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606-Auf Wiedersehen, Meisner
Notables: Golem
Jack the Ripper
Dead Martin Meisner
Dead Kelly Burkhardt
Dead Marie Kessler

Spirits are a type of Non-Wesen being that are able to occupy a man-shaped body made from a single material or can possess a human's body. Despite being powerful creatures that are easily capable of killing, they aren't strictly enemies. Spirits can be summoned through specific types of prayer. They can also possess someone while they are dead and will gradually be able to control them if the person they are possessing is revived.

After someone dies, their soul may be stuck in between the spiritual world and the physical world on earth. In such instances, this may be due to the spirit having some type of unfinished business that usually is connected with the person who caused their death. They can haunt this person for an indefinite length of time, appearing wherever they are without any notice and causing various hallucinations. The person being haunted will be the only one able to hear, touch, and see the spirit, though spirits can still affect others, such as obscuring their vision. Such spirits will only stop their haunting once the goal they have set out to complete regarding the person they're haunting is accomplished.

A machine that can be used to extract a spirit that's attached to a person's body, for instance, in a haunting, is an Aspirateur d'Esprits, or "spirit vacuum."