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Royal Families
402-Kronenberg Castle.png
Notables: Viktor von Konigsburg (King)
Dead.svg Frederick Renard (former King)
Sean Renard
Dead.svg Eric Renard
Diana Schade-Renard
Dead.svg Kenneth Bowes-Lyon
Mia Gaudot
Dead.svg Anton Krug
Referenced: "Good to the Bone"
"Zerstörer Shrugged"

The Royal Families are a major antagonistic faction in the Grimm series that have reputedly been around for centuries, potentially even before the Crusades. They are ruthless, devious, extremely wealthy and very powerful; so much so that they pose a large and ever-present threat to both the Wesen community at large and the rest of humanity, as their actions often result in numerous innocent people being hurt or killed. Nearly the entirety of their lineages are composed of Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen, as they deal both directly and indirectly in Wesen affairs. They do not however have any sway over the Wesen Council and their influence over Wesen is limited primarily to those in their employ.

There are seven Royal families in total, each represented by the Seven Houses, one of which is the House of Kronenberg. Despite being mainly rooted and established in Europe, the breadth of their power and influence extends worldwide and is likewise acknowledged by even those outside of their collective. They are extremely prone to infighting, to the point that when Eric Renard died, everyone involved in the politics of the families were under suspicion. ("A Dish Best Served Cold")

The members of each of the seven families apparently come from a diverse variety of backgrounds ranging from Switzerland to the United Kingdom to Luxembourg to Austria. The House of Kronenberg appears to be the dominant of the cabal but it is still subject to the collective pressure of the other six families.

Known Royal Families[]