This page lists characters, including Wesen, who appear only in "Quill"

Carl Stanton

Actor Steve Rizzo 204-infected
204-Carl Stanton morphed
Gender Male
Type Reinigen
Status Deceased
Comments Carl Stanton rear ended Ryan Gilko's truck and infected him with the Yellow Plague during their subsequent scuffle. He was later shot to death by Hank Griffin and Nick Burkhardt.

Phyllis Stanton

Actor Lexi Pearl Phyllis Stanton
Gender Female
Type Unknown
Status Deceased
Comments Phyllis Stanton was the wife of Carl Stanton. She was infected with Fluvus Pestilentia, and when Wu came to investigate her house after Carl was killed, she attacked him and was shot by him before she could inflict any damage, though Wu was understandably shaken up from the incident.
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