S3 S4
Rolek Porter
321-Rolek Porter
Actor: Sam Anderson
Gender: Male
Type: Grimm
Relationships: Josh Porter, son
Dead Father
Dead Grandfather (paternal)
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Respiratory issue
TV Show: "My Fair Wesen" (uncredited)
"The Inheritance"
Mentioned: "Blond Ambition"
"Cry Luison"
"Highway of Tears"
"The Grimm Who Stole Christmas"

Rolek Porter was a Grimm who appeared in "My Fair Wesen" and "The Inheritance". Both his father and his paternal grandfather were Grimms as well.


"My Fair Wesen"Edit

Rolek was seen coughing and sitting in an armchair in his hotel room, holding one of the seven keys.

"The Inheritance"Edit

Rolek told his son, Josh, to find and bring Nick Burkhardt to him, so that he might give all of his Grimm artifacts to him before he died. Shortly after his son came back without Nick, a Verrat Ahnenerbe Hundjäger attacked Josh, and Rolek killed the intruder by impaling him with a sword. He then convinced his son to pack up their belongings, leave the hotel, and hide in an abandoned building.

After sending his son again to bring him Nick, Josh instead came back with Trubel. After showing her all of his Grimm inheritances, Rolek collapsed onto the ground and was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital by Josh and Trubel, where he was placed under watch by the doctors. Later that night, Nick arrived at the hospital after Trubel informed Nick of the situation using a hospital phone, and he and Rolek finally spoke. Rolek attempted to show Nick where he had hidden his key, but before he could grab his cane, he passed out and died shortly thereafter.

In Nick's home, Nick, Hank, Josh, Juliette, and Trubel searched through Rolek's trunk in search of his key, eventually finding that the old man had actually hid the key inside his cane, which contained a hidden lock that kept the key in place inside of the shaft. Josh commented that he was relieved to know that his father wasn't crazy.


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