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Season 1
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Number of EpisodesAired

22Oct 28, 2011 - May 18, 2012


"Pilot""Woman in Black"

Season Information
Announced: January 28, 2011
Slogan: And you thought they were just fairytales...
Executive Producers: Norberto Barba
David Greenwalt
Jim Kouf
Sean Hayes
Todd Milliner
Naren Shankar
Marc Buckland
Stars: David Giuntoli
Russell Hornsby
Bitsie Tulloch
Silas Weir Mitchell
Sasha Roiz
Reggie Lee
DVD/Blu-ray: Grimm: Season One
DVD/Blu-ray Release: August 7, 2012
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Season 1 is the first season of Grimm. The pilot was picked up by NBC on January 28, 2011, and the season was filmed in the Portland, Oregon area.

The "Pilot" premiered on October 28, 2011 on NBC, and the season one finale, "Woman in Black", aired on May 18, 2012. The first season introduced the concept of Wesen living within some people and the Grimms being hunters of the Wesen.

Season Recap

Portland Police detective Nick Burkhardt thinks that he has his life all planned. He is a successful detective, he has a good working relationship with his boss Captain Renard, his partner Hank Griffin, and other officers in the precinct, he has just purchased an engagement ring, and he is planning to ask his girlfriend Juliette Silverton to marry him. All his plans are called into question when he sees an attractive young woman suddenly morph into a hag, a change that nobody else notices. Later that day in the precinct, a man being charged briefly changes into a lizard-like being, and again, no one but him notices. That evening, Nick's aunt, Marie Kessler, visits him and Juliette. Aunt Marie has cancer and does not have long to live, but before she dies, she has something to tell Nick.

Aunt Marie tells Nick that he is descended from a line of creature hunters known as Grimms, who have the responsibility to protect the rest of mankind from the creatures who are known as Wesen. She also tells him that the trailer she brought with her contains information and equipment to help him in his task. Aunt Marie gives Nick a small antique key and tells him to protect it with his life as "they" want it.

With help from Monroe, a Blutbad he met while working on case, and Rosalee Calvert, a Fuchsbau, Nick deals with crimes involving several different types of Wesen ranging from the bear-like Jägerbars to the rat-like Reinigen. He soon discovers that there are several inimical Wesen species, such as the Hexenbiests and the Blutbaden to the hound dog-like Hundjägers and the Hässlichen. He soon realizes that his unique status as Grimm and cop enables him to become a force for peace, both within the Wesen community and the interactions between Wesen and humans. This, however, does cause problems for Hank as his encounters with the Wesen world cause him to doubt his sanity.

Whilst not knowing what the key represents, he comes to appreciate its value to some factions within the Wesen community when the Hexenbiest, Adalind Schade, nearly kills Hank to make him surrender it. In the process of saving Hank, Nick causes Adalind to lose her Wesen spirit and powers, but not her magical knowledge. In an act of revenge, Adalind causes Juliette to fall into a magically induced coma.

The season ends with Nick's mother helping him defeat one of the assassins who had killed his father and who Nick also thought killed his mother in an abortive attempt to take possession of the Coins of Zakynthos, an artifact that had come into Nick's possession earlier in the year.




Name Episode(s) Written
David Greenwalt "Pilot" (co-wrote)
"Bears Will Be Bears" (co-wrote)
"Danse Macabre" (co-wrote)
"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" (co-wrote)
"Island of Dreams" (co-wrote)
"Happily Ever Aftermath" (co-wrote)
"Woman in Black" (co-wrote)
Jim Kouf "Pilot" (co-wrote)
"Bears Will Be Bears" (co-wrote)
"Danse Macabre" (co-wrote)
"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" (co-wrote)
"Island of Dreams" (co-wrote)
"Happily Ever Aftermath" (co-wrote)
"Woman in Black" (co-wrote)
Alan DiFiore "Lonelyhearts" (co-wrote)
"Of Mouse and Man" (co-wrote)
"Tarantella" (co-wrote)
"Plumed Serpent" (co-wrote)
"Big Feet" (co-wrote)
Dan E. Fesman "Lonelyhearts" (co-wrote)
"Of Mouse and Man" (co-wrote)
"Tarantella" (co-wrote)
"Plumed Serpent" (co-wrote)
"Big Feet" (co-wrote)
Sarah Goldfinger "The Three Bad Wolves" (co-wrote)
"Let Your Hair Down" (co-wrote)
"Last Grimm Standing" (co-wrote)
Cameron Litvack "Beeware" (co-wrote)
"Game Ogre" (co-wrote)
"Last Grimm Standing" (co-wrote)
Naren Shankar "The Three Bad Wolves" (co-wrote)
"Let Your Hair Down" (co-wrote)
"Last Grimm Standing" (co-wrote)
Thania St. John "Beeware" (co-wrote)
"Game Ogre" (co-wrote)
"Last Grimm Standing" (co-wrote)
Richard Hatem "The Thing with Feathers"
"Big Feet" (co-wrote)
Catherine Butterfield "Love Sick"
Stephen Carpenter "Pilot" (co-wrote)
Akela Cooper "Organ Grinder" (co-wrote)
Nevin Densham "Leave It to Beavers"
Jose Molina "Cat and Mouse"
Spiro Skentzos "Organ Grinder" (co-wrote)


Name Episode(s) Directed
Norberto Barba "Bears Will Be Bears"
"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"
"Woman in Black"
Holly Dale "Let Your Hair Down"
"Leave It to Beavers"
Omar Madha "Of Mouse and Man"
"Big Feet"
Darnell Martin "Beeware"
"The Thing with Feathers"
Clark Mathis "The Three Bad Wolves"
"Organ Grinder"
Terrence O'Hara "Game Ogre"
"Happily Ever Aftermath"
David Solomon "Danse Macabre"
"Love Sick"
Felix Alcala "Cat and Mouse"
Rob Bailey "Island of Dreams"
Marc Buckland "Pilot"
Steven DePaul "Plumed Serpent"
Michael Watkins "Last Grimm Standing"
Michael Waxman "Lonelyhearts"
Peter Werner "Tarantella"


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DVD/Blu-ray Release

Main article: Grimm: Season One

Season 1 was released on August 7, 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray. Both have 5 discs featuring all 22 episodes.

Set Details Special Features
  • 22 Episodes
  • 5-Disc Set
  • Language: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 5.1)
    (Blu-ray) English (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • World of Grimm: Get to know the characters and creatures that inhabit the world of "Grimm" and discover the inspiration behind the storylines.
  • Making Monsters: Go behind the scenes with Andy Clement and Barney Burman as they take viewers through the special makeup effects design and application process. The talented team from Hive FX also shows fans how they give life to the monsters of "Grimm."
  • (Blu-ray Only) Grimm Guide: An interactive book that provides insight into the various creatures featured in the show.
  • and MORE



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