Opening Quote: "In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." – Carl Jung

Scene: Nick and Hank talk about how Nick should handle being the best man at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding since he is a Grimm.

Hank: Could be a really volatile situation. I think it's a big risk, and you'd be way outnumbered.
Nick: With no backup.
Hank: It's not as if you can be up front about this either.
Nick: I could go undercover.
Hank: I don't think you should go at all.
Nick: It shouldn't be this complicated.
Hank: Well, it is. You don't want to wind up killing Monroe and Rosalee's friends and family. I mean, a best man should really not be doing that.
Nick: Right. You're right. I'm just gonna have to tell Monroe it's too dangerous.
Hank: How do Wesen even know you're a Grimm?
Nick: I don't really know.
Hank: Maybe it's time you found out.

Scene: Adalind and Meisner arrive near the meeting location in Rafz, Switzerland.

Adalind: This is it?
Meisner: Close enough. Our contact will be meeting us.
Adalind: Then what?
Meisner: Then they'll get you and your child to safety.
Adalind: Is that even possible?
Meisner: The Resistance knows how important both of you are. Whoever they picked will be the best. Stay here. I'll return once I know it's safe.
Adalind: What if it isn't?
Meisner: I won't leave until I know it is.
Adalind: Please be careful.
[Meisner gets out of the car and goes into the forest]
Verrat Agent 1: [Watching Meisner from a distance through binoculars, he speaks in German] Have a visual. One male moving towards your position. Intercept.
[Two other Verrat agents hide behind a tree and in the bushes as Meisner approaches, but they suddenly lose sight of him. One of the agents approaches the area where they last saw Meisner, and Meisner jumps down from a tree and they start fighting. The other agents come up to help. Back at the car, Adalind notices an airplane flying low, and her door suddenly opens as two Verrat agents, including the one who spotted Meisner, hold her at gunpoint. Back in the forest, Meisner continues to fight the Verrat agents and easily defeats them. He then sees the low-flying airplane as well and rushes back to the car, but, upon arrival, he notices Adalind's door open and Adalind nowhere to be found, so he starts searching. Nearby, Adalind is brought back to the Verrat's van by the two agents]
Verrat Agent 2: [She opens the door. In German] Get in. Lets go— [She notices the driver and passenger are dead]
[Suddenly, the other Verrat agent has blood coming out of his mouth and he falls dead to the ground. The other agent pulls out a gun and is about to shoot Adalind, when the agent is stabbed from behind, causing the gun to go off in the air. The hooded assailant takes out the knife from the agent's back and goes around the van]
Meisner: [Running up] Adalind! [He notices the bodies] You did this?
[Adalind shakes her head]
Kelly: [Walking from around the van, removing her hood] I did. I'll take it from here.
[Kelly, Adalind, and Meisner walk to where the plane landed]
Kelly: Whoever planned this did a lousy job. The Verrat were here three hours ago.
Meisner: When did you get here?
Kelly: Fortunately before they did.
Adalind: Where are you taking me?
Kelly: We're gonna get in that plane. That's all you need to know for now.
Adalind: I want to know where I'm going!
Kelly: The Verrat know you're here, so there's gonna be more of them here soon. You want to stay? That's up to you. I'm leaving. [She walks ahead]
Adalind: I don't even know who she is.
Meisner: She just saved our lives. I think we can trust her.
[They arrive at the plane, the door is opened, and Kelly goes inside]
Kelly: We need to leave!
Pilot: Everything all right?
Kelly: No, the Verrat were here.
Pilot: Now?
Kelly: I said "were." Get us off the ground.
[The scene shifts outside the plane]
Meisner: Good luck.
Adalind: If it hadn't been for you, I'd have been dead a long time ago.
Kelly: Come on, let's go.
[Adalind kisses Meisner on the cheek and gets in the plane. The door of the plane is closed and Meisner walks away]
Kelly: Sit down. Get buckled in. Hold on to the baby. It's gonna be rough. Is it a girl?
Adalind: Yes.
[Kelly buckles in as the plane takes off. Meisner watches and then calls Renard]
Renard: Is it done?
Meisner: The plane just took off, but the Verrat were waiting for us. Fortunately, our contact was here first.
Renard: Anyone hurt?
Meisner: Six dead, all of them Verrat.
Renard: Who was the contact?
Meisner: I have no idea, but I'm glad she was on our side.
Renard: She?
Meisner: After seeing what she did to the Verrat, Adalind and the child are definitely in good hands.
Renard: Have you heard from Sebastien?
Meisner: I saw what prince Viktor did to him... it's how they got to us. But Sebastien made up for it. Without him, we would have never gotten this far. I doubt he's still alive.
Renard: I think it'd be best you disappear for a little while.
Meisner: I think that's a very good idea. [He hangs up]

Scene: Kelly stands up to look for supplies.

Kelly: There should be supplies for us. [She opens a large box] Yeah. Food, water, a few thousand Brazilian real. You'll be happy to see these. [She shows Adalind diapers and hands her one]
Adalind: Thank God. You're American. Are you working with the Resistance?
Kelly: The less we know about each other, the better. Keep your mind on your baby, and we'll do just fine.
Adalind: Look, I don't know who you are, and I have no idea if you know who I am, but I just delivered my baby in the middle of the woods, and we've been running for our lives ever since. I'm a little tired, I'm a little hungry, I'm very sore, and I've seen a lot of people killed, so I don't think it's too much to ask for a little conversation.
Kelly: I think you should probably change her diaper. [She goes to the cockpit] Where are we?
Pilot: At the moment, right about the middle of France.
Kelly: And where in Brazil are you taking us?
Pilot: I'm not supposed to tell you that.
Kelly: There are six dead Verrat back in that field who knew you were coming. Wherever you're taking us is probably no longer a secret. I suggest we don't find out.
Pilot: So much for São Paulo. I'm afraid there's no plan "B." I'll have to radio in.
Kelly: No, no. As long as we're on this plane, you don't talk to anybody but me. I don't trust anybody I'm not close enough to kill.
Pilot: All right. But we'll need to make a decision soon. In 30 minutes, we'll be off the continent.
Kelly: How far can we go in this thing?
Pilot: We have four extra tanks, so we have a long range. But if you have someplace in mind, now's the time to share it.

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee work on deciding what food to have at their wedding reception.

Monroe: I think all we have to do is ask when they R.S.V.P. If they want to go meatless, you know, and that way, we're not stuck with a bunch of extra eggplant casserole.
Rosalee: That's what we're serving as our vegetarian dish, eggplant casserole?
Monroe: No, no, that was just a for instance. You know, I was actually thinking more along the lines of, like, a red curry maybe with some zucchini and squash, whatever's in season.
[There's a knock at the door]
Monroe: I'll get it.
Rosalee: Hey, we still have to figure out the seating arrangements. I don't want to wind up with a Mauzhertz next to a Klaustreich.
[Monroe answers the door]
Nick: We need to talk.
Monroe: Who's dead?
Nick: Nobody. At least not yet. [He goes inside] Look, I got a problem.
Monroe: Rosalee, it's Nick. He's got a problem.
Nick: Sorry to interrupt, Rosalee, but this is kind of important.
Rosalee: [She comes into the room] Hey, Nick, what's wrong? What kind of case is it?
Nick: It's not a case.
Monroe: Really?
Nick: It's your wedding.
Monroe: What?
Nick: I can't be your best man.
[Monroe sighs and Rosalee mouths, "What?"]
Nick: I am honored that you asked me, but it's just too dangerous. Both of your families are gonna be there and, I assume, Wesen friends of yours. Now, what if one of them woged, saw that I'm a Grimm? I mean, you saw how your parents reacted. I don't want to hurt anybody, and I don't want anybody to get hurt because of me.
Rosalee: Our day would be ruined if you weren't there. Monroe and I would never have met without you.
Nick: And there's nothing I would want more than to be there, but I just don't know how to make that work.
Monroe: Sunglasses.
Rosalee: Yes.
Nick: I'm sorry, what?
Monroe: You wear sunglasses.
Nick: I don't see how that would help.
Monroe: It's your eyes.
Nick: My eyes?
Rosalee: It's how we know you're a Grimm after we woge.
Monroe: They turn black.
Rosalee: Not exactly black.
Monroe: No, you're right, actually. Black's too weak a word. It's more like infinite darkness. And we see ourselves reflected in that darkness. We see our true Wesen nature.
Rosalee: Took me a while to get used to that.
Nick: Really? You see that in my eyes?
Monroe: Yeah, it's actually very unsettling.
Rosalee: It explains why you get some of the reactions you do. You really didn't know this?
Nick: No, I... well, I guess I should've asked sooner.
Monroe: Do you have your sunglasses?
Nick: Uh, yeah.
Monroe: Put 'em on. Let's try it out.
[Nick puts his sunglasses on and Monroe and Rosalee woge]
Monroe: You see anything?
Nick: Yeah, you just—
Monroe: Not you.
Rosalee: No, nothing.
Monroe: Me neither. [He and Rosalee retract] There you go! Problem solved. [He laughs] Best man.
Rosalee: Whoo!

Scene: Kelly confirms the new location for the plane to go.

Pilot: You're sure this is what you want to do? Once we're over that water, there's no turning back.
Kelly: Do it. [She goes back to Adalind and the baby]
[The baby cries]
Adalind: It's okay, shh.
Kelly: The altitude's building pressure in her ears. If you rub just below them, she'll feel better.
Adalind: Uh, where?
Kelly: Just here. [She shows Adalind where to rub on herself]
Adalind: Okay. Okay. Okay.
Kelly: Not too hard.
[The baby stops crying]
Adalind: That worked.
Kelly: Not easy figuring out how to be a mother.
Adalind: Do you have children?
Kelly: My sister did.

Scene: Nick and Juliette fold laundry while talking about Nick potentially wearing sunglasses at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding.

Juliette: You really think sunglasses will be enough?
Nick: They said it works. They couldn't see me as a Grimm.
Juliette: Well, if the wedding's at night, don't you think you're gonna look a little strange? And what if you trip and they fall off?
Nick: This isn't helping.
Juliette: Sorry.
Nick: [He puts some clothes in his drawer and finds the engagement ring] Hm.
Juliette: Hmm. Still there.
Nick: Yeah. Still here.
Juliette: So am I, and when the time is right, we both know where to find it, but one wedding to worry about right now is enough, especially if you have to whack a few guests.

Scene: Gregor Danilov goes to see Viktor in his office.

[Danilov knocks]
Viktor: Come in.
Danilov: [He goes in] Sir, I would like—
Viktor: Shut up. Let me give it a shot. You feel awful and take full responsibility for failing to stop Adalind and her child from slipping from your grasp and getting away, despite the fact that we had intercepted communications from Resistance agents, which gave you sufficient time to disrupt their plans. Not only did you lose the Royal child and her mother, but Herr Meisner has managed to disappear, and we are left with another six dead Verrat. Did I leave anything out?
Danilov: I—
Viktor: No need to guess. Of course I left something out. Your services to the Royal Family are no longer required.
[Two men come into the room and woge into Hundjägers]
Danilov: But, sir...
Viktor: Auf Wiedersehen.
[The Hundjägers knock Danilov to the floor and kill him]

Scene: Adalind and Kelly chat on the plane.

Kelly: It's tough raising a baby when you're on the run.
Adalind: I guess I should thank you for saving our lives.
Kelly: Your life, maybe. The Royal Families would have never killed the child. They want it too badly.
Adalind: Not so much me, I guess.
Kelly: Plan on keeping her?
Adalind: Excuse me?
Kelly: As long as you have that child, they won't stop trying to find you.
Adalind: I won't let anyone take my child. They'll have to kill me first.
Kelly: Now you sound like a mother. When's the last time you slept?
Adalind: I don't know.
Kelly: Why don't you try to get some now? Come on, I can hold her. [She stands up and holds her arms out] We're on a plane. There's no place for me to go.
Adalind: Thank you. [She hands the baby to Kelly and goes to lay down]
Kelly: [Quietly to the baby] Hello. Hi. Gonna rest now. Gonna sleep. Get some sleep. [She hums] I've got something. Yeah. [She takes a locket out of her pocket and the baby's eyes glow purple] What is this? What is it, hmm? What do I have, hmm?
[Suddenly the baby telekinetically holds the locket in mid air and disrupts the instruments of the plane]
Pilot: What the bloody hell was that all about?
[The locket pops open, revealing a picture of Nick as a kid]

Scene: Marcus Rispoli walks to Viktor's office as Danilov's body is dragged away.

Viktor: [He pours a drink] Señor Rispoli.
Rispoli: Sir.
Viktor: I trust you saw Danilov on his way out. Come in. I've heard good things about you from several sources, which is why you are taking Danilov's place as head of the Verrat.
Rispoli: Thank you, sir.
Viktor: The Resistance has managed to get Adalind Schade and her child away from us. It's your job to find them. I am placing every resource we have at your disposal. It is imperative that you find them immediately. I don't care who you have to bribe, threaten, or kill. Any questions?
Rispoli: No, sir.
Viktor: Danilov failed us.
Rispoli: I won't.
Viktor: Find that child.

Scene: Kelly holds the baby as she thinks about the night Nick left with Marie.

[Flashback to the night Marie came to pick up Nick]
Kelly: [She sees Marie arrive and goes to Nick's room] Nicky, it's time to go. Aunt Marie's here.
Nick: [Trying to pack a baseball bat] It won't fit.
Kelly: You can't take everything.
Nick: Why do I have to go?
Kelly: We talked about this. It won't be that long.
[Marie knocks]
Kelly: Come on. Nicky, go. [She answers the door]
Marie: Ready for a little adventure?
Nick: I guess. Where are we going?
Marie: Well, that's a surprise.
Kelly: [She hugs Marie] I'm not sure that this is such a good idea.
Marie: I don't think we have time for a better one.
Kelly: Yeah. You do whatever Aunt Marie tells you. And you remember how much your dad and I love you. [She hugs Nick]
Nick: Okay.
Marie: We really should go.
Kelly: Okay.
Nick: Bye, mom. [He and Marie leave]
Kelly: Bye, Nicky. [She tears up as she watches Nick and Marie pull away]
[Flashback ends]
Pilot: I managed to find a couple of old airfields on the computer. I have no idea what condition they're in or if anyone's using them. We're low on fuel. And I can't refuel here, but I'll get you as close as I can.
Kelly: Thanks.
[Adalind wakes up]
Kelly: We're about to land. Get ready.
[Adalind takes the baby from Kelly. A farmer is working when he sees the plane flying low above him. He gets in his truck and follows the plane. He catches up as the plane takes off after dropping off Kelly, Adalind, and the baby]
Farmer: [He sees Adalind and the baby] Did you get out of that plane?
Adalind: Can you give us a ride?
Farmer: What are you doing out here?
Adalind: Please, we need your help.
Farmer: The only help you're gonna get is from the sheriff.
Adalind: [She sees the farmer's license plate] Oregon?
Kelly: [She sneaks up on the farmer as he grabs his phone from his truck] Don't do that. [She kicks him in the face, knocking him out] Get in. [After Adalind gets in, she drives away in the truck]

Scene: Juliette hangs out while Rosalee tries on a wedding dress.

Saleswoman: [She sees Juliette looking in a mirror, holding up a dress] You would look great in that.
Juliette: Thank you.
Saleswoman: When are you getting married?
Juliette: Oh, um, no, I, uh... [She sees Rosalee come out of the changing room and gasps]
Saleswoman: Looks like alterations won't be needed after all.
Rosalee: Thanks. You think my grandma's dress fits?
Saleswoman: Absolutely. The silhouette's perfect.
Rosalee: What do you think? It's not too "not me," is it?
Juliette: No, I think you look so beautiful.
Rosalee: Really?
Saleswoman: Stunning.
Juliette: What she said.
Rosalee: Whew. Okay, then I guess... I guess... oh, my God! Is this really me?
Juliette: Will you stop? It's not like you're gonna wear this every day.
Rosalee: Yeah, you're right. Okay. [She giggles]

Scene: Adalind sees a sign and realizes they are getting close to Portland.

Adalind: You're taking us to Portland. You're working with Sean Renard.
Kelly: I don't know who that is.
Adalind: He's with the Resistance. He must have set this up.
Kelly: Nobody set this up but me.
Adalind: Then where are we going?
Kelly: Someplace I know you'll be safe.

Scene: Rispoli goes to talk to Viktor.

Rispoli: Sir. Sir.
Viktor: What?
Rispoli: I have information about the plane. Based on our contact in the générale de l'aviation civile, a plane matching its description was tracked leaving French airspace at 7:50 A.M. heading due west over the Atlantic. Seven hours later, it was picked up by civil aviation in Canada, still heading west.
Viktor: Where is it now?
Rispoli: Civil aviation lost contact somewhere over Manitoba. They were flying extremely low, staying out of controlled airspace.
Viktor: Those pilots know what they're doing. Why did no one stop them?
Rispoli: The influence of the Resistance has spread farther than we thought.
Viktor: Well, they had to land somewhere.
Rispoli: We're checking west of Manitoba, from Alaska to Mexico.
Viktor: The Resistance could have taken them anywhere. Why go all this way?
Rispoli: Sir?
Viktor: Maybe it's Adalind. Maybe she wanted to go home.

Scene: Kelly pulls over in the pouring rain.

Adalind: Is this it?
Kelly: We walk from here.
Adalind: You want me to take my baby out in this?
Kelly: Come on. We can't sit here in a stolen truck. I'll cover you with this. [She grabs a coat] Come on. Here. [She holds the coat over Adalind's head]
Adalind: Ugh, God.
[They start walking down the street]
Adalind: This coat smells.
Kelly: You'll live.
Adalind: Is it much further?
Kelly: Nearly there.
[The scene shifts to Juliette putting dinner on the kitchen table]
Juliette: Nick, dinner's ready. What are you doing?
Nick: Procrastinating!
Juliette: Well, stop it and get down here.
[Upstairs, Nick looks at the engagement ring. He puts it in his pocket and heads downstairs. The scene shifts to Kelly and Adalind arriving outside Nick and Juliette's house]
Kelly: Okay, there's some steps here. See 'em?
Adalind: Mmhmm.
[The scene shifts to Juliette putting the rest of the food on the table as Nick walks into the room]
Nick: Looking great.
Juliette: Really? Spaghetti?
Nick: No, I was talking about you.
Juliette: Ah. What's going on?
Nick: It's funny you should ask. Because I was thinking that now is as good a time as ever to, um....
Juliette: To...
Nick: To... ask...
[There is a knock at the door]
Nick: Are you expecting someone?
Juliette: No.
Nick: All right, stay here. Don't move, I'll be right back. [He goes to answer the door] Coming! [He opens the door] Mom?
Kelly: [She and Adalind walk in with Kelly still holding the coat over Adalind] Shut the door. I need your help. There's a lot I've got to tell you.
Nick: When did you get here?
Juliette: [She walks into the room] What's going on?
Kelly: Juliette.
Juliette: Who's this?
Nick: This is my mom.
Juliette: Your mom. Kelly.
Adalind: [She turns around and sees Nick and Juliette after taking the coat off] Oh, God!
[Juliette starts to go after Adalind, but Nick holds her back]
Kelly: No, no, no, no, no, you're safe here. This is my son, Nick.
Adalind: Oh, my God.
[The group starts talking about protecting Adalind]
Adalind: Protect me? He won't protect me, he'll kill me.
Kelly: No, no!
Nick: Why did you bring her here?
Juliette: Oh my God!
Adalind: And you're his mother?
Kelly: You know her?
Nick: She's the one who put Juliette in the coma.
Juliette: Adalind.
Kelly: She's that Hexenbiest?
Juliette: Why did you bring her here?
Adalind: I'm not staying here.
Kelly: No, no, no, you're not going anywhere.
Nick: No, she can't stay!
Juliette: No way!
Kelly: No, you don't understand.
Nick: And what are you doing with her?
Kelly: I was recruited by the Resistance to get her to safety.
Juliette: Safety? Why would you want to bring her to safety?
Kelly: I didn't know who she was, only that she and the baby had to be protected at all cost.
Nick: What is so valuable about her?
Kelly: Her child. The Verrat were waiting for them outside of Zurich. The Royals want this child.
Adalind: If I stay here, he'll kill me.
Nick: As if I don't have a good reason. You poisoned Juliette. You tried to kill my aunt Marie.
Kelly: You tried to kill my sister?
Juliette: What is to stop her from killing us? That was a hell of a coma you put me in, bitch. I could have died, and by the way, I know what's going on now.
Nick: If she needs to be protected, it is not gonna happen here.
Adalind: What are you gonna do, Nick? Are you gonna kill me? And my baby, huh? Is that what you're gonna do?
[The house starts rumbling as spoons bend and picture frames crack]
Juliette: What was that?
Kelly: That was the baby.
Adalind: She's hungry. I haven't had a chance to feed her.
Juliette: [She walks towards Adalind] The blanket's wet. She's cold.
[Adalind backs away]
Juliette: This is about the baby. It's not about you. You need to get her warmed up. If you care about her at all, you're gonna do what I say. We need to get her dry. Follow me. [She walks towards the stairs]
Nick: Juliette, you can't trust her.
Juliette: Oh, I don't. But the baby's gonna get sick if we don't do something. [She and Adalind go upstairs]
Nick: It's good to see you, mom.
Kelly: Nick, I'm sorry. I had no idea who she was. When Tavitian contacted me about this job—
Nick: Who's Tavitian?
Kelly: One of the leaders of the Resistance. They wanted her and the baby protected from the Royals. Believe me, if I'd known who she was, I never would have brought her here.
Nick: Well, I guess she doesn't know who you are either, since you killed her mother.
Kelly: Oh, right, yeah. I'd forgotten about that. [Flashback of Kelly fighting Catherine Schade in "The Kiss"] You know what, just for the record, I didn't actually kill her. She impaled herself.
Nick: I'm not sure Adalind's gonna care how it happened.
Kelly: Well, obviously she doesn't know, and, uh, we'll keep it that way.
Nick: Mom, this is crazy. She cannot stay here.
Kelly: You don't understand the importance of that child.
Nick: You're right, I don't. Maybe you should tell me.
Kelly: This child is only a few days old, and already her powers are beginning to show.
Nick: [He looks at a bent spoon] Yeah, so I notice.
Kelly: [She eats some of the food on the table] Mm. Sorry, sorry, it's just been a while.
[The scene shifts to Juliette and Adalind upstairs]
Juliette: She's warm now. There's a blanket on that chair over there. Get it and put it on the bed.
[Adalind puts the blanket on the bed]
Juliette: Here we go. [She lays the baby down on the blanket] How old is she?
Adalind: I think it's been about ten days.
Juliette: What's her name?
[Adalind doesn't say anything]
Juliette: You haven't named her yet? [She wraps the baby in the blanket]
Adalind: There were too many people trying to kill us. I just haven't had the chance to think about it.
Juliette: Okay. [She hands the baby to Adalind] You're exhausted. Here, hold her like that.
Adalind: What about Nick? He wants me dead.
Juliette: If he did, he would've done it the last time you were here.
Adalind: Why are you helping me?
[The baby cries out]
Juliette: You should feed her before she gets upset again.
[Juliette leaves the room as Adalind sits on the bed holding her daughter. The scene shifts to Nick and Kelly downstairs]
Kelly: So the child's father is a Royal, so her powers have to come from Adalind, which makes sense, because her mother was a Hexenbiest too.
Nick: It can't be Adalind. Her powers are gone. I took them away from her.
Kelly: With the blood of a Grimm?
[Flashback of Nick kissing Adalind to get her to bite his lip in "Love Sick"]
Nick: Yeah, and it hurt.
Kelly: [She chuckles] Well, she must have gotten 'em back.
Nick: Are you kidding me? They can do that?
Kelly: Yes.
Juliette: [She walks up] Who can do what?
Kelly: A Hexenbiest who has lost its powers can regain them. Now it makes sense.
Nick: Really?
Kelly: It's why her baby is so special. Nick took Adalind's powers, but while she was pregnant, she must have gone through Contaminatio Ritualis.
Juliette: Contaminatio Ritualis?
Kelly: For what it's worth, it's supposed to be a long and painful experience that restored her powers.
Nick: Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Kelly: Listen to me, both of you. This child has an extraordinary destiny. In the wrong hands, it could do great evil. But in the right hands, it could do great good.
Juliette: So we're talking, like, "changing the course of history" kind of a person.
Kelly: Look, I know how it sounds, but personalities appear in the world who people follow. There's no rational explanation why.
Juliette: Maybe it's not a coincidence that you brought Adalind and her baby back here to Nick.
Nick: I'm sorry, what?
Juliette: Carl Jung, synchronicity. When two or more events aren't necessarily causally related but are connected through meaning.
Nick: I don't care how this is connected. If Adalind has her powers back, she's not gonna be doing that kid any good, so as far as I'm concerned, the sooner we get her and her destiny to the Resistance, the better.
Kelly: Nick, that's not gonna work either.
Nick: Mom, you've been doing this whole thing for the Resistance.
Kelly: The child can't belong to the Resistance or the Royals. She has to have a normal childhood, inasmuch as that's possible. How she is raised will make all the difference in who she becomes. That means Adalind and the baby stay here...
Nick: No.
Kelly: ...until I can figure out what to do with them.
Juliette: That's what you were trying to tell us when you sent us that email that you were headed north to meet with the Laufer.
Kelly: Yes.
[Suddenly the doors and windows slam open]
Nick: What the hell?
Kelly: Adalind.
[They all head upstairs]
Kelly: Adalind? She's gone.
Juliette: She left her baby? [She picks the baby up off the bed] What is wrong with her? Um, Nick? [She's suddenly holding a pillow instead of the baby]
Nick: Well, I didn't see that coming.
Kelly: I told you that baby was powerful. We have to get them back.
Juliette: Where would she go?
Kelly: The truck.
[The scene shifts to Adalind getting into the truck and driving away. Nick and Kelly then arrive at where the truck was parked]
Kelly: This is where I left it.
Nick: Did you kill the driver?
Kelly: Why would I do that?
Nick: Just checking.
[They start heading back to the house]
Nick: He would have reported it stolen by now. It'll be in the system.
Kelly: If Adalind's arrested, the Verrat will know she's here. We have to find her first.
Nick: I don't know how we're gonna do that. She could be heading anywhere.
Kelly: When we were driving, she asked if I was working here with someone named Renard, or Raynard or—
Nick: Sean Renard?
Kelly: Yeah, that's it. You know him?
Nick: Yeah, I know him. He's my Captain.
Kelly: Ooh, this just keeps getting better.
Nick: And he's the Royal here in Portland.
Kelly: What?
Nick: Don't get me started.
Kelly: How well does he know Adalind?
Nick: I'd say pretty well. Oh, and by the way, he's a Zauberbiest.
Kelly: That's where she's going.

Scene: Renard is sitting at home when his intercom buzzes.

Renard: Yeah?
Building Guard: Mr. Renard, there is a woman here to see you. Her name is Adalind Schade.

Scene: Nick and Kelly drive to Renard's condo.

Kelly: Renard admitted to trying to kill my sister?
Nick: Yeah. And he had the key.
Kelly: How did he get the key?
Nick: I hid it in my desk thinking that the safest place to keep it would be the middle of a police station. That was before I knew who he was.
Kelly: And did you get it back?
Nick: Yes, he gave it to me.
Kelly: Excuse me?
Nick: It's safe now. Look, all I'm saying is, it's not as simple as you think with this guy. He's covered for me, more than once.
Kelly: That's because he wants you on his side.
Nick: But he's working with the Resistance. Aren't you doing the same thing?
Kelly: There's a huge difference. I'm not in this for myself. He's got too many strings. Royal blood, Zauberbiest. He cannot be trusted.
Nick: I don't trust him. I just think it's better that I know what he's up to.
Kelly: Same goes for him, you know. [She sees the truck] There it is.
[Nick parks next to the truck]
Kelly: Does Renard live nearby?
Nick: 16th floor.
[Kelly starts walking away]
Nick: Hey, where are you going?
Kelly: I've been here before.
Nick: Mom!
[The scene shifts to Renard letting Adalind into his condo]
Renard: Is she all right?
Adalind: I think so. She's better than I am.
Renard: How'd you get here? Where's the woman who's supposed to be protecting you?
Adalind: That's an interesting story. Turns out that woman is Nick's mother.
Renard: What?
Adalind: Imagine my surprise.
Renard: Did she know who you were?
Adalind: If she had, she wouldn't have taken me to Nick's house. Imagine their surprise.
[The scene shifts to Nick and Kelly outside]
Nick: Mom, what are you doing?
Kelly: I'm going to get that baby.
Nick: What, you're just gonna walk in there and take it?
Kelly: It's not gonna be that easy.
Nick: Mom, listen to me. We need to think this through.
Kelly: Thinking is gonna get in the way, Nick.
Nick: If you go after that child, Renard will kill you.
Kelly: Not if I kill him first.
Nick: Mom. Mom, stop! You can't just go up there and kill him.
Kelly: I'm not gonna kill him. Not if I don't have to.
Nick: You have to let me talk to him first.
Kelly: And how is that gonna go? "You're a half-Royal, bastard Zauberbiest, and your little girlfriend there is a Hexenbiest, and I am a Grimm, so give me the baby." That's gonna go over really well.
Nick: Well, I don't expect it to be easy.
Kelly: Nick, I'm sorry I brought you back into this. If I'd known that the—
Nick: You didn't. And there's nothing we can do about it now, but I just think we have to be a little more tactful than, you know, the usual.
Kelly: What are you going to tell them?
Nick: I'll tell him it's too dangerous for Adalind and the baby to live with him. And it's not like he can just suddenly have a family and nobody take notice. The Royals will figure this out.
Kelly: Your Captain might not be interested in what a Grimm thinks. He might just want to kill you.
Nick: Yeah, well, I don't think he wants to be on the run for the rest of his life. Plus, I mean, you're here, and I'm sure he's figured that out by now.
Kelly: All right. But I'm not gonna wait here all night. [She starts to walk away]
Nick: Hey, mom. I'm glad you're okay.
Kelly: You too.
[Nick heads towards the condo building as the scene shifts to Adalind and Renard]
Adalind: You want to hold her? [She hands the baby to Renard] Say hi to your daddy.
Renard: [Softly to the baby] Hi. [He smiles]


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