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South Precinct
606-Nick and Hank in South Precinct
Location: Portland, Oregon
Regulars: Nick Burkhardt
Hank Griffin
Sean Renard
Drew Wu
Handcuff Peter Orson
Officer Mays
Handcuff Jessie Acker
Officer Welsh
101 Police Station Lobby

The Lobby

The South Precinct serves as the main office for both the south precinct and the Portland Police Bureau. Captain Sean Renard fills the role of commander of the precinct. The precinct provides office space, evidence storage, and interrogation rooms for the officers. The arson investigators also have offices in the building.

Police press conferences and media briefings are held here.

Cole Pritchard and Krystal Fletcher were shot in its hallway. ("Natural Born Wesen")

As is normal for a reasonably sized police establishment, it has several holding cells. These are located in the basement. Notably, there have been 4 deaths in the holdings cells, along with one murdered jailer.

Curiously, however, the interior of the P.P.D. training center in St. Joseph is used for the office where Nick, Hank, Wu, and Renard work.


Behind the ScenesEdit


Grimm - On Set in Renard's Office

Grimm - On Set in Renard's Office


  • It was not until "The Beginning of the End" that this precinct was specifically referred to as being the "South Precinct."
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