Spencer Harrison

Spencer Harrison

Spencer Harrison morphed

Actor: Tom Wright
Gender: Male
Type: Murciélago
Relationships: Dead Lucinda Jarvis, goddaughter
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Throat bitten by Lucinda Jarvis
TV Show: "Happily Ever Aftermath"

Spencer Harrison was a Murciélago that appeared in "Happily Ever Aftermath".


"Happily Ever Aftermath"Edit

He was the godfather of Lucinda Jarvis. He tried to protect Lucinda as much as he could, both from her step family and from herself, but he eventually discovered that she could not be helped, particularly when he found that she had killed her stepsister, Tiffany Kerfield. Spencer and Arthur Jarvis had been entitled to 20-30% of Bernard Aidikoff's Ponzi scheme profits and approached Mavis Kerfield for monetary assistance in repaying the debt, but she refused to help them since he, Arthur, and Lucinda had cut off the stepfamily socially.

Spencer found out about Mavis' murder when Nick and Hank arrived at Arthur's house, informed him of the death, and started asking questions. After being tipped off by Arthur that Spencer was furious and had gone to Tiffany's house, Nick found him there along with Tiffany having been murdered and arrested him, already suspecting he was Mavis' killer. However, back at the precinct, Spencer disclosed to Nick that Lucinda had a sociopathic side and that when he began looking after her, he gave her everything she wanted in order to help prevent her from doing the very thing she did anyways to her step family. He tipped Nick off that Lucinda was likely going to kill Taylor Kerfield next, and he then broke his way out of the precinct by shattering a window of the room in which he was being held by emitting supersonic sound waves in his woged form.

He went to Taylor's home with the plan to kill Lucinda. When he thought he had killed her with his supersonic shriek, she took him by surprise and bit his throat, killing him. Having heard Spencer scream, Nick and Monroe ran over and found Spencer and Lucinda both dead.



  • The name Spencer, traced through its Latin and French roots to its Middle English and modern form, means both steward and dispenser of money and provisions.
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