Opening Quote: "It is not light that we need, but fire." – Frederick Douglass

Scene: Trubel watches as Nick holds Juliette's body in his arms, crying, when agents rush into the house.

[Some of the agents run up to Nick while others grab Trubel]
Trubel: No! No, get— What are you doing?
Nick: Wait— [He's pulled to his feet]
Trubel: Don't hurt him!
Nick: Trubel, run! [A drugged cloth is put over his face]
[Trubel is dragged out the door as Nick passes out]
Nick: [While passed out, he has multiple dreams, starting with some of the happy times with Juliette. He then dreams about Juliette's funeral, and when he returns home after the funeral, he sees his mom's head inside a floating box. Suddenly, there are two boxes and heads floating, and then a coffin appears on the kitchen table, followed by a second one on the floor. Suddenly, many boxes appear around the room. As he looks around, he now only sees one box floating with his mom's head in it. As he looks at the head, the eyes suddenly open and blink. He then wakes up as his cell phone rings and buzzes. He sits up, remembering that Trubel was taken as he was passing out. He then stands up and goes to the bottom of the stairs] Trubel? [He answers his phone] Hank.
Hank: Nick, just checking in on you. I'm heading in.
Nick: There were a lot of them. They must have drugged me or something.
Hank: Where are you?
Nick: At home. Juliette's dead.
Hank: What?
Nick: Juliette's dead. They took Trubel.
Hank: All right, Nick, stay there. I'm on my way.
[Nick hangs up and looks at the spot where Juliette's body was. Flashback of Juliette attacking Nick in "Cry Havoc" and flashback of Nick catching Juliette as she falls to the ground after being shot by Trubel in "Cry Havoc"]

Scene: Rosalee goes into the kitchen as Monroe pours coffee.

Monroe: Hey, I was trying to let you sleep.
Rosalee: I know. Thanks, but my brain wouldn't shut off. Wouldn't even slow down.
Monroe: [He kisses Rosalee on the cheek] I know. There's a little too much going on. What am I saying? There's a lot too much going on.
Rosalee: I was thinking, you know, Nick's gonna need a lot of help. Adalind's gonna have that baby sooner than later, and...
Monroe: And what? [His phone rings] It's Nick. [He answers and puts the phone on speaker] Hey, Nick. How are—
Nick: Have you seen Trubel?
Monroe: No. Are you okay?
Nick: When was the last time you saw her?
Monroe: Last night. We left her at Bud's. What's wrong?
Nick: Juliette's dead.
Rosalee: What?
Nick: They took her body. They grabbed Trubel. They took my mom's head. I don't know what the hell's going on. I'll call you back. [He hangs up as he heads upstairs]
Rosalee: Juliette's dead?
Monroe: What the hell?

Scene: Nick goes to Trubel's room trying to figure out where she could be.

Nick: [He looks around the room, panting, as he tries to think] She was hiding. She went to the trailer. [Flashback of Trubel telling him about getting kidnapped by Chavez in "Dyin' on a Prayer"] It's Chavez.
Hank: [Calling from downstairs] Nick.
Nick: It's Chavez. [He heads downstairs]
Hank: Nick. Nick, what happened?
Nick: Juliette was here last night, trying to kill me. She would have, too, but Trubel shot her.
Hank: Trubel killed Juliette?
Nick: Yeah, with the crossbow, before she could kill me.
Hank: Oh, my God. Juliette's dead?
Nick: I was holding her when she died.
Hank: I thought you said she got on the helicopter.
Nick: No, I saw her heading to the helicopter. I never saw her get on it. Hank, she's dead. I was holding her in my arms—
Hank: Okay, okay. Nick, Nick, Nick. Just take it easy.
Nick: Then we got hit. They came in from everywhere.
Hank: Who?
Nick: I don't know. But it was professional. They grabbed Trubel. I tried to stop them. They drugged me. When I woke up, Juliette's body was gone and my mom's head. They took everything, even the crossbow.
Hank: Why?
Nick: So there'd be no evidence of what they did or that Trubel was ever here.
Hank: Was it the Royals?
Nick: No, it wasn't the Royals. If it was the Royals, I'd be dead right now.
Hank: Okay, then who?
Nick: Chavez.
Hank: The FBI agent? That Chavez?
Nick: That's the only thing that makes sense.
Hank: Well, none of this is making much sense right now.
Nick: She abducted Trubel once before.
Hank: What the hell?
Nick: To see if she was a Grimm.
Hank: But what does she want with a Grimm?
Nick: Trubel told me that Chavez is part of a secret government group that wanted to use her to help them go after Wesen.
Hank: But if they wanted a Grimm, why didn't they take you too?
Nick: Chavez doesn't know about me. When she was investigating Weston Steward shooting the Captain, I wasn't a Grimm. And they saw one of the books from the trailer in Trubel's room.
Hank: All right, h-h-how did they even know Trubel was here now?
Nick: They must have been tracking her or waiting for her to show up. I don't know, but they knew.
Hank: All right, Nick, I need you to slow down.
Nick: I need you to find out everything you can about Chavez.
Hank: All right, what are you gonna do?
Nick: I'm going after her.
Hank: Hold on, wait. Wait. Wait! You do realize you're talking about going after an FBI agent?
Nick: She's Wesen. I'm taking her down. [He leaves]

Scene: Meacham and Pogue update Renard on the Jack the Ripper case.

Pogue: Captain, got good news. We think we got our Jack the Ripper.
Renard: When?
Meacham: Call came in last night. Found a body in a warehouse in Northwest Industrial.
Renard: [Pogue hands him a case file] You got an I.D.?
Pogue: Yeah, Kenneth Alun Goderich Bowes-Lyon, presently holding a passport from Luxembourg, so the accent probably fits.
Meacham: And we found the murder weapon on him. Lab's got it now.
Renard: What happened to him?
Meacham: Remember the last girl that got attacked and was rescued by the three guys?
Pogue: Yeah, we're thinking they went vigilante.
Meacham: Interesting problem we got on this one: a lawyer from Austria is already making inquiries about having the body returned. Apparently he's some kind of royalty.
Pogue: If you care about that kind of thing.
Renard: Not really. Do what you need to wrap it up. [He hands the case file to Pogue]
Pogue: Okay.
Renard: Hey. Good work.
[Meacham and Pogue leave]

Scene: Nick drives to Chavez' office.

[Flashback of Nick talking with Chavez in the interrogation room in "Thanks for the Memories". A car honks as Nick almost gets into an accident at an intersection, causing him to swerve]

Scene: Wu goes up to Hank at the precinct.

Wu: Hank, I need to talk to you about a 911 call that just came in.
Hank: All right, not now, but you need to hear this. [He and Wu go into Renard's office]
Renard: [On the phone] The description matched. We found the murder weapon on his body. I'm preparing a statement for release this afternoon. Yes, of course, we'll continue our search for the vigilantes who killed him. Thank you, Mr. Mayor. [He hangs up] What's wrong?
Hank: Nick has gone off the deep end.
Renard: How?
Hank: He's going after Chavez, the FBI agent.
Wu: What?
Renard: Why?
Hank: He thinks she took Trubel.
Wu: From Bud's house?
Hank: No, from Nick's. Trubel came back to his house last night. Juliette was there.
Wu: How could she be there if she got on that helicopter?
Hank: That's what I thought too. But she didn't. She came back to kill Nick. At least that's what Nick told me.
Renard: Where's Juliette now?
Hank: She's dead.
Wu: Nick killed Juliette?
Hank: No. Trubel did.
Renard: All right, let me see if I got this straight. Juliette does not get on that helicopter with the Royals. Instead she goes over to Nick's house and tries to kill him? But then Trubel shows up and kills Juliette instead. And then Agent Chavez of the FBI arrives and takes Trubel away?
Hank: Along with Juliette's dead body and his mother's head.
Wu: Why would Chavez do that?
Hank: To cover it up.
Wu: What was Nick doing during all this time?
Hank: Sorry, I left out the part where they burst into his house and drugged him. Nick is convinced that Chavez is behind it all. He's gonna take her down. His words, not mine.

Scene: Chavez talks with Rosten and Brady about a case.

Brady: Hanford has extensive outdoor experience. Now, there was a possible sighting two days ago in The Dalles.
Chavez: Credible? [She is brought a note]
Rosten: Off-duty police officer was buying beer, thought he recognized the face, but didn't put it together till later that night.
Chavez: Follow up. [She leaves the room]
Agent: We've got a Detective Burkhardt, Portland Police, says he needs to see you.
Chavez: Send him up.

Scene: Hank, Renard, and Wu continue talking about Nick.

Renard: If Nick was drugged, do you believe what he's saying?
Hank: I don't know what happened there last night.
Wu: Well, this may not be the best time to bring it up, but a 911 call just came in. Two bodies were found across the street from Nick's house. Looks like a home invasion.
Renard: Across the street from his house?
Wu: Yes, sir. Directly. Officers are en route.
Hank: Do you think this is connected to what happened?
Renard: It has to be.
Hank: Nick wants us to run a background on Chavez.
Wu: A little dicey doing a background on an FBI agent.
Renard: I don't want any connection to this precinct. If you do it, don't do it here. But I suggest you find Nick first.

Scene: Nick meets with Chavez in her office.

Chavez: What can I do for you, Detective? Do we have an investigation in common?
Nick: No.
Chavez: So what do you need?
Nick: I need you to tell me where Theresa Rubel is.
Chavez: Theresa Rubel. Isn't that the young woman who was staying in your house?
Nick: You know exactly who she is. You took her from my house last night!
Chavez: I don't know what you're talking about, Detective. Are you saying she was kidnapped?
Nick: Where is she?
Chavez: I'm not sure I understand where you're going with this.
Nick: [He raises his voice] You took Trubel. You took Juliette's body. You took my mother's head. Where did you take them?
Chavez: Excuse me?
Nick: You know exactly what I'm talking about.
Chavez: I'm sorry, Detective, I don't.
Nick: I know you're involved in some secret government organization.
Chavez: I don't know what you think you're doing here, but you better get out of my office before you find yourself under arrest.
[Rosten and other agents come into the office]
Nick: You're Wesen, and I know it.
Agent: Let's go.
Nick: Tell me where she is! [Two agents take him out of the office]
Chavez: Escort him out of the building. If he resists, arrest him.
Nick: You know who I am! Get off! Get off!
Agent: Let's go!
Rosten: He sounds crazy.
Chavez: He is.

Scene: Wu walks up to Hank at his desk.

Wu: I just talked to the coroner. No bodies have been brought in matching Trubel's description or Juliette's. I mean, I know she turned into a crazed Hexenbiest killer, but I always hoped that somehow she'd come around.
Hank: Yeah, didn't we all?
Wu: Also, no heads in a box.
Hank: Well, I guess that's the good news.
Wu: There's more bad?
Hank: Another body was found in another house across the street from Nick's.
Wu: That makes three.
Hank: It was been reported as a home invasion.
Wu: Don't suppose we can set them straight.
Hank: I saw those guys coming towards Nick's house just before we got out. At least we know where they were coming from. [His phone rings] It's Nick.
Wu: Finally.
Hank: [He answers] Where have you been?
Nick: Chavez knows.
Hank: You saw her?
Nick: Had a little chat.
Hank: Look, Nick, there's other stuff going on.
Nick: What did you find out about her?
Hank: Not much, but you got to come in here.
Nick: I need to know where Chavez lives.
Hank: Look, forget about her for a second and get in here. Three of your neighbors were killed last night.
Nick: What?
Hank: It has to be those guys I saw coming for us.
Nick: All right, I'm coming in.

Scene: Renard reads over the press release for the Jack the Ripper case.

Renard: The suspect's body, who we now believe is our Jack the Ripper copycat, was discovered late last night. [His office phone beeps and he answers] Yeah.
Woman: Special Agent Chavez from the FBI is on the phone for you.
Renard: I'll take it. [He sighs and answers] This is Captain Renard.
Chavez: Captain, I wish I had a better reason to call you.
Renard: What's the problem?
Chavez: Your Detective Burkhardt was in my office this morning. He made some accusations which lead me to believe he's under a lot of stress.
Renard: He's had some family problems recently.
Chavez: Yeah, well, I'm sorry to hear that, but his behavior in my office was unbalanced and threatening. We almost had to place him under arrest. I'd like to leave this in your hands, but if this happens again, it'll be out of my hands, and he will find himself in jail.
Renard: I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.
Chavez: Good.
[Renard hangs up]

Scene: Nick arrives at the precinct.

Nick: Who was killed?
Hank: Haven't got names yet. Two on the south-side corner house and one in the garage at the west-side corner house.
Nick: That must have been how they controlled the area to get to my mother.
Wu: Obviously the Royal Family wasn't worried about collateral damage.
Renard: [Walking out of his office] Hey, Nick. I need to see you in my office.
Nick: Yeah, I need to talk to you too. [He goes to Renard's office]
Renard: What are you doing?
Nick: What are you talking about?
Renard: You confronted Special Agent Chavez in her own office, with witnesses? What the hell were you thinking?
Nick: Captain, you don't understand—
Renard: Maybe I do, maybe I don't, but you might get yourself arrested on federal charges if you don't stop what you're doing.
Nick: Chavez is part of a secret government organization.
Renard: What organization, Nick?
Nick: I don't know. But that's what I'm trying to figure out. Last night, they took Juliette's body. They took Trubel—
Renard: Stop. I've been told. We're gonna look into it.
Nick: You don't believe me?
Renard: [He sighs] A lot has happened, and you have to take some time.
Nick: No, I don't need time—
Renard: This is not a suggestion.
Nick: Are you suspending me?
Renard: No, I am telling you to take some time. Now, if you don't, then I will suspend you.
Nick: Captain, you don't understand what Chavez—
Renard: Enough. You go near her again, and you'll be facing a lot more than a suspension.
Hank: [Watching as Nick leaves the office] That didn't go well. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hold on. Slow down.
Nick: I've been ordered to take some time off.
Hank: Well, you have been going through a lot. That wouldn't be a bad idea.
Nick: How can I take time when I know what's going on?
Hank: Hey, listen, man. Listen, we just want to help.
Nick: [He scoffs] You don't believe me either. [He walks away]
Wu: [Walking up to Hank] Now what?
Hank: Got to get some help.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee arrive at the spice shop.

[Monroe flips the sign on the door to say they're open and Rosalee flips it back]
Monroe: What are you doing?
Rosalee: What do you mean what am I doing? I'm opening up the shop.
Monroe: I already did that. You just made us closed again.
Rosalee: I did? [She looks at the sign] Oh. [She flips the sign and sighs] I don't think I can focus on spice and tea. I mean, Juliette's dead, and somebody took Trubel. How did this happen just since last night?
Monroe: Look, obviously we're only getting part of the story. I mean, Nick was way fried when he called. So I think we're just gonna have to, you know, take all this with a very large grain of salt.
Rosalee: If Juliette's dead, Juliette's dead. Nick wouldn't just make that up, and he certainly wouldn't call and tell us that if it's not true.
Monroe: Okay, look, the last thing we knew, she was getting on that helicopter.
Rosalee: Oh, my God. The helicopter crashed.
Monroe: No, he didn't say anything about a helicopter. He just said they took her body.
Rosalee: Who? Who took her body?
Monroe: I assume whoever killed her. Unless she died of natural causes, which is highly unlikely considering what she was at the end.
Rosalee: So whoever killed her took her body and Trubel?
Monroe: And his mom's head.
Rosalee: This does not make any sense. They just all happened to be in the same place at the same time, like some sick scavenger hunt?
Monroe: [His phone rings] It's Hank. [He answers and puts the phone on speaker] Hank, what the hell is going on?
Rosalee: Have you talked to Nick?
Hank: Oh, yeah.
Monroe: That doesn't sound like a very good "Oh, yeah."
Hank: It's not.
Rosalee: Is Juliette really dead?
Hank: I think so, but I'm not sure about anything anymore. Are you guys at the shop?
Rosalee: Yes.
Hank: Wu and I are coming over. We need your help.

Scene: Nick searches DMV records from his house to get Chavez' address.

[After writing down the address, Nick gets ready to leave when he hears a creaking sound and Juliette upstairs]
Juliette: Nick.
Nick: Juliette? [He runs upstairs]
Juliette: Nick.
Nick: [He goes into his room] Juliette! [He looks around the room, realizes no one is there, and starts crying. He then takes a deep breathe] I can't do this. I can't do this. [He leaves]

Scene: Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, and Wu go down to the basement of the spice shop.

Monroe: Wait a minute. If he didn't see this FBI agent at his house, how can he be so sure it's her?
Hank: [While trying to call Nick] Because nothing else makes sense to him right now. But I'm not sure anything else makes sense right now. And he's not answering. [He hangs up]
Wu: Well, the least we can do for Nick is find out what we can about Chavez. We just can't do it at the precinct.
Rosalee: They took Juliette's body? He can't even bury her? This is just horrible.
Monroe: Well, Nick dying would have been horrible too.
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: Not to speak ill of the dead. I'm just saying better Juliette than Nick. I mean, you know, if it had to be one of them.
Rosalee: None of this was Juliette's fault. She didn't become a Hexenbiest because she wanted to.
Wu: Well, she did sort of embrace it once she did.
Hank: And Juliette was trying to kill him.
Rosalee: That is not what I'm saying. We were all a part of what happened to her. She was trying to do what she thought was right for Nick, what we all thought was right.
Monroe: Honey, she knew there were risks, and—
Rosalee: That doesn't mean she gets all the blame.
Hank: No, look, nobody's saying that. It's just a bad deal all around.
Rosalee: Yeah. I just... I was starting to miss the old Juliette, and now this has happened, and it just-it feels-it feels so final, you know? I just wish I'd had a chance to say some kind of goodbye.
Monroe: Look, you guys, the point is, he feels responsible for Trubel, if she's even still alive. So it makes sense, you know? He's grasping at whatever straw he can find.
Wu: Got some stuff on Chavez.
Hank: What?
Wu: Chavez has an exemplary record with the bureau. Five years ago, she was given the FBI Award for Meritorious Achievement.
Hank: Got an address?
Wu: I do. In Eastmoreland.
Hank: I better get over there before he decides to do something stupid.
Monroe: You know what? Let me go. It'll be less official.
Rosalee: You want me to go with you?
Monroe: No, I should probably do this alone. Besides, he might not even be there. [He leaves]
Hank: And how do we find out about this secret government agency that's supposedly interested in Grimms?
Wu: Uh, probably not on the Internet.
Rosalee: Maybe the Wesen Council knows something, although I doubt they'd tell me if they did. Trubel told Nick that Chavez is involved with this group, right?
Hank: Yeah.
Rosalee: Well, Chavez is the only name we've got.
Wu: Then we keep digging.

Scene: Chavez arrives at a secret prison-like location.

Chavez: [She walks down to the end of a corridor and opens the slit in one of the cell doors. Someone or something runs, screaming towards the door, so she closes the slit] Any changes?
Meisner: Not for the better.
Chavez: We're playing with fire.
Meisner: We're going to need fire.

Scene: Nick stops in front of Chavez' house before driving down the street to park, and he's met by Monroe.

Monroe: Dude, you need to answer your phone.
Nick: What are you doing here?
Monroe: I just-I came to see if, you know, you needed any help.
Nick: No, I don't. So thanks.
Monroe: Nick, seriously, what are you gonna do? I mean, I realize you don't have to answer me, but don't forget I helped you into this world, okay? I've known you as a Grimm longer than anyone. So if anybody's gonna believe you, it's gonna be me, okay? We've been through a lot together, and I don't want to see you do something, you know, without me if you really need me.
Nick: I appreciate that, but you can't be part of this, not until I'm sure. Now get out of here.
Monroe: Nick—
Nick: Get out of here! [He walks to Chavez' house and goes around the back]

Scene: Bud brings breakfast to Adalind.

Bud: I'm a little low on maple syrup, but I got plenty of raspberry jam, which, you know, a lot of people prefer. I'm not one of them.
Adalind: Anything is fine, thanks.
Bud: Yeah. Look, you can't dwell on what you hoped was gonna happen with Diana. I mean, Nick really tried.
Adalind: I know.
Bud: And-and don't forget, you're not just eating for one. I mean, this is my family's recipe. And believe me, you haven't lived until you've had—
Adalind: Bud!
Bud: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to oversell. You just eat-or not. I'll just shut up.
Adalind: The baby.
Bud: What-what about the baby?
Adalind: It feels a little uncomfortable.
Bud: Uh, like-like-like what?
Adalind: Like-like he's starting to...
Bud: He's starting to... He's starting to—
Adalind: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He's coming.
Bud: I got to call Nick!
Adalind: No, you're not calling anybody. You're getting me to the hospital. Get the car.
Bud: Okay.
Adalind: Now!
Bud: All right, okay! Get the car! I'll get the car! I'll get the car!
[Adalind gasps in pain]

Scene: Wu, Hank, and Rosalee look up more information on Chavez.

Wu: Okay, Chavez graduated with a degree in criminology and did the Quantico training.
Hank: That's normal. That's what she should be doing.
Rosalee: We have to look beyond normal.
Hank: We have to find someone or something that ties her into this group.
[Monroe walks downstairs]
Rosalee: Hey, did you find him?
Monroe: Oh, yeah.
Hank: At Chavez' house?
Monroe: He was there. And he didn't want me involved. So whatever he's doing, he's doing on his own. I don't know. But this is getting real serious real fast.

Scene: Chavez arrives home.

[Chavez goes inside and goes to her room. She opens her closet door and looks in the mirror, where she notices Nick behind her. They briefly fight, and Nick pins her against the mirror]
Nick: I know you're Wesen. I'm a Grimm.
[Chavez woges]
Nick: That's all I needed. [He punches Chavez, knocking her out]

Scene: Wu, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee find information on Chavez' parents.

Rosalee: Here's something about her parents: they were both in the diplomatic service. Looks like her schooling took place wherever they were stationed.
Monroe: Well, that would put her in contact with all kinds of people.
Rosalee: Until they were killed in a terrorist attack in Beirut. She was a senior in high school.
Wu: Good motivation to join the FBI, but it doesn't explain what's going on now.
[The phone rings upstairs]
Rosalee: I'll get it. [She runs upstairs and answers] Spice and Tea. Nick? Where are you? Oh, here? Okay, I'll unlock it. [She hangs up] Nick's here! The back door! [She opens the door] Oh, my God.
[Nick enters with Chavez, whose hands are handcuffed behind her back. Monroe, Wu, and Hank come upstairs]
Hank: You kidnapped Chavez?
Monroe: And brought her here?
Nick: Lock the door.
[They all go downstairs and Nick puts Chavez in a chair]
Hank: What have you done?
Nick: She's Wesen, just like Trubel said.
Monroe: What is she?
Nick: Steinadler. Who the hell are you working for?
Chavez: You made a big mistake, Burkhardt.
Nick: The only mistake I made was not doing anything about you when Trubel told me what you did. You tried to recruit her once before. You threatened her if she told me. Well, guess what. She told me. [He grabs a Grimm diary off of a shelf] You saw one of these books in my house. You thought it was hers. It was mine. If you were looking for a Grimm, it's me, not her.
Wu: Wait. I saw the same book in her room. I left it on her bed. Somebody moved it.
Hank: That's why you came to the precinct, to talk to him. You weren't trying to find out about your fellow agent, Weston Steward. You wanted to find out if Nick was a Grimm.
Nick: Weston Steward was working for the Royals. That's why he shot Captain Renard. You ever figure that out?
Monroe: [He and Rosalee woge] You might want to think about coming clean.
Rosalee: Unless you killed Trubel. Then you really don't want to come clean. [She and Monroe retract]
Nick: You're not going anywhere until we get the truth.
Chavez: My life doesn't matter. There's too much at stake.
Wu: Well, somebody's gonna have to start trusting somebody.
Nick: [His phone rings] It's Bud.
Rosalee: Nick, you got to take it.
Nick: [He steps aside and answers] Bud, everything okay?
Bud: No, no!
[Adalind groans]
Bud: Adalind-Adalind went into labor. She's having your baby.
Nick: Now?
Bud: Yeah, yeah, yeah, now.
Nick: Where are you?
Bud: St. Joe's. You got to be here.
[Adalind groans]
Bud: Oh, Nick, Nick, it's happening. Hurry up!
Nick: [He hangs up] Adalind's in labor. Bud's at the hospital.
Monroe: Now?
Rosalee: Nick, you got to go.
[Nick looks at Chavez]
Monroe: Don't worry about her, man. She's not going anywhere.
[Nick and Rosalee leave]
Chavez: You all know he's a Grimm.
Wu: Oh, we do, and we don't like secrets very much.
Hank: I was thinking my partner had gone over the edge. I'm not thinking that anymore.

Scene: Nick and Rosalee arrive at the hospital.

Bud: Oh, I'm so glad you're here. It's all happened just so fast. I was just making her some food, and all of a sudden, the kid is knocking on the door. I mean, my wife never missed a meal to have a kid. It was always after eating.
Nick: She's in labor now?
Bud: Oh, yeah. It started in my car. Her water broke on-on the sidewalk. I didn't think w-we were gonna make it. [To a nurse] Uh, hi, this is Nick Burkhardt. He's the father of Adalind. No, no, I-I meant he's-he's-he's the father's baby. N-No, he-he's-he's the baby—
Nurse: I got it. You're the father.
Nick: Yes.
Nurse: She's in delivery now. Are you going in?
Nick: To the delivery room?
Rosalee: Of course you're going in. That's why you're here. I'll come with you.
Nurse: Let's go. [She leads Nick and Rosalee to the delivery room]
Bud: I'm so glad you didn't miss it. I was in for all of mine. It's really something to see. A-and hear, actually. The, uh, the language is something you're never gonna forget.
Rosalee: You okay?
Nick: I don't know. It's happening very fast.
Rosalee: Try not to deal with all that right now. Just concentrate on this. No matter what's happened, this child is going to need you.
Nick: And what about Adalind?
Rosalee: She's gonna need you too. It's gonna be awkward, but this kid comes first.
Nick: I'm not even sure I should be doing this.
Rosalee: Nick, listen to me. You're gonna be a dad. I know this is not how anybody thought this was gonna happen, but still, it's pretty special. And I think you're gonna be great at it. Monroe and I are gonna be there for you as much as we can.
[Adalind groans and screams]
Doctor: Come on. Push. You've got it. Just push. Come on.
Adalind: [She screams as she pushes] Nick, you're here. Oh! [She grabs on to Nick with one hand]
Doctor: You're doing good. It's going good. Just keep pushing.
Adalind: [She screams and breathes heavily] How much longer?
Doctor: You're doing fine. Just take a breath.
Nurse: Doctor, the heart rate's dropped from 160 to 120.
Doctor: Keep an eye on it. Okay Adalind.
Nurse: It's still dropping. Heart rate is 60. It's not rebounding.
Doctor: Get her on O2 now. Run fluids.
[Adalind moans]
Nurse: It's stopped.
Adalind: It's coming again.
Doctor: No, no, no, no. Don't push.
Nick: What's wrong?
Doctor: We've lost the baby's heartbeat. Get her on her side now.
Adalind: What's happening?
Nick: I don't know.
Doctor: Something's stressing the baby. We're gonna have to do an emergency C-section.
[Adalind whimpers as she is taken out of the room]
Doctor: Set up in OR two.

Scene: Hank, Wu, and Monroe continue questioning Chavez.

Hank: Truth is not always easy to come by in our business when you know what we know.
Chavez: No, it's not.
Wu: The evidence doesn't tell the whole truth.
Chavez: The whole truth would be terrifying for most people.
Monroe: Look, do you have Trubel or not?
Chavez: I can't say.
Hank: You just did.
Chavez: Maybe that's the best I can do.
Hank: Nick is not gonna let you go unless you tell him where she is.
Chavez: [Her phone buzzes] If I don't answer that, someone will start looking for me. And it won't be the FBI.
Hank: [He takes the phone out of Chavez' pocket] If I don't like anything you say, they can look all they want, but they'll never find you.
Chavez: Don't answer it. I need to send my thumbprint so they know it's me. [She sends her print after Hank takes the cuffs off her]
Monroe: Wait a minute; how do we know she didn't just send a distress signal?
Chavez: You don't. But somebody's got to start trusting somebody, right? [Her phone starts buzzing again and she answers] Yeah. I'm okay. I got delayed. I was wrong about Burkhardt. He is a Grimm. No, I'm positive. And I want to bring him in. Tonight.

Scene: Nick and Rosalee wait for an update on Adalind.

Voice on intercom: Specialist to the nursery. Any available lactation specialist, report to the nursery.
Nick: What the hell is taking so long?
Rosalee: I don't know, Nick. I wish I did.
Nick: I got to see if they're okay.
Rosalee: Nick, don't. There's nothing you can do.
Nick: [His phone rings, and he answers and puts the phone on speaker] Hank. I'm with Rosalee. You're on speaker.
Hank: How's it going?
Nick: I don't know. There's complications.
Hank: Sorry. Chavez wants to talk to you.
Nick: She tell you anything?
Hank: You need to talk to her. [He hands his phone to Chavez]
Chavez: This is your one chance to get the answers. You come with me, alone, and we leave in 20 minutes. After that, it'll be too late.
Rosalee: Nick, go. I'll stay with Adalind.
Nick: I'll meet you there. [He hangs up]
Rosalee: I'll call you as soon as I know something.
[Nick leaves]

Scene: Nick returns to the spice shop.

Monroe: Nick, I'm not so sure about this. She talked to somebody on the phone, and we didn't hear what they said.
Wu: He's right, Nick. This could all be a setup.
Monroe: She had to use her thumbprint to answer the phone.
Chavez: We're running out of time.
Nick: You took Trubel once and you let her go.
Chavez: I did.
Nick: Let's go. [He and Chavez leave]
Wu: [He sighs] Uh... we're just gonna do nothing?
Hank: For a couple of hours, yeah. That's about as long as my trust lasts.

Scene: Nick and Chavez pull up to a warehouse.

Chavez: Stop. We walk from here.
Nick: Wait. Who's in there?
Chavez: You wanted to find out who I'm working with. You're gonna find out.
Nick: Well, how many?
Chavez: I'm not sure. We're never all together in the same place. But things are happening. We have to be prepared.
Nick: For what?
Chavez: What's coming. I can't tell you any more. [She leads Nick inside the warehouse]
Nick: Are you sure they're here?
Chavez: They're here.
[Nick looks around with his flashlight]
Chavez: [She sees a body] Oh, God. [She gasps as she sees another body] Oh, no.
Nick: Who are they?
Chavez: Who we were meeting with.
[Nick hears heavy breathing]
Chavez: We have to go.
[Nick shoves Chavez out of the way as a man jumps down from above. The man attacks Nick while a Phansigar attacks Chavez. Chavez woges as a Balam double teams her. The man Nick is fighting then woges into a Gelumcaedus. Nick is eventually able to throw him to the ground, and he stabs him in the head with a rebar that he picks up. Chavez breaks the neck of the Phansigar, but the Balam claws her across her stomach. Nick starts running at the Balam and kicks it through a wall and then shoots another man running at him. He runs outside as the Balam and another man drive away. He sees a claw mark symbol on a wall and then goes back inside to check on Chavez who is sitting against a wall, hands covered in blood. Nick dials 911]
Chavez: Don't.
Nick: No, we need to get you to a hospital.
Chavez: You can't be tied to this.
Nick: [He hangs up] Where's Trubel? Where did you take her?
Chavez: [She sighs] They're coming here... to Portland.
Nick: Where is she?
Chavez: They're rising... everywhere. [She gasps as she takes Trubel's knight chess piece from her pocket and hands it to Nick] It's war. [She dies]
[Chavez' phone buzzes so Nick scans her thumbprint and answers]
Meisner: Where are you?
Nick: She's dead.
Meisner: Who is this?
Nick: The others were dead when we got here. Who is this?
Meisner: Keep the phone.
[Nick hangs up]

Scene: Nick returns to the hospital.

Rosalee: Baby's all right.
Nick: What about Adalind?
Rosalee: She's exhausted, but she's okay.
Nick: What happened?
Rosalee: The baby's arm was above his head. It was blocking him from coming out.
Nick: I can go in there, right?
Rosalee: Yeah, I think she'd like that.
Nick: Thanks for being here. [He exhales and goes to see Adalind and the baby] You okay?
Adalind: Better now. I wasn't sure you'd want to be here. I don't know. Maybe you don't want to be here. But at least you are here. Don't hate me anymore, Nick. For our son's sake, we can't be like we were. I don't want to raise him by myself. And he's as much of you as he is me.
Nick: I don't know if that's good on either side.
Adalind: Well, maybe he won't be like either one of us. I know I can't force you to be there for him.
Nick: I will be.
Adalind: Want to hold him?
[Nick hesitates]
Adalind: He won't break. [She hands the baby to Nick] I thought of a name for him.
Nick: Don't you think we should—
Adalind: Kelly.
Nick: [He looks at Adalind and pauses] Okay.

Scene: A backdrop of Portland is suddenly clawed, leaving the same claw mark symbol Nick saw at the warehouse.


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