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Steven DePaul
Steven DePaul
Roles: Director
First Episode Directed: "Plumed Serpent"
Last Episode Directed: "Once We Were Gods"
Episodes Directed: 5
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Steven DePaul is an American television director and producer. He has directed multiple episodes of Bones, The Unit, CSI-NY, and NCIS-LA, as well as many episodes of one hour dramatic television. He was a longstanding producer and director on NYPD Blue. In his capacity as producer of NYPD Blue, he won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 1995 and the Best Television Drama Golden Globe Award in 1993. He was also nominated for this award for his work on NYPD Blue on five other occasions (in 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999). He won a George F. Peabody for "Raging Bulls" (Season 6, episode 8), an episode he directed for NYPD Blue.

Early life and careerEdit

Mr. DePaul was born in 1952 in Washington Heights, NY, which at the time was a true melting pot of ethnicities and religions. DePaul's father, Michael DePaola, fought in World War II in North Africa and Italy as a member of the 88th Division, otherwise known as the "Blue Devils." His mother, Hermione (Billie), was a school teacher and librarian. After graduating George Washington High School in upper Manhattan, Steven enrolled at Clark University at age 16, where he majored in English, graduating in Dec. 1972. He was involved in booking artists to play concerts on campus and at the Clark Coffeehouse. Upon graduation, Mr. DePaul began working on Rock & Roll tours, first working as a roadie for Poco ('73-74). He spent the next 15 years touring with bands including Souther, Hillman Furay, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, The Grateful Dead, Dan Fogelberg, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Boston, The Cars, and The Faces. He ended this semi-career with a long stint as tour accountant with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Mr. DePaul then moved to Los Angeles to work for producer Steven Bochco on shows like Cop Rock, Civil Wars, and NYPD Blue. He worked on NYPD Blue for 11 years, during which he directed multiple episodes and won prestigious awards. In 2004, he left NYPD Blue and became a freelance director, the position he currently holds.

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