Roddy Geiger



Actor: Nick Thurston
Gender: Male
Type: Reinigen
Relationships: Ephram Geiger, father
Sarah Jennings, ex-girlfriend
Status: Living
Job: Student
TV Show: "Danse Macabre"

Roddy Geiger is a Reinigen that appeared in "Danse Macabre".


"Danse Macabre"Edit

He was a violin prodigy who had been accepted on scholarship to the Von Hamelin Music Institute, where he was bullied due to being poor. He was later suspended after he allegedly attacked some of his classmates, although it was later suggested he was set-up. He also performed anonymously as a disc jockey known as DJ Retchid Kat at very popular raves in the Portland, Oregon area.

Roddy's bullies unintentionally murdered their teacher, Paul Lawson, in a manner designed to implicate the Geigers. This was done so Carter Brimley could take his place as first violin and so Roddy would not be around Sarah, Roddy's ex-girlfriend, who had stopped seeing him due to pressure from friends and family.

Roddy's natural distrust with Grimms prompted Nick to send Monroe in an attempt to befriend the boy, who visited him late at night while Roddy was practicing his violin. When Monroe introduced himself as a friend of Nick's, Roddy attempted to shut the door, only for Monroe to reveal himself as a Blutbad. Visibly frightened, Roddy backed away into his house.

After hearing that his father was injured in custody, he called a rave, lured the real murderers of Paul Lawson there, and used his violin to make the rats start attacking them. He stopped after he saw that Sarah was with them. The police found out that he was innocent, so Nick and Hank decided not to charge him for scaring his tormentors into confessing.



  • "Geiger" is a common German surname meaning "violinist."
  • "Retchid Cat" is a reference to Deadmau5, a house artist who is known for wearing a mouse head.
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