Actor: Fulvio Cecere
Gender: Male
Type: Unknown
Relationships: Monroe, friend
Dead Larry Mackenzie, friend
Dead Alan Evercroft, friend
Dead Dan Murray, friend
Status: Living
TV Show: "Big Feet"

Reynaldo was an unknown Wesen that appeared in "Big Feet".


"Big Feet"Edit

Monroe went to a bar to talk with him about Larry Mackenzie and the other Wildermann who seemed to be losing control. Reynaldo told Monroe that Larry had signed up for a program run by Konstantin Brinkerhoff, and he had been so impressed by it that he convinced Alan Evercroft and Dan Murray to sign up as well. Reynaldo said that he did not believe in "quick fixes," however, believing them to eventually end up "worse than the disease," so he chose not to be a part of Brinkerhoff's experimental drug pump testing.

He later met with Monroe at the bar, where they had a toast in honor of their late Wildermann friends.

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