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Roger Voorhees
517-Roger Voorhees.png
Actor: Christopher Meyer
Gender: Male
Type: Human
Relationships: Patricia Voorhees, mother
Dead.svg Father
Dead.svg Brian Johnson, friend
Dead.svg Kuma Akagi, friend
Status: Living

Roger Voorhees is one of the two people, along with Brian Johnson, who were convicted of criminally negligent homicide in the death of Kuma Akagi. He appeared in "Inugami".

Appearances[edit | edit source]

"Inugami"[edit | edit source]

Roger tried contacting Brian by calling his home. Teri Johnson, Brian's mother, answered the phone, but Brian told her to tell Roger that he wasn't home. Teri told Roger that he just wasn't in the mood to talk, so Roger hung up and went over to Brian's house. He tried to get Brian to open the door, but Brian refused and told him to stop calling him.

The next day, Roger went to the precinct with his mother to speak to Nick and Hank about Kuma's death. The detectives also informed Roger that Brian was murdered. Brian described the events surrounding Kuma's death to Nick and Hank, initially stating that he was shot once accidentally by Brian when he picked it up out of a box that Roger had brought down for his friends to check out. Hank pointed out that the police report said that two shots were fired, so Roger turned to his mother and said that he wanted to tell the detectives what really happened. Roger's mother was against him doing so, but Hank said they needed the truth in order to catch Brian's killer. Roger then told them that the first shot didn't hit Kuma, but it startled him and caused him to transform into "some kind of animal" and that Brian also saw it too. Roger said that Brian dropped the gun out of shock, and when it hit the ground, it went off the second time, the bullet hitting and killing Kuma. Roger was sure it wasn't the alcohol or drugs he had taken.

Roger was later knocked out at his home and kidnapped by Takeshi Himura, who was seeking to avenge Kuma's death for the Akagi family. Takeshi buried him up to his neck and was about to behead him, when Jin Akagi arrived and told him to stop, releasing him from whatever bond he had to the Akagi family. Takeshi refused Jin's request, however, and threw him to the ground, but Nick tackled Takeshi before he could decapitate Roger. Nick, along with some final assistance from Hank, stopped Takeshi from killing Roger, and Jin then came over to him to help dig Roger out. Roger told Jin that he didn't kill Kuma and that his death was an accident, and Jin assured him that he knew.

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