Robin Steinkellner


116-Robin Morph

Actor: Azura Skye
Gender: Female
Type: Seltenvogel
Relationships: Handcuff Tim Steinkellner, husband
Status: Living
TV Show: "The Thing with Feathers"

Robin Steinkellner is a Seltenvogel that appeared in "The Thing with Feathers".


"The Thing with Feathers"Edit

When Robin was at the supermarket in Whispering Pines, Juliette stopped to talk to her. Juliette said that if she needed any help, call her. She then gave Robin her phone number. Nick also saw her woge in the supermarket, which allowed him to eventually work out what her husband, Tim, wanted with her. On several occasions, both Nick and Juliette saw Tim yelling at her or being rough with her while trying to get her into his truck or their house.

She was attempting to run away with Gary Cardero, a clerk from the grocery store, but Tim caught and killed him, leaving his body for Robin (and subsequently Nick) to find.

Although Nick attempted to confront Tim in his cabin, he was not in time to stop Tim from strapping Robin into a chair that force fed her a cocktail of many items that accelerated the development of the Unbezahlbar, to the point where it was hindering Robin's ability to breathe and left a disfiguring bulge in her throat.

Forced to take her into the woods to escape Tim and his cousin, Sheriff Munson, Nick called Rosalee for advice on how to extract the Unbezahlbar, and Rosalee guided him through the impromptu operation over a video call based on one of her books. When Robin confirmed that she had no interest in the Unbezahlbar, Nick used it to draw Tim and his cousin away before shattering it and turning them over to the authorities, leaving Robin to make her own life.



  • Her last name means "stone cellarer" (although the modern meaning of Kellner is "waiter").
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