S3 S4
Skeleton Key
Skeleton Key Active
Owned by: Dead Catherine Schade (formerly)
Adalind Schade
Purpose: Unlock any lock
Location: N/A
TV Show: "My Fair Wesen"
"The Inheritance"
"Trial by Fire"

The Skeleton Key is a special key that can open any lock. It is comprised of mostly metacarpal and various phalanx bones. Its powers might only be able to be activated by woged Hexenbiests. ("The Inheritance")


"My Fair Wesen"Edit

Adalind found the key when she was going through her mother's stuff in the storage unit.

"The Inheritance"Edit

Adalind used the key to break into Nick and Juliette's home so she could collect a sample of Juliette's hair and an item of her clothing.

"Trial by Fire"Edit

Adalind used the key to get into Nick and Juliette's home again so she could try to convince Juliette to come with her to try to find out where Diana was.


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