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Reaper (Lonelyhearts)

Reaper (Lonelyhearts) Morphed

Actor: Henri Lubatti
Gender: Male
Type: Hässlich
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot by Nick Burkhardt with the Doppelarmbrust
Job: Reaper
Languages known: English
TV Show: "Lonelyhearts"
"Leave It to Beavers"
Mentioned: "Organ Grinder"

Reaper was a Hässlich that first appeared in "Lonelyhearts".



Reaper came to the police station looking for the detective who shot Hulda to death in order to seek revenge. His only lead was an article published by a newspaper with the title "Off Duty Detective Shoots Attacker" by Phil Fooke. The article did not reveal the detective's name but indicated the neighborhood was surprised by the rare incident of violence, that the detective's aunt suffered from fatal wounds as well as cancer, and that the Portland Police Bureau was unable to determine the connection between the detective and Hulda.

The reaper indicated to a friend over the phone in French that he would call again once the job was finished. At the precinct, Wu denied him information about the case, and he left the office, obliviously walking past Nick Burkhardt, whose trail he was following. Renard went to the Reaper's hotel room, and when the Reaper returned, Renard told him to stay out of the city and to leave the detective alone. When the Reaper objected and asked Renard why he was protecting a Grimm, Renard sliced off his ear, telling him to listen better the next time he gave an order.

"Leave It to Beavers"Edit

Sal Butrell called the reapers to have them kill Nick. The Reaper was worried about Renard finding out about him returning, but his partner said he would be expecting one reaper, not two. When they arrived in Portland, they contacted Sal and ambushed him, knocking him unconscious. They interrogated him and eventually found out where Nick was. They then followed him to the Lodge. They ambushed him, but Nick was able to fight back. The Reaper accidentally cut off his partner's head during the fight, angering him and causing him to woge. Nick reached for his crossbow and shot him in the neck, killing him. Nick then called Monroe and told him he needed to send a message to the reapers. Monroe replied, "Two heads are better than one." He then grabbed the Reaper's scythe and cut off his head. The heads were delivered to Germany with a note saying, "Next time send your best."


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