1x02 - jägerbar
Participants: Handcuff Barry Rabe
Handcuff Jason Colbert
Handcuff T. B. Colbert
Location: Woods near Rabe Home
TV Show: "Bears Will Be Bears"

Roh-hatz (ROH-hots; Ger. roh "raw" + Hatz "hunt") is a rite of passage for Jägerbars that turn eighteen years old. The rite involves chasing down and disemboweling one or more humans and then howling at the setting sun with the blood on their hands. Participants traditionally hunt down prey bare-chested, and they tattoo themselves ritually.

A Roh-Hatz can be performed by more than one Jägerbar at the same time with them all hunting the same prey. It is initiated after participants ritually release their prey from an ancestral cave. It seems to be more honorable if more than one human is hunted. The young Jägerbars need to mark their prey with their own blood to fulfill the ritual. Deadly traps can be set beforehand.


"Bears Will Be Bears"Edit

In "Bears Will Be Bears", Barry Rabe and two friends, Jason and T. B. Colbert, began chasing Gilda Darner and her boyfriend, Rocky. They were interrupted by Frank Rabe and Nick Burkhardt.

Due to modern times, the Roh-hatz is not practiced very often. In fact, Frank Rabe believed the ritual was no longer in existence. However, Nick's Aunt Marie indicated that more traditional Jägerbars still perform the ritual.