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Rhinebeck, New York
Downtown Rhinebeck, NY
Location: United States
Regulars: Nick Burkhardt
Dead Reed Burkhardt
Dead Kelly Burkhardt
Dead Gina Serafini
Others: Dead Akira Kimura
Dead Ian Flynn
Dead Hans Roth
Dead Soledad Marquesa
Dead Marie Kessler (possible)
Farley Kolt (possible)
TV Show: "Synchronicity" (flashback)
Referenced: "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"
"Happily Ever Aftermath"
"Chupacabra" (newspaper)

Rhinebeck, New York is the location of the childhood home of Nick Burkhardt. Four Schakals (Ian Flynn, Hans Roth, Soledad Marquesa, and Akira Kimura) hunted down Kelly Burkhardt in Rhinebeck in 1994. In order to protect her husband, Reed, and her friend, Gina Serafini, she had them drive out on an evening when she hoped to meet up with the Schakals and deal with them. However, they mistook Gina for Kelly and arranged a motor collision that went up in flames, killing Reed and Gina. Still thinking Gina was Kelly, they decapitated Gina and took her head as a trophy. Kelly informed Marie about the incident and asked her to never let on that she had not been murdered in the accident. Marie broke up with Farley Kolt so she could take care of Nick, and they moved to Portland. ("Three Coins in a Fuchsbau") ("Bad Teeth")

News article pulled by Renard in his office during "Quill":

March 1994 Reed and Kelly Burkhardt died Thursday night from injuries suffered resulting from a car collision on US 9G. They are survived by their 12-year-old son. Kelly and Reed Burkhardt were driving South on 9G at around 10pm Thursday night when they apparently lost control of their vehicle, resulting in their fatalities. Funeral information and expressions of sympathy in memory of Reed and Kelly will be taken at Memorial Center.

Published in Rhinebeck Daily News on March 30, 1994

March 30th was on a Wednesday, so the Thursday before that was March 24th.
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