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Actor: Ari Montgomery
Gender: Female
Type: Ziegevolk
Relationships: Juliette Silverton, friend
Status: Living
TV Show: "Endangered"
Webisodes: "Love is in the Air: Elegant Endeavors"

Roni is a Ziegevolk and was a friend of Juliette Silverton who first appeared in "Endangered".


Season 2Edit


When Juliette looked at a picture from a Christmas party of her and Nick kissing from just before they officially started dating, she had a flashback to when she was talking to Roni about how she and Nick were perfect for each other, but neither of them had said how they felt yet. She then remembered that Roni took the picture of them kissing under mistletoe after they had just said that they love each other for the first time.


"Love is in the Air: Elegant Endeavors"Edit

Roni was among the group of friends that Juliette had invited for a Valentine's Day spa party. When Madison, the Valentine's Day product salesman, was demonstrating his products, Roni took the opportunity to begin flirting with Madison. When Juliette and Rosalee found a toad known to be eaten by Ziegevolk, they assumed the Ziegevolk to be Madison and brewed a Geruck Gland Neutralizing Potion for Madison to drink. After the spa party, Roni attempted to leave with Madison but was stopped by Juliette. Roni firmly said that she was going with Madison anyway and woged, revealing herself to be the actual Ziegevolk.


  • Roni was the first female Ziegevolk to appear in the Grimm universe.
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