Opening Quote: "We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell." – Oscar Wilde

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee look at footage of when Andrew Dixon was shot.

Nick: Look. Rachel looks up at where the shot was fired that killed Dixon.
Rosalee: She works on the campaign?
Nick: Yeah. Media relations, but watch this. She doesn't react quickly enough to the gun shot.
Hank: No way she could have missed that.
Nick: That's 'cause she knew it was coming.
Monroe: How did you guys put all this together?
Hank: Eve.
Nick: She's the one who found the assassin and put him in the hospital.
Rosalee: And the Captain killed the assassin which made him a hero, and now he's running for mayor.
Monroe: [He sighs] You know, I got to say, I never really completely trusted Renard.
Hank: We're still not sure what the Captain knew and when he knew it.
Rosalee: I'm guessing he knows now.
Nick: Eve believes Rachel is Black Claw. Eve found campaign posters for Renard in Rachel's house that were printed three days before Dixon was shot.
Monroe: Well, then this conspiracy theory ain't no theory.
Nick: Eve knew the Captain was going to announce his candidacy before he did.
Rosalee: Then he's with Black Claw?
Nick: Whatever side he's on, I think we have to be careful with what we tell him from now on.
Monroe: Yeah, no kidding. I mean, he already knows a hell of a lot about us.
Hank: All of us.
Rosalee: The one advantage we have, he doesn't know we know.
Monroe: So what do we think? Are we voting for him?
Hank: Well, the devil you know...
Monroe: [His phone rings and he answers] Hello.
Ian: Monroe, it's Ian Krieger.
Monroe: Hey, Ian. Thanks for calling me back. [To the others] It's my professor friend.
Nick: Oh, your friend you talked to about the cloth?
Ian: Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. I've been buried in a Mesopotamian project. You got something for me?
Monroe: I do, yeah. Hang on. [He puts the call on speaker] So, I came across this artifact. It's really old. It looks like some kind of cloth-like material with some kind of writing on it but it's so faded we can't make any of it out. I was hoping you might be able to take a look at it.
Ian: Where'd you find it?
Monroe: [He mutes the call] Where did I find it?
Rosalee: Uncle Felix.
Monroe: [He unmutes the call] Oh, um, I actually didn't find it. It was given to me in... Leipzig. My uncle Felix had it at his antiquarian book shop and it came along with some other ancient texts and the like. I inherited them after he died.
Ian: You think it's something significant?
Monroe: I do, yeah. I mean, we might as well take a look, right? I mean, you never know when you might find the next Shroud of Turin.
Ian: Well, we could try the image analyzer or isometric projection as well as infrared thermography. Uh, best time to bring it by the lab would be Thursday morning, ten-ish.
Monroe: That's great. We'll be there. Thank you so much. [He hangs up] Ugh, look. If anybody can figure this cloth out, it's Krieger.
Rosalee: Can we trust him with this?
Nick: Whatever we tell him, it's not gonna be the truth.
[The shop bell rings]
Rosalee: Somebody's in the shop.
[Everyone goes upstairs]
Rosalee: Eve.
Eve: Rosalee.
Rosalee: Everything okay?
Eve: Some things are. Others are not. Do you remember when Adalind became me and I became her?
Monroe: I'm pretty sure none of us will ever be able to un-remember that.
Hank: You're thinking about smoking that hat again?
Eve: Yes.
Rosalee: Oh, crap, you want to become Adalind again? Jul-I mean Eve, don't you realize—
Eve: Not Adalind.
Nick: Then who?
Eve: Sean Renard.
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: I'm sorry, is that even possible? I mean, you're so, like, not as tall, not to mention he's got other anatomical—
Eve: It hurts.
Hank: You've already done it?
Eve: I had to make sure it would work.
Nick: Why?
Eve: We need to know what he knows. The best way to do that is to be him so that I can ask the people who do know. But to do that, I'm going to need to know where he is so that I can be where he isn't.
Monroe: Oh, that makes sense. I mean, face-to-face would probably be not so good.
Eve: I'll need your help with this.
Nick: If we can, we'll help.
Eve: I'll call you when I'm ready. [She leaves]
Rosalee: Well, that is definitely not Juliette. Not the good one or the bad one. I mean, my God, just thinking about her little body turning into Renard's, I'm gonna have to get that out of my head.
Monroe: Yeah, good luck with that.

Scene: Dwight Eleazar hosts a tent revival.

[Everyone claps as a gospel song is sung by four women]
Dwight: Thank you, sisters. Do you feel the love?
Audience: Yes.
Dwight: You feel it in your hearts?
Audience: Yes.
Dwight: Do you feel it in your souls?
Audience: Yes.
Dwight: Well, I don't.
[The audience murmurs]
Dwight: Not yet. I see a lot of good here tonight, but I know that there's also evil here with us. Evil that can't be seen, because I know that wherever we go, Satan follows.
Audience Member: That's right.
Dwight: And he is here with us right now.
Audience: No!
Dwight: Yep. He's here right now.
Audience: No!
Dwight: And make no mistake about it. What he wants is your immortal soul.
Audience: No!
Dwight: He does. Satan, come on out. You can't hide. Come on! Come into me. I'm not afraid. You leave these souls alone. Their sins, whatever they were, are now mine. Satan, you come into me right now. Satan, I command you to come out of them and come into me. Their sins... are now my sins. [He falls to one knee as the audience gasps. He stands back up] Oh! [He woges into a Furis Rubian]
[The audience gasps and Benjamin McCullough secretly films Dwight on his phone. The audience starts screaming as Dwight flails around]
Dwight: Out! Out with you, Satan. [He spreads his arms and retracts]
[The audience cheers and applauds]
Dwight: The evil has been defeated, and our sins have gone with him.
[Benjamin gets up and heads towards the exit, and Luke, one of Dwight's bodyguards goes to stop him]
Dwight: Can you feel the weight lifted?
Audience: Yes.
Luke: Were you just shooting photos?
[Benjamin goes around Luke and exits the tent, so Luke signals the other guards]
Dwight: Entering your hearts.
Audience: Yes!
Luke: [He follows Benjamin outside the tent] Hey! There's no shooting pictures inside.
Benjamin: I wasn't shooting pictures.
Luke: Let me see your phone.
Benjamin: Yeah, right. Get a warrant.
Luke: [He grabs Benjamin's shoulder] Give me your phone.
Benjamin: All right, take it easy. You want to see my phone? I'll give you my phone. [He tries to punch Luke, but Luke dodges]
[Luke then punches Benjamin in the face and Benjamin shoves Luke, causing him to fall on his back and hit his head, killing him. Benjamin runs as two other guards come out of the tent]
Mark: [He runs up to Luke] Hey, Luke. Luke! [He checks Luke's pulse. He sees Benjamin running. To the other guard] Get him!
[The other guard starts to go after Benjamin, but Benjamin escapes in a car]
John: [To Mark] Is he okay?
Mark: No. He's dead. [He calls 911]

Scene: Nick and Hank meet Wu at the tent revival.

Hank: What is this, some kind of circus?
Wu: I think that depends on what you believe.
Nick: Is this a tent revival?
Wu: Dwight Eleazar presiding. Apparently there was a meeting earlier tonight. Somebody was caught taking pictures inside the tent which is prohibited. There was an altercation outside, and the victim, one of the guards employed by the Eleazar Foundation, died. Cracked his skull on a rock. Who hit who first is unknown.
Hank: Any witnesses?
Wu: A couple of the other guards saw the end of the fight. That is them. One ran after the assailant who then got into a waiting car which apparently sped away real fast but, out of state, maybe Arizona and a possible make on the car.
[They arrive at Luke's body]
Nick: Let's get a BOLO.
Wu: Yeah.
Hank: What do you know about him?
Wu: Luke Virkler, age 39. Home address is St. Louis, Missouri. Employed as part of the preacher's security team for the last three years.
Nick: Does Luke know his killer?
Wu: Not according to Mark and John.
Hank: Mark, Luke, and John? Really?
Wu: I'm just the messenger. And not from on high.
Nick: Well, I think we should figure out why they don't want anybody to take pictures.
Wu: Well, you can find the head honcho under the big top.
[Nick and Hank go over to Mark and John, looking for Dwight]
Nick: We're looking for Dwight Eleazar.
John: You're gonna get this guy, right?
Mark: He killed Luke. We saw it.
Hank: We'll do what we can.
[Mark and John lead Nick and Hank to Dwight]
Mark: Sir, the detectives are here.
Dwight: [To a prayer group] Thank you all. Good night.
Hank: Our apologies for interrupting. I'm Detective Griffin. This is Detective Burkhardt.
Dwight: Well, I'm devastated by what happened. Luke was a fine man, but evil is always with us. There's no avoiding it. I don't have to tell you two.
Hank: There was an altercation because someone was taking photographs of your service?
Dwight: Yeah, we don't allow that.
Nick: Why not?
Dwight: You don't know anything about me, do you?
Nick: I can't say that we do.
Dwight: Well, then I don't expect you to understand.
Hank: That's why we're here, for a little understanding.
Dwight: I'll try but you won't believe me. There can be no good without evil. But evil must first be confronted before it can be driven out. What I do is take the evil from those who come seeking salvation.
Nick: Where do you take it?
Dwight: Into my body. I let myself be possessed by Satan, and then I cast him out with my faith.
Nick: And you don't let people take pictures of that, why?
Dwight: What I do is dangerous. It's not a show, some performance to be cheapened on the Internet. People would just assume it's a trick.
Hank: You think the devil literally possesses you?
Dwight: You come and watch, and then you tell me Satan isn't real.
Nick: So why all the bodyguards?
Dwight: People see what happens to me, they get scared. Sometimes they attack. Look, I don't blame them. The devil is a frightening beast to confront.
Hank: How long will you be in Portland?
Dwight: Two days. Then we move on. Luke's death hangs heavy on my conscience. He died trying to protect us.
Nick: We'll let you know if we find anything.
Dwight: Thank you.

Scene: Benjamin McCullough arrives at a church.

Joan: If you have hope and faith in Him, you shall be delivered from your enemies. Fear nothing but the devil's treachery.
Benjamin: I have the proof.
Joan: Show us.
Benjamin: You were right. He is a devil and he's stealing money from the faithful. He must be put to death. [He shows everyone what he recorded on his phone]
Joan: Not if we can help it.
Benjamin: The devil lives inside him.
Joan: Then the devil must be driven out. For we are his only salvation.

Scene: Nick and Hank do background checks on Dwight's three bodyguards.

Hank: Pretty interesting. All of Dwight Eleazar's guards have had issue with the law. Car theft, vandalism, assault, disorderly conduct. Some did a little time, but all that seemed to stop when they started working for him.
Nick: Maybe they found a little salvation working for Dwight.
Hank: Second chances inspire loyalty.
Nick: I pulled up some newspaper articles. Seems like during Dwight's tent revivals, he actually gets possessed by the devil.
Hank: This happens a lot?
Nick: Apparently. Eyewitnesses are quoted as saying they've seen Dwight possessed by Satan and then casting him out.
Hank: But the devil gets thrown out again and again. It keeps coming back for more?
Nick: It does make you wonder about Satan's schedule.
Hank: If Satan has really teamed up with Dwight, I think the devil should be getting top billing and he's not even on the poster.
Nick: Oh, this is definitely something we want to see. Next show's tomorrow.
Hank: Devil, here we come.

Scene: Brenda Braxton hosts a mayoral debate between Renard and Steven Gallagher.

Brenda: Welcome to "Portland Tonight," and welcome to our two mayoral candidates, Steven Gallagher and Sean Renard.
Gallagher: Hello, Brenda. Good to be here.
Renard: Thank you for this opportunity.
Brenda: The polls show you two in a dead heat at the moment and it's been suggested that Sean Renard, having taken Andrew Dixon's place as the candidate, is counting on a sympathy vote.
Gallagher: We're all sympathetic to the tragic circumstances that lead to Mr. Renard becoming the candidate, but Mr. Renard is no Andrew Dixon. In fact, Mr. Renard has virtually no political experience at all.
Renard: Well, considering the current state of city government, I believe that this-this city needs new leadership, a new direction, and a new outlook.
Brenda: Let me ask you both about gun violence, because people in this city are scared about the proliferation of guns, but they're divided over gun control. So where do each of you stand on this polarizing issue?
Gallagher: Well, I don't carry a gun on a daily basis. I've never shot anyone, unlike my opponent, and since I don't own a gun I don't see how I ever could. My opponent obviously has much more experience with deadly weapons. Now, I'm not saying that we need to take away anyone's guns, but we do need tougher regulation.
[Nick arrives home as Adalind watches the debate on TV]
Renard: Look, Brenda, the answer is simple. We need to keep guns out of the hands of those who would use them to harm and kill innocent people.
Nick: What is this?
Adalind: Sort of a debate. I still can't believe he's running for mayor.
Gallagher: Andrew Dixon was shot by an assassin with a hand-made weapon, not purchased in a store. You were armed when he was shot and what good did that do?
Renard: Look, this-this is not an inquiry into Andrew—
Adalind: [She mutes the TV] I'm not sure he'd make a good mayor, you know, considering everything I know about him.
Nick: Yeah, that, and he's a Zauberbiest.
Adalind: Not really known for their altruism.
Nick: Not really.
Adalind: Have you told him where we live?
Nick: No. [He gets a beer from the fridge]
Adalind: You don't trust him, either.
Nick: Not always. And I'd like to know why he's doing this.
Adalind: More power. Zauberbiests and Hexenbiests find it very appealing.
Nick: Oh, you don't need to be a witch to want power.
Adalind: Probably not. Can I ask you a question about Diana?
Nick: Of course.
Adalind: You said you saw her get onto the helicopter with Juliette, but Juliette wasn't actually on the helicopter.
Nick: I made an assumption and I was wrong.
Adalind: So maybe Diana wasn't on it, either. Is there anything you could do to help find out where she is?
Nick: I can try, but it's not gonna be easy.
Adalind: Did Sean ever say anything about her?
Nick: Not to me.
[Adalind sighs]
Nick: What?
Adalind: It's just-seems like no matter how badly we want something to work, too many things we can't control are in the way.
Nick: [He and Adalind kiss] I'll find out what I can. [He and Adalind hug]

Scene: Renard talks to Rachel and Jeremiah after the debate.

Renard: How bad was I?
Rachel: For a first debate? Not so bad.
Jeremiah: We got our feet wet and we didn't drown.
Renard: I'll tell you, the whole time I was up there I kept thinking I was in the wrong place.
Rachel: You're wrong. You're going to win.
Jeremiah: Gallagher scored a few points, but now we know how he's gonna come after you.
Rachel: And next time, we know how to go after him.
Renard: [He looks at Gallagher] I was too nice.

Scene: Hank arrives at the precinct as Nick tries to find information on Diana.

Hank: You're at it early.
Nick: Adalind wanted me to find out whatever I can about Diana. She doesn't have any birth certificate that I know of. No social security number, no paper trail. It's like she doesn't exist.
Hank: If you're not in a database somewhere, you probably don't exist.
Wu: [He walks up] Hey, got a hit on the suspect's car registered to a Benjamin McCullough of Arizona parked in front of a small theater in Alberta.

Scene: Joan Vark talks with some members of her congregation in her church.

Joan: It has to be tonight. There's only one more service. They're leaving tomorrow.
Peter: We're not ready.
Joan: We will be. Make the contact tonight.
Benjamin: I can try but I'm not sure if he'll do it. It won't be easy for him.
Joan: [She grabs a small sack] Don't give him a choice. [She pours coins out of the sack into Benjamin's hands]
[Benjamin leaves with the sack of coins as the police pull up around him]
Wu: Benjamin McCullough.
Benjamin: What the hell?
Wu: You Benjamin McCullough?
Benjamin: Yes.
Hank: We need to see some identification.
Joan: [She comes out of the church] What are you doing?
Nick: Stay back. Do not interfere.
Hank: [He checks Benjamin's ID] It's him.
Wu: Any weapons you want to tell me about before I search you? I don't like surprises.
Benjamin: I don't have any weapons. I haven't done anything.
Wu: Turn around. Place your hands on the trunk of the car.
[Wu searches Benjamin]
Joan: I want to know what you think he did.
Wu: Cell phone. [He hands it to Nick] Sack of something heavy. [He hands the sack to Nick]
Nick: It's coins.
Benjamin: That belongs to her. It's her money. It's not mine. You can't take it.
Nick: We have yet to make that determination.
Joan: It's ours. We need it.
Nick: This is a murder investigation. Now unless you want to get arrested, too, I suggest you stay out of it.
Benjamin: Murder? What are you talking about?
Wu: Are these your car keys?
Benjamin: Yes.
Hank: [Wu tosses him the keys] All right, let's take him in.
Benjamin: I don't know what they're talking about.
Wu: Let's go. [He walks Benjamin to his patrol car]
Hank: Impound the car. Nobody touch the scene.
Joan: That money belongs to God.
Nick: Then all He or She has to do is prove it. [He gets into his and Hanks car, and they drive away]

Scene: Mark Nelson identifies Benjamin in a police lineup.

Mark: That's him.
Hank: What number?
Mark: Number five.
Nick: You're sure?
Mark: Positive. He's one of them.
Hank: One of who?
Mark: People like him trying to destroy Dwight. Dwight's saving lives from darkness.
Hank: What do you mean, try to destroy Dwight?
Mark: Dwight gets death threats wherever we go. Some people fear him, think he is the devil. He's not. He's a prophet. It's not right. Luke shouldn't have died from this.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu do background checks on Benjamin and Joan.

Hank: McCullough was born in Tempe, Arizona. Still carrying an Arizona license. Address in Flagstaff. Been arrested six times. Got a couple of GTA arrests in his late teens. Most recently, couple of robberies then nothing over the last three years.
Wu: Maybe that's when he got religion. I'm all for it if it stops them from doing the bad.
Hank: You got anything on the woman?
Nick: Joan Vark from Lockhart, Texas. Has a troubled past, too. Shoplifting, couple of assaults, drunk and disorderly, B and E, but that seems to have died down about seven years ago. Drivers license from Oregon, address in the Southeast.
Wu: Ow. [He grabs the back of his neck]
Hank: You all right?
Wu: Yeah, just muscle strain or something. I'll be fine.
Nick: Let's talk to McCullough.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk to Benjamin in an interrogation room.

Benjamin: I didn't know he died. How was I supposed to know that? He tried to take my cell phone. He attacked me. See this? This is where he hit me. I was just trying to leave. What I did was self-defense.
Hank: Why were you taking pictures of Dwight's service?
Benjamin: He's possessed by Satan. You got my cell phone. Just look at it if you don't believe me. Dwight Eleazar is tricking people and he's stealing their money in the name of God. That's the devil's work.
Hank: What were you planning on doing with the pictures you took?
Benjamin: The world needs to see the danger he is to all of us.
Nick: And what about the gold coins? Those are worth more than $12,000.
Benjamin: They belong to the church. I was taking them to the bank. You need to give those back.
Hank: What church are we talking about?
Benjamin: The Church of the Word of God.
Nick: And the came out and tried to stop us, she's part of that church too.
Benjamin: Yeah, it's hers. She's a true prophet. Dwight Eleazar is a disciple of the devil, so I don't know what you're gonna arrest me for. I hit that bodyguard in self-defense, and I'm sorry that he died, but he chose the wrong path.

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Wu watch the video of Dwight on Benjamin's phone.

Wu: If I saw this in person, I'd believe I was seeing the devil.
Hank: Me too.
Nick: Let's hope he's Wesen instead.
Hank: Wu, why don't you look a little deeper the Church of the Word of God and see what you can find.
Wu: Roger that.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee watch the footage of Dwight.

Monroe: That's a hell of a show, but it ain't the devil.
Nick: That's a woge, right?
Rosalee: Oh, yeah, definitely. A Furis Rubian. They've been mistaken for the devil since the beginning of time.
Monroe: And what's not so common knowledge is that the Pope actually had a couple of them chained up in the basement of St. Peter's Basilica in the dark ages which they would trot out through the countryside every now and then to put the fear of Hell into the populace. Alms went way up.
Rosalee: Ironically, Furis Rubians, not really that violent. Their look is far worse than their bite.
Monroe: But this guy, he's obviously woging to, like, convince people he's dealing with the devil on a first-person basis.
Hank: Dwight's doing it again today.
Nick: We're going.
Rosalee: I think we should go with you.
Monroe: Oh, yeah, this I got to see.

Scene: Wu finds out that Dwight and Joan used to be married.

Wu: Holy matrimony. [His vision gets blurry] Ow. [He grabs the back of his neck] Damn it. Ah, that's not right.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee check out Dwight's service.

Monroe: Wow. This guy's really good.
Rosalee: Yeah, this Furis Rubian is killing it.
Dwight: I command you. Leave this flesh and blood and return to hell where you belong.
Hank: If I didn't know what know, I'd be on my knees too.
[Dwight retracts and the audience cheers]
Monroe: I don't know. Kind of looks like he might actually be doing more good than harm.
Mark: [He checks his phone and leaves the tent. He meets with Joan and Peter] You got the money?
Joan: No, you'll get it after.
Mark: Ah, that wasn't the deal. I want it now. Right now.
Joan: The only way to save Dwight is through us.
Mark: And what if it goes wrong? He'll know I betrayed him. [He starts to walk away, but Joan grabs his arm]
Joan: If you don't help us, the devil will take him. Forever.
Mark: [He gets his arm free and starts to walk away] Get me the money or it's on you.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee leave the tent.

Monroe: So, do you think the people who work for Dwight know he's Wesen, or do they actually think he's possessed by the devil too?
Hank: Bodyguards we interrogated said that he was a prophet. I think they're believers. If Dwight gave instructions to harm anyone caught taking photographs, then he'd be culpable for what happened.
Rosalee: I think you're gonna have a little come-to-Grimm talk with this guy.
Nick: I want to talk to Mark first. See what Dwight's instructions were. Thanks for the help.
Rosalee: Yeah, anything else, just let us know.
Monroe: Wouldn't have missed it for anything. Lord have mercy. [He and Rosalee leave]
Hank: [He and Nick go talk to Mark] Mark.
Nick: We saw Dwight.
Mark: Believe me now?
Hank: We do.
Nick: So what does Dwight have you do if you catch somebody taking photos?
Mark: We stop them.
Hank: What if they don't want to be stopped?
Mark: No, that's not an option.
Nick: Is that what happened last night? Luke tried to stop McCullough?
Mark: Look, I didn't see what happened. I only saw what he did to Luke.
Nick: What happened to Luke could have been self-defense.
Hank: We need to talk to Dwight.
[Dwight and John walk up]
Mark: Sir.
Dwight: Hey, you came and saw.
Hank: We did.
Nick: We need to talk to you about that.
Dwight: Well, as you can see, I have nothing up my sleeve.
Hank: We still have a few questions about what happened last night.
Nick: We'd like to talk to you in private.
Dwight: Sure.
John: Sir.
Dwight: No, it's all right. I have nothing to hide from the police. [He, Nick, and Hank go into his trailer]
John: Did they arrest that guy?
Mark: Look, I don't know.
John: You pointed him out, didn't you?
Mark: Yeah.
John: He killed Luke. Why didn't they arrest him?
Mark: I don't know.
John: They better not let him go. I'll kill him myself.
Mark: Would you just shut up? Shut up. Go help start with the take-down.
[The scene shifts to inside the trailer]
Hank: Must be pretty tiring, what you're going through.
Dwight: Yeah, it takes a lot out of you.
Nick: You seem to have a pretty intimate relationship with Satan.
Dwight: Don't be facetious.
Nick: I'm not. But you do seem to have him at your beck and call.
Hank: Does make you wonder who's calling all the shots.
Dwight: What is it you want?
Nick: What possesses a Furis Rubian to become a preacher?
Hank: Is it just to save souls or is it about the money?
Dwight: I don't know what you're talking about, and I think—
Nick: You do know what I'm talking about, unless you haven't heard of a Dēcapitāre, or a Grimm.
Dwight: [He briefly woges before retracting] Yeah, I've heard of a Dēcapitāre, but I never thought I'd meet one. You're supposed to cut my head off, aren't you?
Nick: Do the people that work for you know you're Wesen?
Dwight: No.
Hank: So, it's just a show.
Dwight: I have a gift, and I use it to help people. They come to me beaten down, broken, full of guilt for the things they've done wrong and I take that guilt from them. Am I really possessed by the devil? No. But do I relieve them from their suffering? Yes, I do.
Nick: You've ordered your people to stop anyone from taking photos of what you do.
Dwight: Yeah, if anyone were to see it on a screen, they'd think what I do is fake.
Hank: How far does your order go? Does it include physical violence?
Dwight: No, I don't condone violence. My bodyguards have had more difficult lives. If someone gets physical with them, they respond. I don't think you can arrest me for what I do, unless you plan to arrest every minister, priest, or rabbi. As far as I know, dealing hope is not illegal, so...
Nick: One of your people was killed last night because of your order.
Dwight: I saved him from a life of sin, just like the others who work with me. Even if I were to tell them I was Wesen, they'd think it was a lie. They don't need me to tell them the devil is real. They've lived with him. So if you're gonna kill me, go ahead and do it. Get it over with. I won't stop you. I accept my fate. Otherwise, get out of my trailer, 'cause I have souls to save in Salem tomorrow night.
Hank: Thank you for your time. [He and Nick head towards the door]
Dwight: That's it?
Nick: We try not to judge. [He and Hank leave the trailer]
Hank: [He sighs] There's no way we can charge McCullough with anything. Without motives or witnesses, we've got nothing but self-defense, and Dwight's got a point. Who are we to tell somebody what they can and can't believe in? Maybe he is doing more good than harm.
Nick: Except for the guy who died.
Hank: [He scoffs] Well, none of us get out of here alive. [He gets into the car]

Scene: Eve uses her witch's hat to inhale the vapor from a Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester potion.

[Eve screams in pain as she changes into Renard]

Scene: Mark knocks on Dwight's trailer door.

Dwight: Who is it?
Mark: It's Mark, sir.
Dwight: Come on in.
[Mark goes inside]
Dwight: Yes, Mark, what do you want?
Mark: I've come to ask your forgiveness.
Dwight: Well, for what?
Mark: What I have to do to save you.
[Peter and two other men come into the trailer. Dwight starts to woge, but Peter hits Dwight, and knocks him out]
Mark: I shouldn't have done this.
[The men go to pick Dwight up]
Mark: No. I shouldn't have helped you.
Peter: Calm down. You did the right thing. You'll get your money. [He pushes Mark away]
Mark: Oh, God. What have I done? What have I done?

Scene: Nick and Hank talk about the motive of Joan, Benjamin, and the others at the Church of the Word of God.

Hank: If McCullough and Joan's Church of the Word of God don't know that Dwight is Wesen, and they really believe he was possessed by the devil, wouldn't they be trying to kill the devil?
Nick: Yeah, who carries around $12,000 worth of gold coins? That's not money you take to the market for food. That's blood money.
Hank: So, what do we do with McCullough?
Nick: Let's assume they're gonna make a move on Dwight. Say we give McCullough back his cell phone and his money. Turn him loose.
Hank: Yeah, let's follow the money. It always goes somewhere bad.
Nick: [His phone rings] It might be Eve. [He answers] Burkhardt.
Eve: [In Renard's voice] You know where Renard is?
Nick: Eve?
Eve: Yes. Is he there?
Nick: Uh, yeah, I'm looking at him.
Eve: Keep him busy for a couple of hours. I'll let you know what I find out. [She hangs up and walks towards Renard's house]
Hank: That her?
Nick: Sort of.
Wu: [He walks up] Glad you guys got back. I have a little tidbit of information. Took me a while go corroborate, but you might find it interesting. [He shows them a wedding photo of Dwight and Joan] Dwight Eleazar was married to Joan Vark seven years ago. It lasted a not-so-holy-matrimonious 15 months.
Hank: Who dumped whom?
Wu: According to the article, he had affairs with a couple parishioners. Joan said, I think I'm quoting her correctly, "The devil made him do it."
Nick: Let's pull the Captain in on this one. It'll keep him busy.

Scene: Nick and Hank talk with Renard in his office.

Renard: 12 gold coins. The devil, possession. It sounds Medieval.
Nick: Dwight's Wesen. A Furis Rubian.
Renard: I've never seen one.
Hank: They look like the devil.
Nick: There's not enough evidence to take McCullough to trial. But the woman who's running the church he's involved with used to be married to Dwight.
Hank: It didn't end well. We think she truly believes he's possessed by the devil.
Renard: So she doesn't know he's Wesen.
Nick: Probably not.
Renard: How do you want to handle this?
Hank: We want to turn McCullough loose with his gold coins and see what the money's for.
Nick: And because this is Wesen, we could use your help.
Renard: Well, let's turn him loose. See where he takes us.

Scene: Rachel arrives at Renard's house.

Eve: Glad you could come over.
Rachel: Glad you called.
Eve: There are a few things we need to discuss.
Rachel: [She sighs and takes off her coat] There always is. We can talk after.
Eve: After what?
Rachel: [She chuckles] Very funny. [She kisses who she thinks is Renard] It's been a brutal day. I really need this. [She takes Eve upstairs]

Scene: Joan and the others prepare to try to get the devil out of Dwight, as he is chained up.

Joan: I know you're in there, devil. I know you can hear me.
Dwight: Joan.
Joan: Don't try to trick me. It won't work.
Dwight: What are you doing?
Joan: Saving you.
Dwight: Joan. Please. You don't know what you're doing.
Joan: Don't listen to a word he says. It's the devil's words. Silence him.
Dwight: No! The devil is not in me! No! Joan! Joan! No! [A muzzle is put on him]

Scene: Nick, Hank, and Renard follow Benjamin to Dwight's tent revival location.

Nick: Yeah, he's heading for the tent. Maybe this is where he's delivering the money.
Renard: Why is he delivering money to Dwight from his ex-wife's church?
Hank: Ex-wives don't usually give money to ex-husbands. Then what's he doing?
Renard: Maybe the money is not for Dwight.
[Benjamin runs out of the tent and back to the taxi he arrived in]
Nick: Something's wrong.
Renard: Let's check it out.
[They go to the tent where they find Mark, dead, hanging with the sack of coins on the ground below him]

Scene: Rachel starts taking off her clothes.

Eve: Um, if I win, I need to know what they expect of me.
Rachel: When you win.
Eve: Yes, when. But who's in charge? I want to know who's behind all of this.
Rachel: [She takes off Eve's tie] Hey, you're getting a little nervous all of a sudden?
Eve: No, I just don't want any surprises.
Rachel: Well, a few surprises can be fun. [She pulls Eve's pants down to her ankles]
[Eve trips and falls onto the bed]
Rachel: You seem a little tense tonight.
Eve: No, I just have many questions...
[Rachel takes off her bra]
Eve: my mind.
Rachel: Well, we'll get around to those in a little while. [She puts Eve on her back and climbs on top of her]

Scene: Joan and the others heat up iron pokers in a fire.

Joan: Now we drive the devil back to hell.
[Everyone grabs one of the pokers and walks over to Dwight]
Joan: We know you are possessed of evil. We know, Dwight, you have no control over this. We are here to help you repel the beast inside you.
Benjamin: [He arrives in the church] He's dead.
Joan: Who?
Benjamin: Mark.
Joan: We gave him the money.
Benjamin: Yes, but the devil had already taken him. He made Mark do it. He made him hang himself.
Peter: Get the devil out. [He burns Dwight with the poker]
[Another man also burns Dwight and Dwight woges]
Joan: In the name of God, Satan, I command you, release him. Leave him, Satan! [She stabs Dwight with a poker]
[Dwight breaks free]
Man: No, no, no!
Woman: Look out, look out!
Joan: I am not afraid.
[Dwight takes the muzzle off]
Joan: You took my husband from me. I am not afraid of you.
[Dwight hits Joan across the face and is stabbed in the back by another poker. Dwight fights with everyone as Nick, Hank, and Renard arrive. Nick tackles Dwight to the ground and Hank helps Nick hold Dwight down]
Hank: Dwight, take it easy. Take it easy.
Nick: Calm down, Dwight. You're badly hurt.
[Dwight retracts]
Hank: We're losing him.
Joan: Is he gone? Is he gone? Dwight. I saw it, Dwight. You repelled the beast.
Dwight: [Weakly] Yes, you saved me.
Joan: I love you.
[Dwight dies]
Joan: Please, don't leave.
Benjamin: It's over.
Joan: Please don't go.
Benjamin: It's over. He's free.
Nick: Dwight might be, but none of you are.
Renard: You're under arrest for the kidnapping and murder of Dwight Eleazar.
Peter: We saved him.
Benjamin: Amen.
Renard: You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions.

Scene: Eve and Rachel lay in bed.

Rachel: It's all right.
Eve: This has never happened to me before.
Rachel: Don't worry about it. Let's, um... let's start with your questions.
Eve: Yes, okay.
Rachel: And we can try again. Like we did last time. [She woges]

Scene: Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee meet with Dr. Ian Krieger Thursday morning at 10ish about the writing on the cloth.

Nick: What's happening?
Ian: It divides the spectrum into bands. If there's anything there, we should get an image. Got some Aramaic here. And some form of Latin. I think what you got here is very, very old.
Rosalee: We do too.
Ian: So your uncle had this?
Monroe: You bet. Hidden in his attic for, you know, who knows how long.
Ian: Well, I wonder where he got it from. Let's up the thermal sensitivity. It appears to have been wrapped around something. I wonder what it says.
[Everyone leans in a little closer]

Scene: Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee go to the spice shop to try to translate what is on the cloth.

Rosalee: I don't think it's Classical Latin. It looks more like Archaic Latin. Spell out the letters of the most complete word.
Nick: Okay. Uh, M... I... P.
Rosalee: Oh, P in Archaic is R in Classical so that would be an MIR.
Nick: I can't make out the next letter. Maybe an A or an O.
Monroe: I think that's an A. Unless it's a P.
Rosalee: It can't be a P. Not with MIR.
Nick: The last three letters are L, V, M.
Rosalee: V would be U, so closest word to that is... Miraculum, which means—
Monroe: Miracle.
Nick: That would explain what happened to your arm. Sort of.
Rosalee: What's the next most complete word you've got?
Nick: Uh, P, but it looks more like a hook.
Rosalee: That is a P.
Nick: The next letter's E, and then P which is R.
Monroe: That's definitely an I. K, something, L, something, S. Something M.
Rosalee: There's only one word that could be. Periculosum.
Nick: What does that mean?
Rosalee: Hazardous, perilous, threatening. Dangerous.


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