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Post-Traumatic Zombification Disorder
302-Nick's PTZD
Victims: Nick Burkhardt
Location: Portland, Oregon

Post-Traumatic Zombification Disorder (PTZD) is a condition developed by Grimms who have been treated after being infected with Cracher-Mortel toxin and recovered. It is characterized by infrequent, short, spontaneous episodes of suspended animation, accompanied by minimal heart rate and respiration. To another individual, the person will appear dead, except that he or she is not weakened or prevented from moving. These episodes tend to occur when the affected person holds their breath for a few seconds.

Additionally, the patient's fitness seems to show improvement, as running for an extended period of time does not cause salt or water depletion, and an increase in activity level does not affect the heart rate.

This condition has not yet been observed in other humans and is known only from a single Grimm patient.

Nick has cheated death on multiple occasions during these episodes:

When Nick lost his Grimm powers, his PTZD also went away, but it came back when he regained his powers. ("Highway of Tears") The condition does not seem to be permanent and may gradually wear off over time, as Nick's last instance of "going gray" occurred in "Wesenrein". It is not clear, however, if other effects of PTZD, such as improved stamina and an unaffected heart rate after increased activity, continued to persist after that time.

PTZD may also be a condition developed by Grimms if they fall victim to the infectious bite of a Schmerzen-Kaninchen and are later treated, as their bite has similar effects as the toxins of the Cracher-Mortel.


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