Quijada Vil
502-Quijada Vil woge
Other languages: Farsi: کیادا ویل
Russian: Ядозуб
German: Quijada Vil
Notables: Dead Paul Wemlinger

A Quijada Vil (kee-HAH-duh VEEL; Span. Quijada "jaw" + Vil "vile") is a Gila monster-like Wesen that appeared in "Clear and Wesen Danger".


When woged, they gain gray and black scales over their body. However, this varies in the species, as some individuals have yellow scales instead of black scales, some have orange scales with darker black scales, and some have more complex color patterns. ("Set Up") ("The Beginning of the End") They also gain sharp claws and teeth, capable of ripping throats out, and their tongue flattens and becomes lizard-like and forked at the end. They also become stronger and more agile than in their human form, able to take on a Grimm and a human at the same time, although some can be taken out by a highly trained human. ("Set Up") They do not appear to have poisonous qualities like the Gila monster does, though they are very good climbers.


They are wary of Grimms, but if they are forced to fight them, they will. Paul Wemlinger was even able to take on both Nick and Hank at the same time, though he still decided to try to get away from them when he had the chance. ("Clear and Wesen Danger") They are very opportunistic, calculating, and clever Wesen. They also have the ability to skillfully hide any sadistic or menacing qualities they may have, a skill they use to their advantage when they can in order to further surprise and ambush unsuspecting victims. When they attack, they tend to go for the neck first.

Season 5 Blu-ray Grimm Guide ProfileEdit

A Gila monster-type Wesen, the Quijada Vil is a whole lot of power packed into a small frame. Appearing innocent in their human form, this Wesen has no problem lulling its victim into a false sense of security then using its razor sharp teeth to tear into them.



Grimm - Creature Profile Quijada Vil (Digital Exclusive)

Grimm - Creature Profile Quijada Vil (Digital Exclusive)


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