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A Sorglosgör (ZORG-lohs-gur; Ger. sorglos "carefree" + Gör "child"; plural Sorglosgören) is a Wesen whose human form is progenetic (it never matures). 


When it woges, its age becomes apparent from the neck up. The face wrinkles, the veins bulge, and the hair loses its youthful color. The eyes glow red. However, the teeth do not seem to be affected during the woge.


Sorglosgören take pleasure in mischief, and enjoy having a dangerous villain pursuing them. One of their main strategies is to use their apparent youth to their advantage in combination with their surprising intellect.

Grimm Diary ExcerptEdit

Sorglosgör. A mischievous Wesen that never ages, forever appearing as a child.


This mischievous brat of a Wesen took pleasure in discovering I was a Grimm, always pretending that we were in a game and I was the villain of his adventure. The Sorglosgör may appear young, but he has the intellect of an adult and I found myself having difficulties dispatching with his head for this Wesen used his child-like appearance to his full advantage.
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