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Sean Renard
Actor: Sasha Roiz
Gender: Male
Type: Hybrid
House: House of Kronenberg (exiled bastard prince)
Service of: Laufer
Relationships: Dead.svg Frederick Renard, father
Elizabeth Lascelles, mother
Dead.svg Eric Renard, half-brother
Adalind Schade, mother of his daughter
Diana Schade-Renard, daughter
Viktor von Konigsburg, cousin
Dead.svg Anton Krug, cousin
Dead.svg Paternal grandfather
Dead.svg Great-great-grandfather (maternal)
Dead.svg Sebastien, friend
Dead.svg Martin Meisner, acquaintance
Hans Tavitian, co-belligerent
Dead.svg Catherine Schade, former love interest
Mia Gaudot, former love interest
Dead.svg Thomas Woolsey, acquaintance
Dead.svg Jacques, acquaintance
Nick Burkhardt, employee
Hank Griffin, employee
Drew Wu, employee
Franco, employee
Dead.svg Sam Damerov, accomplice
Dead.svg Andrew Dixon, acquaintance
Dead.svg Jeremiah Rogers, former acquaintance
Dead.svg Rachel Wood, sexual relationship
Dead.svg Conrad Bonaparte, associate
Stancroft, associate
Grossante, former associate
Steiger, acquaintance
Dasha Karpushin, acquaintance
Status: Living
Job: Police Captain
Mayor-elect (formerly)
Languages known: English (fluent)
French (fluent)
German (fluent)
Russian (fluent)
Greek (some)
Arabic (some)
Comments: Renard is the first revealed hybrid; he is the bastard son of a human royal father and a Hexenbiest mother.
Comics: X
Books: X

Sean Renard (born as Prince Sean on October 21, 1970) ("Stories We Tell Our Young") is the current Captain of the South Precinct of the Portland P.D, was the Mayor of Portland briefly and a situational frenemy of Nick Burkhardt and his companions. He was also at one point ("Breakfast in Bed") a member of Black Claw but abandoned the organisation when its grand scheme for Wesen domination disintegrated. Calculating, stoic, ruthless and self-serving, Renard is a dangerous enemy and a potent ally who constantly seeks to gain the upper hand over whomever comes after him be it his own family, other Wesen or on occasion the Grimms.



Sean was born to a Hexenbiest mother in October 1970; it is later revealed that his father is King Fredrick of the House of Kronenberg and that his birth was the result of the king engaging in an affair with his mother, making him a bastard son. As a result of the union, Sean is a hybrid; a half-human, half-Zauberbiest, earning him the scorn and enmity of his royal siblings and relations. The Queen tried to have Sean and his mother killed but Elizabeth took her son and fled to the United States where Sean was to grow up. He never forgave the Royals for how they treated him and his mother and vowed to thwart them whenever possible.

He received an extensive education both human and wesen and began establishing ties with the Laufer in their fight against the Verrat, forging a network of useful contacts around the globe while maintaining a frosty detente with his Royal family. He elected to keep his Wesen nature hidden for the most part; his hybrid status making him an oddity in the Wesen community.

Once his education was complete, he said goodbye to his mother and moved to Portland, Oregon whereupon he signed up for the Portland Police Department in 1995. He enjoyed a stellar career with the Department and ascended to the rank of Captain of the South Precinct by 2010, unaware at the time that he now had an untriggered Grimm working for him; Nick Burkhardt.


Season 1


Renard was introduced as a compassionate precinct police captain who was worried about Nick Burkhardt's emotional response to his first shooting. Later, he was shown to be responsible for sending Adalind Schade to kill Marie Kessler in the hospital, a task at which Adalind was unsuccessful because Nick interfered.

"Bears Will Be Bears"

Renard feigned ignorance about the attack on Marie. He reviewed the security tapes from the hospital with Nick and Hank and asked if there were any others. Renard put a police guard on Marie's room. He met with Adalind Schade and told her to send more people to kill Marie. He then removed the police guard, telling Nick that he was unable to justify guards to the chief of police.


At the station, Captain Renard tells Hank and Nick that he wants the situation resolved because of the impact on public opinion.

Renard reassures Adalind by saying that he will make sure she is protected.


Captain Renard waits for the Reaper to return to his hotel room. Renard reminds the reaper that he should not have come to Renard's city without permission and that he should kneel before Renard. The captain denies the reaper's demand for vengeance in the death of Hulda and uses the reaper's own scythe to slice off his outer ear. Renard tells the reaper to leave and to never return.

"Danse Macabre"

Captain Renard is watches Adalind from his car while she asks Hank out to dinner.

"The Three Bad Wolves"

Nick, Hank, and Renard talk about Angelina being the main suspect in the murders of Lt Orson's brothers and they want to arrest him for the murders of Angelina's brothers, Hap and Rolf. He tells them to deal with Orson carefully and that he is not going to protect a dirty cop.

"Let Your Hair Down"

Captain Renard announces to the media that Holly Clark, a long lost girl, has been found.

"Game Ogre"

At the hospital, the doctor tells Capt. Renard and Juliette of Nick’s condition. The Captain assures Juliette that Nick will have round the clock protection, as will she.

Later, Captain Renard chastises Hank for trying to be a lone cowboy, then tells him that the bullets taken out of Stark’s body were made in England over 100 years ago and was fired from a very old and rare elephant gun made for royalty. They both wonder who in the world would own something like that?

"Of Mouse and Man"

Renard asks Nick and Hank if they think that Natalie could put a screwdriver through a man's throat. He then tells them to start by looking at Marty's junk shop.

"Organ Grinder"

Renard, Nick, and Hank bring down a human-organ harvesting house. After returning to his office, he sees a box with a reaper insignia on it. Upon opening it, he finds an ear that belonged to the reaper whose ear he chopped off. A reaper then calls him telling Renard to keep Nick under control or get rid of him because things are out of balance. Renard replies that Nick is different; he has a badge and a conscience. He then adds the next time the reapers better deliver their message in person.


When Hank and Nick find out that the prints on the first two victims matched those from previous killings, they inform Renard. He states that he wants the killer found quickly before she can kill again.

"Last Grimm Standing"

Leo Taymor is confronted by Sean Renard.

In Last Grimm Standing Renard talks to Leo Taymor (the leader of the Löwen Games) as if they had known each other in times long past. Renard is angry that Taymor has been using unsanctioned kidnapped Wesen to use for his gladiatorial fights. But Taymor doesn't care, he says that the ones Renard allows him to use are all Meth addicts and low lives. When Taymor openly defies Renard, telling him that royalty ain't what it used to be, Renard sets Taymor up for a fall.

The priest, conferring with Renard.

He later contacts a very mysterious priest in a confessional, asking the priest to deal with Taymor. After asking if Taymor can be brought back to the fold, and being assured that it can't be done, the priest agrees, saying "As it has always been..." and Renard finishing the sentence" So shall it be again". Renard finds Taymor, then the priest that Renard asked for help attacks and kills Taymor.

"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"

Captain Renard falls under the spell of the coins and shows up the next day in full uniform. He orders a press conference for 2 PM, all personnel are required to attend. The press think Renard's speech is to launch a political campaign, such as to run for mayor, but he says it's just a warning to any would-be criminals. Just as Renard gets in the parking garage Soledad gets into the parking garage and causes a blackout by destroying the breaker. Just as Hank, Nick and Kolt arrive, Soledad takes hold of Renard. A gun fight ensues; Nick helps Renard, but the coins and Kolt are gone. But Renard going through the withdrawal of losing the coins tells Nick he needs the coins and begins to panic.

"Plumed Serpent"

Jordan Vance tells Captain Renard that the oily substance Hank found was a mixture of human fat and methane. Renard is surprised it is human fat because it is nearly impossible to get at huge amounts, like that found at the crime scene.

"Island of Dreams"

In Island of Dreams Renard and Adalind Schade are looking at a painting. Renard says his family owned it in the 17th century and that they lost it along with some heads during the (unspecified) revolution. Renard then asks how it has been going with Hank. Adalind says Hank is not interested in her. Renard hands over a vial of blood saying Hank just had his physical. Renard tells Adalind to do whatever it takes to make Hank like her.

"The Thing with Feathers"

In this episode it is revealed that Renard was working with someone to pretend he was going out with Adalind to make Hank jealous to see if the love potion Adalind gave to Hank is working to which the other man said it was an honor working with someone like Renard.

"Love Sick"

At the police station, Captain Renard is getting in his car. Just then, a gun is pressed against his neck by Thomas Woolsey. Renard knows him, he is his cousin's bodyguard; Renard's cousin wants to meet him. At an abandoned warehouse parking lot, Renard's cousin says that the family wants action. Renard tells him that he has been calculating his moves carefully. His cousin cautions him, if he does not give them the key, the family will take the Grimm and find it themselves. Renard then grabs Woolsey's gun and shoots his cousin, Anton Krug, and Woolsey. He then drives off. Later he goes to Nick to see if there is any new evidence in the killings he committed in self-defense. Nick shows Renard the phone and in all the commotion that is caused when Wu faints he steals the phone to later put a new sim card in it to throw everyone off the trail. However, Nick is still suspicious but Renard tells him to follow the leads. Later when Adalind fails to take the key from Nick and returns to Renard and her mother, they sense that she has lost her powers; Adalind wonders how Nick could have known that his blood could slay her Wesen self (and in so doing subsequently save Hank in the process), to which Renard could only reply that he's severely underestimated Nick, and that it was his own mistake to trust an amateur like Adalind. They both abandon Adalind with Renard telling her she is now useless to him.

"Cat and Mouse"

Edgar Waltz visits Captain Renard at his home and requests Renard's assistance in tracking down a resistance member. Renard is indifferent, claiming the Verrat's concerns do not match his own. Disappointed with this response, Waltz shares that the High Command has not been pleased that so many of the Resistance have found a safe harbor in Portland. Warning Renard he should be concerned with what the Verrat can do, Waltz leaves him with this message in Latin: "If you seek peace, prepare for war."

"Leave It to Beavers"

Renard says to Nick and Hank that there is not one bit of solid evidence to tie Sal Butrell to the murder and asks about the witness. He says they have nothing unless the they can find him and convince him to do his civic duty.

He was present when Arnold identified Sal as the killer of Robert Grosszahn.

"Happily Ever Aftermath"

After the Murciélago Matraca is discovered at the scene, Nick and Hank explain to Renard that the technicians believe that it produced the sound waves that killed Mavis Kerfield, her daughter Tiffany and Lucinda Jarvis.

"Big Feet"

When Renard is briefed about the murders and the one hunter's claim of seeing Bigfoot, he tells Hank and Nick to keep her story under wraps.

"Woman in Black"

Kimura threatens Renard

Renard comes home one night and sees his housekeeper dead on the floor. His house has been trashed and he was visited by Akira Kimura. Kimura was looking for Renard to hopefully obtain the Coins of Zakynthos. Renard told him that Farley Kolt had them but Kimura beat Renard because he wasted three days in Los Angeles finding out that Kolt didn't have the Coins. However, before Kimura could slice his throat with a large kitchen knife, Wu and another officer knocked on the door for the Captain to tell him that they were going to protect him. Wu leaves requesting backup, and Kimura escapes, injuring the other officer and leaving Renard alive.

Season 2

"Bad Teeth"

Captain Renard is present when the officers take Kimura into custody and notices the crossbow bolt in the wall.

"The Kiss"

202-Renard smoke2.png

Renard acquires the potion needed to awaken Juliette Silverton from Catherine Schade. He is surprised to learn that the potion is for him to consume before he kisses Juliette. Renard asks, "What are these lumps?" Catherine responds, "It's better that you don't know. And, since you're barely human, you're in for quite a ride, sweetie." Back at his home, Renard prepares to take the potion. He briefly woges into a Zauberbiest, revealing his true nature for the first time. Renard's body is racked with pain. He collapses on the floor, exhaling puffs of black smoke and turning red. After he recovers, he goes to the hospital and kisses Juliette. After he leaves her room, she awakens.

"Bad Moon Rising"

Nick briefs Renard about the investigation into Catherine Schade's murder, and that they need to find Adalind.


At the precinct, the detectives informs Renard that only ibuprofen was found in Stanton's bloodstream.

Later, Renard informs one of his officers to be on the lookout for the person that the family has sent. He asks the officer to keep it top secret.

"The Good Shepherd"

Wu reports to Renard that the body of the criminal Renard had alerted the force about was found floating down the river, and it looked like someone had attacked him with a hammer.

Later, Nick tells Renard that all twenty-five Seelenguter had admitted to the murder of Lance Calvin, all sticking to their story. He also tells him that Megan Marston is nowhere to be found although he and Hank have an idea where she might be.

"Over My Dead Body"

Mia Gaudot calls Renard, telling him she would like to "make up" for something. Renard agrees that she should. She says that she was just dropping by on her way back from Tokyo, and told him her address in Portland. Renard hangs up with a small smile.

Renard and the woman from the plane meet for dinner as well. They discuss royal family matters, and the woman states that she never approved of the way Captain Renard's family treated him. She brings up the fact that Renard killed his cousin. She also asks if he is going back to his family, and he says that he will, and that Eric and he will "sort it out".

Renard waits in Mia's plane for her to arrive, surprising her when she does. She asks if Renard is going to kill her, to which Renard replies by ordering her to tell him everything.

"The Bottle Imp"

Adalind calls Renard, and demands to know who killed her mother. Renard tries to find out what she had done to Juliette but she isn’t being cooperative anymore. She hears that Juliette is awake, and understands what Renard had done to Juliette, and says Renard is going to have a lot of fun. Adalind hangs up, leaving Renard to stare at a computer where he had typed Juliette’s name a few dozen times. Frustrated, he slams the screen down.

"The Other Side"

At the PD work function, Renard gives his speech, all the while throwing glances at Juliette. After the speech, Renard has drinks with Wu, Juliette, Nick and Hank . The latter two are called in for Brandon’s homicide, and Renard offers to take Juliette home while Nick is away.

Renard drops Juliette off at her house, but doesn’t drive away. He watches Juliette enter the house Renard sneaks into the house while Juliette is in the shower and picks up a picture frame, breaking it a minute later.

Renard drives away in a hurry, his emotions running wild. He is dangerously close to woge-ing, when he almost hits a guy with groceries. When the guy questions Renard ’s soberness, the Captain punches him before getting back into the car and driving away.

Renard returns to the Spice Shop. Monroe explains that while the physical urges can be contained, the psychological obsession is another story. Unless more is known about Renard’s object of obsession, Monroe and Rosalee can’t help Renard.

Renard is unwilling to share more information, but Monroe warns him that it could get dangerous for anyone who gets between Renard and the person of obsession. Renard realizes in this case, it’s Nick. He pauses and contemplates telling Monroe.

"La Llorona"

At the station, Nick and Hank report to Captain Renard. Ryan comes in, flustered and stammering, before sending Juliette in as a Spanish translator for Luis. Juliette then translates for Luis in front of Renard, as he describes the woman and his family situation.

Renard is on the phone. He says that they need to find out if their comrade has cracked under torture, and if he has revealed any names. This shows that Renard may be on the side of the Laufer, and against the Verrat. Valentina enters the room and claims that she is a detective with information on the case.

Renard then introduces Valentina to Nick and Hank. She shares everything she knows about the case, which is that three children always vanish on Halloween, always at the same area on each river in the countries they disappear from.

At the end of the case he drops the charges against Valentina, because of her help.

"The Hour of Death"

Renard calls a colleague in Vienna to ask if his family had sent the Endezeichen Grimm.

Later, Renard meets with Juliette in the coffee shop. After short conversation, Juliette slips up – while talking about Nick, she says, “just starting over with you” to Renard, before hurriedly covering up the ‘you’ with ‘him’. Renard touches her hand and she leaves in a hurry, leaving behind her glasses.

Renard comes back to return Juliette’s glasses. Juliette remembers that it was Renard who kissed her in the hospital, and they kiss in the doorway before Juliette pulls herself away with difficulty and slams the door in Renard’s face and sinks to the ground, horrified.

"To Protect and Serve Man"

Renard is lying face first on his bed with a clear hangover, an empty bottle of wine next to him, when he receives a call that reminds him of a forgotten meeting.

Later, Renard calls Juliette and talks to her about their similar obsessive situation. Renard refers Juliette to Rosalee’s Spice Shop, believing Monroe can help them.

He convinces her to go to the Spice Shop, where Monroe sees Juliette and Renard making out in the spice shop. Juliette sees that he sees, and flees.

"Season of the Hexenbiest"

Adalind visits Renard and says that she has seen his brother. She is now working with the Royals, and the Verrat. She gives Renard an ultimatum: find the key within forty-eight hours, or she will tell Nick who he really is.

Renard talks to Adalind privately, and learns of the trailer. He calls in a search for it. He the visits the site once informed of its location.

"Face Off"

Renard is pressured by Adalind to find the key, but can not find it in the trailer and finds it in Nick's desk at the precinct. After a brief fight, Renard is revealed to Nick as the Half-Zauberbiest that he is, finally giving the key back.

"Natural Born Wesen"

Renard is seen emailing Cole Pritchard and Krystal Fletcher's mugshots to De Groot.

"Mr. Sandman"

Juliette the Hag.jpg

Renard dreams that he wakens to find Juliette Silverton in his bed. He tells her that she should not be there. She morphs into an old woman and tells him to love her like he did before.


Renard and his confidant, who is in Vienna, talk by phone and agree to meet in Portland. While they talk, a businessman is watching the confidant from a distance.

Later, Sean and his confidant meet at a bar in Portland. They discuss the fact that Eric, is expanding his area of influence. The confidant is worried about cooperating with the Resistance; Sean responds that they need to do that for the time being. Sean is given an encrypted flash drive with the names of key players in the Seven Houses. Sean sees the man who had been watching his confidant leave an attaché case behind as he leaves the bar. Sean quickly runs up to the case, grabs it, and throws the case outside the bar as the man sets off a bomb inside the case. The man draws a gun but Sean shoots and kills him. Sean searches the body and finds a French passport in the name of Henri Leseuer.

Later, Sean is accessing the data on the encrypted flash drive in his office.

"One Angry Fuchsbau"

Renard is briefing Hank and Nick on someone who was working for the Verrat and briefly explains the Verrat to Hank.


Renard, Nick, and Wu confront Hank and tell him to leave the precinct. Hank is then sent on his first vacation in four years.

Renard is later interrogating Markus Hemmings with Nick, and gets information about Volcanalis.

Monroe and Nick bring one of Nick's books with the Volcanalis entry to Renard for him to translate from Latin to English. They go back to Markus with a plan to stop Volcanalis.

Renard goes with Nick, Markus, and Monroe to get volcanic rocks for Volcanalis to follow them.

In a disused factory, with Markus and the rocks as bait, Renard, Nick and Monroe let loose sprays of liquid nitrogen at the beast, freezing him.


Renard and Nick are talking about Nick's key and Renard tells Nick that there are seven keys and the families have four of them. He briefly describes the situation involving the key and how the royal families acquired them from the original seven crusaders, ancestors of Grimms, who took it upon themselves to hide something very valuable and powerful. He also mentions how much blood has been shed for the keys, even by their standards. He hints to Nick about his strained relationship between his family and himself and how Nick is the deciding factor on whether he would cooperate with his family or get in their way. Wu interrupts to inform them about the cow mutilations and that the rancher has reported, and that an alien is the perpetrator.

"Kiss of the Muse"

Hank shows Renard and Nick the film of Anton Cole breaking into the paint shop. Renard goes with Nick, Hank, and Wu to the location of the graffiti picture of Khloe Sedgwick. When Nick leaves abruptly, Hank turns to him and says that they need to talk and shows him the picture Nick drew in the bar.

Renard threatening Khloe

At the arrest of Anton he physically restrains Nick to prevent him from beating Anton once he is handcuffed.

In the cells he tells Nick that he can't protect him if he shoots Anton and then prevents Anton from picking up Nick's dropped gun once Juliette has broken Khloe's hold on Nick. He then goes alone to the interrogation room where Khloe is being held and tells her that she is free to go. He tells her to leave Portland and never return and threatens her with his Zauberbiest side.

"The Waking Dead"

He receives a call from his confidant telling him about Adalind's pregnancy. He deduces that the child will be for sale and suggests that they should make an offer.

He receives a call from Eric telling him that he is in Portland. He then calls his confidant who says that he thought Eric was in Prague.

"Goodnight, Sweet Grimm"

He receives a message from his confidant with the details of the documents that were found in Eric's desk, which he later shares with Nick.

Eric calls him to arrange a dinner meeting, which he attends. They discuss family matters and Eric invites him to return to Europe. Sean says he'll think about it.

Season 3

"The Ungrateful Dead"

Renard follows Eric to the container yard and whilst hidden watches the coffin containing Nick being loaded into Baron Samedi's van, and it driving away while Eric leaves by car. He is then attacked by some zombies and defeats the first few. When more arrive to press home the attack he woges into his Half-Zauberbiest form and defeats all comers. Just as he knocks out the last zombie his phone rings, it is Hank who asks about Nick. He then joins Hank, Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette outside the container where the police are imprisoning the zombies. He tells them that his brother will try to get Nick out of the country, so all of them use his vehicle to go to the airport.

When they arrive at the airport just in time to see the plane take off, Juliette insists that he does something and he explains that there is nothing he can do, as the plane will soon be in international airspace. When asked where Nick is being taken, he says probably Austria, since Eric will be able to control Nick there. Juliette slaps him and says that he had better do something as it is his family that have Nick.

He then returns to the precinct where he calls his Confidant and tells him that his brother has to be dealt with as he has taken "the Grimm". He tells him to give it to Meisner. Hank enters and tells him that the FAA have called about the plane and it is due to land in Vienna, Austria at noon the next day Portland time.

Later Hank tells him that the plane has crashed near Mount Cedara, so they go to the crash site where they are told that the pilot and copilot are still alive, and there is one body. The two of them go to where the Baron is lying dead and look around, finding the passport being used to take Nick out of the country.

Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette then arrive at the crash site. Hank gets a call about the 911 call from the nearby bar, so they all head there. At the bar Renard enters with Hank and Monroe and he says that they need to catch Nick before someone dies because there is no coming back from that. He sends Hank through the rear exit with with Monroe who is tracking Nick by scent.


Renard was at the bar with Juliette and Rosalee when the sheriff informs him that he tried to check the surveillance footage, but the system appeared to be down and he couldn't get anything. Renard tells him to call if he finds anything. He receives a call from Hank informing him that he and Monroe have found Nick at a barn. Renard arrives with Juliette and Rosalee at the barn and he, Hank, and Monroe fight with Nick until Rosalee and Juliette combine to inject Nick with the antidote.

Later at the precinct, he received a text informing him the job is done with a news link that Eric was killed in a car bomb while leaving the airport in Vienna. Later he calls his associate, Meisner about the situation with Eric. Wu informs him a man from the bar fight has died and he informs Hank, Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette of the situation and they discuss whether or not Nick should be informed.

Renard is in his office when he gets a call from his mother about Eric's death. She thanks him and tells him it was well deserved. She says they should talk again soon and hangs up. Nick walks into Renard's office and Renard says he hears that Nick wants to do the right thing. He shows Nick the surveillance footage from the bar and tells Nick to take a look. He tells him to pay close attention to the man with the knife because that is the man who died in the hospital, and that if he hadn't done what he did, then he would likely be dead. Then he informs Nick that if he confesses what he did, he'll give the Royals what they want and they'll win.

"A Dish Best Served Cold"

Renard receives a call from Sebastien informing him about the happenings in Vienna and that the police are in Eric's study, but they have not found anything yet. The family is cooperating as far as the police know, but are fighting amongst themselves and things may get bloodier before the throne is taken. Sebastien informs Sean that some people think Eric was murdered by the Resistance while others think it was another Family. They note that Frau Pech will be looking for someone else to make a deal for the baby with. Sebastien says that he has not heard from her lately and Renard tells him that it is probably time he did.

Later, Nick still feeling guilty goes to Renard's office and tells him it's bothering him and he's beginning to remember what happened while he was under Baron Samedi's influence. Renard coldly asks what's really bothering Nick, "the fact that you killed somebody, or the fact that you killed somebody who wasn't Wesen," reminding Nick that he has killed plenty of them. He says, "that's what you Grimms do, isn't it?" Nick is left speechless as Renard exits.

Later at the precinct he watches Graydon Ostler's confession and he responds. "this little piggy went to jail."

"One Night Stand"

Renard discussed with Nick and Hank about what Wesen Nick had seen in the lake. Later he received a text from Sebastien with a photo of Adalind in her hotel room and Renard calls Sebastien. They discuss the possibility of Adalind being the one who is pregnant with a baby with Royal blood.

Later when Nick and Hank brought Sarah and Anna Mahario in, they won't confess about what they know and Hank and Nick go to Captain Renard's office to talk to him about the situation. Nick thinks they're protecting someone and tells Renard they can't find Elly Mahario. Nick says he doesn't think they'll survive the night, but Renard says if they choose to die then they'll let the M.E. explain it and just because they're Wesen doesn't mean they get special treatment. Wu comes in the office door and tells them that Abel Mahario is there and wants to talk. Abel gives a false confession in order to protect the girls.

Renard sits at his desk watching a video report about Eric. It mentions that funeral plans are set and then asks who will take Eric's place as the next in line.

"El Cucuy"

Renard read David Florez's file and later he received an email regarding Adalind's medical files, including her ultrasound and a video image of Adalind seen leaving the medical clinic.

After Mrs. Garcia was interrogated for killing Ray Bolton, he was shocked when she was playing innocent and since they couldn't prove anything, she had to be released.

"Stories We Tell Our Young"

Renard tells Nick and Hank that he has to go to Europe on family business. He informs them that if they receive any direct communication from him, either as text or email, it won't be him. He tells them that if he needs to contact them he will do it indirectly through Rosalee.

When he arrives in Vienna, he is met at the airport by Meisner, who drives him to a safe house where they will be staying. Meisner gives Sean a tour of the safe-house, including the secret exit which leads to the sewers. Before they bed down for the night Meisner removes a tread from the stairs to the cellar where they will sleep.

During the night they are attacked by two machine gun wielding Hundjäger. Meisner and Sean easily defeat their attackers and leave through the secret exit.

Once outside, Meisner gets out his phone to call for assistance, but Sean takes it from him and discards it. He then takes out his own phone and says, "my turn."

"Cold Blooded"

Renard was at the abandoned building in Vienna with Meisner, when Sebastien drove up with supplies. When Sebastien enters the building, Renard points a gun at him. Meisner comes through the door and tells Renard that Sebastien is alone. Renard tells Sebastien he would have regretted shooting him, unless he was the one who set them up when the Verrat tried to kill them. Sebastien retorts that he wasn't even aware of where they were and that Breslau was the one who arranged it all. Sebastien tells Renard his cousin, Viktor arrived a couple days ago and the Family wants him to take Eric's place. Renard says he doesn't know much about him other than the fact Eric never trusted him. Sebastien tells him he is looking for who is responsible for killing Eric. Renard asks Sebastien when the meeting is, and Sebastien says he doesn't know where, but he knows it is at midnight tomorrow and that Frenay and Tavitian will be there. Sebastien tells Renard Tavitian wants to meet him and some think Tavitian was involved in Eric's death. Renard was informed that Frenay wants them there at the meeting and they must leave now.

Renard, Sebastien and Meisner arrive at the meeting place where they are greeted by Franz and another man. Franz tells them that a "trial" is ongoing and they hear pained shouts in the distance. Sean comments that they must have reached a verdict. Entering a barn, they see Breslau, the man who set up the "safehouse" for Sean and Meisner, being interrogated violently by Frenay. Frenay beseeches Breslau to tell him what "her" name is, not wanting to hurt him more than necessary. After Breslau complies, Frenay stands up and walks to Meisner, handing him a gun. He tells him Breslau betrayed them and asks Meisner if he would prefer someone else to do it (kill Breslau), but Meisner says no. Breslau complies and is led outside. Frenay shakes hands with Sebastien and Sean. Sean comments that Frenay saved his mother once and Frenay tells him, "it's good to have you with us" as a gunshot rings out signifying Meisner killing Breslau. Then Frenay tells Renard that there's food and drinks, and they're waiting for Tavitian to arrive for the meeting.

"Twelve Days of Krampus"

Renard was at the hideout waiting for Tavitian, who arrived after killing more Verrat enforcers. After meeting Tavitian who responds "so you're a Royal Bastard" and Renard responds "I am Royal and I can be a Bastard." At the Resistance's meeting, members express their distrust in Sean due to his lineage. They heatedly debate for a while, before inviting Sean to say something. He states his understanding in their distrust, but assures them that his blood gives him access to the people needed and that he understands Wesen in a way they cannot. Finally, he wins them over by reminding them that he has a Grimm. After no one dares contradict him, they decide to leave the area because it has become unsafe.

Later in Vienna, Renard and Meisner break into Adalind's hotel room. Renard finds the jar of the paste from Frau Pech's remains that Adalind has been applying to her stomach. Upon opening it and sniffing it, he woges briefly in disgust. He then notices a hidden camera in the corner of the room and leaves Adalind a rose and note on her dresser.

"Red Menace"

Renard went to meet with Adalind at a Cafe. Meisner watches from another table as she approaches Sean. They exchange tensed greetings, and while Adalind tries to tease Sean, he gets straight to the point. He tells her he knows she is pregnant and asks Adalind who the father is. Adalind gives no straight answer. Before he leaves with Meisner he gives a warning to Adalind that people will be interested in the child, but not in her, and she may find herself needing someone she can trust.

Nick enters Captain Renard's office, greeting the newly returned Sean. Sean confides that the Verrat found them, but says they "took care of it." Sean warns that Eric's death has caused turmoil, and nothing is certain yet except that Sean and Nick pose a great threat.

Later, Renard, Nick, and Hank study the tapes at the precinct. They see a man who carries a box that blocks his face into the storage room and never comes back out. Sean wonders what the motive is, and Nick suggests that it's Boris Myshkin, and that the killer must have needed a disguise. They discuss his credibility and his wife's response to him being surrounded by women, before finding footage of Boris being attacked. They note that he walked out the storage room like nothing happened and they decide to talk to Boris.

They meet with Boris and his wife, Olga. Boris speaks in Russian, saying they do not talk to the police because they can't trust them. Renard responds to them in Russian saying they are trustworthy.

Renard later tells Nick and Hank that when he was a child living in Russia with his mother, that his mother prepared potions for other Koschie there, to help them control their over-active libidos.

Renard, Nick, and Hank return to the Myshkin's house after they make the connection that Larissa Komarov is the sister of the man who tried to kill Boris. They arrive as Boris and Larissa are coming out of his bedroom with a knife in his shoulder. As Larissa comes down the stairs, Olga woges into a Malin Fatal and slices Larissa's throat. Renard tries to put his hand over the wound to stop the bleeding, but is unable to do much until Boris comes and heals her.

"Eyes of the Beholder"

Renard talked with Nick and Hank about the getaway car which was registered to Zuri Ellis and was caught on the security cameras.

After Zurl and her brother, Jared Ellis were attacked, they were brought to Captain Renard's office, he, along with Nick and Hank try to get Jared to identify the men that killed Alonzo. With Zuri by his side, he finally decides to help identify the men with the help of a binder of images.

"The Good Soldier"

Renard was seen in his office talking to Meisner who informed him about Adalind and the events at the cafe. Then he tells Meisner to be prepared and it won't be long; she's getting her powers back.

He was later seen at the precinct when Frankie Gonzales calls Adam Desai in order to track him down.

"The Wild Hunt"

Renard was at the precinct playing the footage of the brutal attack on the police officer and then informing his detectives about the serial killer targeting and scalping uniformed men. He briefs them on the car model, but warns them against engaging the suspect without support.

Later Renard receives a call from Sebastien informing him about Viktor's meeting with Gregor Danilov, the head of the Verrat, the information the Royals have on the Resistance and Adalind. Renard is troubled because he knows that Viktor will be making a move on Adalind, but he tells Sebastien to inform Meisner as well, because he'll know what to do.

At the precinct, Renard and the detectives are informed of another death, and that they have found the suspect's vehicle downtown. He swiftly orders the officers to get to the vehicle. Renard and the detectives arrive at the hotel, and are informed that no one has come near the car since they found it. Just then, the manager of the hotel is thrown out the doorway, arousing the suspicions of the detectives. When questioned, he reveals that the guy in room 312 stole his truck. Renard, Nick and Hank enter room 312 and are met with the gruesome sight and smell of sulfuric acid and salt-tanned scalps. Then Renard tells Nick and Hank to have forensics collect the samples from the scene.


Renard receives a phone call from Sebastien informing him of the visit of Stefania Vaduva Popescu in the castle. Renard mentions he knows of her and his mother knows her well as the biggest black marketer in Europe. He also knows about Stefania and Frau Pech working together, and says Frau Pech is probably dead, which is how Adalind is getting her powers back. Renard tells Sebastien that he and Meisner need to get to Adalind before the Royals. After the phone call, Renard, Hank and Wu are watching footage of the cop killer stealing the truck. ("The Wild Hunt")

Later Sean calls Adalind informing her that the Verrat will take her to the castle and tells her about Stefania's betrayal. Then Adalind asks why she should trust him and he responds he believes that the child is his and Viktor wants the child, not her. Adalind asks what she's supposed to do and Renard tells her to go with Sebastien and Meisner when they arrive to her hotel.

"Mommy Dearest"

Meisner calls Renard informing him that Adalind gave birth to a girl. Renard shows a little emotion and asks how they're doing. He tells Meisner that he'll start putting things together to get them out of Europe and not to contact him until he's ready to move Adalind and the baby out of the country.

"Once We Were Gods"

Sean talks with Nick and Hank after they get info on Karl Herman and Bob Taylor. Then Nick and Hank they suspect Karl is a Wesen of some sort, possibly the same kind as the mummy.

Later he was trying to reach Sebastien on his cell, but couldn't get a hold of him. Later Renard calls Meisner to inform him about Sebastien's disappearance and told him to go to Zurich with Adalind and the baby, and he'll make the arrangements for them to leave the country.

"The Show Must Go On"

Sean was seen talking with Nick and Hank about the murders of Monica and Dolores. Nick and Hank show him a list of all the current people involved with Carnival Metamorphosia.

Later Sean calls Meisner to inform him that Tavitian has someone waiting to transport Adalind and the baby out of the country in Zurich and they'll be heading to an unknown destination.

After Hedig is killed, Renard tells Nick and Hank to close the case because there is nothing they can prove.


Sean was seen in his office receiving the phone call from Meisner informing him of the events leading to Adalind and the baby getting on the plane. Meisner tells Sean about the Verrat's attempted ambush and their "contact" being there first, fortunately. Meisner tells Sean that after seeing what their contact did to the Verrat, Adalind and her baby are in good hands. Sean asks if he has heard from Sebastien and Meisner says he saw what Prince Viktor did to him. Meisner tells Sean that if it weren't for Sebastien, they wouldn't have gotten this far and doubts that he is still alive. Sean tells Meisner it would probably be a good idea for him to disappear for awhile and Meisner agrees.

Later at his home, Sean get a visit from Adalind and the baby, when Sean asked where's Adalind's protector, Adalind informs him that her protector is Kelly Burkhardt, who is Nick's mother and she took her to Nick and Juliette's Home. Then Adalind asked Sean, if he wanted to hold his daughter and once the baby was in Sean's arms, he greets the baby for the first time as her father.

"The Law of Sacrifice"

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"

"My Fair Wesen"

"The Inheritance"

"Blond Ambition"

Season 4

"Thanks for the Memories"

"Octopus Head"

"The Last Fight"

"Dyin' on a Prayer"

"Cry Luison"

"Highway of Tears"

"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"




At the tribunal, Sean rips out Walter Dempsey's throat.

"Death Do Us Part"


"Trial by Fire"

"Bad Luck"

"Double Date"




"Iron Hans"

"You Don't Know Jack"

Sean continues to wake up in strange places, this time awaking face-down in a swimming pool. Later, he experiences more spontaneous bleeding while speaking at a press conference regarding the 'Jack the Ripper' case. He calls Henrietta and goes to her house, showing her the bleeding wounds and describing the dreams/visions he has been having. Henrietta keys in on the fact that his 'episodes' always happen near water, but when she tells him she can't help him immediately, he leaves in a rage.

In another scene, we find Henrietta doing research into Sean's situation when 'Jack' arrives, slits her throat, and begins singing some sort of English folk song.


"Cry Havoc"


Renard is a consummate survivalist and opportunist who makes a point of not openly declaring for any side in a conflict, preferring to keep up a take-no-sides approach until the last second. As a royal, he exudes an air of regality and generally comes across as very dignified. His only real loyalties are to his Wesen family.

He can be exceptionally ruthless, as seen by his dealing with Marie Kessler but he is also shown to have a conscience and seems genuinely interested in Grimms, humans, and Wesen all living together in harmony and order, which is seen by how he allowed Nick to put an end to the lucrative selling of humans organs in "Organ Grinder" and the anger he showed when Leo Taymor abducted Wesen who had very minor run ins with the law just because they were excellent fighters. Even though he gets a percentage of the earnings from such enterprises, he puts morality ahead of greed. But this attitude, and his continued protection of Nick is not going unnoticed by the Reapers, the Royals, or by the Verrat. Renard is well aware that his modern approach is dangerous, but he seems willing to stay the course.

In "Face Off" it is revealed that Renard is actually an ally of the Laufer.

Powers and Abilities

As a human-zauberbiest hybrid, Renard possesses some wesen powers inherent to his species but lacks the more advanced and potent powers available to full zauberbiests such as telekinesis or their ability to use magic.


  • Supernatural Perception: Like all Wesen and Grimms, Renard is able to see the true form of other Wesen even if they are trying to hide themselves.
  • Woge: Like all Wesen, Renard can shift between his human and Wesen form at will; when he does so, certain parts of his face become rotted and decayed typical of Zauberbiests but the rest of him remains human due to his hybrid nature.
  • Superhuman Strength: As a half-Zauberbiest, Renard is much stronger than humans and many other varieties of Wesen but only in his Woged form and has been outmatched by Grimms and some other Wesen in the past.
  • Superhuman Durability: In his woged form, Renard is much more resilient and durable than normal humans.


  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Sean supplements his hybrid Wesen powers with extensive training in martial arts and has proven himself a highly capable unarmed fighter against many skills opponents from his own family to Nick.
  • Leadership: Renard is a charismatic and effective leader who can inspire those under his command to great extents both in and outside the police department.
  • Expert Marksman: Due to his many years in the police, Renard is highly proficient in the use of firearms.
  • Master Manipulator: Renard is extremely well-versed in manipulation of events and people from afar, using his numerous contacts or his influence as a police captain to arrange ambushes, assassinations, raids, staged crimes and traps to foil the plans of his enemies.


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  • (To Akira Kimura): "It would have been better for you had you known what I am." ("Bad Teeth")
  • (To Adalind): "He really should have cut your throat when he had the chance." ("Season of the Hexenbiest")
  • (To Nick) Renard: "If you and I could overcome our differences, we will make history." Nick: "And if we can't?" Renard: "Well, then history will bury us." ("Natural Born Wesen")
  • (To Khloe Sedgwick): "I'm gonna let you walk. And when you do, you're gonna leave Portland and never come back. Because if you do, there's a part of me that doesn't wear a badge. And there's no telling what he'll do." ("Kiss of the Muse")
  • (To Wu): "You don't wanna go there." ("Wesenrein")
  • (To Nick and Hank): "I don't believe in monsters unless they're people." ("A Reptile Dysfunction")
  • (Talking to Nick about him taking Kelly) Renard: "Nick, sometimes the only way to protect the ones you love is to let them go." Nick: "And sometimes the only way to protect the ones you love is to kill the people who threaten them." ("Bad Night")
  • (To Meisner): "I never choose sides. You shouldn't either." ("Set Up")


  • "Renard" is French for "fox."
  • Renard commented about how things are done "in my canton." ("Last Grimm Standing")
  • Due to him only being half-Wesen, he cannot see when a Wesen concentrates their woge on individual parts of their body (ex: hands or eyes). ("Red Menace")
  • Sasha Roiz shares the same birthday (October 21st) as his character, but he was born in 1973.
  • Renard's email is ("Maréchaussée")


  • In The Icy Touch, Renard does a full woge instead of the checkered woge.
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