This page is to document all the main fights that occurred in Season Five. Only major fight scenes are included here. Minor skirmishes and gun battles are not.

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"The Grimm Identity"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Katrina Chavez (Steinadler) vs. a Balam, Gelumcaedus, and Phansigar

Circumstances of the Fight: After arriving to meet Chavez' contacts, Nick and Chavez discovered they had been killed. Chavez was about to leave when Nick's enhanced hearing picked up heavy breathing, and he pushed her out of the way just before she was about to be jumped upon. He was momentarily knocked down by the agent who jumped down from above. Chavez was then attacked by a Balam and a Phansigar.

Outcome: The agent tried to stomp on Nick, but he managed to roll out of the way. Chavez managed to knock the Balam back and then woged to face the Phansigar. The agent managed to kick Nick in the chest. Chavez carried on taking both opponents on, successfully knocking down the Balam. Nick, however, managed to land a punch to the agent's chest, knocking him back. He then woged into a Gelumcaedus and attacked Nick again, but this time he was ready for it. Beating it back, he then flipped it over his shoulder and knocked it to the ground. Chavez managed to snap the neck of the Phansigar, but as she was looking down at its body, the Balam took advantage and managed to slice her abdomen with its claws. The Geumcaedus tried to get back up, but Nick plunged a rebar he had grabbed into the creatures head, killing it. Then running forward, he jumped and laid a devastating kick on the Balam, knocking it straight through a wooden wall. At that point, he was distracted by another assailant running in with a gun, but Nick managed to beat him to the draw. The Balam managed to escape in the confusion.

"Clear and Wesen Danger"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Hank Griffin vs. Paul Wemlinger (Quijada Vil)


Paul Wemlinger holding Betty Frame "hostage"

Circumstances of the Fight: After having tracked Wemlinger down to the residence of Betty Frame, Wemlinger took Betty hostage and threatened to kill her if Nick, Hank, or Wu made one false move. However, Nick and Hank pursued Wemlinger into a room he took Betty, and Wemlinger escaped out of the apartment using a fire escape. Nick pursued him down the fire escape, while Hank and Wu went back out the front. Wu got in his patrol car, and Hank just caught a glimpse of Wemlinger trying to escape and ran after him. Hank came across an alley way where Wemlinger had turned to go down, and he kicked open a fence with his gun drawn. As he came up to a second fence, he saw Nick running towards him, who then alerted Hank that Wemlinger was behind him. Fully woged, he appeared from the shadows of a metal barrel he was hiding behind.

Outcome: Wemlinger rushed up to Hank, knocked his gun away, and punched his face. He tried to backhand Hank, who ducked and punched his face. Hank tried to grab him, but Wemlinger grabbed him first and threw him into a barrel, knocking him down. Nick rushed in and grabbed Wemlinger, shoving him back. Nick picked up a metal rod and swung it at Wemlinger, who ducked and backhanded his face. Nick then grabbed Wemlinger's face and shoved him into a car. He tried to hit Wemlinger with the rod, but Wemlinger moved away, making Nick shatter a car window. Wemlinger got back up, grabbed Nick, and kneed his stomach. Hank got up and grabbed Wemlinger from behind, trying to restrain him. Wemlinger kicked Nick into a car, knocking him down. Hank tried to run Wemlinger into another car, but Wemlinger quickly climbed up the car and flipped over Hank, slipping out of his grip and slamming him into the car. Nick got back up, but Wemlinger quickly threw a shelf into Nick, knocking him down. They tried to follow him, but Wemlinger ran on top of a car and threw a tire at them; Hank deflected it as Nick tries to chase him. Just as Wemlinger began to make his escape, Wu drove up in his patrol car. Wemlinger charged at Wu, who got out of his car with his gun drawn telling Wemlinger to stop, but Wu was forced to shoot him twice, killing Wemlinger on top of the hood of his car.

"The Rat King"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Martin Meisner vs. Dr. Nicholson (Murciélago) and Thuggish Orderly (Hundjäger)

Circumstances of the Fight: Dr. Nicholson, Nurse Christi Kane, and an orderly attempted to transport Trubel out of the hospital to kill her. Meisner blocked them from escaping, shoving the gurney into Nicholson, who woged along with the orderly.

Outcome: The orderly attempted to attack Meisner, who kicked him down. Nicholson then attacked Meisner, who blocked his attacks and knocked him back. Nicholson grabbed a fire extinguisher to hit Meisner with, but Meisner kicked him down. The orderly got back up, but Nick joined in on the fight and kicked him into the wall, and punched his face several times, knocking him down. Meisner ran to Nick and acknowledged his appearance, which distracted Nick, allowing the orderly to throw Nick into the wall, knocking him down. Meisner quickly kicked the orderly down, but Nicholson grabbed Meisner from behind. Nick quickly tackled Nicholson off Meisner and into the wall and then slammed a shelf into him, knocking him down. Nick then acknowledged Meisner as the orderly attacked Meisner and Nicholson attacked Nick. However, both of them knocked the Wesen out. Meisner had Nick take Trubel out of the hospital, as Meisner chased down Nurse Kane as she tried to escape in an elevator and killed her.

"Eve of Destruction"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Martin Meisner

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick asked Trubel to find out as much as she could about what Hadrian's Wall did to Juliette, so she left in the middle of the night and confronted Meisner about it angrily.

Outcome: Trubel rushed at Meisner, who grabbed her and shoved her back, telling her he'd contact Nick when the time was right. Trubel said that wasn't good enough and tried to punch him, but he ducked. The two began to fight, but they blocked all of their attacks, neither able to land a blow on the other. Meisner ended up painfully twisting Trubel's arm, and she then asked what he did to Juliette. Meisner shoved her back and said they did what they had to.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Two Black Claw Agents (Schakal)

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick met Eve at a restaurant, when one of the organizers of Black Claw began to leave with his bodyguards. Eve used her powers to kill Samuel Rankin, a Black Claw organizer, and she then left the bodyguards for Nick to handle.

Outcome: The bodyguards woged and pulled out their guns, but Nick knocked away their guns and kicked one of them down. He grabbed the first bodyguard, backhanded his face, and threw him into a table. The second bodyguard got back up, but Nick quickly grabbed a steak knife and threw it into his chest, killing him. Nick continued to fight the first bodyguard, easily overpowering him. The bodyguard tried to tackle Nick, who caught him and flipped him through the window, resulting in a piece of glass cutting his throat and killing him as well.

"A Reptile Dysfunction"Edit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Logan Cobb (Wasser Zahne)

Circumstances of the Fight: Following Wayne Dunbar lying to Cobb that his brother had hired an assassin to kill him so he could cheat him out of his share of their money, Cobb was about to attack Oliver Dunbar, but he was interrupted when Trubel arrived. Originally confident in killing the assassin, who Wayne had told him was "some girl," Cobb was surprised when he woged and saw that Trubel was a Grimm.

Outcome: Cobb tried to charge Trubel, but she was ready for him as she managed to catch him and throw him against some shelves. Cobb quickly recovered and tried to land a blow with his right hand, but Trubel saw it coming and easily ducked, using Cobb's momentum against him and kicking him into some more store items. Cobb got up once again and tried to grab Trubel, who kneed him in the stomach and chest area, bring him down to his knees. Trubel then caught his head and neck in a brief headlock and violently snapped his neck, causing blood to project from Cobb's mouth. She then finished him off with a kick to his chest, knocking Cobb to the ground flat on his back where he retracted, having been killed.

"Map of the Seven Knights"Edit

Belligerents: Monroe (Blutbad) and Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Krisztian Ajandok (Anubis) and Oscar Vasicek (Anubis)

Circumstances of the Fight: After Monroe's uncle, Felix Dietrich, was found murdered in his hotel room, the suspected assailants were tracked to a cargo company where a shipment of Grimm diaries were anticipated to arrive. Krisztian Ajandok and Oscar Vasicek killed a security guard and found the location of a trunk containing the books, but as they were in the middle of opening the crate containing the trunk, they were interrupted by Monroe, who woged and ominously warned them that they shouldn't have killed his uncle.

Outcome: Krisztian and Oscar woged, and they quickly crossed paths and acrobatically used some shelves to leap off from. Krisztian leapt off from a shelf and tackled Monroe, and they engaged in a struggle on the ground, while Oscar went after Nick and athletically landed on his feet in front of Nick after jumping off from a shelf in cartwheel-like fashion. Monroe was able to quickly obtain leverage and get on top of Krisztian, killing him by ripping out his throat. Meanwhile, Oscar landed a kick on Nick, causing him to back up and trip over the chest. As Oscar walked up towards him, Monroe ran over and tackled Oscar, quickly killing him by biting his throat out.

"Into the Schwarzwald"Edit

Belligerents: Sean Renard (Half-Zauberbiest) vs. Marwan Hanano (Uhranuti)

Circumstances of the Fight: In a set up, Lucien Petrovitch called Renard, telling him Marwan was at the hospital. As Marwan waited for his ride to come at the hospital, Hank and Wu arrived. Realizing he had been made, Marwan ran away from them, only for him to be blocked by Renard. They then both woged and began to fight.

Outcome: Marwan leapt at Renard, who caught him and threw him down. Renard tried to attack Marwan, who kicked him back and stood back up. He tried to leg sweep Renard but missed, and he then punched him a few times. Renard blocked another attack, then punched his face, grabbed him, and headbutted his face. Marwan broke free from Renard's grasp and swung his claws a few times, managing to lightly slash him once. Renard then grabbed Marwan's left arm, turned around, and broke it. Renard turned and kicked Marwan down some stairs, breaking his neck and killing him.

"Silence of the Slams"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Goyo (Possessed Balam) vs. James Vazquez

Circumstances of the Fight: Angry over his defeat to Goyo in the last round, Vazquez encountered Goyo in an alleyway and threatened to destroy him during the next day's match, and he then stole Goyo's Balam mask, taunting him about it.

Outcome: Goyo punched Vazquez's face and got back his mask. Vazquez then told Goyo that they should have the fight now, and Goyo put on his mask. Vazquez tried to land several hits on Goyo, who blocked them; Goyo then performed a front flip and landed behind Vazquez. Goyo shoved Vazquez into the alley wall, punched his face, threw him face first into the wall, and then rolled over his back. Goyo tried to kick Vazquez, who blocked it, punched his face, and grabbed Goyo from behind. Goyo then slipped free from Vazquez's grip and threw him face first into the wall again, this time accidentally killing him.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Hank Griffin vs. Goyo (Possessed Balam)

Circumstances of the Fight: After putting on his mask outside of the wrestling ring, Goyo's Balam mask fused to his face, so he went to Benito for help; however, he had turned highly aggressive and he attacked Benito.

Outcome: As Goyo approached Benito, Benito smacked his face with a book, but Goyo grabbed him and flipped him into a shelf, knocking him down. Goyo began to repeatedly punch Benito in the face, when Nick and Hank rushed in, guns drawn. Nick pulled Goyo off Benito, but Goyo shoved Nick down. Hank tried to restrain Goyo, who grabbed him and threw him down into a table, destroying it. Nick got back up, but Goyo grabbed him and threw him across the shop, through a door. Nick got back up again, and Goyo attacked him, but this time Nick was ready, and Nick caught him and threw him down into the display glass. Nick and Hank restrained Goyo and tried to take his mask off but couldn't. Benito told them that the only way to save Goyo was the Ceremony of Disgrace, before he died of his wounds. Nick then contacted Monroe and Rosalee for their help in removing the mask from Goyo's face.

"Skin Deep"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm), Hank Griffin, and Monroe (Blutbad) vs. Malcolm Caulfield (Musasat Alsh-Shabab)

Circumstances of the Fight: When Dr. Eugene Forbes was going to put the Yanbue on Rosalee's face, Nick, Hank, and Monroe quickly went inside, as Malcolm came in and gave the latest supply to Dr. Forbes. When the gang went in, Rosalee told them that Malcolm was the Musasat Alsh-Shabab.

Outcome: Malcolm woged and charged at Nick, knocking him down. Hank tried to restrain Malcolm, who then ran him into a shelf, and they rolled off together. Malcolm got up and tried to run away, but Monroe woged and tackled him down. Malcolm got on top of Monroe and tried to bite his face, when Nick rushed in and kicked Malcolm over a table. Nick rolled over the table, punched Malcolm's face, and threw him down. Hank and Monroe both grabbed Malcolm, pulled him up, and Hank punched him towards Rosalee, who grabbed a tray and smacked his face with it, knocking him down. Malcolm got back up, as Hank and Nick held him at gunpoint, when Dr. Forbes grabbed a scalpel and stabbed Malcolm in the neck with it, killing him.


Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Takeshi Himura (Inugami)

Circumstances of the Fight: Takeshi was about to behead Roger Voorhees, when Jin Akagi arrived, telling Takeshi to not kill Roger. Takeshi told Jin that he could not hurt him, but that he couldn't stop him. Takeshi then threw Jin down, and was about to kill Roger, when Nick arrived.

Outcome: Nick tackled Takeshi, and they both got back up, Takeshi angrily recognizing Nick. He swung his katana several times, but Nick avoided the swings of his blade and caught Takeshi's arm, elbowed his face, and knocked his katana away. Takeshi tried to punch Nick a few times, but Nick blocked the attacks and punched him, only for Takeshi to grab him and leg sweep him to the ground. Takeshi grabbed ahold of Nick's legs, but Nick kicked him back and performed a kip-up to get back on his feet. Takeshi landed a blow to Nick's face, but Nick blocked another punch and punched Takeshi again. He then gripped Takeshi's arm and flipped him to the ground. Takeshi turned and tried to grab his katana, but Hank arrived and stepped on it, holding him at gunpoint. He and Nick then arrested Takeshi.

"The Taming of the Wu"Edit

Belligerents: Martin Meisner vs. Emilio Quintana (Hundjäger)

Circumstances of the Fight: Meisner checked the safehouse where Diana was at, finding two dead people. As he searched the place, he heard someone enter the house, and he confronted him, telling him that they could avoid much bloodshed, but Emilio didn't listen, woged, and attacked him.

Outcome: Emilio tried to hit Meisner, who avoided it and hit him a few times, before he kneed his stomach and threw him into the wall. Emilio attempted several more blows on Meisner, who blocked them all and landed a few more blows himself. Meisner spun around and tried to kick Emilio, who ducked and kicked him into a cupboard. The two then briefly traded blows, before Emilio tore off Meisner's shirt. Emilio landed several blows to Meisner's face and then threw him down. Emilio picked up a piece of furniture wood and was about to hit Meisner with it, when Trubel came from behind, cut off his hand with her machete, and then stabbed him in the chest, killing him.

"Bad Night"Edit

Belligerents: Hank Griffin vs. Tony Talamonti (Kackenkopf)

Circumstances of the Fight: Tony was entering back into Zuri's house to put Hank's phone in his pocket, when the wind made the door close. Tony then proceeded to leave, when a newly woken up Hank caught him.

Outcome: Hank grabbed Tony, who then ran him back into the wall, knocking him down. He tried to attack Hank again, but Hank kicked him down. They both get back up, and Tony grabbed and threw a lamp at Hank, who avoided it. Tony yelled at Hank, and then woged. Hank punched his face, and threw him into the wall, before slamming his head into a piano, knocking him out.

"Set Up"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents Martin Meisner vs. Three Black Claw Soldiers (Quijada Vil, Schakal, and Murciélago)

Circumstances of the Fight: When the Hadrian's Wall base was under attack by Black Claw agents, Meisner ambushed three Wesen, one of whom was armed with a gun.

Outcome: Meisner kicked the Quijada Vil and shoved him down. A Murciélago then came and attacked him, but Meisner fought off the Murciélago and flipped him over himself onto the floor. The Quijada Vil tried to get back up, but Meisner kicked his face, knocking him out. A Schakal then kicked Meisner's face, only for Meisner to knee his stomach and snap his neck, killing him. The Murciélago then attacked Meisner, who dropkicked him, knocking him out as well.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Sean Renard (Half-Zauberbiest)

Circumstances of the Fight: After finding out the HW compound was attacked by Black Claw and that had Meisner been killed, Nick angrily confronted Renard in his office at the precinct, saying that he wouldn't get away with what he'd done. Nick then attacked him after he locked the office door.

Outcome: Nick leapt onto Renard's desk and kicked his chest. Nick then punched him and threw Renard into another desk behind him. Nick lifted him up, and they both blocked punches, Renard landing a punch on Nick, before Nick threw him back over his desk. Nick then tried to kick Renard as he lay on the floor, but he blocked Nick's kick with his foot and countered, kicking Nick's face. Renard got back up to attack Nick, who caught him. They wrestled intensely for a moment, before Nick headbutted his face, knocked away his arms, and landed several blows to his face and chest. Renard woged and attacked Nick again, who caught him, but Renard grabbed a hold of him and threw him through the window of his office. Renard then came out of his office and tried to attack Nick, but he was held back by Hank and Wu, and he had Nick arrested and taken to the holding cells. Nick had to be restrained by several police officers as well.

"The Beginning of the End"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Eve (Hexenbiest) vs. Conrad Bonaparte (Zauberbiest)

Circumstances of the Fight: While the gang engaged in a shootout with Black Claw cops at the North Precinct, Bonaparte tried to escape, but Eve followed him, and they both woged.

Outcome: Eve started walking towards Bonaparte, who telekinetically shoved her down into the door. He then telekinetically threw a chair at her, but she dropped onto her back, ducking, and flipped back onto her feet. She then showed her own telekinetic prowess, throwing Bonaparte into the ceiling and dropping him. He got back up, and the two briefly engaged in some hand-to-hand combat, mostly on even ground, before Eve overpowered Bonaparte and kicked him down. Eve then shoved him through a glass door. Bonaparte telekinetically floated all the glass shards up in the air in front of him and fired them at Eve, who flipped and ducked to dodge his attack, but one glass shard managed to impale her in the abdomen. When the gang rushed in, Bonaparte ran off.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Two Black Claw Soldiers (Löwen and Quijada Vil)

Circumstances of the Fight: While the rest of the gang retreated into the tunnel, Nick held his ground at the loft, shooting at Black Claw cops and soldiers who came in and shot at him. After some time, he ran out of ammo and resorted to use physical force to combat his attackers.

Outcome: The Löwen rushed at Nick, who ducked and landed several blows to him. However, the Löwen then blocked a punch and kneed Nick back. He tried to attack Nick, who kicked the Löwen down, when a Quijada Vil appeared and tried to kick Nick. Nick ducked the attack and punched the Löwen down again. The Quijada Vil tried to go after Nick again, but Nick blocked the attack with his right arm, backhanded his face, grabbed him, and slammed his face into the kitchen counter, knocking him out. The Löwen tried to attack Nick again, but Nick turned around in time and maneuvered the Löwen into a headlock before snapping his neck, killing him as well.

Fight ThreeEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Lt. Marshall (Schakal)

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick continued to fight off Wesen as they came, getting shot once in the back by Officer Conlin, and used his axe to kill them. Then, Marshall came in and unloaded his entire handgun clip at Nick, who dove to avoid the shots. Angered, Marshall grabbed a sword and woged.

Outcome: Marshall swung his sword several times at Nick, who blocked them, but Marshall elbowed Nick's face and kicked him down. Marshall came in closer to attack Nick, who swung his axe twice, but Marshall avoided each deadly blow and blocked a third swing as Nick's momentum took him past Marshall, the two reversing how they were facing each other. Marshall then swung his sword again, but Nick blocked it, grabbed him, headbutted his face, and threw him down. Nick tried to land a final blow and raised his axe, but Marshall quickly rolled to a stop, grabbed the nearby gun in the deceased Officer Conlin's hand, and shot Nick three times in the chest. Nick promptly dropped his weapon and collapsed to the floor, taking a few short breaths and placing his left hand over his chest, before he closed his eyes and his head and neck went limp. Marshall retracted and called Bonaparte to say it was done, when Nick rose back up behind Marshall, who had his back turned. Nick's bullet wounds miraculously healed, Marshall hung up and was shocked to see Nick standing behind him when he turned around. Marshall could only muster the words "How the hell" out of his mouth before Nick slammed the sharp blade of the axe into Marshall's lower chest, killing him.

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