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Sairento Shi
510-Sairento Shi Grimm Diary2

A Sairento Shi (sahy-REN-toh SHEE; Jap. サイレント "Silent" + 死 "Death") is a mantis-like Wesen that was seen in a Grimm diary in "Map of the Seven Knights".


When woged, a Sairento Shi's arms become blade-like, and its head and facial features become much more mantis-like, particularly its eyes, as well as two antenna-like appendages that emerge from its head. Their arms are capable of beheading someone.


This Wesen is very stealthy, careful, and precise. Their blade-like arms make them the perfect stealth killer, and in in Feudal Japan, they were known to be ninjas.

Excerpt from Grimm Diary

510-Sairento Shi Grimm Diary510-Sairento Shi Grimm Diary3


  • This is the first species on the TV series to have a name in Japanese.
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