had to find someone like us. And you're the only one I could... find.
Nick: Where is it?
Rolek: I'll show you. Give me my cane.
Josh: Dad, you can't get up.
Rolek: I have to get my cane. [He tries to sit up, but he flatlines]
Josh: Dad. Dad. No, dad!
Doctor: Clear the room. Code blue. We got a code blue.
Woman Over PA: Code blue in ICU.
Doctor: You have to wait outside.
Woman Over PA: Code blue, ICU.
Doctor: There's no breath sounds. Start compressions.
Woman: Right away, doctor.
Doctor: Give him a O.P.A.
Nick: [To Trubel] We've got a problem. There's no Detective Donavon in the department. I need you to move that car out of here.
Trubel: All right.
Nick: [To Josh] If that Detective shows up, don't let him in there. Call me.
Woman: Pulse ox is dropping.
Trubel: What's up with this key he keeps talking about?
Nick: It's a long story. Has to do with the Crusades and a bunch of knights who were Grimms who found something that they thought no one else should have, so they buried it in the Black Forest and made a bunch of keys that had a map that supposedly leads to where it is. That enough?
Trubel: Good enough for now.
[The scene shifts to Hank as he watches Verrat agents looking into Rolek's car, so he calls Nick]
Nick: Hank.
Hank: Three guys are checking out the car.
Nick: I'm on my way.
Hank: Leave Trubel inside. This could go bad. [He hangs up]
Nick: [To Trubel] Stay here. Those guys at the car, they're Verrat and they're armed, and I don't want them knowing what you are. You're gonna stay here, right?
Trubel: Uh-huh. [She follows Nick as soon as he walks away]
[The scene shifts to the parking lot]
Hank: Drop your weapons, step away from the car. Detective Griffin, Portland PD. If that gun doesn't hit the ground in another second, you will.
[One of the men puts a gun on the ground]
Hank: Get on the ground, now. All of you.
[Weston Steward suddenly comes speeding at Hank in a vehicle, but Hank dives out of the way. Nick and Trubel run up and start fighting the men by Rolek's car while another Verrat agent gets out of Weston's vehicle, and Weston drives away. Some of the men woge into Hundjägers, and Nick, Hank, and Trubel end up killing them all]
Nick: You okay?
Trubel: Yeah. You?
Hank: Yeah, we're good. I thought you were gonna tell her to stay inside.
Trubel: He did.
Nick: Good thing she didn't listen.
Trubel: [Looking at one of the men's palm tattoos] Hey, this means they're Verrat, right?
Nick: Yeah. You can't be here. Take this car, go home. You got this?
Hank: Yeah. [On the phone] Detective Hank Griffin, Portland PD.
[Trubel drives away while Nick goes back into the hospital]
Josh: He died.
Nick: I'm sorry. Look, I'm sure you have a lot of questions. So why don't you just do what you have to do here and then come by my place? By the way, we've got your car. Just figured that would be a lot easier than explaining what's in it. I'll have an officer pick you up when you're ready.
Josh: What kind of cop are you?
Nick: I get asked that a lot. [He leaves]

Scene: Renard arrives at the hotel suite and takes his gun out as he looks around for Adalind.

[Renard calls Wu]
Wu: Yes, sir.
Renard: Adalind Schade is somewhere in this city. I want her found.
Wu: Yes, sir. We'll get her.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Juliette go through Rolek's stuff, looking for the key.

Nick: I can't find it.
Hank: Me neither.
Juliette: If there's a key in here, I have no idea where it is. But speaking of lost things, have you seen my grandmother's vase?
Nick: No.
Trubel: [Looking at one of the Grimm books] Nick, there is stuff in here I have never seen in any of your books. You ever heard of an "Abartige Aasfresser"? [She shows Nick the book]
Nick: Not until now.
Josh: You really see this stuff?
Trubel: I haven't seen this one yet.
Josh: But it's all true?
Juliette: Some people have kind of a monster within. And Nick can see them, Trubel can see them, and your dad could see them.
Nick: Josh, just 'cause you can't see them now, doesn't mean you won't some day. Hit me pretty late, too.
Josh: Well, at least I'll know it's real. Sort of.
Nick: I can't find this key. Have you ever seen it?
Josh: No. All I know is he was really worried about it. Wanted to get it to someone who would understand.
Hank: So where else could it be?
Josh: I don't know. I don't even know what we're looking for.
Juliette: Well, he didn't drive all the way here without it, so it has to be here somewhere.
Trubel: When he told you about it, he was trying to get out of bed, like he was gonna show you where it was.
Josh: It wouldn't be in that hospital room. He never got out of the bed.
Trubel: Maybe he wasn't trying to get up.
Josh: He was asking for his cane.
Trubel: Yeah.
Josh: [He grabs the cane] He's had this forever. He got it from his dad, who got it from his dad. [He hands the cane to Nick]
Nick: [He pulls on the cane and the top comes off] Did I break it?
Hank: I don't think so. Can I see? [He uses a piece sticking out the bottom of the cane top and puts it into a little hole on the other part of the cane, revealing a secret compartment within the cane. He shakes the cane and the key falls into his hand, and he hands it to Nick]
Josh: Is that a key?
Nick: It is now.
[Everyone goes to the spice shop, and Rosalee takes out Nick's other key. They go to the basement and use ink to show the parts of the map each key makes]
Monroe: Nick, remember that map I showed you at my house last year? [Flashback of Monroe showing Nick a map and telling him the key map could lead to the Black Forest in "Endangered"]
Nick: Yeah, the one that your great-great uncle drew.
Monroe: It was actually great-great-great grandfather on my mother's side. But the point is... We are definitely talking Black Forest.
Trubel: Germany.
Juliette: Yeah, it all seems to go back to Germany.
Monroe: Well, we're one key closer to... God knows what.
Rosalee: I wonder if we'll ever know.
Josh: I don't think I want to know. Well, at least I know my dad wasn't crazy. Unless all of you are.

Scene: Adalind works on making a potion inside the storage unit.

Adalind: [She puts a witch's hat on top of the cauldron and inhales the potion vapor that comes out of the top of the hat three times. She then turns into Juliette. She then tests her voice, which is still her own initially] Nick. Honey. Baby. [In Juliette's voice] Baby.


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