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Spirit Oleander
108-Spirit Oleander
Owned by: Dead Marie Kessler (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt (formerly)
Purpose: Killing Rißfleisch in combination with a Rißfleisch spear
Location: Trailer (formerly)

Spirit Oleander (OH-lee-an-der; Med. Lat. oleander, oliandrum, obscurely akin to Late Lat. laurandrum, conflation of laurus "laurel" + rhododendron "rhododendron") is a poison used for killing Rißfleisch.

One way to administer the poison is by coating the tip of a specialized spear forged from pure silver that must impale a Rißfleisch in the lower anterior neck area above the clavicle.


Marie Kessler recorded the recipe in the Grimm Diaries opposite the description of the Rißfleisch. The known ingredients include the poisonous shrub oleander, ringbone, fermented lamb bone marrow, and powdered wings made from 15 dried wasps.


In "Iron Hans", Juliette used Spirit Oleander as an accelerant when she threw and broke the only bottle containing the toxin that Nick had in order start a fire in the trailer.



  • The commonly grown garden shrub oleander is also known as Nerium oleander. Oleander is one of the most poisonous garden plants due to its toxin oleandrin.

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