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Siegbarste Gewehr
Seigbarste Gewehr
Owned by: Dead Marie Kessler (formerly)
Nick Burkhardt
Others: Monroe
Hank Griffin
Purpose: Killing Siegbarste in
combination with Siegbarste Gift
Location: Marie's Trailer (formerly)
Exotic Spice & Tea Shop basement

A Siegbarste Gewehr (ZEEG-bars-tuh guh-VAIR; Siegbarste + Ger. Gewehr "rifle") is a big and powerful triple-barrel rifle that is used to kill a Siegbarste if the bullets are coated in Siegbarste Gift, as it is primarily designed to help penetrate a Siegbartse's thick hide, poisoning them from within. It uses two .600 and one .577 caliber nitro express bullets. The rifle is very large, with a detachable barrel, as it otherwise wouldn't fit inside the case in which it is being kept when not in use. Due to its elaborate design, setting it up during the heat of battle is inadvisable, so it is imperative that preparations must be met before bringing it into action.

Monroe used one that Nick Burkhardt found in the trailer to kill Oleg Stark, dipping the bullets in Siegbarste Gift before firing it on Stark. Monroe also refers to the rifle as the "ogre gun."

As mentioned by Renard, rifles similar to the Siegbarste Gewehr were used for big game hunting, mostly for royalty on their African safaris, and they were known as elephant guns.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

Rifle designed to destroy a Siegbarste using bullets dipped in Siegbarste gift - a poisonous solution distilled from a particular moss that only grows in the North side of trees in the forests of...

The rifle is a modified triple barrel elephant gun manufactured between the late 1820s until the early 1900s. The rifle maker based in England built the Nitro-express to take one .577 caliber and two .600 caliber rifle bullets.
The bullets alone, however, will not kill the Siegbarste. They must first be dipped in the Siegbarste gift. This poison instantly calcifies the mighty ogres (sic) bones, shattering the skeleton from the inside out.
To prepare the solution, the proper moss must be cultivated from the north side of the ... tree in the forests of ..., then distilled in a proper glass and ... The mix should be bottled and allowed to ferment for no less than six months for adequate potency. Use three parts of the distilled mixture with one part ... alcohol for a tranquilizer.

Siegbarste Gift
To prepare the bullets, carefully hold them with a proper tool to keep the solution from getting on the skin. Completely coat each bullet before loading the rifle.


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