Ron Hurd
311-Ron Hurd
Actor: Kirk Acevedo
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Handcuff Jim McCabe, friend
Dead Troy Dodge, friend
Dead Robert Hammond, friend
Dead Adam Desai, former Commanding Officer
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Impaled by Adam Desai
Job: Home Security
TV Show: "The Good Soldier"

Ronald "Ron" Hurd was an Army veteran who appeared in "The Good Soldier".


"The Good Soldier"Edit

Ron was sitting at a table in the bar at the VFW building talking with Buddy about his job. Buddy got up to use the bathroom, and a woman entered and sat down in his spot. Ron didn't recognize her at first, but once he realized it was Frankie Gonzales, he asked her what she wanted. She challenged him, "You don't know?" and Ron countered that he had nothing to say to her, and she informed him he didn't have to say anything to her, but he had to say it to someone. Candy, a waitress, walked up and asked Frankie if she wanted anything, but Ron interrupted and said she wanted nothing because she was leaving. Frankie told Ron, "I thought I'd be able to put this behind me, but I can't." Ron acted innocent and declared he didn't know what she was talking about. Frankie uncovered her arm, revealing recent cut marks that shocked Ron. Frankie put a napkin over the cuts and threw the bloodied napkin on the table, telling Ron, "Now you won't forget." Ron got up saying she was out of her mind and needed help. He left the bar, with Frankie still sitting at the table.

At his house, Ron was on the phone telling someone about his encounter with Frankie. He informed the person on the phone that she was crazy, she had sliced up her own arm, and they were going to have a problem. Suddenly, there were lights outside Ron's window as a car drove up. He told the person he would call back and went to see who had arrived. It was Frankie and she tried to walk up to him, but he pushed her back a couple of times. He threatened her by saying he would have her arrested if she came back. Frankie replied, "I'm never going away," which led Ron to go into his house to grab his gun. When he raced back outside, Frankie was gone, so he turned back into the house. As he closed his door, he heard a noise in the house and drew his gun to check things out. He heard glass break and found his frame with his military medals smashed on the ground. Suddenly, a Manticore appeared out of a corner and shoved him into a shelf before stabbing him in the chest with its scorpion-like tail, killing him.



  • His date of birth was July 10, 1981.
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