Revocare Tenebris
519-Revocare Tenebris
Owned by: Rosalee Calvert
Others: Drew Wu
Purpose: Stimulate the hippocampus
Location: Exotic Spice & Tea Shop

Revocare Tenebris (rev-oh-KAHR-ey tuh-NEB-ris; Lat. "recall the darkness") is a substance that is a powerful way to stimulate the hippocampus. According to Rosalee, Revocare Tenebris helps "you remember the stuff your brain spent a lot of time burying in the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind." It purposefully induces the person taking it to sleep, allowing for memories to be accessed without any outside stimulation that may cause them to go away again.

It is blue in color and a solid powder at room temperature. It is water-soluble.

Known Ingredients and AdministrationEdit

The only known ingredient in Revocare Tenebris is a somniloquy-inducing agent to prompt sleep talking. Revocare Tenebris is a potent substance and should only be taken in small doses. The recommended dosage for a full grown adult is 1 teaspoon. Revocare Tenebris should be mixed into a cup of water until completely dissolved and then drunk as fast as possible so that its effects come all at once. Because it will quickly induce sleep, one should lie down immediately after drinking it.



  • Rosalee previously mentioned a substance for one's memory called Gedächtnishilfe (ɡuh-DESH-nis-sil-fey; Ger. "reminder" or "memory aid"), ("Headache") but it is a more "tame" stimulant than Revocare Tenebris, which can dig up deeper, more suppressed memories.

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