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Opening Quote: "I have but to swallow this, and be for the rest of my days persecuted by a legion of goblins, all of my own creation. Humbug, I tell you; humbug!" – A Christmas Carol

Scene: Dennis and Emma Gladstone host a Christmas party at their house.

Dennis: [To Emma] There you are. Come with me, dear, under the mistletoe if you will. Watch out behind you.
Emma: Yes, I did put that there- [A guest brushes by her] oh.
Dennis: Some people are so rude, you know?
[The doorbell rings]
Dennis: You having fun?
Guest: Somebody get the door.
[A partygoer answers the door and finds a large gift on the porch]
Partygoer: Hey, Dennis, somebody dropped off a present for you.
Dennis: Just put it under the tree.
Partygoer: [He tries to lift the present, but it's heavy] Rick, you want to give me a hand with this?
Rick: Yeah, sure.
Partygoer: Got a little weight to it.
[They put the present by the tree]
Rick: Somebody's been good, huh?

Scene: Monroe turns his trains on.

Monroe: Ready? [He turns the trains on] Oh, ho ho ho ho ho, yeah!
[Monroe and Rosalee laugh and cheer]
Monroe: Yeah!
Rosalee: Oh, it's so great! Oh, my God. Oh, this is so fun. I love it.
[They both laugh]
Monroe: [He sets an envelope on one of the train cars] Hey, look, there's something on that train car. You should grab it.
Rosalee: [She grabs the envelope] What's this?
Monroe: I don't know. Better open it.
Rosalee: Looks like an invitation to a Christmas party. Are we going?
Monroe: It's up to you.
Rosalee: Depends on who's throwing it. [She opens the envelope] "Dearest Rosalee"-Hmm, looks like this one's just for me.
Monroe: Eh, guess I'm out of luck.
Rosalee: "You are invited to join your husband, dearest Monroe, next week on an oft-delayed honeymoon. He's hoping you'll say yes because it won't be much of a honeymoon without you." We can really go?
Monroe: If you say yes.
Rosalee: Oh, yes.
[A train derails]
Rosalee: That better not be—
Monroe: That was not an omen.
Rosalee: Right, of course. No omens here. We're gonna be okay.
Monroe: We're gonna be just fine.
[They kiss]

Scene: In the middle of the night, a Kallikantzaroi pops out of the giant present under the Gladstones' tree.

Emma: Dennis, wake up. I think I heard something downstairs.
[The Kallikantzaroi opens the front door to let his friends in]
Emma: Dennis, there is somebody downstairs. I told you.
Dennis: Call the police. [He goes downstairs to investigate] What the hell? [He sees the Kallikantzaroi wrecking all the Christmas decorations in the house, and then they notice him] Oh, my God. [He is attacked] Help!
Emma: Dennis!
Dennis: Emma! Help.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Trubel do research in the trailer.

Hank: [Looking at a Grimm diary] This is the group that's been terrorizing Monroe and Rosalee. Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen?
Nick: That's what Rosalee said it might be.
Trubel: Aren't those the pus-heads that burned a Wolfsangel on their lawn?
Nick: Yeah, could be.
Hank: [He begins reading the diary] "1252, Lyon. I first encountered the Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen, also known as the Wesenrein, during a trial conducted by the catholic inquisition. Not only were they searching out heretics and burning them at the stake, but some of the inquisitors, I discovered, were Wesen and using their positions to root out impurity within the Wesen society. The Wesen heretics, or as they were known, the Impuro, were tried outside the cities by secret tribunals. These brutal trials dragged on from one to three days, bereft of mercy."
Trubel: Nice masks.
Hank: "They too were burned, not necessarily so much at the stake as through the stake." [He turns the page] Ah, an artistic rendering. "Seeing that the tribunals were doing my work for me, I took a much needed sabbatical on the isle of Crete."
Trubel: I guess the inquisition made life easier for the Grimms.
Nick: Yeah, it seems like the Wesenrein didn't die out with the inquisition.
Hank: How did they know Monroe and Rosalee were married? It's not like they took out an ad.
Trubel: Well, it looks like somebody at the wedding told somebody who told somebody.

Scene: Josh looks through a Grimm diary while talking with Juliette.

Josh: Unbelievable. Unbelievable that this is now believable. When my dad first showed me stuff like this, I thought they were some kind of fantasies he'd been having.
Juliette: So you really didn't know your dad was a Grimm when you were growing up?
Josh: He tried to tell me about some of this when I got older, but I'm not, you know, what he was, what Nick is again, what Trubel is. I just thought my dad was kind of crazy and getting crazier.
Juliette: If you really thought he was crazy, why'd you bring him to Nick?
Josh: He was dying. This is the only thing he wanted to do before he died. At that point, you don't care if he's crazy or not. Then, I met you guys, and I realized crazy is relative.
[They both chuckle]
Josh: How do you deal with it?
Juliette: Well, you know, the way I look at it, everyone has problems. Some are worse than others, and some are monsters-not all of them but a lot of them. And those are the ones that Nick has to deal with.
Josh: You know, sometimes I actually find myself wishing I could be like Nick. Maybe that's a dumb thing to wish for.
Juliette: One day you might not have a choice.
Josh: I know. That scares me too. What about what's been happening to Monroe and Rosalee? Are those threats real?
Juliette: Nick's taking it very seriously.
Josh: I wish there was something I could do to help.
Juliette: You have enough problems of your own right now.
Josh: Well, if you count having no job, no house, no car, and two Hundjägers trying to kill you, then, yeah, I guess I do. You know, this is gonna be the first Christmas in my whole life that I won't be spending in Philadelphia.
Juliette: I'm sorry.

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at the Gladstone's house, and Wu catches them up on what happened.

Wu: Sorry if I interrupted any holiday festivities. I wasn't sure if this was gang related or not, but it's definitely home invasion. Question is, what invaded?
Nick: Who got hurt?
Wu: Dennis Gladstone, owner of the house, got banged up pretty good. Paramedics took him in. His wife stayed behind to talk to us, but she's anxious to get to the hospital.
Hank: Any witnesses?
Wu: Mr. Gladstone's the only eyewitness, but neighbors said they heard a lot of strange noises. Of course, strange is your specialty.
[They go inside the house]
Wu: No visible signs of forced entry. Locks weren't tampered with. No windows broken. So much debris and wreckage, gonna be a challenge to dust for prints. Mrs. Gladstone, this is Detective Burkhardt and Detective Griffin.
Hank: Thank you.
Emma: I can't believe this happened. I really want to see my husband.
Hank: We understand. We just need to ask a few questions. Did you witness the attack?
Emma: No, but I heard it. It was horrible. When I got downstairs, whoever did this was gone. I found Dennis on the floor.
Nick: Did anything happen before the attack?
Emma: We had a party with a lot of our friends. Went to about 11:00, then everyone left. We locked up and went to bed.
Hank: Did you notice anything unusual? Anyone around the house?
Emma: No, not really. We had a late-night delivery, but that's about it.
Nick: What delivery?
Emma: I'm not sure, really. There was a present left on the front doorstep. I didn't see it until a couple of the guests brought it in.
Hank: Do you know which one it was?
Emma: Um, that one. [She points it out]
[Hank goes to investigate]
Emma: How much longer? I really need to get to the hospital.
Nick: Do you have any idea who sent the present?
Emma: No, I wasn't paying attention.
Hank: Check this out. Looks like somebody ripped this open from the inside.
Nick: Looks like someone or something pushed itself out of the box. So they brought the package inside, put it under the tree. Party ends. They go to bed.
Hank: Later, they hear something. Mr. Gladstone comes downstairs, interrupts what's going on, tries to run, was attacked.
Nick: Looks like someone had time for a snack. [He finds some pieces of food on the floor]
Hank: You can work up an appetite beating somebody up. That looks like fruitcake.
Nick: Hmm, I didn't think anyone ate those.

Scene: Trubel tries to quietly leave the house, but Josh wakes up.

Josh: Where are you going?
Trubel: Go back to sleep.
Josh: Oh, yeah, like I could now.
Trubel: I've got to go do something.
Josh: This early?
Trubel: Josh—
Josh: Whatever it is, I think I should go with you.
Trubel: What? Why?
Josh: Look, you said I got to get over this-my fear of, you know, everything. But, look, I-I'm not gonna get over anything by just lying on the couch.
Trubel: It's not a good idea.
Josh: I got to learn. Isn't that what Nick did for you?
Trubel: But I'm a Grimm, and so is Nick.
Josh: Okay, Juliette isn't, and Hank isn't.
Trubel: [She thinks for a few seconds] Okay, but things could get a little iffy, so don't get in my way.
Josh: Hey, yeah, I'll be standing right behind you.
[Trubel and Josh leave, and they walk towards Shaw Steinkellner's house]
Josh: What are we doing?
Trubel: I've got to check on a guy.
Josh: Is he Wesen?
Trubel: Yeah.
Josh: Why you got to check on him?
Trubel: Because he might be involved in something.
Josh: What?
Trubel: Stuff going on with Rosalee and Monroe.
Josh: Oh, okay, what do you need me to do?
Trubel: Just stay here. [She goes to the back of Shaw's house]
Shaw: [Inside his house] Goes against every code we've got, everything we've ever been taught, everything we've been raised with our entire lives. All right, it's not bad enough we got that cop Grimm. Now there's some woman Grimm. So he's got to be dealt with. This new Grimm woman's got to be dealt with.
[Josh watches as Harold Johnson walks to the back of the house with boxes of donuts]
Shaw: I agree. Nothing but a perversion.
[Harold drops the boxes of donuts and woges into a Schakal when he notices Trubel. Before he can do anything, Josh comes up and hits him in the head, knocking him out. Harold retracts]
Josh: He woged, right? Tell me he woged.
Trubel: Yeah, a Schakal, I think. [She checks Harold's pockets] Wait, he's got something here. [She finds a mask]
Josh: What's that?
Trubel: We should go.

Scene: Trubel and Josh return to Nick and Juliette's house to show Nick the mask.

Juliette: You guys are up early.
Nick: You go for a walk?
Josh: More like a run.
Nick: Was there a problem? [Trubel tosses him the mask] What is this?
Trubel: You remember when Bud came by and asked me to help with that bully problem at school? Well, it was really about this guy, Shaw, a Klaustreich who was gonna do something to you 'cause he heard you weren't a Grimm anymore.
Nick: And Bud thought you should help with this?
Trubel: Yeah, Bud thought that Shaw found out from a guy who was at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, which is what we were talking about in the trailer, right? This threat against them. So I thought that Shaw must have heard about a Blutbad marrying a Fuchsbau, so I went over there to see what I could find out, and I sure didn't think it was gonna be that. The mask was in the coat of a Schakal Josh hit in the head with a rock.
Juliette: You hit a Schakal with a rock?
Josh: Well, he was coming up behind Trubel, and I just—
Juliette: You got away? Nobody saw you?
Trubel and Josh: No.
Nick: Well, I think we need to find out more about Shaw and his friends.
Trubel: Well, Bud knows this guy, Shaw. He might know more about his friends too.
Nick: [His phone rings and he answers] Hank.
Hank: Can you swing by? Witness is ready to talk.
Nick: Yeah, I can meet you at the hospital. [He hangs up] See what you can find out from Bud, but just get the names.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Dennis Gladstone at the hospital.

Dennis: They were obviously kids or something, dressed up like red, hairy monsters. Jumped me before I could even react.
Nick: How many were there?
Dennis: Three, I think. I don't know. It all happened so fast.
Nick: Do you have any details as to what they looked like?
Dennis: What are you gonna do, put out a police sketch of hairy, little beasts? Aren't you looking for whoever was inside the costumes?
Hank: Any detail about the costume could help track them down.
Dennis: [He sighs] Green eyes, yellow teeth, pointed ears. They smelled like a boys' locker room.

Scene: Trubel, Josh, and Bud sit in Bud's truck and watch Shaw's house.

Bud: [Looking through binoculars] Big guy on the left is Big Johnson, real name Harold. He is one badass Schakal.
Trubel: I think that's the guy Josh hit in the head with a rock.
Bud: You hit big Johnson?
Josh: How do you spell Schakal?
Bud: Uh, s-sch-just like it sounds.
Trubel: I recognize the other guy. I think he was at the meeting too.
Bud: That's Walter Dempsey.
Josh: What's he?
Bud: A Hässlich. I hate them. Not that I'm prejudiced. Well, actually, I am. They've picked on Eisbibers for generations. Don't get me started. [He sees a masked man close the curtains] I think this is getting serious.

Scene: A family is leaving their house as the Kallikantzaroi watch.

Mom: There's gonna be real, live ballerinas and fairies and dancing candy and a nutcracker that comes to life. Honey, you're not gonna believe all the amazing things you're gonna see tonight.
[The Kallikantzaroi watch through a window as the family leaves]

Scene: Nick and Hank mark down where the crimes have taken place on a map at the precinct.

Hank: First crime scene was on Shaver Street... here. Second crime scene on Highland... here. Most recent one on Bryce, right about here. Now, that puts the center of everything right about here.
Nick: No reports of vehicles involved. Maybe they're moving on foot.
Hank: Three nights in a row.
Nick: Let's start looking in this area.
Hank: See, now, what's that in the middle?
Nick: St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church.
Hank: I'm taking this one with us. [He takes a picture with his phone]
Renard: [Walking up] Hey, Nick, can I see you for a minute?
Nick: Sure. [He leaves with Renard]
Wu: [Walking up to Hank] Uh, just got this from the sketch artist. [He shows Hank a sketch] Based on the witness' description, this is what we're looking for. How do you want me to handle this?
Hank: I'd say very carefully.
[The scene shifts to Nick and Renard in Renard's office]
Renard: My mother left.
Nick: Sorry I didn't have a chance to say thank you.
Renard: Maybe you still can. She now knows she has a granddaughter, and she's on a quest to find her.
Nick: You tell her who has her?
Renard: Of course. I had to. She's my mother. She just saved my life, and in a roundabout way, she just saved yours too.
Nick: Your mother wants to know where mine is.
Renard: Yeah, she brought up that subject. Have you heard from her?
Nick: Well, even if I had, she wouldn't tell me where she was. And just in case you're wondering, I haven't.
Renard: My mother's very determined, Nick, and she's quite resourceful. Now, my desire here is simply to protect my child, and I don't want my mother to kill your mother.
Nick: And I don't want my mother to kill your mother.
Renard: Well, if we can't warn yours and we can't dissuade mine, then we're gonna have to figure out another way to deal with all this. It was your mother who helped Adalind and the baby escape the Royals. Now, with Adalind back in Vienna, it's not gonna take them long to figure out who has the child.
Nick: It's not gonna make it any easier to find them.
Renard: Let's hope not. [He sits down and clears his throat] Have you given any thought to how you want to handle sergeant Wu?
Nick: He found one of my books in Trubel's room. He thinks she knows what they are.
Renard: He wants to know why you seem to be protecting a suspect.
Nick: If he hadn't found that book, he wouldn't be paying any attention to her.
Renard: Well, he did find that book, and he is paying attention to her and to you.
Nick: What do you want me to do?
Renard: Right now, I don't want him discovering anything about me. [There's a knock at his door] Yeah?
Hank: [He opens the door] Fourth night is the charm. 911 call just came in. We got one in progress.
Renard: Go.
[Nick leaves with Hank]

Scene: The Kallikantzaroi are destroying all of the Christmas decorations outside the family's home when Nick and Hank arrive.

[Nick and Hank get out of the car]
Hank: What the hell are they?
Nick: No idea.
[Two of the Kallikantzaroi run away, while the other one is on the roof]
Nick: One on the roof.
[The Kallikantzaroi throws an item and slips, sliding off of the roof. Nick and Hank go to investigate]
Hank: [To the Kallikantzaroi as he stands up] Easy, easy. Now, take it easy, pal.
[The Kallikantzaroi jumps on Nick. Nick throws him off and Hank knocks the Kallikantzaroi out by breaking a gnome over his head]
Nick: You see this too?
Hank: Oh, yeah. There's no hiding that one. Guess you don't need to be a Grimm to see it. Is it Wesen?
Nick: I don't know if it's woged or what.
Hank: Well, if it's not Wesen, what the hell is it? We sure as hell can't take it back to the precinct.
[Sirens wail]
Nick: Oh, we're not leaving it here.
Hank: Well, we'd better take it somewhere before somebody sees it.
Nick: Okay, we'll take it to Monroe and Rosalee's. They can help us figure out what it is.
Hank: Oh! That guy wasn't lying about the smell.
Nick: I'm gonna call Juliette. We're gonna need a big dog crate.
Hank: And animal sedatives.

Scene: Nick and Hank bring the Kallikantzaroi back to Monroe and Rosalee's house.

Nick: Now, we don't know what this thing is, so be careful.
Juliette: Ready? [She prepares the sedative]
[Nick opens the trunk and the Kallikantzaroi quickly sits up, so Nick punches it in the face, knocking it back out]
Juliette: Oof. I think it's out. Still want me to use this?
Hank and Rosalee: Yes.
Monroe: Are you kidding?
Nick: Please.
[Juliette injects the Kallikantzaroi with the sedative]
Nick: So have you ever seen one of these before?
Monroe: That would be a definite uh-uh.
Rosalee: Me neither.
Monroe: Ooh, it smells like a-like a pungent, vinegarish, glandular, musky kind of, yeah, a chamber pot.
Hank: Let's get him inside the crate. You can't open it from the inside, can you?
Juliette: No, we've got an hour, hour and a half before it wakes up. Not much longer.
[Hank picks up the Kallikantzaroi out of the trunk and puts him in the crate]
Rosalee: Why don't you get it into the garage, and then Juliette and I will monitor while you guys check out the trailer?
Monroe: Wait a minute. You gonna be all right?
Rosalee: [She woges] I'll be all right. [She retracts]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Monroe go to the trailer to try to find some information.

Hank: [Flipping through pages of a Grimm diary] Something about 4 feet tall, hairy, smelly, and hates Christmas.
Monroe: That narrows it down, sort of, and I can tell you, from the odoriferous evidence, it is not upine, canine, feline, vulpine, or bovine.
Nick: Think I got something-in Greek?
Monroe: We're talking Mediterranean?
Nick: I think so. Take a look at this. [He shows the entry to Monroe and Hank]
Hank: Yeah, looks like them.
Nick: Huh, well, I hope it's been translated. [He grabs some loose pages from the diary] Yeah, a few times. French, Russian, German—
Monroe: [He flips the page in the diary] Whoa. English. Ka-Kallikantzaroi.
Hank: That's the English?
Monroe: I-that's, I think, what they're called. [He begins reading the entry] "December 1730, I arrived in Dresden at the order of King Augustus the second, the strong, having been successful at tracking down and dispatching Kallikantzaroi..." Rye? Roy. I don't know. "In the Greek isles the year before, I suddenly found myself much in demand, but my discovery of what they were was not without its pitfalls. Before my time, it was assumed that Kallikantzaroi were goblins who descended upon cities to wreak havoc during the celebration of Christenmas, but after several bloody decapitations, I was horrified to learn that they were... children of the Indole Gentile."
Hank: They're kids?
Monroe: That's what it says. I've known several Indole Gentile. Very nice people.
Nick: So where do the Kallikantzaroi come from?
Monroe: Well, there's more right here. [He clears his throat] "Kallikantzaroi are rare among the Indole Gentile and appear to manifest during pubertas, lasting about 12 days and linked somehow to the bruma."
Hank: The what?
Monroe: Oh, that's Latin for winter solstice. Why do I know that? I don't know.
Nick: So Kallikantzaroi are children of Indole Gentile who somehow go through a puberty transformation during Christmas but only at night.
Monroe: Yeah, I mean, I wonder if it's triggered by the days getting shorter, you know, like Krampus.
Hank: Are you telling me it's all about raging hormones?
Monroe: I-you know, it's either this or acne with them, I guess.
Hank: Anything in there about how to stop them besides, you know, cutting off their heads? 'Cause I'm not down with that.
Monroe: I understand. Let's see. "Now, knowing I was dealing with children, I put away my sword and worked feverishly to discover something that would stop them. King Augustus, however, had found the answer for me. By chance, his mother discovered the Kallikantzaroi were insatiably drawn to sweet cakes. The king ordered the royal baker to create the first stollen, a German sweet cake made with candied fruit. It stood 7 cubits high and weighed 6 stone." Wow, that's like an 84-pound cake. "As strange as it sounds, when they overindulge, it renders the Kallikantzaroi harmless, returning them for good to their natural state once the sun comes up."
Hank: German sweet cake with candied fruit? Sound like fruitcake to anybody else?
Monroe: Wow, so there's actually a reason for fruitcake. Huh.

Scene: Juliette and Rosalee talk about the decorations in the house.

Juliette: It's so great that you've been able to embrace all this.
[The train's whistle blows]
Rosalee: I'm trying.
Juliette: And that train is just the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Rosalee: Actually, it's a prewar 1935 Marklin, which survived the war by being buried in the backyard of Monroe's grandfather's house in the Black Forest, just outside Offenburg. [She laughs] That's what happens when you're married to Monroe. I feel like the kid I never was.
Juliette: [She puts her hand on her stomach] Oh, that doesn't feel good. [She sits down]
Rosalee: What's wrong?
Juliette: Just a little bit of nausea. It's not a big deal. It's just happened a couple times.
Rosalee: I can make you something.
Juliette: No, no, no, it's okay. It'll pass. Okay, it's going away. I'm fine, really. I swear.
Rosalee: Are you possibly pregnant?
Juliette: I don't think so.
Rosalee: Have you tested yourself?
Juliette: No, but I-well... oh, my God.
Rosalee: What?
Juliette: What if I got pregnant when I was Adalind? Can that happen? Is that possible?
Rosalee: You weren't really Adalind.
Juliette: But I was.
Rosalee: I know you were, but you weren't. I mean, this is so confusing. I'm not sure I even really—
[There is a crash in the distance]
Juliette: Did that come from the garage?
Rosalee: Oh, no.
[They both run to the garage where they find the cage open and the Kallikantzaroi gone]
Juliette: Oh, crap.
Rosalee: Where is it? Where did it go?
[They hear babbling, and they turn around to see all three Kallikantzaroi]
Juliette: Oh, God. There's more?
[The Kallikantzaroi grunt and babble]
Rosalee: Run!
[They both run back to the house with the Kallikantzaroi not far behind. They get inside the house but have trouble closing the door]
Rosalee: Push!
Juliette: I am. I can't hold them. They're coming in.
Rosalee: Grab something to hit them with.
Juliette: Okay. [She moves away from the door]
[The Kallikantzaroi run in, and Rosalee hits one of them in the head with a frying pan and Juliette breaks something over the head of another one. The third Kallikantzaroi runs to the living room and starts going after the train]
Rosalee: No, don't let him near the Marklin! [She and Juliette get between the Kallikantzaroi and the train] No, no, you don't.
[The other two Kallikantzaroi run up next to their friend]
Rosalee: Crap.
[The Kallikantzaroi grunt and get a little closer, throwing and destroying things at the same time]
Rosalee: No! Now, back off!
[Juliette throws a nutcracker at them, but misses. One of the Kallikantzaroi flips the table, and all three continue getting closer to Rosalee and Juliette]
Rosalee: No! Don't you dare!
Monroe: [Coming into the house] What the hell? [He woges and roars]
[The Kallikantzaroi run away, and Monroe retracts]
Nick: Get 'em! [He, Hank, and Monroe run after the Kallikantzaroi, but they escape in three different directions]
Hank: How'd they get here?
Monroe: It's got to be the smell. I mean, something that bad travels.
Nick: Well, can you follow them?
Monroe: Not in three different directions at once. I can't. They're moving too fast. My God.
Hank: No way we're gonna put out an APB.
[They all go back inside as Rosalee and Juliette try to clean up the mess]
Rosalee: Monroe, I'm so sorry.
Juliette: Yeah, by the time we got to the garage, they were already out.
Rosalee: Why didn't you guys tell us there were more?
Nick: We only had one.
Hank: We didn't know they would find each other.
Monroe: Ah, but you saved the Marklin.
Rosalee: Nobody was touching this train. Over my dead body.
Nick: Look, this is my fault, by the way. I should never have brought him here.
Juliette: Did you figure out what it was?
Nick: Yeah, a Kallikarkazoi.
Monroe: Yeah, it's some sort of, like, rare, seasonal, hormonal disorder that apparently only affects certain children of the Indole Gentile.
Juliette: They're Italian?
Hank: Actually, Greek, but they're only supposed to wreak havoc for the 12 days of Christmas.
Rosalee: 12 days? We have 5 more days of this?
Monroe: Yeah, we got to figure out where they're gonna strike next.
Juliette: Even if we do, how do we stop them?
Nick: Fruitcake.

Scene: Trubel, Josh, and Bud show Nick the list of names they put together.

[Nick and Juliette arrive home]
Trubel: Dempsey's a Hässlich, right?
Bud: Right, Dempsey knows Shaw through Johnson.
Josh: [Making notes] Shaw through Johnson.
Bud: Mm-hmm.
Trubel: Nick, we got some names for you. All these guys were at Shaw's house today.
Nick: You went to Shaw's house?
Trubel: Yeah, you said you wanted names, so I got Bud, and we went over there.
Bud: Yeah, there was a lot going on there.
Trubel: It was creepy. There was a guy wearing a robe and one of those masks.
Josh: Okay, this is what we got so far. [He hands Nick the list]
Nick: [Reading the list] Shaw Steinkellner, Harold Johnson, Roger Briggs, Matthew Howard, Walter Dempsey.
Trubel: Harold Johnson that's the one we took the mask from.
Juliette: You think all of these guys have something to do with what's been happening with Monroe and Rosalee?
Bud: That's what we're thinking.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee continue to clean up their house.

Monroe: I can fix them with a little glue.
Rosalee: What about this? Assuming we can find Santa's head.
Monroe: [He sighs] Wait a minute. Santa's head-Santa's head, I just saw-it's around here somewhere. Ah! I got him.
Rosalee: [She reaches under the couch] What's this? A medical alert bracelet?
Monroe: What? None of our decorations have asthma.

Scene: Trubel talks about who was at Shaw's house.

Trubel: There were at least five guys at Shaw's house the first time, and most of those same guys showed up later.
Juliette: If all those guys were part of that group, what if they're planning on doing something else?
Nick: Without any evidence tying them to the burning Wolfsangel or the brick through the window, I can't arrest them.
Trubel: Isn't this a Wesen thing?
Nick: Yeah, well, I try to use the law at first when I can.
Josh: [He comes into the kitchen] Good morning.
Juliette: Hey, you want coffee?
Josh: Oh, yeah. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me stay here. Hey, Nick, you said you thought the guys who were in my dad's house were Hungjägers. Am I saying that right?
Trubel: Hund. Not Hung.
Josh: Right. Those are the same kind of Wesen that attacked me and my dad when we were out here. Look, I think I'm gonna have to go back home and deal with this however I can, but is there any way that I can learn more about this stuff before I go?
Nick: Yeah, I think there is. [He looks at Trubel]
Trubel: You cool with that?
Nick: If you are. [His phone rings and he answers] Monroe. Is there a name on the medical bracelet?

Scene: Trubel takes Josh to the trailer.

Josh: Wow, this place is incredible.
Trubel: Hey, wait till you see this. [She opens the weapons cabinet]
Josh: Oh, my God. Wait, you use all these?
Trubel: I've used a couple, but this is, like, the history of the Grimms, okay what they used.
Josh: Wow. [He reaches his hand out]
Trubel: Yeah. [She pulls Josh's hand back and closes the cabinet]
Josh: This is just like all the stuff my dad used to have in his basement.
Trubel: Everything that was your dad's is here now. Want to learn about Hundjägers? [She grabs the Hundjäger diary off a shelf] This is your best bet. Have a seat. There's a lot to learn.
Josh: Do you think I'll ever become like you and Nick?
Trubel: I don't know.
Josh: Let's hope for the best.
Trubel: Whatever that is.

Scene: Nick and Hank take the medical bracelet to the owner's house.

Hank: Mrs. Katsaros?
Sophia: Yes?
Nick: Detective Burkhardt. This is Detective Griffin.
Hank: Do you have a son named John?
Sophia: Yes. Is something wrong?
Nick: [He shows Sophia the medical bracelet] Is this his?
Sophia: Oh, my God. [She woges into an Indole Gentile and gasps] You're the Grimm.
Nick: I'm also a cop who's concerned that your son might be hurting others or get hurt himself.
[Sophia retracts]

Scene: Trubel reads a Hundjäger entry.

Trubel: "After dispatching three Hundjägers at the inn, I learned one of the most important lessons in hunting them... kill the women first." That makes sense. [She looks at Josh] What?
Josh: Well... what do you think my chances are if I go back?
Trubel: I don't know, Josh.
Josh: I have a life back there. What am I supposed to do, just go on the run for the rest of my life just because they think I have one of those keys?
Trubel: Look, I was on the run for years. It didn't do me any good until I stopped running. You might have to stop running.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to Sophia and George Katsaros about Kallikantzaroi.

George: Kallikantzaroi? I know it's possible, but it's rare, like Tay-Sachs disease in the Jewish population or sickle cell anemia in African-Americans.
Sophia: Only a very small population of Indole Gentile of Greek heritage are even susceptible.
George: John never showed any signs.
Sophia: He's a very sweet boy.
George: He's home every night.
Hank: Are you sure?
Nick: We found your son's medical bracelet in one of the homes that was attacked.
George: He must have been sneaking out at night. That would explain why he's been so tired.
Hank: Where is John now?
Sophia: He's performing with the St. Demetrios youth choir tonight.
Hank: Wait a minute. [He takes out his phone and shows the picture of the map he took at the precinct] The St. Demetrios here?
Sophia: Yes, that's our church. It's how we all keep in touch with our Greek heritage. People come from miles around.
Nick: Where's the choir performing tonight?
George: The Christmas concert and tree lighting at the church.
Sophia: We were just on our way there.
Nick: That doesn't give us much time.
Hank: Do you have a photo of John?
Sophia: Of course. [She gets up to grab a picture]
George: If I could talk to my son first, I—
Hank: Sir, he's not the only one. [Sophia hands him a picture of John] Thank you.

Scene: Monroe works on fixing some of the Christmas decorations.

Monroe: Just a spot of glue on your beard, my friend, and you'll be good as new.
Rosalee: [She comes into the room with her phone and Nick on speaker] It's Nick.
Monroe: Hey, did you catch the guy?
Nick: No, but we know where he is, and if we find him, we'll find the others.
Rosalee: What can we do?
Nick: We're gonna need a trap.

Scene: Nick and Hank go to a food truck selling fruitcake.

Nick: [Showing his badge] Portland PD. You got fruitcake?
Vendor: We do, right here in the truck. Best in town. You want a sample?
Hank: No.
Vendor: No?
Nick: We want the whole truck.

Scene: At the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, the youth choir sings.

[As the choir sings, three boys' eyes briefly glow green. Outside the church, Monroe and Rosalee lay a trap by making a trail of fruitcake leading from the front door of the church into the back of the food truck]
Monroe: I hope this works.
Rosalee: It better. It's already dark.
Monroe: Yeah, which means they'll be stinking up that choir room any second.
Rosalee: I hope nobody we know sees us. I don't want to have to explain what we're doing.
Monroe: We just-we just tell them we needed to be able to find our way back to the church.
[Inside, people listen as the choir continues to sing, and Nick and Hank spot John]
Nick: There he is. We got to get him out of here.
[John and the other two Indole Gentile boys suddenly step off the back of the stands]
Hank: Too late. Oh.
[The Kallikantzaroi start wreaking havoc as people scream]
Hank: Everyone!
Man: What the hell is going on?
Hank: Get back!
[There are crashes, and people continue screaming]
Hank: Everyone, back!
[One of the Kallikantzaroi brings down the Christmas tree]
Man 2: Get back, get back.
Man 3: Are you all right?
Woman: Enough of that!
Woman 2: Somebody!
[The Kallikantzaroi smell the fruitcake and follow the trail into the back of the truck]
Monroe: Okay, now. [He and Rosalee close the back of the truck]
Hank: [Coming out of the church] You get them all?
Monroe: We got three of them.
Rosalee: Let's hope that's all.
Hank: Get them out of here.
[People inside the church discuss what just happened]
Man 4: Anybody know who they were?
Woman 3: The tree is ruined.
Woman 4: They were all dressed up.
Man 5: My son's still here.
[The next morning, the parents of the kids, along with Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee, prepare to open the truck up]
George: How much longer do we have to wait?
Nick: It's been quiet for quite a while now.
Sophia: Are we sure this is over?
Monroe: Well, according to the book, once the sun comes up, they're supposed to return to their natural state for good.
Hank: Let's do it.
Mom: Oh, you're not going to arrest them, are you?
Dad: The town thinks it was just a practical joke.
Nick: Let them think that.
[The truck doors are opened as the Kallikantzaroi revert back to their human side]
Mom: [She sighs] Thank God. They're okay.
Rosalee: They look so innocent.
[One of the kids burps. Soon after, everyone starts leaving]
Monroe: You know, you're not gonna believe this. I kind of have a craving for some fruitcake. [He pulls some out of his pocket]
Hank: You saved some of that?
Monroe: It's not as bad as its reputation.
Nick: Hey, thanks for your help on this one. Listen, I think we've got a line on some of the people involved in burning the Wolfsangel and throwing the brick through the window. As soon as we've got anything, we'll let you know.
Monroe: All right, thank you. [He hands the fruitcake to Nick, and he and Rosalee get into their car]
Hank: You know, if you're not gonna eat that—
Nick: It's all yours. [He gives the fruitcake to Hank]

Scene: Wu sits at his desk looking at the Kallikantzaroi sketch. He then pulls out his Aswang drawing and compares them.

Scene: Nick arrives home and finds Trubel waiting on the porch.

Nick: You are up awfully early.
Trubel: I wanted to get an early start.
Nick: You going somewhere?
Trubel: Nick, I can't thank you enough. You saved my life. You're a Grimm again, and things are sort of back to normal, and you don't need me as much as you did.
Nick: Is this about Chavez?
Trubel: A little. I don't trust them, and I don't think it's right for me. Just let me finish, or I might not make it. Josh came here, and I heard his story. He wants to go back home. I don't think we should let him do that by himself.
Nick: You want to help Josh?
Trubel: Yeah, I think I should try. But, um, I can't, you know, say goodbye to everybody. Monroe and Rosalee and Hank But especially Juliette. [She begins tearing up]
Nick: Yeah, look. We're not going anywhere, and I think you should do whatever you want to do. And, you know, you can always come back. [Trubel hugs him]
Trubel: Heh.
Nick: How are you gonna get there?
Trubel: [She sniffles] We'll figure it out.
Nick: I think I have something that might help.
[He goes and opens up the garage where Marie's car is]
Nick: This was my Aunt Marie's.
[Nick, Trubel, and Josh walk into the garage]
Nick: This is what she brought the trailer here with. I didn't want to sell it, but this seems like a good way for it to move on.
Josh: I promise I'll take good care of it.
[Nick tosses the key to Josh, but Trubel intercepts]
Trubel: Uh-uh. First shift.
Nick: I wish there was something more I could give you.
Trubel: Nick, you gave me my life.
[Trubel and Josh drive away as Nick watches from the sidewalk and Juliette watches from her bedroom window. Juliette then walks into the bathroom to check the results of a pregnancy test]


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