Takeshi Himura

517-Takeshi Himura

517-Takeshi woged

Actor: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Gender: Male
Type: Inugami
Relationships: Jin Akagi, friend/client
Madoka Akagi, friend/client
Dead Madoka's father, best friend
Status: Living
Job: Lawyer

Takeshi Himura is an Inugami who appeared in "Inugami".



A lawyer by profession, Himura represented the Akagi family, and was Madoka's father's best friend. This was because the man had saved Himura's life, which, according to the code the Inugami lived by, meant a life debt, an unending service to and protection of the family. When, as a lawyer, he was unable to obtain appropriate justice for the death of the Akagi's son, Kuma, he resorted to the old ways. He kidnapped Brian Johnson and beheaded the young man, leaving him in a manner intended to ensure his soul never found peace. When Nick and Hank brought Jin Akagi in for questioning, he accompanied him and gave Nick and Hank a list of names of people who could verify where Jin was the night before. He later took Roger Voorhees and was about to complete the Inugami ritual, when Jin led Nick and Hank to the kill site and attempted to stop Himura by releasing him from his life debt. The lawyer, however, although unable to harm Akagi, refused to be stopped, and had to be physically taken down, first by Nick and then held at gunpoint by Hank, who arrested him.



  • In Japanese, the name Takeshi () means "military, martial," while the surname Himura comes from the Japanese words hi () and mura (), meaning "scarlet, dark red" and "town, village," respectively.

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