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A Shnabeltiermörder (SHNA-bəl-teer-MØR-tər; Ger. Schnabeltier "platypus" + Mörder "murderer") is a platypus-like Wesen first seen in "The Good Soldier". The Grimm Diaries have a record of an encounter in 1100 AD.


When they woge, a Shnabeltiermörder develops a broad, duck-like bill and a pair of large, webbed hands that are likely used for swimming. Their hands develop claws, and beneath their thumbs is a poisonous barb that they can stab others with, which makes them fearsome opponents. All it takes is one stab for them to inject their toxins and kill whoever has been victimized.


Not much is known about how this Wesen behaves, but they have long been documented by Grimms, who clearly held these creatures in poor regard.

Excerpt from Grimm DiariesEdit

In the year of our lord 1100 I have captured a creature my forefathers told storyes (sic) of called by the name Shnabeltiermörder - a beaked creature with webbed hands.

Beneath the thumb of this beast is his weapon - a poisonous barb that can kill you with one stab. I bound his hands together and lead him to the guillotine where I proudly severed his foul head from his neck.


  • Though encountered and illustrated by the Grimms in 1100 AD, the platypus was only discovered by Europeans in 1797.
  • Platypus venom, which contains a cocktail of at least 83 different toxins, is not strong enough to kill a human, only a small animal. For a human, it is merely excruciatingly painful.
  • In German the word "Schnabeltier" is made up of "beak" (Schnabel) and "beast/animal" (tier).
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