Super Soaker CPS 2500
413-Flame Retardant Super Soakers CPS 2500
Owned by: Nick Burkhardt (formerly)
Others: Hank Griffin
Rosalee Calvert
Purpose: Killing Excandescos
Location: Marie's Trailer (formerly)

The Super Soaker CPS 2500 is a type of water gun that was used by Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee to safely apply a unique flame retardant solution on a woged Damien Barso, who was an Excandesco. It was not known until after the solution was applied that it was lethal to Excandescos because it prevents them from releasing their energy, which is turned inwards, causing them to explode.

What makes this brand of Super Soaker a particularly useful vehicle for the flame retardant solution against Excandescos is the Constant Pressure System (CPS), the most powerful system used by Super Soakers, which allows the user of this weapon to stand a safe distance away from the target while the CPS 2500 shoots an accurate, constant stream.


The CPS 2500 has a strap that can be worn on the arm to help support the gun's weight, and the pump on the gun is used to pump a liquid contained in the reservoir into a rubber bladder. This weapon is Nick and the gang's go-to weapon for shooting flame retardant solution at Excandescos.

The flame retardant solution prevents Excandescos from igniting, not by preventing them from producing white phosphorus, but by topically suppressing access to oxygen in the air that they require for the phosphorus to ignite. The solution is not flammable, can't be wiped off, and does not evaporate in high heat. It can be made from licorice root, beeswax, witch-hazel, and jojoba. The licorice root must first be crushed up and, once mixed with the other ingredients, heated up until it liquefies.


After Juliette started a fire in the trailer, ("Iron Hans") the Super Soaker that Nick had placed in the weapons cabinet was revealed to be destroyed in the aftermath. ("You Don't Know Jack")


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