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Owned by: Dead Hulda
Dead Reaper
Dead Junkers
Nick Burkhardt
Kelly Schade-Burkhardt
Others: Monroe
Purpose: Killing Grimms
Location: Trailer

A scythe is normally considered to be a farm implement; like any other tool with a blade, it can be used as a weapon. The scythe is known as the main weapon of the Reapers, as well as being their symbol.


Season 1Edit


Hulda, a Hässlich, attacked Marie Kessler with a scythe. After Nick Burkhardt killed Hulda, he took the blade back to the precinct where he learned that the inscription on the blade, "Erntemaschinen von den Grimms," meant "Reaper of the Grimms." The location of the weapon is unknown, although it may have been placed in the police evidence room.


Reaper, whose name was not revealed, came to Portland to avenge Hulda's death. He carried a scythe. The blade was inscribed "Vernichter der Grimms" (Vanquisher of the Grimms). The location of that weapon is also unknown, although the Hässlich probably took it with him when he left Portland.

"Leave It to Beavers"Edit

The two reapers who were called to Portland by Sal Butrell both carried scythes. Reaper's weapon may have been the one he carried in "Lonelyhearts". The location of both is unknown.

Season 6Edit

"The End"Edit

A scythe was seen in the epilogue, stored in the weapons cabinet of a newly restored and revamped trailer, as a grown-up Kelly and Diana got ready to fight Wesen.


The symbol of the scythe has appeared in five episodes:


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