Opening Quote: "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." – Emiliano Zapata

Scene: Monroe and Rosalee watch their TV after Renard gave his victory speech after he was declared the new mayor.

Reporter: In a remarkable campaign that was put together after the assassination of the party candidate, Police Captain Sean Renard has won a decisive victory in the race for mayor.
Rosalee: How could Adalind do this to Nick?
Monroe: Unbelievable.
Rosalee: There's not even a word to describe this.
Reporter: ...Sean Renard to take Andrew Dixon's place...
Monroe: I-I can't believe this is even happening. I can't imagine what must be going on in Nick's head right now.
Rosalee: I can.
[The scene shifts to HW's compound]
Nick: Renard wanted me to join Black Claw.
Meisner: I'm sure he did. Having you on their side would be advantageous. [Regarding Trubel] Her too.
Trubel: Why do they want us?
Meisner: To control Wesen that won't agree with their agenda. Grimms have always been very good at that. Black Claw will use the system at first-getting elected into office. Once they're there, they're gonna start making changes. Lower-level positions at first. Power grid, fire department, then the police. They'll work their way up all the way to council members, commissioners, assistant district attorneys, heads of department.
Hank: Zuri wasn't trying to recruit me.
Meisner: No, she was just trying to figure out what kind of information you have. They're gonna try and take down everyone around the Grimm. This won't be a war you can fight alone, and friends make you vulnerable.
Eve: [She walks into the room] I've gotten as much out of her as I could.
Hank: Is she...
Eve: She's not dead.
Hank: Good... I think.
Meisner: What'd you get?
Eve: She was recruited by Black Claw 5 1/2 months ago, specifically to go after Hank. She suggested that it wasn't a decision she was happy with, but she said she was sorry. But I think she was just trying to play on my sympathies.
Trubel: Bet that didn't go down so well.
Meisner: What about contacts?
Eve: She resisted, but I convinced her to dig deeper.
Trubel: Sounds uncomfortable.
Eve: It was. She gave up a name: Bonaparte.
Meisner: Conrad Bonaparte? He's here?
Nick: You know him?
Meisner: He's one of the founders of Black Claw. [He pulls up Bonaparte's file from the database] If he's here, he's running the operation.
Hank: So what are you gonna do with Zuri?
Eve: She's being taken to a secure site.
Hank: [His phone rings and he answers] Griffin. It's dispatch. 3045 Hudson Street? Yeah, thanks. [He hangs up]
Trubel: Something wrong with that address?
Hank: Yeah, it's mine.
Nick: We'll check in with you later. [He and Hank leave]
[The scene shifts back to Monroe and Rosalee]
Monroe: Can you just-can you turn the TV off? It's like I can't even listen to that right now.
[Rosalee turns the TV off as Monroe looks out the window]
Monroe: And that damn truck is still out there. How long is this supposed to go on?
Rosalee: I think this is just starting.
Monroe: Well, I'm sick of it.
Rosalee: What are you doing?
Monroe: [He grabs his jacket] I'm gonna tell them to get off our damn street.
Rosalee: Monroe-
Monroe: No! We are not living like this!
Rosalee: Monroe! [She follows Monroe as he walks toward the truck] Monroe! Monroe! Don't do this! They could have guns!
Monroe: I just want to find out who they voted for. Hey, guys. How are you doing? Are you lost or something? I mean, you've been sitting out here for a long time.
Rosalee: Will you stop?
Monroe: I mean, you must be getting kind of tired of looking at our house by now, because we're sure as hell getting tired of looking at you looking at our house.
[The engine roars and the truck is driven away]
Rosalee: What do you think you're doing?
Monroe: What I should have done a long time ago. I'm sorry. This is our home. We are letting those idiots rule our lives.
Rosalee: I know, but getting yourself killed is not gonna make our lives any better, thank you very much. [She and Monroe head back to their house, and she sighs as she goes inside]
Monroe: I'm sorry, but this is just- [He locks the door] it's getting out of hand.
[Rosalee groans and sits down]
Monroe: Are you okay?
Rosalee: [She exhales deeply] Just a little stressed. [She grabs a notepad and pen to write down the truck's license plate]
Monroe: I know. I'm sorry. I'm sure I'm not helping. [He sits down next to Rosalee as she puts her hand up to her head. He then puts his hand on her forehead] Yeah, you feel a little warm.
Rosalee: That's because I'm angry. [She gives Monroe a piece of paper] Here's the license plate to the truck. I thought we should call Trubel and give it to her.
Monroe: At least one of us wasn't being stupid.

Scene: Renard, Adalind, Diana, Kelly, Bonaparte, and Rachel return to the mansion.

Rachel: Do you need any help with the kids?
Adalind: We can manage. Thanks. [To Diana] Let's get you to bed.
[Adalind heads upstairs with Diana and Kelly, but Diana briefly pauses on the stairs and looks at Rachel, before heading the rest of the way up]
Bonaparte: Congratulations on this victory.
Renard: I obviously wouldn't be here without you.
Bonaparte: No, but you won the election legitimately.
Renard: I won. Let's just leave it at that.
Bonaparte: It's politics. Nothing's ever what it seems. But this is just the first step. Now we need your new life with Adalind to work if we're going to move forward.
Renard: It's not entirely up to me.
Bonaparte: Would you mind if I talked to her?
Renard: Would it matter if I did? Good night.
Bonaparte: Good night.
[Renard goes upstairs to Diana's room]
Adalind: Good night, honey.
Renard: You were very good tonight.
Adalind: We love you. [She kisses Diana's forehead]
Diana: Good night, Mommy. Good night, Daddy.
[Adalind and Renard leave, and Diana immediately gets out of bed and grabs a male and a female doll. She sits back on her bed and holds the dolls up]
Adalind: So, Mr. Mayor, how does it feel?
Renard: Sudden. And somehow well deserved.
Adalind: Nothing like standing on a dead guy's shoulders to get there. [She starts walking away]
[Diana, with her eyes woged, makes the dolls face each other, and Adalind suddenly pauses and looks back at Renard]
Renard: What?
Adalind: I'm not sure. I just...
[Diana makes the dolls kiss and suddenly Renard and Adalind start making out. Renard and Adalind end up in Adalind's room before Adalind realizes what's going on]
Adalind: [She grunts] No! [She pushes Renard away, woges, slaps Renard, and retracts]
Renard: What the hell's the matter with you?
Adalind: Don't you see what's going on?
Renard: I thought I did.
Adalind: You moron! It's our daughter. She's the one doing this, not us!
Renard: What are you talking about? Diana?
Adalind: Oh, God, do you really think that I just all of a sudden decided you were the hottest guy on Earth and couldn't wait to take my clothes off and hop into bed with you?
Renard: Well, I am the new mayor.
Adalind: I didn't vote for you.
Renard: You may not want to be here, but you are. You better get used to it, because this is a position you can't quit. [He leaves]
[Adalind telekinetically slams the door shut. Diana peeks out of her door as Renard heads downstairs]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at Hank's house and see police cars all around.

Hank: What the hell? Are there detectives here?
Vick: Yes, sir, inside. But they're in the middle of the investigation.
Hank: Well, this is my house.
Vick: Oh. They're definitely gonna want to talk to you, then. Go ahead.
[Nick and Hank go inside and see the bodies of the two Black Claw agents who were following Nick that he killed]
Hank: I've never seen these guys before.
Nick: I have. [Flashback of Nick killing the second agent in "Bad Night"]
Hank: What?
Nick: These guys are Black Claw.
Hank: How do you know that?
Nick: They were following me.
Hank: When?
Nick: Last night.
Hank: You did this?
Nick: I didn't have a choice. I was on my way to HW. Somebody's setting you up.
Baribeau: Who let you in?
Hank: This is my house. I'm Detective Griffin.
Nick: Detective Burkhardt. We got a call from dispatch, thought it was a mistake.
Baribeau: Boyd Baribeau, North Precinct. This is Kate Masters.
Masters: Want to tell us what two dead guys are doing in your living room?
Hank: I have no idea.
Masters: [Hank tries to walk past her, but she stops him] Uh uh.
Nick: He couldn't have done this. He's been with me most of the night.
Masters: Most of the night might not be enough.
Baribeau: You sound like you know what happened here.
Nick: If these two guys were killed here, there would be blood all over the floor.
Masters: We have a witness.
Hank: Who?
Baribeau: Neighbor. Called 911. Reported a gunshot and yelling earlier tonight.
Masters: And described an African-American male-40s, about 6 foot tall, positively identified as Police Detective Hank Griffin, running out of the house at about 10:00 this evening.
Nick: Well, they're wrong.
Hank: What neighbor told you that?
Masters: A Mrs. Miller. Lives across the street.
Baribeau: You know how this works. We're gonna have to take you in for questioning. We'll clear this thing up.
Masters: So anything you say can and will be used against you. We're gonna need your badge and gun.
[Hank gives the detectives his badge and gun]
Masters: Let's go. [She and Hank leave]
Baribeau: I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Nick: These bodies were dumped here.
Baribeau: I don't want to have to explain how a police detective contaminated a crime scene. Let's go. [He and Nick leave the house]
[Hank is put into Baribeau and Masters' car and they drive away]
Nick: [He calls Wu] Wu, sorry to wake you up. We've got a problem. Meet me at the precinct. I'll tell you when I get there. Be there in 15.

Scene: Meisner, Eve, and Trubel talk about Bonaparte.

Meisner: Conrad Bonaparte. Very little we know about him, and what we do know is not very helpful. He's in his 40s, maybe 50s. He lives in Prague, Paris, Macau, you take your pick. And he's either from Morocco, Egypt, Budapest, or Iran.
Eve: So we know nothing of value.
Meisner: We do know he's a very bad man.
Trubel: Got something you should see. This is the laptop Nick brought in. Belongs to Tony Talamonti, the guy who stole Hank's phone. We know Black Claw is watching everybody. But now they're making sure everybody has them. Every single one of these photos was shared over the Internet. [She shows Meisner and Eve photos of Nick, Hank, Wu, Monroe, and Rosalee]
Meisner: This is more than just surveillance.
Trubel: [Her phone rings] It's Monroe.
Meisner: Take it.
Trubel: [She answers] Monroe, I'm with Eve and Meisner. You're on speaker.
Monroe: Yeah, that's great. I didn't even know if I'd get you.
Trubel: You okay?
Monroe: Uh, yeah, no-I just had a little confrontation with the, um, Black Claw guys stationed outside my house.
Eve: You need clean-up?
Monroe: No, no. I didn't go that far, not that I didn't want to. But, uh, look, Rosalee got their license plate.
Meisner: Give it to us.
Monroe: Okay, it's Oregon plates-483WHF.
[Eve runs the license plate through the database]
Meisner: They still out there?
Monroe: No, no, they took off when I, you know, went out to have a little chat. I just thought you should have this. Plus, next time I see them, I'd like to address them by their first names.
Meisner: We'll let you know what we find out.
Monroe: Sounds good. [He hangs up]
Eve: It's in our system. Truck is registered to 521 Skyline Drive.
Meisner: It's the same address we got off the Black Claw operatives we killed in Nevada. Map it. Find out everything about it and what's around it.
Trubel: Then we go see 'em.

Scene: Adalind checks on Diana, who is sitting up in bed.

Adalind: Why aren't you asleep?
Diana: I don't know.
Adalind: [She goes to sit by Diana and finds the dolls under the blankets. She sighs heavily] Maybe this is why you're not asleep.
Diana: How come you and Daddy don't like each other?
Adalind: Well, we haven't spent a lot of time together. And sometimes that makes people not know each other very well. But you can't push people together, especially not a mommy and daddy. You understand?
Diana: I don't like Rachel.
Adalind: Why not?
Diana: Because she likes Daddy.
Adalind: That's not something you have to worry about. Now, it's been a long day, and you need to get some sleep, okay?
Diana: Will you stay with me?
Adalind: Sure. [She lays next to Diana]

Scene: Wu arrives at the precinct.

Wu: Just so you don't feel guilty, I wasn't sleeping anyway. What's the problem?
Nick: Somebody dumped two bodies at Hank's house.
Wu: What? Who killed 'em?
Nick: I did. Why is not important right now. But somebody wants Hank to take the fall for it. And there's a witness: Hank's neighbor, Mrs. Miller. This is her. [He pulls up Mrs. Miller's DMV info]
Wu: There's a witness for something he didn't do that you did?
Nick: No record. Retired schoolteacher. Been in the same house for 30 years.
Wu: Okay, that makes her sound kind of reliable.
Nick: Either she's being forced to lie by Black Claw, or she is Black Claw. Either way, we're gonna have to talk to her.

Scene: Detective Baribeau pulls over at 521 Skyline Drive.

Baribeau: [He opens Hank's door] Get out.
Hank: [He gets out of the car] Okay. This isn't right.
Masters: You need to answer some questions.
Hank: So we're not doing this by the book.
Baribeau: Not exactly. But I'm sure you're pretty familiar with that.
Hank: I guess if you're gonna shoot- [He quickly punches Baribeau]
[Masters woges into a Phansigar and uses her tongue to choke Hank. Baribeau stands up and kicks Hank in the face, knocking him out. Baribeau drags Hank into the house]
Masters: We need him alive.
Baribeau: Not for much longer.
Masters: [She makes a call] We've got him.

Scene: Nick and Wu arrive at Hank's neighbor's house.

Wu: That's her car. She should be home. How do you want to handle this?
Nick: If she's Black Claw, she's gonna know why we're here.
Wu: Yeah, but if she's not Black Claw, she may be too scared to talk to us.
Nick: No matter what she is, she's not innocent. She lied. You take the back. [He knocks on the front door a couple times]
Wu: [Whispering] Nick, back door's open.
[They go inside and search the house. A chair is knocked over and there are drops of blood on the floor]
Wu: House is clear. No Mrs. Miller. I think we should go with the "she was forced to lie" theory.
Nick: Check the 911 call. See what phone it was made from and what time. I'm gonna talk to the detectives that took her statement. If their witness is gone, they can't hold Hank.
Wu: Yep.

Scene: Renard and Rachel hang out in bed together.

Rachel: I'm glad you came over.
Renard: Oh. So am I.
Rachel: But you can't stay the night.
Renard: I know. I have an image to protect now.
Rachel: [She sighs] I'm gonna miss this.
Renard: We don't have to stop.
Rachel: I'm afraid we do. Adalind needs to understand how important family values are to the cause. Our relationship isn't helping.
Renard: Well, it's helping me.
Rachel: Get out. [She gets out of bed]

Scene: Nick arrives at the North Precinct.

Nick: Hi. Detective Burkhardt. I'm looking for Detectives Masters and Baribeau.
Conlin: Yeah? You got a problem?
Nick: Yeah, I got a problem.
Conlin: Hey, Lieutenant.
Marshall: Yeah.
Conlin: Got a Detective Burkhardt over here who's got a problem.
Marshall: Detective Burkhardt. What is your problem?
Nick: My problem is a case being handled by Detectives Masters and Baribeau. They brought in my partner, Detective Griffin.
Marshall: Well, that's too bad, but... I don't think your partner's here.
Conlin: You're right, Lieutenant. No Detective Griffin here. I feel real sorry for you, Detective Burkhardt. You must be very frustrated.
Nick: What the hell's going on here?
Conlin: [He woges into a Siegbarste] You're in the wrong place, Grimm. No one's gonna help you here.
Nick: Where's my partner?
Johnson: Got a problem, Lieutenant?
Marshall: No, I got a Grimm asking for help.
Johnson: [She woges into a Hundjäger] Maybe you haven't heard. We got ourselves a new mayor.
Marshall: Things are changing around here.
Conlin: And they already have. Go ahead. Let's see what you got.
Nick: Maybe next time. [He leaves]

Scene: Masters and Baribeau wait around in the house, keeping an eye on Hank who is in a chair, handcuffed.

Baribeau: How much longer do we have to wait?
Masters: If I knew, I'd tell you.
Baribeau: Why isn't he here?
Masters: If I knew, I'd tell you.
Baribeau: Call him.
Masters: I'm not calling him. If you want to call him, go ahead.
Baribeau: I don't like waiting.
Hank: Neither do I.
Baribeau: We should just kill him and get the hell out of here. Your partner killed two of our people. You don't think there's consequences for something like that?
Hank: I believe in consequences... for everybody.
Baribeau: Yeah. And you're gonna be first. [He looks out a window] Something doesn't feel right.
Masters: Then call him.
Baribeau: I'm telling you, something's not right here.

Scene: Adalind meets with Bonaparte.

Adalind: You wanted to see me?
Bonaparte: Yes, I did. Please, have a seat.
[They both sit down]
Bonaparte: Adalind, I know you're not in love with Sean.
Adalind: I'm doing the best I can.
Bonaparte: I don't believe you are.
Adalind: Well, you're not a woman.
Bonaparte: I'm not asking you to be in love.
Adalind: Then what are you asking me?
Bonaparte: I want you to think about the children, about how important their future is.
Adalind: If I wasn't thinking about what's best for my children, I wouldn't be here.
Bonaparte: I know that.
Adalind: Sean just isn't my type. And, unfortunately, that's not gonna change.
Bonaparte: Adalind... [He sighs and grabs Adalind's hands] you need to know something about me. I'm not like Sean. There is more to me than that. [He woges into a Zauberbiest] We need to understand each other on a deeper level. [He fuses his and Adalind's hands together] And if you're going to be stubborn about it... [He retracts] then you should look like what you are. [He turns Adalind into stone] Now, is this really how you want your children to see you? Hmm? [He returns Adalind to normal and unfuses their hands]
[Adalind gasps]
Bonaparte: I'm sorry.
Adalind: That hurt... a lot.
Bonaparte: Sometimes a point has to be made. But we're not asking you to do this for nothing. [He shows Adalind a ring in the palm of his hand]
Adalind: What's that?
Bonaparte: A wedding ring.
[The ring floats from Bonaparte's hand on to Adalind's left ring finger]
Bonaparte: You are a princess, and Sean will be your prince. People love a fairy tale. [He chuckles] It's beautiful. Oh, one more thing... do not take this ring off, because it will be extremely painful... for your children.
Adalind: It's very nice. Thank you.
Bonaparte: Mm. You're most welcome.

Scene: Wu checks through 911 calls from the night before.

Nick: You check the 911 call?
Wu: Yep. It took a while, because I had to check every call for a ten-hour period, only to find out no call was made.
Nick: No 911 call came in from Mrs. Miller?
Wu: Or from anyone else. There were no crimes reported on Hank's street at all. What'd you get?
Nick: The detectives who took Hank are Black Claw.
Wu: How'd you find that out?
Nick: I just got back from the precinct. Almost every cop I saw was Wesen.
Wu: What?
Nick: And they all knew I was a Grimm.
Wu: And they're holding Hank there?
Nick: They said he's not there. I don't know where he is. Even if he is, I-I can't get to him, at least not alone. Check and see if they booked him. If they did, he'll be in the system.
Wu: [He checks the system] Nope, nothing. They haven't filed any paperwork, so whatever they're up to, it's not by the book.
Nick: These guys are Black Claw. The charge is bogus, and they know it. I doubt they even took him in.
Wu: Then how are we gonna find him?
Nick: Do we still have the guy who Hank brought in for the B&E?
Wu: Tony Talamonti, yeah. He's still in holding.
Nick: He's Black Claw. He's got to be connected to this.
Wu: He's got to know something.
Nick: Yeah, well, he already knows I'm a Grimm.
Wu: So you can't just scare it out of him.
Nick: No. We need someone who he knows has a real reason to kill him.

Scene: Nick goes to see Monroe and Rosalee at the spice shop.

Rosalee: Nick.
Nick: You have any customers?
Rosalee: Not at the moment. What's up?
Nick: [He locks the door and flips the sign on the door to closed] Black Claw has Hank.
Monroe: What?
Rosalee: No!
Nick: We're trying to figure out where they have him. We've got a guy who I think might know.
Rosalee: Who?
Nick: Tony.
Rosalee: Tony.
Monroe: Tony.
Nick: We still have him in custody. He stole Hank's cell phone, so we know he was assigned to Hank.
Monroe: I'll get it out of him.
Nick: But you can't kill him. He just has to believe you will.
Rosalee: I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
Nick: I want you to go in first. I want you to identify him as the guy who attacked you in this shop.
Monroe: No!
Rosalee: I can do that.
Monroe: Why?
Nick: You're her husband. He attacked your wife. I want him to know this is personal.
Monroe: Oh, it's personal. When do you want to do it?
Nick: Now.
[Monroe and Rosalee grab their jackets, and they all leave]

Scene: Nick and Wu go into an interrogation room to talk to Tony.

Tony: I got nothing to say.
Nick: Yeah, we know.
Tony: So what are we gonna do? Stare at each other?
Wu: Something like that.
Nick: Two detectives took my partner.
Tony: You mean the guy that arrested me? Gee, I'm really sorry to hear that.
Nick: Where did they take him?
Tony: Hmm... don't know.
Wu: How'd you hurt your hand, Tony?
Tony: Tripped.
Nick: Over a Hexenbiest? Pretty, blonde, about this tall? I bet you were feeling pretty tough at the time.
Wu: Where'd they take Hank, Tony?
Tony: Let me think, uh... Barbados.
Nick: [He lets Rosalee into the room] Is this the guy who hit you?
Rosalee: Yeah, that's him.
Tony: Well, look what happened to me!
Rosalee: If you know where Hank is, tell them.
Tony: You're still so pretty, Rosie, especially when you're upset.
[Rosalee lunges at Tony and grabs his shoulders, but Wu quickly pulls her away]
Wu: It's all right. It's okay. It's okay.
[Rosalee clears her throat]
Nick: So, Tony... I guess we'll be adding an assault.
Tony: Yeah, sure, just add it to my list.
Nick: It's not your assault. [He opens the door for Monroe] I'm not sure if you've met Rosalee's husband.
Rosalee: Monroe, Tony. Tony, Monroe.
[Monroe takes off his jacket]
Tony: Hey.
[Nick, Wu, and Rosalee leave]
Tony: Hey! What are you doing?
Monroe: Tony... how nice to finally meet you. [He woges]
Tony: No, no. No, no, no, no!
[Nick, Wu, and Rosalee stand outside the door listening to the crashing and grunting going on]
Wu: How long do we give him?
[There is a thud followed by a louder thud]
Nick: About that long.
Monroe: [He opens the door] 521 Skyline Drive.
Nick: Thanks.
Monroe: Oh, no. Thank you. [He puts his arm around Rosalee and they leave]
[Nick and Wu look in the room at Tony laying on the ground in a corner. They close the door and walk away]
Wu: What do we do with the address?
Nick: This is Black Claw. I can't do this alone. Gonna take it to HW.
[There's applause as Renard arrives]
Man: Mr. Mayor.
Renard: Thank you.
Woman: Congratulations, sir.
[Nick and Renard briefly stare at each other]
Renard: Hey.
Wu: That son of a bitch.
Nick: Keep an eye on him. Let me know if he leaves. [He walks away]
Wu: Yep.

Scene: Nick goes to Hadrian's Wall's compound to talk with Trubel, Eve, and Meisner.

Trubel: 521 Skyline Drive, we know it.
Nick: How?
Meisner: We got the address off one of the Black Claw we killed in Nevada.
Trubel: And it's the same address registered to the truck parked outside Monroe's house.
Eve: The property is rural-five acres, two-story house, three points of entry-front, south side, and the back.
Meisner: If that's where they've got Hank, you have to be very careful.
Nick: Just give me Trubel and Eve.
Meisner: Okay.
Eve: Let's go.
[Nick Trubel, and Eve leave]

Scene: Hank continues to be in a chair, handcuffed.

Hank: What do you guys hope to do here?
Baribeau: Shut up.
Hank: You think kidnapping me is going to get you some kind of freedom you didn't have.
Masters: You know what's going on. You work with a Grimm.
Hank: I know the cost of whatever you get out of this is gonna be very high.
Masters: You're not Wesen. You'll never understand.
Hank: I wonder if you do.
Baribeau: Shut up. [He punches Hank]
Masters: Back off.
[Hank sighs and groans as Nick, Eve, and Trubel pull up outside. They walk through a barn and see the house where Hank is being held. They split up as they walk towards the house. The scene shifts back inside the house]
Baribeau: I-I don't think Bonaparte's coming. What does he want with this guy anyway?
Masters: He's the Grimm's partner. He knows a lot.
Baribeau: If what he knows is so damn valuable, why aren't we getting it out of him?
Hank: I'm guessing he doesn't trust you with what I know.
Masters: Your partner's one of us. What makes you think that he won't switch sides when he realizes who's going to win this?
[A door crashes open as Nick goes inside and starts fighting with Baribeau. Trubel comes up from behind Masters and slits her throat. Baribeau woges into a Hundjäger and is telekinetically pulled through the front door by Eve]
Nick: Is there anyone else here? [He frees Hank]
Hank: [He groans] I don't think so.
Eve: There's only two?
Trubel: There's another one back here.
[Hank grabs his badge and gun, and they all go to the bathroom where they find Hank's neighbor dead in the tub]
Trubel: She was already dead when I came through.
Hank: I know her. That's my neighbor Mrs. Miller.
Nick: The witness?
Hank: Yeah. They got to her.
Eve: This doesn't make sense. We got the same address from three different sources, and there were only two people here guarding Hank.
Trubel: Yeah. You're still alive. Why didn't they kill you?
Hank: They were waiting for somebody.
Eve: Who was never gonna come.
Nick: They were getting rid of us.
Eve: We're in the wrong place.

Scene: Gunfire erupts as Black Claw infiltrates HW's compound.

[The Wesen kill everyone they see and destroy everything before they leave the compound. Meisner comes across some agents before they leave, and kills them. He then walks around, looking at the destruction. He squats down by a body as his phone rings]
Renard: [He walks into the room] Go ahead. Answer it. You might want to tell them what happened.
Meisner: [He answers his phone] Eve.
Eve: Are we too late?
Meisner: Yes. Don't come back.
Eve: Are you safe?
Meisner: No. I'm with Sean Renard. I think he wants to kill me.
Trubel: No!
Meisner: [He hangs up] You chose the wrong side, Sean.
Renard: I never choose sides. You shouldn't either. Doesn't have to end here.
Meisner: Black Claw's Wesen only.
Renard: For you, I think we'd make an exception.
Bonaparte: There are no exceptions.
[Renard and Meisner look at Bonaparte, who is woged. Bonaparte holds his hand out and makes Meisner strangle himself with one of his hands]
Renard: That's enough.
Bonaparte: Stay out of it!
[Meisner gags and chokes as he falls to his knees. Blood begins to come out of his eyes and nose]
Renard: I said that's enough!
[Bonaparte doesn't stop, so Renard takes out his gun and shoots Meisner, killing him]
Bonaparte: [He retracts] You are compassionate. And that's dangerous for all of us.

Scene: Diana wakes up to Bonaparte and Rachel talking downstairs.

Bonaparte: This effectively eliminates whatever presence Hadrian's Wall had in this area.
Rachel: That's incredible.
Bonaparte: Well, Rachel, you had a big part in the success.
[Diana gets out of bed]
Rachel: Thank you.
[Diana opens her door]
Rachel: I don't think it could have gone much better than it did. Except maybe for the Grimms.
Bonaparte: We have plans for the Grimms and all their friends.
[Diana stands at the top of the stairs]
Bonaparte: But I'm more concerned about Adalind.
Rachel: She's a Hexenbiest. She'll come around.
[Diana starts walking down the stairs]
Rachel: I'll keep my eye on her.
Bonaparte: And Renard?
Rachel: I have no problem with that.
Bonaparte: I'd like you to spend more time with Diana.
[Diana pauses on the stairs]
Bonaparte: I think it would be a good idea if the two of you get closer.
Rachel: Well, that shouldn't be hard. Kids love me.

Scene: Nick, Hank, Trubel, and Eve arrive at HW's compound.

Hank: This is bad.
Trubel: How did they know HW was here?
Eve: Zuri.
Hank: What?
Eve: They knew we would bring her here.
Nick: We were all set up.
Trubel: Then why didn't they attack us when we were here?
Nick: They were afraid of Eve. They wanted to get her out of the way.
Eve: I should have seen this coming.
[They come across Meisner's body]
Trubel: [She kneels down by Meisner and softly cries] I thought Meisner was Renard's friend. Why would he do this?
Eve: Sean Renard has no friends.
Trubel: Nick... HW's dead in Portland. There's no one to fight Black Claw here but us.
Nick: Well, if there's anything important, take it. Meet me back at my place. Drive separately. Make sure you're not followed. [He and Hank leave]
[Trubel sits down next to Meisner and starts to cry before she gets herself together]

Scene: Rachel gets into bed and turns off the light.

[Diana astral projects herself into Rachel's room]
Rachel: Diana?
Diana: Leave us alone.
Rachel: I don't think you- [She gasps as her blanket gets yanked off her]
Diana: They're my mommy and daddy, not yours.
Rachel: [Her sheets begin to wrap around her] What are you doing? [She pants] Diana! Stop! Stop! Please, honey. [She shrieks as the sheets continue to wrap up her body towards her head] Help! Somebody! Diana, stop!
Diana: [She goes into Adalind's room] Mommy? I want to show you something.
[Adalind gets up and takes Diana's hand. Diana astral projects them both to Rachel's room as the sheets wrap around Rachel's head and face]
Adalind: Diana, what-what are you doing?
[Rachel begins to suffocate as the sheets press against her face. Her screams are muffled]
Adalind: Diana, stop it.
Diana: She won't take Daddy away anymore.
[Rachel dies as Adalind suddenly wakes up in her bed, gasping and panting, thinking she just had a nightmare. In her room, Diana stands at the foot of her bed, and opens her woged eyes]

Scene: Nick and Hank arrive at the precinct.

Hank: [He sees Nick staring at Renard] You're not gonna do anything stupid, are you?
Wu: [He walks up] Hank. What the hell happened?
Hank: Too much.
Wu: What?
Renard: [To a reporter] Cheers. Bye-bye. [He goes into his office]
Hank: Nick, think about it.
Nick: I have. [He goes into Renard's office] Meisner's dead.
Renard: Really? How did that happen?
Nick: A coward shot him. You think you're gonna get away with this?
Renard: Oh, come on, Nick. Do you really want to tally up the dead?
Nick: Yeah. [He locks the door] Let's start with you.
[Nick jumps onto Renard's desk and kicks him in the face, and they begin fighting, destroying everything in Renard's office. Hank and Wu run up, and Hank tries to open the door]
Hank: It's locked! Captain! Nick!
[Nick and Renard continue fighting and knock the blinds off part of a window. Nick gets a few consecutive hits in on Renard, and Renard woges. He grabs Nick and throws him through a window, shocking everyone in the precinct. Renard retracts and storms out his door to go after Nick, but Hank and Wu hold him back]
Wu: Captain, no!
Hank: It's over!
[Nick gets up and tries to go after Renard, but is held back by two officers]
Renard: Arrest him. [He goes into his office]
[Nick is taken away]
Wu: They can't do this. [He tries run after the officers taking Nick away]
Hank: [He grabs Wu and pulls him back] Hey. We can't help him if we're in the cell right next to him.
Wu: [He breathes heavily] They will kill him.
[Nick is placed into a holding cell and the officers leave. Nick looks across from his cell and sees a Black Claw mark on the wall]


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